House-Witchery Mp3 Complimentary For Mega Mystic Members

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This weekend, i will email Mega Mystic members the link to my new House Witchery Mp3 – an approximately 30 minute lecture-rant. It features all i know re House Witchery, Decluttering, Magical Symbols, Domestic Spells and Power Purging. The latter makes me think of the sensational Pluto Water Laxative.  But its actually a fast de-fuq your life space-clearing technique.

I devour all things Kondo, Denise Linn & Karen Kingston-ish. Over the years, i’ve added in my own reclaimed techniques from ancient cultures – Tibet, Egypt, the Romans. More recently I have been researching the customs of the land i found out 68% of my DNA is from, Truro in Cornwall. Once upon a time there were King Arthur, pirates, witches…

Tune Into Uranus In Taurus

Plus i am avidly into Feng Shui and Geomancy. The House Witchery Mp3 is going to be everything that i know works and without dragging the druid around.  Or having me come over and Mars-In-Virgo your house for you while you drink Pluto Water.

So if you are a Mega Mystic member who is not getting your Daily Mystic emails, let me know. As it will be sent out on Saturday via that list. It will be a Dropbox link, so you can play it on your phone or anything.

The idea is that you can listen to it for inspiration and info while you waft around witching/cleaning your house. It will totally help you tune into Uranus in Taurus!

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WizarDoraMM Member

Mystic, I live really near Truro.. need anything? (Pasty?) 😉

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

testing to see if I can use my new subscriber nickname


Yay ! More synchronicity. Have just completed a collage featuring boxing / courting Hares. Going to exhibit next week and had just confirmed meeting with the venue. Literally 3o seconds before.
Then this post appears !

LotusFlowerMM Member

Thank you, amazing amazing! xx

Redlipstick VirgoMM Member
Redlipstick Virgo

That’s amazing thank you xxx

Pearl IcicleMM Member
Pearl Icicle

Thank you! I can not wait!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Ooh so excited!

ScorpleocapMM Member

Thank you, Mystic, so lovely of you! Perfect timing me for me too as for the first time in my life I was just thinking of doing some serious feng shuing and shifting the energy in my house. Looks like we’re all feeling Uranus in Taurus?

AthenaMM Member

Fantastic. Great timing. Thank you. Thank you.

LexieMM Member

Oh gosh, my mother’s side of the family a few generations back hailed from Truro too, tin miners apparently. 🙂 When I visited that area of Cornwall I wasn’t aware of that heritage but it felt so much like home to me, it was very strange, but completely made sense to me when I found out – it’s in my blood 🙂

LexieMM Member

AND thank you so much and absolutely perfect timing 🙂

yogibeMM Member

Thank you so much Mystic 🙂

vikingwomanMM Member

Thank you and perfect timing. My husband spent the last week dumping old stuff in the basement, we are getting a new sink and faucet, and the carpets get cleaned in July. We are doing small but necessary repairs around the house and this is the summer where I teach my kids how to do basic maintenance (proper car washing, proper floor scrubbing, mowing the lawn…daughter…etc) so they can be more self sufficient. After 9 years of living here, its time to remove parts of our old selves and old lives and start fresh. This is a perfect accompianment.

AlouettaMM Member

Such good timing! I am clearing space for someone new to move in and using it to get rid of old, unwanted, joyless, useless crap that seems to accumulate every time I turn around. I would burn it all, if there wasn’t so much plastic. Consequently I’m creating new standards for what I take into my house: nothing flimsy, faddish or fugly. I want simple, beautiful, quality things that will last a long time, and less of them.

syrynxMM Member

Cornwall = Tinners’ rabbits/3 hares symbol! I had a project to paint an oilcloth floorcloth with that symbol, but it didn’t get further than my sketches. My day ruler in chinese astro is the rabbit and I feel an affinity. My lot were from over the border in Devon.

LexieMM Member

I have a thing about hares too, but I’m drawn to them because of their Goddess symbology, I didn’t realise they had Cornish links too. Does the Goddess hare thing come from there as well maybe?

Leo-Scorp GrrrlMM Member
Leo-Scorp Grrrl

This is awesome! I SO need to purge and do house witching.

OneirixMM Member

I CAN’T WAIT!! This feels like great timing. Thank you Mystic, I’ve been wanting to download all your house witchery knowledge for years 🙂

ScorpittariusMM Member

Thank you so much! I’m so grateful you thought of this & wish to share it! I’m looking forward it!



skarabMM Member

Thank you, Mystic. X

sunsagscorpascMM Member

Perfect timing. I’ve been purging and cleaning like the clappers for a week, and planning changes to this space. Suddenly, parts of it don’t fit who I am any more.

LiliMM Member


moss1228MM Member

Right on time! thanks very much!


Fab! Thank you! I love your house witchery tips and the MP3s 🙂

birdMM Member

Thank you Mystic! How exciting! xxx

isaMM Member

thank you soooo much! xxx

IncenseMM Member

OMG I am so excited about this. This whole thing is right up my alley, in general and especially right now. MM, you are the best, and this is just more synchronicity given where I’m at in my life.

Thank you so much!!

kriblackMM Member

It is my secret dream to start a magic based interior decorating business so I am 100% into this. Ever thankful for your generosity in sharing all your wisdom. Thank you!


Sounds amazing.

PiMM Member

What a totally cool idea. Dooo eeett xox

PiMM Member

You could do their astro and examine 4th house for clues.

Alejandra Mattoni
Alejandra Mattoni

I am so excited! What a great thing to look forward to. Thanks Mystic!

Squared VirgoMM Member
Squared Virgo

this is amazing! thank you, Mystic!


So cool! Thank you Mystic!

RubentMM Member

You duh best! Many thanks.


Can’t wait for this! Your awesomeness exceeds all boundaries. Also… I want a broomstick like that with lightening bolts that zap about whilst I’m de-grime-ing !!

babysinclairMM Member

Yay!!! I’ve really been looking forward to this, thank you Mystic!

BellaMM Member

Thank you SO much!



YES I desperately need this as my house still hasn’t sold and I’m getting very frustrated.

emgMM Member

Me too !



Looking forward to the MP3, Mystic..thank you.

BoogeywookiieMM Member

Gosh Mystic you’re amazing. THANK YOU

PiMM Member

I would probably find the experience traumatising, but I feel/fear that a Mars in Virgo visitor while I sip Pluto Water (blindfolded) is possibly the medicine I need right now. Progressed cancerian moon and saturn in 2nd house might need some…assuaging. An artist’s space is never neat, as such.

I know it probably doesn’t look this way from the outside but I’m really feeling the vibe of these critters in this link

PiMM Member

god, i always always go o/t. will listen with open ears, MM. thank you for your awesomeness 🙂

skarabMM Member

Thanks for the link Pi – ingenious & amazing gorgousness.

PiMM Member

How cool are they? Well, ahhhh ok idea: ” when you let the gold into your life, everything you make will be beautiful.” My alchemy thought of the day hahaha

kataquagemMM Member

So excited! Can’t wait to hear this. Thank you Mystic!

SheRatMM Member

Wow, cool! What a nice surprise during the begining of a crap, shit-likely-to-hit-the-fan-week! Thanks, Mystic!

IncenseMM Member

Yeah, my week is the crappiest one I’m likely to have all summer. Just little stuff, but all unpleasant and unwanted, and all piled in together.

Powering through with you!

SheRatMM Member

Gah. And it’s only Tuesday. [sad face]