What If Uranus In Taurus Were Actually Totally Fun?

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All right enough already. Any of us with an imagination can all too easily visualise vile outcomes of Uranus in Taurus. Whacko dystopias, deranged rulers, turf wars, ecological idiocy, refeudalization FFS.

But Uranus is hard to predict. Looking back on the last seven/eight years of Uranus in Aries, it’s easy to see it resonating with the rise of the Tech Titans. Ditto the wildly eccentric macho leaders and resurgent feminism. However, that was not something ‘predicted’ a decade ago.  But whatever, we’re all Transition Zoning and exhausted. Leaving aside negativity for a moment, what if Uranus in Taurus were actually totally fun?

Uranus in Taurus Could Manifest As A Sex + Shopping Revolution

What if it manifested as a revolution in such Taurus past-times as Sex, Shopping, Beauty-Care, Gardening and Food? A whole new ultra-rad economy, sensual, grounded and un-fuqing the planet? Imagine malls repurposed as organic gardens that smelled of lavender and basil, with sacred goats roaming around?  What if Uranus in Taurus trine Regulus in Virgo really IS the Age of Queens?  What if Uranus in Aries dating (as epitomised by Tinder) evolved at Warp Speed into something more stately and sensual? Or MUSIC (super-Taurus) revolutionises in a way so cool we cannot even visualise it yet? What if Rihanna at the Met Gala actually became Pope?


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74 thoughts on “What If Uranus In Taurus Were Actually Totally Fun?

  1. i just realised the last time uranus was in taurus, 84 years ago, Hitler took over and started WW2. kind of a scray thought.

    • Yes, there was a rise in nationalism, fascism etc – one of the reasons why i thought it would be nice to focus on some possible positive manifestations. i would like to think that somehow the interconnectedness and open nature of our contemporary life would help…

  2. I am personally mega psyched about Uranus in Taurus. Even though I’m an Aries, Uranus is my chart ruler and my chart “vibe” is Cardinal Earth. I’m ALWAYS excited for any kind of shift, but one that brings grounded practicality to wilder ventures? Yes, please. Plus, my Mercury is in Taurus. Soo ready to get some zing on that! MM and the folks here seem to be freaking out about the transition zone but I feel like I’m finally calling my power back.

  3. Oh P Leeez…. I was right the first time: look out here comes the Raging Bull and all the shopping malls will become dust B4 your eyes and replaced by mud huts that will accommodate the homeless children of the world – !st world fucks

  4. I know Uranus in not actually in Taurus yet, but if I may report on the “vibes” I’ve been picking up…

    It feels like…RADICAL SIMPLICITY.

    A return to simple, effective strategies as a way of life.

    Simplify. Recharge. Make a to-do list. Get plenty of sleep. Think positively and challenged ingrained (incorrect) beliefs. Strong will to achieve goals. Keep grounded.

    But it all seems to be happening at warp speed. Like, WHOOSH, my dietary patterns have morphed OVERNIGHT. Likewise, my ability to plan and sort.

    And there is a MINIMALIST overtone–clutter REALLY seems to get in the way of progress.

    Or could this just be Mars in Cap talking? IDK.

    • im RIGHT with u, if i keep cleaning closet giving away ill go hermit-attire pronto!yes to simplify its repeated in meditation time like a mantra, almost. also i get this daft punk(faster” NOT so much, but, well, stronger”)-slash-cynical radiohead/fitter happier. YES to people leading their lives like efficient monk hippie simple being. Eat well enjoy life, decor ur space, space is sacred, so is earth. sex, too.sleep, long bath and so on…if u like piña coladaaaa

  5. what if it ends up like in birdy song ? (actually a sunmoon tau and uranus in aqua)..//People help the people
    And if your homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it//
    People help the people
    And nothing will drag you down
    Oh and if I had a brain, Oh and if I had a brain (so aqua, brain power)
    I’d be cold as a stone and rich as the fool
    That turned all those good hearts(green pink chakra green venus is also tau reign) away
    God knows what is hiding in this world of little consequence (maybe UraTau will change that)
    Behind the tears, inside the lies…we ll see anyway, #excited

      • yes, typing.
        anything traditionally hippie is ok w me, more ceramics, more color, more earth respecting design, more simple pure caring luxes , more taste smell, mora power to womanhood and so on. this acua sun tau moon venmar piscis is ON BOARDDDDDD 😉

  6. Yes, yes and yes. Regardless of how it plays out, I’m going the sex/shopping/beauty route anyway. And if anyone asks, I’m going to say my astrologer told me to hahaha. x

