Could Uranus In Taurus = Getting INTO Our Comfort Zone?

Uranus In Taurus

Could Uranus In Taurus mean we get INTO our Comfort Zone?

The only people who ask me to get “out of my Comfort Zone” these days are marketers or Douche-Core guys. It’s a term that once upon a time meant well. Optimal performance is not likely to stem from marathoning television from one’s couch, after all.   But it’s been co-opted to bust personal boundaries and up-sell s**t via our insecurities.

Uranus is weird – we know that. Taurus signifies, among many other things, comfort. It also reeks of self-assurance, strength and peace.

So we may not be able to control neo-libs, dystopian political scenarios (until next time we get to vote or protest) and the past.  But we could take rad planet Uranus in Taurus (till July 8 2025) as a cosmic cue to get back into our Comfort Zone.


Image: Arthur Elgort 

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I’m aquarius sun and honey, I have felt sooooo lazy the last 3 weeks, to the point that sometimes I don’t take any shower in two days (lucky me I’m in vacations). And well, this year I finally embraced the fact that I can only live respecting my rythms (after like 7 years unrespecting them) , so I took the decision of not putting any extra preassure (and almost no preassure at all) over me, just doing the things that my overall condition allows and not even try to push any further. I really feel it was useless doing so… Read more »


This is so true! And I guess it applies to therapists too. I was having a comversation yesterday about how a therapist (not sure if that’s the word in English!) Did a great job on me on my first apppoimtement with her. She used tapping to clear some negativs emotions and went I went there I had difficulty getting up to work and felt an immediate difference! Two years later I went there in a stressful time on my life and she had made so many new workshops and stuff and was all Over the place and actually didn’t made… Read more »


I want to be my comfort zone.


I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago, I’ve decided I don’t won’t to feel big changes, I want changes to happen but as smoothly as possible. In work in love etc: I’m going for the easiest way is the best way Buffalo vibe ❤️big changes happened on my past that didn’t made me anxious. Why do we valorize being uncomfortable anyway?


Agree. I’d like to make changes slowly and organically, not by extremes — like jumping out of a plane! no need to shock yourself, do it gently! I prefer being *in* my comfort zone (Taurus moon/mercury/mars)

Year of the Phoenix

Shopping for minerals in the laundry aisle – check! Taken up strolling – check! Rubbing feet with mix of lavender and magnesium oil nightly – check!


Honestly tho I’m so here for “self-care” being in this nightmare, I noticed it became a thing towards the end of the Aries so I wonder if we were just over the idea of being permanently rootless.


I also bought myself a Casper mattress at the beginning of this transit. Coincidence? I think not.

dark star

Same w Casper pillow! So lovely


As a Cancer this is such a MOOD.

Janine Copperwheat

With Uranus in Taurus that would mean it is in the same space as my sun. What does that mean?


Oh Goddess if only! My many planets in Taurus are so freaking sick of fuqing discomfort!


I believe the “out of comfort zone” philosophy is a very Uranus in Aries thing. That’s why we feel we are past that. It can be good but it was just a phase. I have been so out of my comfort zone I am drained.
Comfort zone means living a couple and family life, splt the bills, being real partners.
I miss that in my life more than I can put into words.


Yes please. I’m looking at this time as a push to engage in radical self-care. I’ve spent most of my adult life outside of my comfort zone and this has left me with an abundance of injuries (physical/metaphysical), and a strange lack of self-assurance in my skills. Dammit, it’s hard to feel assured when you’re always the new kid on the block! The one advantage: becoming pretty comfortable with instability and learning. Still, I want to pull back now, tend to myself, and take stock. And I want to find a way to operate within my strengths rather than at… Read more »


Totally agree Alouetta. I know what you mean about spending your whole life without a comfort zone and the accumulated damage it causes. 2 weeks ago I asked work to cut me back to only 3 shifts – 4 tops – a week for the forseeable future. Financially Ill take a hit but the rest and recuperation will more than compensate, and, it feels like a radical act of protest to choose to just work enough rather than frenziedly grabbing all the hours I can because who knows if the work will last? I hope the the cultivation and inhabitation… Read more »

Crystallised future

I’ve hit it. Something happened to me around mid April that I didn’t recognise at the time but it’s like I’ve had the rose coloured glasses ripped off that kept me in a place I didn’t really like and had been trapped in for 14 or so years. I’m back and I’m almost frightening myself with ‘I refuse to pander to you’ attitude. It’s good but I think I’ve got my mars on too much you know?

Wish Upon a Star

AND Thank God for that from a Taurus moon.

I really love that picture.

Everybody deserves to feel comfortable.


Taurus moon and Virgo rising here. I have been craving comfort for a long time.

dark star

Just suddenly found a new two bedroom and ready to make it my comfort zone feng shui palace

dark star

Also noting that despite the zaniness flying around I feel newly grounded. Mystic mentioned in my zap that as a 4th h stellium I’d have some awesome grounding thing in life to operate from. Excited to explore what this is!


