You Know You Are Doing Saturn in Capricorn When…

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Doing Saturn in Capricorn

Doing Saturn? The Time-God in Capricorn and moving toward Pluto is a stronger Saturn. This is the strongest it has been in decades. You are seeding Capricorn style ventures, with Uranus in Taurus to act as fertiliser. Fruition? Late 2019/2020, the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction.

So how do you know if you’re aligned with Saturn in Capricorn, the home constellation of the Time God?

You Know You Are Doing Saturn In Capricorn When You…

# Can’t be arsed with ‘exception that proves the rule’ logic or theories.

# Are horrified to discover personal thought patterns that mimic or resemble traits you deplored in a parent or parent figure.

# Don’t just check your impulses but work that caution into funky little life hacks. Example: Delaying gratification to see if you still want the person or thing by the next Moon cycle.

# Judge people on their fragility/stability matrix rather than their charm or charisma.

# Manage to stick to a half-way decent diet via snobbery – you won’t eat out of a packet.

# Begin to see personal energy as your greatest asset and plan how best not to squander it.

# See quality sleep as a super-power.

# Can consider your own (negative) role in break-ups – business or personal – without hyperventilating.

# Need to know the names of stars and flowers.

Image: The After Tarot 

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96 thoughts on “You Know You Are Doing Saturn in Capricorn When…

  1. Post Saturn Return in 2nd in late Sagg-

    *Coins deposited in bank account- full credit given- I counted every one as I was suspicious of the machine! Lol! Think it was off by 30 cents- but out of $160 not bad

    *Appt for health insurance

    *Exploring insurance options

    *Still purging house of ancestral junk including beloved but past time books

    *Have new green thumb-affection for plants, ants etc

    *Insisting young adults clean kitchen etc- and setting example

    *Zero tolerance for physical, psychic etc. chaos

    *My aim is true- can toss paper at 15 feet into waste bin

  2. So I found out the Neptunian Cap of yester-aeon is playing a show at a local venue – tunes he wrote about me when I was his secret lover. With Neptune on his MC for yonks he’s been invisible, absolutely unGoogleable (Mars in Virgo never forgets a chart, dammit.) Then yesterday this news lands in my inbox. It is weird to hear anything at all about him as he completely disappeared from even the most tenacious Venus sq Neptune e-stalkery view years ago. If anything it reinforced my desire to crack on with Operation Awesome and move even further away from that time than I already have.

  3. Mystic – loved your Saturn in Capricorn/Uranus in Taurus Posts so much – and wrote down my list 😉

    Checking in with / Doing Saturn in Capricorn for me also means: being totally aware of last year’s Saturn Square Transit to my sun and accordingly:

    – Clarity & awareness re that Neptune transit opposing my sun for the next decade or so: NOT doing what I did when Neptune opposed my Venus – brutal calls to my self-discipline regarding ANY substances / Love Zombieism. Instead: Active dreaming. Artwork as training. Reading books. Cinema. Altar. Candles. Writing. Photography.

    – Total declutter (stuff and data) when Saturn entered Capricorn.

    – Prepping for Uranus into Taurus: Planned this year’s garden months ahead, sketched the beds, planted according to moon calendar (including magic herbs like Tulsi) & Yin Yoga & regular swimming.

    – Abolished all synthetics regarding laundry, dish washing, house cleaning and body care

    – Got entire body checked (dentist, gynaecologist, dermatologist, orthopaedic, tox screens, blood screens etc – ALL, and that wonderful feeling of achievement when learning the body is healthy)

    – Sleep hygiene including evening rituals like lighting candles and some incense, clearing the space so no clothes are on the floor or empty cups in the room.

    – Planning: daily, weekly and monthly plans – with the help of your fabulous Astro Scheduler & Llewellyn’s Witches Date Book (learned about it somewhere in the blog’s commments! so thanks for this), that arrived at my place the day Saturn went into Capricorn

    – Business hatching: Saturn will linger all year around my Hecate/Lillith/SouthNode/MC Conjunction!

    – BOUNDARIES: poisonous people f**k off, you are not welcome here!

    – Dark Moon House Witching – since December, every 4 weeks I spend 4-5 hours throwing salt around, while I sometimes chant (or even scream, lol) at the negative energy to get out…and then cleaning it all up.

