The Uranus In Taurus Regrounding Meditation Mp3

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Astrological Binaural Beats

The Uranus in Taurus Regrounding Meditation is completely new for me. As a blend of Uranian and Neptunian concepts, I think its a new genre – Astrological Binaural Beats.  If enough people like this, i have a whole suite of them in mind, seriously awesome and very contemporary.

The words are written by me and spoken by meditative storyteller, energetic alchemist and visionary meditation guide Jessica Snow. The meditation features the amazing Schumann Resonance under woven with binaural beats set to the healing Theta frequency of 528 Hz.

My intention with the Uranus in Taurus Mp3  is to help you realign with Source Vibe and connect with the new Uranus into Taurus energy.  For more info or to get yours, go here.

If you have tried it already, what do you think? 

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milleunanotteMM Member

Typical Saturn in Taurus: need it, want it, even purchased it; waiting to be the right me in the right circs to try it….

Why does my saturn taurus impose such a hold on its square to Venus aqua? Or does Venus make 6th house Saturn work for its Taurean luxe relaxing? I haven’t got the Venusian Saturnian house lair quite done right…Circe conjunct IC Venus Aqua…

Blend of correctness and clean tidiness that allows fresh air and good alchemy. Looking forward to it; Piscean me will have to hang on but will get the full benefit of it.

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

I’ve listened to this a few times now: I have found it very relaxing. The length is good for a reset during the day. I also don’t mind the absence of an instruction at the end to come back to the moment (although I have other meditations with this and understand why people like the closure). I found that I’ve generated different scenarios each time, while hearing different things from the sounds as they weave their magic. Actually it’s great to have these sounds and not the usual bland meditation music. Really looking forward to any further meditations that you… Read more »

scorpiodawnMM Member

is this not free to subscribers?

ScorpleocapMM Member

It’s AMAZING. So much so that I felt compelled to send Mystic a fan mail straight after listening to it! I’m quite fussy when it comes to sound but this totally ticked my boxes. Sublime. Both grounding but blissfully trippy at the same. Definitely try it out if you haven’t already. It’s anything but your cliched meditation recording. Pure Mystic ingenuity. Thanks for bestowing your gifts upon us so generously, Mystic. Your ingenuity inspires and heals.

LilithLoveMM Member

This meditation was incredibly profound …. I had incredible visions and made a deep connection with the idea that I am the child of the union of Gaia and the greater cosmos… what I found most profound is that this deeply felt a-ha moment has endured past the initial meditation in a practical and very real way. Safe, cozy AND expansive ….thank you MystIc! More of these!!

BonMM Member

I listened to this meditation the same night it was released and it is brilliant.

Regrounding and healing during a challenging Saturnine week. Thank you Mystic for helping me once again when I needed it most.
Good to connect via nature with a childhood version of my psyche, and meet a supportive womanly ancestor with beautuful talisman. and to bring the emotional connection forward into contemporary.

I look forward to doing this meditation more as feel each time will be different and beneficial.

I hope you are able to create more of this genre.

Thank you for everything you do, your work is magic.

ScorpleocapMM Member

Yes, I’d love more of this genre and Mystic MP3s in general!

gbsMM Member

This is a wonderful meditation. I fell asleep immediately after it was done and when I woke up this morning I saw quite clearly my behaviors and fears around a creative project I’m working on.

A curious thing: During the meditation I found I needed to clear my throat quite a bit and I don’t have a cold or any other contributing condition that would cause that. I believe that Taurus rules the throat? It felt like blocked energy was being gently removed.

Thank you.

skarabMM Member

I loved this so much and the concept is just wonderful. At the end of it i felt refreshed and grounded – back to ME – not the madness of the thoughts that had been crowding my mind. Like a good power nap, It was just long enough to reground myself and not take away time from my schedule. The only thing i would add to it is closure, as Melissa Melita suggests, as i had begun to drift off and i really didn’t want to as i had planned to do things (the reason i woke up is because… Read more »

DevMM Member

i absolutely love it & want more! tried it this afternoon & had one of the best naps of my life…felt fucking great!

RubentMM Member

I really enjoyed the meditation. All the themes spoken of were excellent and worked well together. However the delivery left a bit too be desired. I’d like to see more space given between the spoken pieces. Felt like just as I was envisioning one prompt I was whisked away somewhere else. If the voice could be more mixed in with the sounds it would maybe help. Ive been introduced to Braintap by my osteopath and while the voice is in the forefront for their prices I feel like there’s something to be said for getting a voice ‘into the atmosphere’s… Read more »

A Starry SeerMM Member
A Starry Seer

Thank you Mystic as always. I heartily recommend this for anyone wishing to expand and deepen their existing yoga/meditation practices. Infused with a sense of cosmic connection to stars, planets and dearest Gaia herself, yoga/ meditation teachers, will I believe, feel so much clearer, expansive and indeed awake and alert to the present as they guide their own students, having experienced this meditation. Beautiful words, Mystic. Please, more!


Wow. Seriously. Wow.
The part which really took everything to another playing field, for me, was the ancestor premonition seemlessly integrated the time space continuum.

I experience body chills and bodygasms on the regular (Taurus ) and this was something spectacular.

I really appreciated and enjoyed this. Thank you.


shilodarraeMM Member

Mystic, this was AMAZING! I listened right before bed and had the best dreams I’ve had in a very long time. I may have even met my soul mate in one of them…is that even possible?

I would absolutely love more of these!

AleMM Member

Mystic, I bought this yeste4day morning and used it once in the morning and once at night. I liked it in the morning. I felt it got me in a good headspace while I got ready to go to work. And wow, once I got to work, I realized it was doing wonders. There was lots of tension around me, lots of fuqwittery and Qi vampires raising drama. However, none of it affected my team and the bumps that I had during the day were quickly smushed or resolved. I credit the meditation! At night, I played it again and… Read more »

antiquarianMM Member

The voice over could be softer, slower. Less is more. feel the theta, binaural, resonance needs to be much longer… be more powerful.. minimum 30 mins after the voice/ words… the balance between resonance/sounds, length of time and voice not yet there for me. And then it ends quite abruptly.

Melissa MelitaMM Member
Melissa Melita

Hey Mystic! I knew Jessica Snow already and tried the meditation yesterday during the void. I loved it. I loved the words you used (could totally tell they were yours and not Jessicas), really got the feeling of connecting with nature and was very much “there”. The beats you picked are fantastic, and the cover image on the shop is so, so pretty. The only thing I thought was a little sad, was that it was only 20 minutes long! Since I was in such a relaxed state (which, like falling asleep always takes me quite a while to get… Read more »