Yes. That’s exactly how it has been for me so far. I’ve never been one to do comfort zones in any way, shape or form. Now, out of nowhere, I’m all: if it doesn’t make me feel good I can’t be bothered. Also have noticed a total aversion to repeating anything. It needs to be new or not at all.


i am in my comfort zone probably the most I ever have been in my life. Peaceful, abundant and grateful…yet now strangely vulnerable for a generally teflon coated multi-aries. Ive been really teary…

This Pluto opposition and eclipse seems to have hit my close and dear Cancer folk hard- had two in hospital last weekend and my Cancerian aunt’s cherished husband in ICU right out of the blue, and prognosis not good at all Last night i dreamed i was driving an empty bus into a tight corner in my backyard, and my feet couldn’t find the brakes.


Ya prod Moon is in Water? My progdMoon in Aries and I’m strangely quite unemotional


Natal moon and neptune in scorp. Saturn and chiron in pisces. Cancerian midheaven. Im actually kind of watery in private/safe spaces.

Have often been comforted by Cancerians with strong air signatures because they have that uncanny antennae for the subtlest emotions and the ability to explain what I’m feeling when i quite can’t grasp it…


Hah, I’m double Kat with a very heavily aspected Aqua Moon. Have you checked progressed Moon? That is a very big indicator of how emotions are dealt with.

Crystallised future

I’m gunna do that right now to see if it’s what has brought on a recent change of sentiment toward anything at all really


yes, interesting to check if a transit is having an effect, often it is


had a look at prog moon, I think it is in Gemini, 9th house. Don’t know much about the effect of progressed moons at all, but i did notice current jupiter close to moon, so maybe that has something to do with it

dark star

So if my progressed moon is in Aries emotions are NOT dealt with? Lol

Unicorn Sparkles

I’ve been at the literal end of this idea with my little book of hygge this week. It’s resulted in me enforcing breakfast at the table every day. No mad scrambling and distraction, no tv… it’s amazing how different the day is afterwards.
But look forward to seeing comfort in the workplace. It’s been like a butterfly trying escape it’s coccoon with a lot of people in recent times.


Yep eating brunch in bed (Taurus heaven) Comfort zones also include clean organized declutter house witching comfort. And a little Dispenza reading after my first fabulous meditation session in years last night. XxXx


I’ve been striving for being in my comfort zone, I see it more as being content and being and having ‘enough’. It’s a zen way to be, not striving to get out of the comfort zone neither clinging on to what you think should be in the comfort zone. If this is what Uranus in Taurus means, I’m so going to embrace it…

Fire and Ice

It is intriguing what you are proposing mystic. And I do think you are on the right track. From our comfort zones I think we are more balanced, effective, healthy and above all more aligned. After 13 years as a therapist/healer ( my supposedly authentic self), I am seeing that a kind word or especially a witty anecdote in the supermarket or the bank of all places seems to have more effect than most therapeutic sessions. I do believe now that when you are in your comfort zone, life actually does flow and unfold how it is meant to and… Read more »

Calli G

Seriously. I’ve spent the past 30 years locating my comfort zone. Someone will have to show me a darned good reason for me to leave it. Today, for the first time in far too long, I spent about eight hours reading a book. I feel like I have a book hangover at the moment, and I’ll get offline after dinner and move around a bit. But if this is what Uranus in Taurus is bringing me, then yay!


If this means fingers in ears, la-la-la-la, drifting back to real-paper books, floating in the ocean, walking in the woods, shutting out all the stupid bullshit then yes. A quiet rebellion to feel alive on the planet again instead of this constant digital noise and narcissism.


You really hit the nail on the head. I agree. Though, I think that when we feel stagnation we should get out of our comfort zones, I agree that maybe what we are seeking IS really just in front of us. Try new things, but if you find yourself already loving what you’re doing, don’t give into peer pressure to change in anyway that doesn’t feel organic & natural.

Stella Polaris

Maybe stagnation isn’t actually being within your comfort zone. Being in your comfort zone requires both awareness and action to continuously stake out the territory.


I love this on so many levels. This is something I’ve felt for a while now, and never really thought about it or verbalized it – why shouldn’t we be in our comfort zones. We already have all we need within ourselves, and don’t need to look outside of ourselves for answers. To unfold instead of thinking we need to add something or be different than who we really are. The get out of your comfort zone thing seems kind of antiquated right now, doesn’t it. Well, I’ve been out of my comfort zone numerous times, and it’s a comforting… Read more »


Yes Yes Yes

I’m enjoying the Eros pairing too.
Well. Anticipating a whole new level


Like the sealskin story, embodying the parts of ourselves that we lost or never had the opportunity to develop. Putting back on our true nature, healing, and reviving our souls.


Love it!


YES!!! Feeling this selkie vibe. I’ve been totally engaged with water lately.

Stella Polaris

Self-assurance, strength and peace. If that’s a comfort zone, I’m definitely wanting in.

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