    – Digesting tons of sucked up anger, grief & frustration and allowing myself TIME to heal from abusive relationships, betrayal, horrible energy. There are years to regenerate from. Previous Saturn in Cap I just kept going, NOT a good idea. Soul/Psyche needs healing as much as the body does.

    – A portrait of two elderly women next to my bed, found it, I love it. Perspective!

    – Doing a trip with my mother and my 80 year old grandmother next weekend

    – Finding and using (beautiful and perfectly functioning) stuff people threw away

    – Loving Uranus into Taurus. (Lunar Uranian here)

    By the way: 10minutes before Uranus changed signs, a massive storm broke loose in my home town. almost 24hours before that the air was electric, I got shocks from electric devices, even my hair was electrified…

    Happy Earthing, everyone!

  4. I am judging on stability matrix vs charisma but the subject of the judgement is ME! All this Virgo stuff is shining a light on where I am not disciplined, ordered etc. But fortunately I have been grappling with these issues in the professional realm for 10 years and generally for 40 years so I can definitely view all my faults “without hyperventilating”. I am just increasingly awesome.

  5. A friend stopped by over the weekend dropping off a hardrive of mine that had been lost to her parents house since 2015, almost 3 years to the date. I knew I had left it there, but no one seemed able to find it.

    She brings it too me – and me, quite surprised and delighted, but my first thoughts are a. empty it out and sell it as I already have another one and b. WIPE IT. period.

    I skimmed through it – so much music, so many photos, writings. I’ll keep maybe 1% of the music and .5 of the photos, and delete all the writing wishing there was some add on to the recycle bin where you could watch digital pages burn.

    Most of the photos, from 2009-2015 were from disposable cameras that I always had with me. I had all the physical photos too, hundreds, up til bout this time last year when I was like ‘what the fuq?! These bring me nothing.’ and tossed them all.

    The things I found on the drive that did bring a feeling or bang could all very likely fall into one of the above categories.

    Also in my Saturn return. Cap rising, but saturn uranus conjunct on degree behind my ASC at 0 cap, just buzzing/building always in the 12th.
    I can’t even think that far ahead, good or bad, because the way things are shifting/feeling even now (which is ultimately good) there’s no way my present self can imagine my future self and my future self is just smiling and waiting patiently like ‘oh yea, i remember those times coming up for you.’

  6. Er…Judge people on their fragility/stability matrix rather than their charm or charisma…describes my state of mind totally. Triple Taurus (sun, Venus, Jupiter) and Capricorn midheaven 10th house probably leans me towards that matrix anyway, but have just realised that a – my emotional stability and the ability to show up day after day no matter what is fuqing useful – and b – very very sick of a destructive, destabilising force in my life.

  7. This: # Can consider your own (negative) role in break-ups – business or personal – without hyperventilating.

    I’m considering calling clients who’ve ditched me to find out why and I’m not scared of knowing why. I need some clarity on if I’m even doing what I say I’m doing.

  8. I was thinking about this the other day, with all the focus on Uranus going into Taurus I just kept eyeing Saturn and Pluto in Cap thinking man this is quite the power combo we have going on right now!

  9. I’m enjoying the trine to my loaded Virgo 9th house (Grand Trine with Uranus now involved) and it is offsetting the clusterfuq that I’ve been slogging though with Neptune opposing all my Virgo for so long. I’m getting my Earth on. Things are clicking into place, gears in alignment. I’m simultaneously letting go of unnecessary things and doubling down on the things that must be optimized. I’m wearing less gems, more metal. I’m tending my garden, both literally and metaphorically. My natal Pluto (also in Virgo and conjunct early Libra Sun) is becoming so sharp I feel like the fricken eye of Sauron, but hopefully less malignant, at least my intention is to use it for good. It’s a period of Radical Self Care (which I think will be the theme of Uranus in Taurus).

    • Mmm, a loaded Virgo 9th house. I have that. Grateful for the earthy trine. Not really sure about the incoming Neptune opposition to my MC. It was hard enough on my VirgoCluster.