  7. Queen rih as always
    I’m pulling for the integration of the most comfortable (yet featherlight) taurcouches with precision invisible Uranian sound systems embedded within.
    Also for a resurgence in fun dinner parties

  8. What if uranus in Taurus is just debachery, hedonism and decadence for food, sex, money games? Like dense low-vibration primitive proprietal and territorial bravado. It’s depleting…however I bet there wil be incredible advances in scientific breakthroughs with sensory-detecting tech/ software…

    Feeling more than a bit cynical. The current sun is conjunct my Lillith in Taurus 8th, trine venus Capricorn 5th…trine my pluto in Virgo…the early degrees of this uranus cycle are exactly trine my Jupiter/ ascendant in Virgo, sextile my cancer moon 10th, but opposite my ceres/ Juno/ karma asteroids 2nd…

  9. Yes. This makes sense. If anything, Uranus outwits the expected expectation. New and novel approaches the mundane, earthed out, in touch and contemplative. I can see it happening. Rise of the Vegans is only the beginning!

  10. This would be a dream come true!! With my Lilith in Taurus, this is everything I want in the world – especially gardens everywhere. Making and growing: sex, music and food.

  11. In April I was in Malta on a hop on hop off bus trip (stay on option) and loved the birds eye view of their allotments. Grapes, olives, strawberries and that was early spring. Why dont we permaculture/selfsufficient more? New trend coming I think. I did try to grow veggies, this last summmer, but the soil needs major improvement, tomatoes bolted to a couple of fruit then died. Herbs loved it though!

  12. A few of my favorite things — Sex, Shopping, Beauty-Care, Gardening, Music and Food revolutionized in a positive way in the age of Queens and Uranus in Taurus? Count me in! I’m already there! I just have a feeling it’s going to be good, and on a personal level better than my experience of Uranus in Aries.

    Uranus will tour my 11th house and I’m glad it will finally leave my packed 10th house (which houses Mars, Saturn, Chiron, NN), it’s been quite the shake up. I’m thinking it will be a bit ‘quieter’ experience in my 11th…. though eventually it will square my Aqua Sun.
    Also, if not taking into account rising signs, as an Aqua Sun, Uranus would be touring my 4th……already having a bit of a shake up there as my early Cap father had a heart attack last week and the reality of his ongoing heart condition is sinking in and I’m now dealing with thoughts of family, and that I’m very estranged from my parents and what if my dad dies and the fact I haven’t really talked with or seen him in years…..this all makes me feel very sad and I need to address it all emotionally and logistically and probably make contact again and not wait…. So painful… 🙁

  13. Yes well I did blow $80 on plants at Bunnings yesterday but I will pray that Rihanna tells the sacred goats not to Disturbia them

  14. What if… we can finally experience/share/capture scent thru technology? Like, I was enjoying the scent of my lilacs just about to bloom and my first thought was, I wish I could instagram this scent! Smell-o-gram? Lol.

  15. All I’m saying is: Smart Couches.

    Couches with built-in gourmet snack bars.

  16. Ooh I love this vibe. Sex, shopping in a way that loves the planet. Getting back to our sense and connection to nature AND have the comforts and beauty of home. Sounds delicious. I wonder what else is possible here? I’m excited!

  17. Yes! I’m so happy you said with, I have been feeling like the changing undercurrents are for the better but so many astro perspectives are negative. I have been wondering, oh jeeze, what am I not paying attention to ? What am I neglecting ? Why does it feel like this isn’t a bad change?! So thank you! Anything must be better than my past 7 years, vibes for looking up!

    • Oh ps I am a Sag sun, Taurus rising, Virgo moon, with my Venus conjunct Saturn, and allll of the eclipse’s had been wreaking havoc on my living situation down to the days almost…

    • As a native Uranian (Aqua rising), I fully support the positive interpretation of Uranus. I like innovative disruption bc the same old same old is boring and often limiting! Uranus crossing your Asc is going to be FUN. Innovative identity and career moves based in hard working (Saturn), people-valuing (Venus) wisdom (in Sag). 😉

  18. Yes! So, this Taurus in Aries/Chiron shift is hitting me big—I’m having to process childhood traumas/family secrets. And yet, it is also a really fun, good time for me. I’m finding that life is joyous once i stop hiding the secrets and just integrate/accept my faimly’s dysfunction. It kind of has been a mini-warp speed revolution.

  19. I was going to tentatively send an Ask Mystic about Uranus-in-Taurus dating, but as it’s mentioned here I’ll just say I’m really hopeful for a shift! I can’t get on with Tinder-style. I can’t gauge attraction from an online conversation and if that’s my first contact with someone, even if it’s kept brief, my subconscious seems to file them in the friend zone before we meet. I want immediacy; an in-the-moment, in-person connection – the chemistry that you feel in physical proximity – and I’m thinking Uranus in Taurus could support that.

