The Lunar Eclipse Horoscope For Gemini and Gemini Rising

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Lunar Eclipse Horoscope For Gemini And Gemini Rising

YES Lunar Eclipse. As in the one at the end of July. The Weekly Horoscopes for that week are not going up until July 17. But I am posting this early for our Mercurial friends.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING – Weekly Horoscope for Week Starting July 21


Nine thousand unanswered messages, ten browsing windows open and expanding on multiple fronts. You’re in play. This is not a drill. It’s when you express Gemini core competencies in full glory or retreat with a reasonable excuse to re-game. It’s not an in-between week. Let enemies, rivals random trolls make their own mistakes. Forget their names. Re-define your philosophy and adhere to it. House-Witching works real well.


Image: Herman Vestal

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Pssht, ain’t that the truth. Try A/C, car, thermostat and (tonight) clothes dryer all awaiting parts installation, mice have 3 new no kill traps they are avoiding, no job, water leaking errvrywhere, hair legit falling out – AA 🙁 and go to retrieve the pre-fix photo of my A/C wiring and my damn laptop doesn’t turn on!

P.s. Pi, I’m so with you! My main one stops counting open tabs at 99 and makes ’em smiley faces, plus I’ve 4 browsers on my phone too…. why can’t they just make one that works?!


Oops, sry that was Gemricorn’s tabs!


For a Gemini Rising with Mars rx on his natal Venus in Aqua. I was wondering if the last lunar eclipse might have to do with distant people? like a long distance thing? #9

baristagemMM Member

‘you’re in play’ is a fantastic way of putting it MM!

I also love the redefining philosophy part, I have one in draft.

funickityMM Member

Jupiter in Gemini in third house…please tell me that this is going to turbo charge my thesis writing??? … and… as it coincides with all my disruptive guests and family members vacating, everything will fall into place and make total sense???

ElectroMM Member

This eclipse is on my brother’s birthday, and in two weeks it will be on mine. Born two weeks and two years apart, this would be the time he would tease me that he was only a year younger than me. Gemini 8th house. Today was the day my seven year old daughter told me that she has no friends and I know it’s bad when I contact just about every person in the area I know with a daughter and only one person gets back to me. There is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ with her, I just don’t get it.… Read more »

luckyshellMM Member

What’s that one Oracle response? “Some people’s dislike is a compliment…”? I was your daughter once, and it will get better. No doubt the other kids sense that there is something special about her and it threatens them. Even if she is the friendliest, kindest, most outgoing sweetheart – if she’s bright or talented or thoughtful, it will scare them. Fuq those kids and their parents. You’re there for her and that’s all she needs. When she’s older, she will already have learned to be beyond people like that. Still. Couldn’t hurt to egg a few cars.

Happy Eclipse

ElectroMM Member

Thank you for this. No matter how I look at it, the pain remains. We live in a semi-rural area with not many kids around and her cousins are over twice her age. I’m doing everything I can think of but I can’t control what other people do. Gotta be resilient and teach her to be the same. Really, people come and go but you always have yourself to come home to. xo

GemricornMM Member

as I sit here with my 45 tabs open.


And that’s just my phone, on one of two browsers hahahaha

SoVeryGeminiMM Member

Four planets in Gemini plus rising. Uff da. This will either be haute processing + doing or third level hiding.


My Gemini rising works better when I have a functioning computer. Universe, bring me a laptop that is capable of running video editing software. Thank you, love pi.


Hi Medusa, Thanks for your early Gemini reading. It is so apt. Life’s adversities (not for the feint hearted) have made me very strong, I have gone inside to find this and value my independence. So I don’t value my nosy neighbors do goodines. he won’t be told so I did a witches wish to bring this all to a head, I told him to fuq off. This has made this angry old slightly demented ram nasty, its like he keeps head butting the wall. I just think get a life. Sometimes I find it funny but when I feel… Read more »

LotusFlowerMM Member

Sounds full. On. But if anyone can handle the multiple fronts, it’s gemini with their 3rd house lit. Ever since I started thinking of geminis as somehow channeling magus (or trickster) it helped me see their wizardry more coolly/clearly.

This just popped up. I might just give it a try tonight. The subconscious speak has been strong this week

LotusFlowerMM Member

Hell fuq waiting til tonite. Ima try invoke it today while I’m cleaning / dreaming

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