      • My 9th house is ruled by Leo as well, but I have Virgo completely intercepted in the 9th, so it is a big deal for me. My sun (1 Libra)is also in the 9th but on the MC, so my ruler of the 9th is in the 9th. Also I’m a Sagg rising. Big deal house, for me. Of course that means that Pisces is intercepted in the 3rd, as well, and my North Node is in Pisces. Neptune on your IC might get a bit fuzzy, though you may already have a bit of experience with that, seeing how you have your IC in Pisces. You are probably already aware but I would caution you to avoid the lower Neptunian urges (alcohol/drugs, isolating yourself, tuning out, poor coping skills, Love Zombie crap, etc.) as you may become more easily ensnared by these with Neptune hovering around the IC. My mother has Neptune conjunct her IC exactly – good lord that woman needed to learn about haute Neptune ages ago, but never did. Fortunately you will have Pluto on hand to cut through the crap and help you focus on staying grounded in Virgo.

      • Thank you for the reminder about Neptune. I admit I gave out a frustrated sigh when I saw that incoming. I only just got my head on straight after it passing by my Mer/Jup/Venus stellium.

      • Passing by = opposing. It was a pretty art influenced time, but I can’t say that I was very clear about anything except that I liked being alone and sleeping.

    • Saturn and Pluto will be very close – but not exact – during most part (central and then the end) of 2019.
      The 3 will join forces I think only in mid 2020 as Jup is in Saggo for the whole 2019 and only moves to Cap around Xmas 2019.

  10. I totally lack the #5 and #9.
    My usually good dietary skills are falling apart.
    The rest is so on point!

  11. Hilarious, have been reading about flowers all day, edible flowers in particular, and feeling like it is important to repeat the names to myself out loud. (6th house Saturn, deep in 1at return territory)

    This also pings off my search of “atropos” after your recent “fate moon” post, discovering the namesake of belladonna in her scientific name.

    Those of us in 1st Return zone are of the Saturn conjunct Neptune group–Uranus in the mix too, and natal Pluto in scorpio, which as we know, Jupiter is currently deep in that zone.

    That plus Chiron on my moon/Mc, wow do I have stories, where to begin.

    In general though, yes to all of that plus eating wild greens and such, more l mushrooms on my lawn.

    • I noticed it too, and my Mars Cap 2nd house squares immediately replied, “Wild protective weapon”.

      Guess you can tell how fed up i am with work people’s shit. My kundalini energies must be writhing with venom. Must … detox… attitude! Lest it bite me in the face.

      • Ohh i didn’t even pay attention. This hermit card is gorgeous. I can relate to it so much more effectively through this image than other decks I’ve seen

  12. yes yes and yes
    planted a foxglove…or should i say, digitalis
    obsessed with living libations products…particularly the deodorants but have to put it on backburner so i can pay my dentist,
    trying with my diet, doing the plank everyday…
    and yes just had a break up and willing to own where i went wrong…
    im on minimum wage=severe number crunching

  13. i have Capricorn in the 10th and I think I’ve ‘professionalized’ these 3 in particular:

    # Manage to stick to a half-way decent diet via snobbery – you won’t eat out of a packet.

    # Can consider your own (negative) role in break-ups – business or personal – without hyperventilating.

    # Need to know the names of stars and flowers.

    • – judging people on their fragility/stability matrix rather than their charm

      Reminds me that I saw Kurt Cobain MTV Unplugged in New York live recording over the weekend and I remembered how much i loved him as a teenager. And then you know you start finding/looking for some of those qualities in the boys you like but then as you get older you realise how fragile these guys are and it’s not so much charm or charisma…

      Makes me wish I’d had Saturn in Cap when I was younger :/

    • Well yes this applies to me too. Very conscious of my snobby diet. Only now eating Fortnum and Mason Chocolates!!!

  14. currently eating lollies out of a packet because #progressedmoonincancer but judging people on their fragility/stability matrix rather than their charm or charisma is something of a habit.. I mean , i do love a charismatic wonderboy or a charming lady but I draw little psychic-emotional lines in the sand – charming lady may have high chance of betraying a confidence to reinforce a stronger loyalty elsewhere, .. charismatic wonderboy has ego need issues that I know i won’t meet, so i stay away from the feeding room, or don’t waste time assuming that my relationship with them will be invested with much integrity … this sort of thing?

    • i keep getting heart-flashes of the Distant Capricorn though. ohhhhh. like a blaze of golden summer sunshine bursting from the clouds across a dense field of wildflowers.

