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The House Witchery Mp3 (for Mega Mystic members) was temporarily suspended due to excess traffic. So, i  upgraded my Dropbox account and all is well again.  Sorry about that, i did not even know there were traffic limits on Dropbox.   Any problems, email me. But the link is fine…

Image: Practical Magic

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Rose K

Hi Mystic. Just a quick question. How do I apply the 1.618 Divine ratio to spaces and construction? Is it just the measurements should break down exactly to this figure?


Coincidentally one of my friends shared this today – the Swedish art of ‘death cleaning’

dark star

I wrote this off as something I’d consult later as I’m temporarily staying in my parents basement looking for new digs. But what a dark moon digital Rx. I am restless at work and needed background audio for my busy work and this was so inspiring. Laven-Clean desk and I loved the old house 8 hr scrub story!!!!


Does anyone have recommendations for music to play during housewitchery cleaning?

I’m playing the buddhist chanting now… I’ve also really liked Japanese Taiko drumming, a lot– especially while getting through a pile of papers that I’d been avoiding for, oh, years. It’s super yang, driving, loud; it helps carry me through the stuck energy, if that makes sense.


How timely, I was just reading this:, I am a huge fan of opening up the windows, drying everything in the sun at least twice a year letting the bedding and pillows air out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a good old angry clean once in a while, but I have venus conjunct mars in Aries and Mars rules my IC, I am feisty at home. My boyfriend and I just got back from a trip and we were both drawn to a wooden tiger/leopard head that will go above our mantle (to me that is some… Read more »


Brilliant piece of house witchery advice Mystic. I had already started with the clean out of clothes. I live upstairs in our small town pub where there’s lots of toxic shit happening downstairs. Any advice there would be much appreciated, but hopefully it sells soon and I won’t need it!!!!


So good! Listened to the Buddhist chants today!


Been deep cleaning & power purging my crib. Donating all to local resale shop & buying a few new pieces. Bought rainbow silverware, Palo Santo candle, rose quartz lotion. Erected abundance altar in SE corner of home.

Now, if I can just lay off the Blue Devil Hooch & ignore asshole neighbors.


absolutely loved it , done it all !!! IC tip was such a cool insight ! thank you Mystic 4 the awesome things you do !! ❤


Uranus currently bang on IC, literally. Just removed a bunch of crystals and did a quick tidy up . More tmz


Thank you Mystic, you Goddess you! What fabulous information – and for me the timing is absolute perfection. I’m about to move house and relocate from Sydney to rural Tasmania and I’m all about space clearing and cleaning and housewitchery right now. My Pagan heart is calling me to a new life and I’ll be taking lots of your info and hints along with me. You rule. XXXXXX


This is just wonderful. Years ago, I developed my own kind of housewitchery when I realised I always cleaned my house with the energy of anger and resentment…poor house. Now, I open up the house completely, light a candle before I commence and say a little invocation about ushering out any old, stale energy and welcoming in harmony, love, joy and abundance. I clean with vinegar, eucalyptus oil, and bicarb mostly. I also purchased the Subtle Energies recommended by Mystic and I use that too – I have a teenage son who I keep having battles about domestic cleanliness with,… Read more »


That is a great story! What is the Subtle Energies purchase you referenced? Am intrigued


Subtle Energies Aura Protection Body Mist. Has Tulasi, Saffron, Rhu Khus – it is mentioned on a post somewhere in Mystic’s archives. I find it too strong to spray on myself (I seem to be hyper sensitive) but it’s working wonders in my house. Ah here is the link –


Thank you!


As a pluto onnlibta conjunct IC person THANK YOU very much for this comment. I realised last night that it wasn’t that my “life” has been crappy since I moved into my current abode, but that more than anything it’s my thought processes and mindset which have been shitty. Whether that’s a consequence of depression or many small things piling up (rather than overlooking a ‘mere’ decision to be happy) is sort of immaterial. But to be able to distinguish this is huge, for me. I had just had another acupuncture session as well, which seems to be creating some… Read more »


Omg, and holy shit. Your relationship with your *house*. Fuq. This. Thank you. Xxxx


I actually just felt my feet and ankles, legs, kind of ‘activate’ as I think about this. Does that sound wierd? Am I just losing my mind right now? #idc


Is it that every relationship is a reflection of the one you have with yourself? I am pondering this too and it resonates. I have not properly reflected on this before but now I am beginning to understand so much. I am such a newbie on here that I can’t even relate it to astro, but I love and get so much from this site. Glad if anything I said sparked something for you, and most of all thanks to Mystic for prompting it and for your wisdom. I so love your way with words. xxx


Thank you so much for your comment, Soj. You’ve prompted a HUGE revelation. I clean my house with the energy of anger and resentment. Soooo much resentment. Not at the house, but at (what I perceive to be) my family’s lack of respect and care for what I consider a sacred space. You just showed me that when I do that, I am casting a spell. Of hatred. So much for sacred space! Lol. I will try your method. It’s nicer. Hehe…xx


Hi bird. That was very much the case with me also. It still rears up sometimes with my son. I know it’s not personal but it can be disheartening when you want to nurture your space and your family but it feels as though you are fighting an uphill battle or the only one who cares. It is easier when you work on raising your own vibration first. Cooperation and consideration usually follows.


This is so lovely and a great reminder to do things with consideration, respect, gentleness, warmth–if that is what you would like back–including talking to oneself with those qualities.


Thank you again! Synchronicity at work ♡ XxXx

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