  20. Bravo, yes! I am believing if I do the Chiron work in what Uranus leaves behind, it is going to be a better era for the individuated. Yes to a slower, sensuality and Uranian types who care about the earth in power! Radical earth power.

  21. ” What if Uranus in Aries dating (as epitomised by Tinder) evolved at Warp Speed into something more stately and sensual?”

    Oh. Yes. Please.

  22. I’m really excited for this transit.Maybe it’s my Venus in Taurus conjunct Merc talking but I’m seeing all the positives with the upcoming transit. Although thinking about it I felt the same way re Uranus in Aries and that didn’t quite go as expected. We definitely need the focus in unfuqing the planet. Or maybe we need a meteor to threaten the planet enough to get people in gear – that seems a bit Uranus in Taurus. lol Hmmm

    I wonder if those of us with a bit of Taurus who live quite eco-friendly and very sensually will feel it more intensely or perhaps less.

    Changes in music would be a blessing. I listen to music for a few hours every day but invariably I go back to the past. Yesterday it was Nina Simone, today it was Donovan, tomorrow who knows.

  23. Rhianna as Pope- “And I shall bequeath upon thee thine gifts three- the eternal shimmer to create faces of gold, pop songs that one will hide amongst their punk rock collection and blameth them on thine children if ever found out; lastly, thine arse that never shall quit.

    My Sagg self is ready for some solid stability,( I reckon that my bull husband could use this well too!) Please let it grow me. Let it plant me in my garden with my own vegetables and take root, let me grown into a full plant that bears great, weighty fruit to share. Let me too plant flowers that sing to my soul and frangrance my neighbourhood… but let it be as sexy as it wants. I am so ready to be vibrant again. I wanna remember how it feels not in a hours time, but 30 years from now with a smile. C’mon Taurus. Give us all that good, all round, universal lovin’

    • ‘I am so ready to be vibrant again’. Yes yes yes. How i have missed a lightness of being.

    • “And I shall bequeath upon thee thine gifts three- the eternal shimmer to create faces of gold, pop songs that one will hide amongst their punk rock collection and blameth them on thine children if ever found out; lastly, thine arse that never shall quit.”


      I love every single part of your comment.

  24. Getting major Talking Heads – (Nothing But) Flowers vibes from this. “And as things fell apart/nobody paid much attention”. (Incidentally I was at a club a few nights ago that played this. Who plays such a terrifying song at a club?!)

  25. Well, this Taurus is planning on making that my own personal reality, even if nowhere else! I’ve been in my garden making eco-friendly fashions and I’m opening up a virtual store, so your prediction is already coming true in my life!❤️

  26. Rihanna as The Hierophant just about killed me, LOL – did you guys peep her Ace of Cups necklace, too? And Solange w/ the Agua de Florida gonna have everyone runnin’ for the botanicas, LOL….

    • Met ball was fun this year. Hierophants, kings, priests and master pimps seem to like the same gear. Thrones, hats, goblets, rings, capes, etc.

      • Even blade runner 2049. I was disappointed that every second character was wielding… A gun. Really???? You have this much money to make a film about this para-dystopia (whatever) and the best you can come up with is.. a gun? Smdh

  27. I have just thought of an awesome name and concept for a Uranus in Taurus style matchmaking idea. Are there any app developers out there? Hahaha
    Not joking btw.

    • You should do it. I’ve been having great ideas recently and now that I think about it they fit the Uranus in Taurus vibe perfectly. Some of it has to do with dating sites as well which is weird as I’ve never used one but thought I could help those who do. Good luck Pi.

      • I’ve been racking my brain trying to work out what would tick all the boxes for a uranian couch. Maybe we’ll know it when we see it. It should be easy to clean under, so obviously it should either be hovering, or suspended from the ceiling.

    • No lie; I just saw a commercial the other day for a sofa w/ built-in chaise lounge that had a lower pullout drawer under the sofa part of it. That drawer lifts up and has cushions atop it so the whole thing can be converted into a bed equal to the length of the chaise lounge. It wasn’t your usual sofa bed deal, so I smiled and thought to myself “Uranus in Taurus is bringing us the couch revolution already” – Taurus is such a sedentary creature, after all!

    • I’m thinking mid-century modern is coming back into vogue as that near trine between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn approaches in Aug/Sept…..perhaps vintage status pieces by Eames, specifically.

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