    • the other thing is though, you’re better at interpersonal things with those who might be delicious company but a little flaky or fakey, (and yourself), because you know how far you can trust yourself, and the other person. so, that’s a good thing yeah? 🙂

      • Hey, that’s amazing progress! Have one person in my life i can’t hang with though i would dearly love to, just because i find the flakey too irritating. Yes, even as a Pisces…get so down on my lack of compassion and fortitude for their mental health isssues. Or is it that if a Pisces can’t even, the person is truly in a space they need to occupy alone?

        • I think that if we’re spending time with a friend who has mental health issues, that is entirely up to the the individual to decide on their ability to healthily handle the dynamics. It’s not a matter of flake or compassion. Not everyone can do that easily, or indefinitely. It really depends on the people and the nature of the situation imho… If you’re having trouble spending much time with a friend who is dealing with their own issues, you’re not a bad pisces / person for that – just as your friend is no less of a person for what they’re working with. It’s complicated, and I think if we can remain kind to ourselves as well as the other person within the bounds of our own capacity that’s he best we can do. sometimes there’s nothing you can do. sometimes the simple stuff is fine.

    • My progressed Moon has gone into Aries. This adds to all the pow-wow going on in my 7th. I don’t dwell on things as much notwithstanding the heavy Yin ballast in my Naval / Natal / Navel chart.

    • Here this! I’m an Aqua but find myself only really truly admitting fellow-fixed signs as real friends. I don’t understand the usually counterproductive competitiveness of the Cardinals and the Mutables say shit they don’t mean, which is fine for at the bar, but pleh.

      Gimme an intense Scorp or a fellow-hedonist Taurus any day. Though weirdly, a majority of my female acquaintances are Cancers. Still not sure what that’s about.

      • It makes me wonder if each of them has a kind of code… Mutable trash talk for example, where we autatically disregard 30% of the chat as kind of conversational junk DNA… No one else knows why it exists but mutables can’t access our high speed neural networking function without it ! Lol!
        And cardinals do like to one-up each other don’t they ..Haha I’d never thought about this. thinking of a bunch of aries ppl flexing about something… or librans out-nice-ing each other… Cancerians as the four Yorkshiremen (haha sorry cancerians couldn’t resist xox).. Capricorns, i can only ever think of the business card scene in American Psycho lololllll <3

        Fixed signs of course agreeing how shit everyone else is and the world wouldn't be so fukt if ppl just listened to them 🙂
        This was fun.

        • Fr 4 Yorkys:
          Eric Idle : Right. I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, (pause for laughter), drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad and our mother would kill us, and dance about on our graves singing ‘Hallelujah.’

          Michael Palin: But you try and tell the young people today that… and they won’t believe ya’.

          No wonder l find that so funny.

        • I have Libra/Pluto Rising and Moon/Uran also in that first house (with mother, bro, ex-husband and bro-in-low all Libra also, plus other family Libra), so I think I can speak to this: I feel like Libras compete by being the one everybody likes
          also the one who builds consensus the best.

          I get along like a house on fire with Aries–but with females ONLY when there’s a clear power hierarchy–whether I’m on top or they are, it cannot be up for question. When it is, they tire me with their pointless alpha crap. I like them in theory but cannot deal and also know they will eventually rip me off / betray me. LOL. Sounds dramalama but it ALWAYS plays out that way. It’s hard for me to resist getting too close b/c of the instant rapport.

      • Also I think I found more proof that Jesus is a pisces. He’s always like, I care about you, and ‘just be nice to each other’, and he’s always meant to show up but he’s like 1500 years late to the party and does he ever actually like bring you a bowl of soup when you’re sick?, and he never answers when you call , so yeah, definitely pisces

        • HILARIOUS!!

          (but isn’t he supposed to be a Leo? I feel like that’s what Linda Good man said….LOL!)

        • I feel like Buddha would be a good leo. All that gold iconography, being garlanded with flowers, . O mean I think Taurus is associated with Buddha (ample figure, sitting a lot) but still.

