Housewitchery Mp3 Sent Out

The House Witchery Mp3 for Mega Mystic members is scheduled to be sent out in within five minutes of this post going up!

I hope you like it. It is a very idiosyncratic rant but with hopefully heaps of helpful or inspirational info in there.

If you are a Mega Mystic member but you don’t receive it, please check your junk filter and if is not there, email me!


Image: Jenna Barton – Haunted By Animals

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Thank you again for this. It was a great Saturday morning listen before I got my day started. I left after listening for my plans for the day; going to our local arts festival! I thought on what you’d said about getting rid of art that you’ve moved beyond – I’d removed all of *that* stuff a few weeks back – and bought two new prints that really spoke to me in interesting, mystical ways.


this was fantastic — i live with my boyfriend, my IC is Scorpio so I’ll have to figure out what his is. Also, I live in an apartment on the first floor, so can’t keep my crystals close to the ground. Is there a good placement for crystals in an apartment like this?


The Dropbox link is not available. 🙁


Many thanks for this, and like woowoocappy above, love hearing you speak, it really does add a whole other dimension! I assume that the obvious symbol for a Gemini IC would be Mercury, but am wondering if Hecate might also apply, being another figure associated with crossroads. I recently discovered (thanks to one of your articles) that I have Hecate at 18 Scorpio, which I’d long observed was a terribly sensitive-to-transits point in my chart but I could never figure out why (i.e. two divorces 30 years apart). Thanks again for your fabulous work.


I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I did just finish the Mars Retro mp3 and I wanted to say that I love hearing your voice and think it adds a whole other dimension to the knowledge you are sharing. Thank you very much for this!


That was great Mystic – so many threads pulled together – practices and ideas I’d wondered or doubted about before were confirmed for me in your presentation…shower filter, bed renewal, house naming. And the difficult areas like book, art and keep-sake culling – your advice and instruction is empowering. I aim to achieve a major cull before the next New Moon and then a renewal, new-beginnings ritual Thursday June 14 3:43 Gemini New Moon.


This is wonderful – so interesting and useful – thank you! Reconsidering some old mirrors and pillows and That Bed that I’ve inherited from my mother but which is soo comfortable. I’m guessing that just a mattress change won’t do? Sigh Also what about persistent pesty problems like clothes moth (sorry) – has anyone got any tips? I try to smudge the inside of wardrobes and cupboards too in an attempt to move the accumulated energy that maybe allow them to gather there. I seem to have got rid of the little mouse downstairs with plug-in sonar devices – though… Read more »


Massive gilt ornate mirror, so old (&large) that it has two panes of mirror glass in it. Rococo? Baroque? Must have come from some palace or other. Will be hard to part with, because it’s just so glam. But it is a bit scary lol.

Ive just done a google search on medieval ram pictures and there are some lovely ones. Now that I know it’s my home talisman (one of them) I shall keep my eyes open. Thanks!


This has been enlightening. Amazing even. A change in my circumstances has made it possible for me to do this. Thanks.


That’s good news. No more van life then?


No. My van will be painted next week and my trailer workshop is nearly finished. I’ve been staying with my daughter, supporting her, in her separation from a DV situation. She is now in her own rental. I’m house-sitting for the last few weeks till l get my show on the road. I can now go Ballistic Mars in Anal Virgo cleaning mode to declutter. I’m getting a few readings per week which will supplement my automobile. Just today l got a booking for two readings on the strength of picking the supermarket woman’s sign. Her and her mum’s. She… Read more »


Mine won’t play either, it is in my drop box but doesnt seem to like the Mp3 format. Any hints?


It’s awesome, I love that the house was ‘speaking’ in the background.


I love it! Thank you Mystic, my Virgo moon is house-witching out happily 🙂


Mine too

Redlipstick Virgo

Blessing to you for sharing this – you are amazing xxxx


Thank you so much MM
Exactly what I needed to hear today


Thank you soooo much! ♡XxXx

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