The Solar Eclipse In Cancer For Women

Frida Kahlo. Roots. Self portrait of her lying on ground with roots growing through her

For women, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer has a strange side-consequence.

It’s exact next week – July 12 and 13 – and the time for your zone is on the Moon Calendar.  But the Pluto-Sun opposition aspect of it is forming days beforehand.  It’s this Pluto Vibe that will make it feel more like a Full Moon than a New Moon.

See your Horoscopes for more sign-nuanced thoughts.

BUT the Eclipse has a peculiar influence besides being a Pluto boosted fresh emotional beginning vibe. It is a time when females could find that emotions around children, babies and – especially – pregnancies (both completed and not completed) come up powerfully.  How so? Via sudden flashes, strong feeling surges, and spooky dreams. It’s like a Womb Moon, with a cathartic tug from Pluto.

Losses – chosen endings or unbidden – may need to be mourned or honored in some way.  Between now and then would also be a good time to Feng Shui Your Vagina. That is just my flippant term for a ritual that can be really and clearing.

By nature, these sorts of things are extremely private – very 8th house, as we say in pseudo-intellectual-astro-bitch circles. The Solar Eclipse energy favors solitude and the pondering of scenarios that don’t necessarily benefit from discussion or sharing.

The ‘letting go’ and emotional connection vibe is most potent in the Dark Moon during the 48 hours right before the New Moon Solar Eclipse is exact. And the more pointed or poignant the moment, the stronger the rejuvenation of this Moon.

If you still think Friday 13 is any sort of a bad thing, think again and read this, from the archives.  It’s a Goddess-linked combo of numbers + days and thus auspicious when occurring on a Solar Eclipse In Cancer!

Image: Frida Kahlo – Roots

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So Mutable It Hurts

Wow, that was a doozy! It felt more like a full moon than full moons normally feel. I’ve had multiple dreams about being pregnant or having just had a baby. I’m definitely not pregnant and don’t want to be, but damn those dreams were nice 🙂

Nike Vk

Wow, so much on this I will not get into here…super wow though.

n my latest dream, I was watching a Beyonce music video, which contained themes/images about home birth, and then was transported to the actual happening–I vividly recall seeing the moon as it currently is, waning crescent–and Dolly Parton gave me a ride to Beyone’s home, where we casually talked about birth control

Earlier in the dream I was oddly a lady of Westeros, and “involved” with a man who was a secret time traveler.


I just made an altar to my two unborn children TODAY and: a reminder that not all folks with wombs and lived experiences regarding pregnancy/giving birth are ‘women’ (hello transmen and non-binaries and genderfluids, etc!)
Your friendly neighborhood enby/genderfluid with a womb.


The losses notion is very apt as of last night – dreams of the no-longer individual with the eerie connection. The vibe has changed; there’s a de-sexualised aspect now, something I’d asked for as I felt it was the main connector. However, without that, as revealed in my dream, is this love (that I knew was there, all along) now made bittersweet by a tangible distance of time and growth. It’s so strange. And yes, very 8th house – the whole relationship was so bloody 8th house. And so appropriate, as well, given the affinity I found with the Persephone… Read more »


I’ve suddenly taken a dive into a very low mood, and now that I have read your post I am wondering if I am being pulled into the underworld for a reason….


Friday the 13th is the date I have to move. Current guy has asked me to move in with him. Its not the first time he’s asked but things are great with us and I’m loathe to “ruin it with domesticity.” It’s early days yet and we’re having lots of fun. He’s nine years younger than me, something we both like a lot. It’s good. I might move in for two weeks and see how it feels while I wait for the deposit on this place to process.


Oh wow. I just logged on to check for any 8th / 2nd House / Pluto/ Kataka vibes after the weirdest mixed feelings ever. The pregnancy test was negative. I’m not disappointed but had such strong feelings about this being entirely my choice that for once I wasn’t interested in current guy’s opinion re any of this. And current guy is great, to be clear but yeah, was wondering about the astro weather.


Weird, I had a dream I had just found out I was pregnant for the third time (I have two kids), it was a boy, and I was happy about it, though it seemed misguided, kind of a Handmaiden’s Tale vibe, eek. In real life I would not be happy about it at all, lol. Plus I’m fixed (tubal) so that ain’t gonna happen. But weird! I had forgotten it until I read your post. I hope your scene with your younger guy works out. It’s Mars retro, of course, so I would keep a secret backup plan active until… Read more »


Fixed (tubal)??? Hmmm, there l was thinking that that is an astro term I’ve never seen before. Like is there Mutable tubals as well?


One would hope that after having undergone the process there are no mutable tubals.


LOL no, fixed as in tubal ligation, as in you get your pet fixed/spayed/neutered, no more pregnancy for me. But yes, thank the gods there are no mutable tubals!

dark star

This timing is brilliant I’m so about hunkering down after a long week and aura cleansing


Whats with people testing me lol? Hehe I guess the urge to really let go is strong. I’ve been hesitating. Thanks for the confirmation on when to do my work.


I have an art opening on the 13th so I hope all this eclipse ish doesn’t fuq with it.


Far out. Even more convinced that my course of action is the right one now.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

ohh this resonates. Good to know.


20 minutes ago I said I had to stop reading but now I’m like, oh, right, there’s little in my control,
Cool, and 20 minutes from now I’ll be totally different again and MY GOD wouldn’t it be great to be able to be somewhere it was safe to feel openly brazenly anything.


Interesting choice of Frida Khalo’s artwork. The fact she couldn’t have children weighed on her heavily. I only knew about her angst after I lost my first pregnancy and became obsessed with finding representations in the media/art about it. Her painting Henry Ford Hospital breaks my heart. (My already broken heart. Hoping for some good vibes in the future rather than waking up everyday with dread).


