Modern Witchcraft & The Virgo House Witch

Virgo holding Hare and Moon statue. She has magic tattoos on her hands.

Modern witchcraft is more of a consciousness that the practitioner infuses into everything, particularly the so-called mundane aspects of life. That’s the thinking behind House Witchery. Keeping house, moon-gazing and honoring your intuition don’t require elaborate spells or rituals. You are the spell. The magic is all around you. All you’re doing is aligning your vibe and that of your environment to better attune to it.

As the Virgo House Witch has ascertained, it need not be complicated.

Hi Mystic,

I want to say a huge thank you for the housewitchery rant.

Here is an old brass/bronze statue of a Hare and Moon that I found. Or did it find me? 

 I found it in my garage (hoarder parents) and had been keeping it in my magical herb garden with offerings of silver coins because I figured Moon + Hare = Diana. But now that you mention the Cornish adoration of hares, who knows the origins of this object?

I love it, and I love your site and yay for hares!

Note: I have a bag on my head because it is henna day.


The Virgo House Witch

Avoid FuqWit Muggle Trolls And Decaying Energy

Virgo House Witch!

I love all of this. It’s interesting as I am getting fantastic feedback from the House Witching MP3. People are reporting all manner of rad results. But it was not particularly prescriptive, more of a rant. So that’s cool.

I still feel irked that I did not rave on about getting a shredder in there. Piles of admin-paper are the worst in terms of mental-space-clarity. But of course, you don’t want to data dump into your local garbage bin. SO enter the shredder, modern Mars in Virgo magic at its best. The pure, Saturnine clarity of reducing a pile of paper and numbers down into a coherent, actionable point is not lauded often enough.

If you listened to it already, you might appreciate this weird dream I had last night. Remember I mentioned the haunted, low-rent sad dive of a house I was living in ages ago and that having to combat that super-dank vibe led me to House Witching? Last night I dreamed I was back in that house and that I found something hidden in it.

Behind this (typically) termite riddled bit of wall was a painting of the Eye of Horus set above a giant amethyst. In that house. The dream message felt like it was saying even then, there was magic. I was protected.

And yes Hares are magic. They’re linked to many a Moon Goddess and high mercurial Trickster Vibe.

Quick Modern Witchcraft Tips

Here are some quick modern witchcraft tips.

Clean your abode as if it were a temple – see House Witching for more on that.

Record your every dream in a journal and refer back to it 12 weeks later, for a WOW perspective. No dream recall?  Work on that. Write your Tarot/Oracle results in there too.

Cultivate Source Vibe by listening to inner voice/intuition. Related: Avoid Fuqwit Muggle Trolls and Decaying Energy, Dinosaur Blowhards, Qi Vampires, and Chaos Addicts.

Get to know the Moon Calendar and how you respond to various prompts. I love the Lunar Portals and working with the more extended Void Moons. Read your Horoscopes.

Star Gaze. Honour Animals and Wild Things. Take Alchemy Baths.

Easy. Magic is real. As I keep saying, even NASA talk about Quintessence and trillions of $$$ is being spent to try and find out what “quantum matter is.”


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Wish Upon a Star

Great post.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Ooh good question.

I think it’s usually pictures of toxic people that one should burn.

If your husband wasn’t particularly toxic, then it should be ok to keep them?

Or maybe give them to a relative of your husband’s if they would like them?


Thanks so much for gifting us with this amazing info and I loved hearing the voice of the Mystic Herself. I so want and need a hare statue now watching over me


I just finished reading ‘The Trauma Cleaner’ by Sarah Krasnostein. A brilliant testament to house witchery and much else. Speaks about trauma, identity, healing and (yes) cleaning. Seems like a very relevant read for this zeitgeist.


I saw a little documentary about someone who did this work, she had such an amazing presence, a grace, in spite of and because of her life which was full of trauma from being rejected by her adopted family to being rejected again when she transitioned, when she lost touch with her own children.


That documentary sounds like it is about the same person (she has had several names).The book is brilliant and she is fascinating!


When you said identity, I thought it might be the same person!


I ditched our shredder a few years ago as I couldn’t find a proper spot for it, feng shui-wise. Didn’t want to “shred” any of the areas!

Now I just take sensitive papers to the office store to shred.


Oh yes, I’m SHARE HOUSE house witching. yes. it starts with the sink, and ends in some pretty amazing lush twilight shower gel (now floor cleaner) after the salt spreading.

But bit by bit this house will become more of a structured place for all of us I hope? here’s hoping. It starts with the sink.. 😉


The Shower Gel is Lavendar, naturally.


Snap! I have just had a package from Lush, I have a thing for their honey scented shower goo (it really is gooey). Also some bum scrub called rump : )

A Starry Seer

Applying Mystic’s House Witchery wisdom was & is, an incredible experience. I listened to it on nightime walks, on the lounge, at cafes and whilst cleaning itself. Whilst i live in a beautiful beachy location, the flat is a cramped magnet for all things gross and grotty! Mid way through a full on power purge cleaning session, I ended a zone of clear focus in terms of inviting much needed extra cash flow.minutes later I received numerous extra work offers and opportunities for secure employment in September! Flat now sparkly and fresh- reflecting a more vibrant vibe. Totally love the… Read more »


What a beautiful dream Mystic! I love to listen to audio books I download from the library when I clean, garden, cook, and paint. Feeds my Gemini moon, to layer in generous lashings of literature and learning. the domestic arts are my jam, but I don’t lead with it, because I do not want to be retrogressively typecast. This is my first year planting a permaculture food forest, so I am out there several hours most days. I am aiming to create something as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional with the ultimate goal of producing 50-80% of my caloric… Read more »


Pardon the typos. I was going for speed, as I have more planting to do.