      • Counter productiveness of Cardinals, right!. Well Fixeds would have nuthn to ‘engine room’ if it was for Cardinals. Sport wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Cardinals. (Kat Sun & Asc, Saturn in Cap, Nodes Lib/Aries)

        But then again l am more Fixed than Cardinal with extremely strong placements in Scorpio, Aqua and Leo. The adjectives associated with fixed are what muggles would use to describe me. Intense, obsessive, stubborn. One colleague said l was an “Icebreaker of intent”. Ppl who try to pick me plump for either Scorp or Aqua.

        Mutables I’ve only come to understand via this site. When l was angry young man l think l punched more Mutables than the other two combined.

        • MN, Chrys and you, amongst others, have helped understand Mutables.

          There are many l’ve liked in popular culture; let’s not go there!!! But personally it’s been hard to understand. Even my own natal Mutability, Virgo, is the least Mutable energy.

          As soon as someone starts talking nebulously, l immediately think Gem Virgo Sadge or Pisces. I’ve picked quite a few just on this alone.

          I don’t go picking fights snymore; well at least physical ones. I have some much ‘fight’ astrology it’s not funny.

        • The last couple years, I’ve had an annoying succession of affairs with Virgo men, of which the most frustrating things were their lack of commitment to what they themselves were saying and their blindness to their own hypocrisy.

          Saggos, well, as a Uranian we get along, but I don’t have many on my Board of Advisors.

          Being so Uranian, I have no problem with Cardinals…don’t give a shit about how the shit gets done, as long as it gets done. Being Libran, I’ve got no problem leading the project. I’m specifically talking about myself and Aries women with whom there’s no clear hierarchy. Aries men and me a fab. But with a chick? Unless I’m her boss or she’s mine, she’s gonna engage in an idiotic display—try to steal my personality, try to steal my boyfriend, steal my writing (!! — this is the latest example…literally took a story I told her about my own fucking mother and without asking wrote a short story about it, almost word for word, without asking whether I was planning on using it) and it’s all underhanded because we’re “friends”/ “besties” at the time the theft occurs. But again, if I’m the boss, or she is, we are life-long allies. It’s weird.

  15. #3-#8 = Check.
    I am now the most non-LZ l’ve been in my life. Saturn went SRx on my Asc and will go SD on my natal Saturn.

    Never under-estimate the power of a planet doing stationary. Esp Jupiter to Pluto on a house.

    • Gack, PF. I do not envy this. It’s okay to be Love Zombie for Kate Bush though. I like LZ-ing on dead people. Steve Marriott, for example. ;-p

      • It’s my SD 4H Neptune in Scorpio which is also a Focaliser in a TSq which is sqd by a 1H Sun opp 7H Moon. If that aint enough my Moon is my Chart Ruler, a Bucket Handle and an Apex in Yod which is based by my Asc AND Venus.

        Trouble is l dunno which of the 3 Outre Planets I’ll be on any given day but it’ll always be Moon-flavoured.

  16. With Saturn on my asc I’m feeling the vibe and can run with it. Although I’m as soppy as it gets I’m also a bit bipolar in that I’m totally matter of fact and tough love. I’m hoping all this is added oomph for my cappi daughter. She got everything in her sixth natally and now by transit

  17. Saturn is within spitting distance of my 5th house moon-Lilith conjunction and I would add to that list – absolutely cannot be fuqued with anyone or anything that isn’t 100 per cent authentic and a positive investment of my time. I have basically just pulled up the drawbridge and told the entire planet to fuq off.

  18. Saturn in Capricorn natally (in 5th) so this is my life, esp 3, 4 & 5 (although tempered somewhat by a conjunction with Jupiter so at least I can laugh at myself?)

    PS, still have no idea what the significance of this conjunction is though I’ve been it’s a good thing?

    • I will be writing about it in the daily mystic emails and incorporating it into the horoscopes as we get closer but it is essentially a LOT of power amassed in Capricorn

      • I always appreciate the reminder in one of your Tarot reading placements that while the Earth thing can move tasks, it can also get very dry and unimaginative.

        Water your Capricorn!

      • OMG just checked in on the Tarot and that very card, placement and reading CAME UP. Mystic, how do your cards do this??

        At the very least, guess it’s time for a bath and some music while i attend to chores. Capricorn needs to float in a bubble for a mo! Probably also more actual sips of water.

        • I swear mystics tarot is like spiritual NSA or something…like how did it know last wk that I was sleepless at 3am sweating a convo

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