Understanding The Elements In Astrology

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Mastering The Elements In Astrology

The Elements in Astrology are a brilliant basic building block with which to construct your knowledge of astrology.

Fire, Earth, Air, and Water – Which is your dominant astrological element? Which is your least assertive? The insights gleaned from this are invaluable.

If you don’t have them already, you can check out your Element Mix via the graphs in my Astral DNA birth chart reports.

A small example from my chart: I am a triple Pisces – Water – but I have Mercury (my talk style) in Aries (Fire).

So I often sound like an Aries, and my self-expression is super Fire. BUT at the core level, I am Water; intuitive, solitude-craving and not so pugnacious as my sometimes brash transmission might suggest.

Earth Element People Always Seek To Find Common Ground

Getting a grip on the elemental make-up of yourself and of others gives you a winning edge. You’ll understand that your super-Earth friend meditates everything via gut instinct. They need to sit with things (think “tree”) or put down roots before accepting something. Earth people always seek to find common ground with others.

Whereas Fire? You CAN talk them into something with dazzling repartee. Water needs to feel there is a simpatico emotional rapport – often via an obscure but meaningful conversational tangent.  Air people value snappy repartee and well-informed people.

Many of us are heavily weighted toward one or two elements.  The old-fashioned “compatibility” theories are based on the Elements in Astrology. Fellow elemental types are all thought to get along together. Aries with Leo and Sagittarius as they are all Fire signs and so on.

Feed Your Elements

By nurturing the basic energy drives of the elements, you sustain health and connection to your core values.  Astrologer/author Stephen Arroyo said, “Everyone has to feed themselves at the air, fire, earth and water levels.”  A predominance of Fire needs activity and exhilaration.  Earth wants to ground energy in practical ways.  Air wants a diet of mental stimulation. Water needs a pool of feelings to immerse in.  Feeding yourself at this level is vital to well being.

Sometimes the Chart Tone is a different element or modality to the Sun sign. It can actually explain a lot! If you get a Leo who is predominantly Mutable and Water, they’re not going to feel like the classic Leo.


Generally speaking, if you are – say – super-Earth or all Air element, you will be comfortable with your dominant element but the area you’re lacking could be where you are insecure or just not interested.

But when one of your personal planets progresses into that element, things come into your life (synchronicity) that help you to master that element.  You can also draw in people strong in that element who help you to awaken and balance your own elemental vibe.

The Ancient Greeks And Traditional Chinese Medicine/Magic Recognizes Five Elements

The old healers thought of people as having four “humors” or temperaments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Jung’s classification of people into “cognitive” types – Thinking, Feeling, Sensation and Intuition.

The Elements in Astrology all link into the four astrological elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.

The Tarot Is Elemental

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot is all elemental – Wands are Fire, Pentacles Earth, Swords Air, and Cups Water. I sometimes wonder if the reason Swords get such a bad rap in Tarot is because thinking/talking/writing (Air) was dangerous in medieval times.

FYI: there is a FIFTH element – Quintessence – and in Chinese Astrology/Feng Shui/Medicine, there are five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal.

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