How are you orchestrating this permaculture project? I am not much of a gardener but I would love to do this to my yard. I dipped my toes in a few years ago but didn’t get far. I live in a wooded area so the soil is particular and the sunlight spotty. If I had the funds I’d hire an expert.


Really like this. Mucho appeal to my Lilith Jupiter in Taurus. Nom


Mystic readers in Japan correct me if I’m wrong but I recall reading somewhere that in Japan they recognize a Hare in the Moon where we Westerners see a Man in the Moon.


Think Gorbachev, you know, the birthmark above his right eye.


Crazy thing is I have seen 2 rabbits today all on this new moon. One this morning and another one just now by my work parking lot, I hardly ever see rabbits too!


I have trouble splitting hares

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot



So lovely to see this post, as I wanted to drop a line saying how cool the house watching MP3 was. I’m moving apartments this weekend, and my close Leo friend took the train down to come help me pack yesterday and we listened to the MP3 together and agreed it was totally magic and helpful – among other things, it’s helped me realize that I totally should get a new mattress plus bed for my new place and not even bring the old one as a placeholder, something I was going back-and-forth about. Such a lovely gesture, and always… Read more »


Finally have plastic bag on head too as it is Henna day at my gaff too. xx


Virgo House Witch, what are those symbols on your palm and are they tattoos or did you write them in?


All this talk of hares reminded me of this magical book I had as a child called “masquerade” illustrated by Kit Williams.


I have used the paper from a paper shredder for the compost – works well, really useful in inner city when I am always needing more of the carbon (browns, like sawdust, straw etc) and have too much nitrogen (greens – esp. food waste). And while I love burning paper and find it so satisfying to get rid of stuff that way, where I live now, it’s not practical.


Wow, the house witchery for anyone who hasn’t listened to it yet is MAGIC


Yes, I loved it!


It’s so good!!! I’m moving on Sunday so my brain is swirling with Mystic’s tips.

Calli G

In the US there’s a general suggestion that people keep seven years of financial records for tax/audit purposes. So, on New Year’s Day, I put away the (fake) Christmas tree, haul out the shredder, and process the records that just became eight years old. Then I take the folders for those records and relabel them for the coming year. A bit of vacuuming and ta-da! The apartment’s ready for everything new.


that’s my new year’s day ritual too! I derive huge satisfaction from shredding by hand (I don’t have the machine).

virgo rising

For me there is nothing more therapeutic than tearing up by hand old writings that need never see the light of day…a corpse of past daily musings. Shredding is not a direct enough assault. Doing it by hand also allows one to connect with some primal emotional need to destroy the past in this format.


Burning is my favorite method of eradicating what needs to go. Hand feeding it into the fire. An outdoor fire, specifically.


I have a shredder and I LOVE IT.
Not listened to house witchery yet but I shall today. Dark moon protocol to the max today! XXX
love this site and all the comments.
P.S. Adore the virgo doing henna above. Thinking of doing my henna today too. Yay for henna!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

*Henna tribe*


A great MP3 – listened to it twice to get all the details. You did talk about shredding, and how to deal with the waste. Thank you!


I listened to the house witching and turfed out some old clothing that was a previous me and rather than hoard as I can’t afford to buy new I d3cided I can buy new as I’ll have loads of disposable income soon coming my way. Just saying. It felt really good. To Hares. It took me until I was 50 to work out what my familiar or spirit animal was. It’s the Hare. I have one in my office. A beautiful decoupage hare who sits about 10 inches tall. And I love it. And currently I’m baby sitting two baby… Read more »


That dream–wow Currently living in a house with “interesting” energy, and it has similarly driven me to house-witching, feng shui, etc. Lots of clearing over 2 years (seriously) and still, it’s …challenging… I’ve thought before about there being something “in the walls”(?!) or something, that needs to be found and disposed of (?!) Maybe that’s too literal though? The land here is beautiful–“middle of nowhere,” creek in the backyard, river across the road; and we have done lots of work with soil remediation, etc. I truly wish I knew more about the people who lived here pre-colonization…there is a serious… Read more »

cosmic fleece

Hey Hellcat,
Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu book talks of this, defo worth worth a read


Didn’t go through the House Witchery file yet, but I’ve remembered ad tip from Mystic saying that if you have already done Marie Kondo to your house and you don’t think there’s much left to clean then go through your hard disks. And because I am a Virgo rising and the new moon is my Career sector I think the hard disk (as in “get rid of old files / projects that don’t fit you”) totes fits. I went through the first HD an hour ago here at the office: I erased all of the work files of years ago… Read more »


Virgo rising here too and I love this plan! I also have done the Marie Kondo purge and have been planning on doing a digital purge for awhile now. To make it more ritual, perhaps envision the digital data, dispersing into ones and zeros and feeing up space for new projects and photos? I also want to reorganize the files I do keep and give the file folders names that are magically symbolic. Related to that, I read once that making all your passwords into mantras like DebtFreein$ixMos! Acts like a spell every time you type them.


Go further – delete old resumes! 😀

Caroline B

I love how Virgo House Witch included a pic of herself in the bag for Henna Day! And I just loves her ornament thingie too!

Unicorn Sparkles

Can paper be put in compost?

I’ve had an eye of Horus obsession … Last Friday printed out a big a3 version to put on my wall.
Actually since just before Xmas I’ve been on a protection symbols/charms bender… like my subconscious knows that it’s under threat.

Unicorn Sparkles

Plus loving the house witchery…. but having to do it in stages.


What is A3


Large size paper


Yes! I compost all my paper materials. I think it is greener than recycling. It takes less energy, and paper can only be recycled so many times.

Glossy colored paper has higher quantities of petrochemicals, however, so if you are composting it is best to use on inedible plants. I have a separate bin for it that I use exclusively for ornamental houseplants.

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