Interesting that you mention the 8th house as this eclipse hits mine – conjuncting my Juno as it does. The perfect time to do the fenging although I prefer mugwort. 😉


I live in Florida where it’s hot as fuq and rains nearly every day during the summer so having a bonfire is kind of a bad idea this time of year, but I think I should probably have one anyway the night of the 12th and burn some stuff ritualistically. This NM will happen close enough to my natal moon in late Cancer (in the 8th, exact sextile to Pluto, which is conj my Sun, gah I can’t escape) to bring up and out some cathartic shite that I think I’m going to have to go full witch on to… Read more »


I think going ‘full witch’ is always a good idea 😀


Someone needs to invent a fire .gif or an alternate trash can icon (moving flames) that sits over the Mac / PC desktop trash can, so that when you drag something into the trash, it looks like you’re burning it 😀


There’s always the Violet Flame meditation/incantation:
🙂 These violet flame vids on YouTube are freaky but guided meditation totally works.


This literally sounds like my birth chart- I was born right before in aries season during the dark moon in pisces, my mars is in cancer in the 8th house. Oh and Im a scorp rising so super pluto. Interesting to see how this will light up my chart.

So Mutable It Hurts

Mystic! I was totally going to email you re: this…in my astro-passages you mentioned this eclipse as linked to surprise pregnancies…and I was wondering if that was more specifically a time when you would find out you were pregnant or get pregnant…now that I write it it seems obvious that it would be getting pregnant…but just checking! Seriously planning not to have sex for all of July just in case lol.

So Mutable It Hurts

Btw love the new comments


Finally listened to the Mars Mastery, and the Uranus in Taurus Meditation. It started with the Housewitchery mp3. Mystic, i was so chuffed to have that going as i slowly and painfully got off the big declutter starting block! I think the U in T sounds and recording were better than binaural beats, for my neuro patterns and audio sensitivities. Big thank you! I have Kataka 8th and 9th, empty but opposite that huge spicy Mars square all, in Capricorn. With Pluto Virgo already shadowing my Sun by natal opposition, this will be important. Yes, i’m tired of trekking the… Read more »


Sun will be on my natal Vesta


And…my Pluto and Uranus are conjunct in 8th virgo-earth. I’m a Taurus aqua rising and the moon will be on my natal Jupiter. Watch this space


I am a Venus and Mars in Kataka and it’ll play out in my 11th house (opposed to Pluto in 5th). I’m kinda tired of this “inside”, “intimate”, “take same alone time to ponder” kinda vibe. Every part of my life on a daily bases is inside, intimate and loads of alone time. And relive the fact that I can’t have children and I’m too old for it and lost my fertility way too soon? No thanks. I can’t seem to be able to move from this thoughts. I’ll be experiencing Venus in Virgo on my rising a few days… Read more »


Doesn’t have to be so. Pluto will remake you, especially if Mars/Venus are involved in the 11th. Instead of staying home alone, maybe go out to hear some music or spoken word in a cozy coffee shop or familiar neighborhood bar, hang out in a bookstore and chat someone up. The intimacy and “alone” part can happen inside yourself. No need to isolate yourself if you are over it. You can carry your home around with you in your heart. <3


Love this advice. Is just that the DM is usually a hermit time, but I’ll try to go out on the dates around the 11th/12th of July.


Hermit crabs carry their homes on their backs… 😉


thank you Plutomoon. that’s some food for thought.


I feel your pain. besides, pluto in the 5th wants life, animation, pleasure, joy, up to the point of obsession (it’s always pluto)… having being under/unemployed for so many years means that I’m at home alone A LOT more than I want to. it drove me insane in the literal sense of the word and there are still some rough times, but you can find compromises if you live in a city or you can reach public spaces easily. I had to, just for the sake of seeing some other human face/voice. find a little habit for yourself: I live… Read more »


Interesting: I live in Italy too :D. I do all of the above things as much as I can but being in public places alone makes me feel even more alone. I love your interpretation of “pluto in the 5th wants life, animation, pleasure, joy, up to the point of obsession (it’s always pluto)”. You are totally right about this.
I don’t know I guess I’ll try not to obsess too much about it?


yeah, I know, been there too :(((( . I live in milan, whereabout are you? well, pluto is stronger when it enters the house and tends to ease in, mainly because you adapt to the change of scenario 🙁 , and of course when it meets other planets. but pluto IS obsessive. maybe you’re in one of those moments. sometimes towards the ends of the transit too it gets strong. hopefully as plutomoon says you’re on the verge of being remade and this is the showdown. other MM members will agree on the fact that it would help if you… Read more »


I am waiting for the “get better” of my love life (I am in Turin btw) for the past 10 years. But I love your suggestions, I was thinking about cooking and singing in a choir. 🙂


Do you have a dog? If not, maybe consider getting one? They get you out in public and draw people to you. They are company when you’re home alone. They require work, and focus, but maybe that would be good for you. You could take it to training classes and dog parks and meet people that way. Plus they are goofballs and could help you access the “play” part of your 5th house. Something to consider. 🙂


AH PlutoMoon you always hit the point with me! You just described my previous life: I had a dog (Daisy an adorable mutt) she passed away early this year, aged 16 years, so she had quite a full, long, healthy and loved life. I had to put her to sleep but she was heading for her final hours. I had personally trained her, she and I were running agility dog competition for years. We also won loads of prizes, she was very fast and energetic. She had been spending her last 4 years living with my parents (and their cat… Read more »


I wish there was a “I hear what you’re expressing and I’m feeling it with you and I think your decision is responsible, loving and awesome” button…

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