The Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology


The Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology

How can we put the Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology together?

In February 2017, scientists discovered a new planetary system, just 12 parsecs away from our Solar System. That’s 39 light years. It is called Trappist-1.   This has nothing to do with monks, although i can see monastery planets becoming a thing. Trappist is the acronym for a pair of genius-tech telescopes. They are in the desert of Chile and the mountains of Morocco.

Seven Gaia-sized planets orbit Trappist-1, a Jupiter-sized “cool” star.  Any of them could technically be habitable. They have water and they have hydrogen. The planets are ‘tidally locked’. That is, one side of each planet is permanently night and the other day. They are in the astronomical constellation of Aquarius but astrologically, it’s Pisces. Fifteen degrees of Pisces, to be exact. Near where Neptune is at the moment.  Input Trappist-1 to the extended chart options of Astrodienst, for a good time.

What’s weird about Trappist-1? Nobody really knew it was there. It was like a shadow galaxy in Pisces. And they only found out about it because of the reflections of the planets bouncing off the main Trappist-1 Star. I love this as it is how Pisces people often operate. They’ll have whole shadow galaxies of the psyche, with inland oceans of permanent night or a forever day. They are occasionally glimpsed but rarely mapped.

So far, the seven planets of the Trappist-1 star have no names. They are just called b, c, d and so on. Their orbit is unique, with even scientists describing it as harmonic or cosmic resonance. They appear to be co-operating.  This surreal shadow galaxy affirms the strength and magic in our multiverse. Fifteen degrees of Pisces has rarely looked so rad.  Thoughts?


Image: Lana Del Rey

Bottom Image: Trappist-1

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anniemikeyMM Member

My Sun’s at 17 Pisces so now I’m feeling extra magical 🙂

sphinxMM Member

Awesome!!!! Cool post Mystic, this is brilliantly interesting. The Trappist Universe is at the peak of my water trine, on my Juno/Jupiter/Ceres/Pholus. Have we looked at Pholus as an asteroid? *checks* Answering my own question, there IS a post, I would love to do more on Pholus! Pholus is an Arkadian Healer, curiosity killed this healer’s cat.. I feel like that has meaning for me too. “The jar of Pholus was not supposed to be opened for four generations, and so the astrological Pholus often highlights the releasing of ancestral processes, whether these are known or unknown to us. In… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

OMG, I love this and I SO get it!

faeMM Member

That is just too awesome! They’re 5’ off my midheaven, and conjunct Neptune right now. I remember writing about a tidally locked planet (Apnea is the name of it’s night side, and Allevia the day) before I ever knew such a thing existed- I didn’t even know the moon was! So cool that everything we can imagine exists!

AlouettaMM Member

How cool! It reminds me of the Monkey episode ‘The difference between night and day’. That episode is poignant for me because it was the one in which he fell for a human and realised they could never be together, and also the moment I realised as a child that my love for a fictional character would also never be returned. That’s when I learned you can love someone even when they can’t love you back. Had to check the wiki out and apparently the best chance of there being life would be in twilight between both hemispheres, the unfortunately… Read more »

dark starMM Member
dark star

Conj my sun, I love this hidden shadow galaxy

kriblackMM Member

Conjunct my Sun and part of my Grand Water Trine. I very much relate to only being noticed by my reflection bouncing off others. My two best friends (a Leo Sun and a Pisces with Jupiter in Libra Rising) have much larger circles of friends and I am forever meeting people who assume I’m new to the crowd when I’ve been in the inner circle for longer than any of them. I’m like a ninja in the shadow of their social circles, no one knows me but I know all about them.

tw:leoMM Member

ah wow, have just entered into a luscious new relationship with a person whose nn is 15 pisces.


Wow that is synchronous! Love it to bits and particles! Enjoy all wavelengths 🙂

emgMM Member

I’ve got a lovely grand trine with the monks. It’s in 12th but trines my jupiter in 5th cancer and my Neptune and SN in Scorpio 8th. So I think I’m very much embedded with this. Can’t wait to find out more.

babysinclairMM Member

Really cool! This is all up in my grand water trine – conjunct Jupiter, trine my moon-Mc conjunction in Cance, and trine my ruling planet Venus in Scorpio. Something good to meditate on…


I super duper love how you have described the pisces psyche here mystic.. Thank you. Today I fell into a bookstore and accidentally bought books.. poetry, short writings from sci fi to ero fi, some 2-D poster art made by a Polish film maker .. anyway.. #piscesmind


I like the description of Pisces Psyche too! What’s more, i don’t feel uncomfortably exposed by it. I think any explorations of Trappist-1 will reveal only more wonders and mysteries. A 12th house Rising signature in trine with Pisces Sun knows that these discoveries will be felt by the monk-like collective, each on their own, and not transmitted in soundbytes, but beamed out from a person’s energy, and grounded in a collective sense of it. Hope THAT can bring some make-a-daily-difference to the beautiful home community earthing of U in Tau. Can hear some kind of Om like a choral… Read more »

kataquagemMM Member

Omigod! Natal T-1 is at 15 degrees Pisces! So having Trappist-1 return right now, yes? But what does it mean?

kat aquaMM Member
kat aqua

Trappist-1 is in a fixed location, like other fixed stars—there will be processional movement but that is super slow (eg, how Regulus just “moved” into Virgo after being in Leo since the 2nd century BCE). Only the planets of our solar system move around our chart. So it’s more useful to see how 15 Pisces connects to your natal placements. 🙂

kataquagemMM Member

Thank you quellpunkt!

JacquiMM Member

Shimmying up next to my Pars Fortune 2nd H and directly opposite my Conjunct Pluto and Uranus in 8th H. Mmmm wonder what that means? especially with Uranus in the big T now

JacquiMM Member

when was Uranus at 15 Pisces?…..16th March 2007

JacquiMM Member

and North Node was there too with the south on my Uranus/Pluto conjunct… where are my diaries?

marybeimMM Member

Last quarter moon will be conjunct this spot (along with a mercury-neptune square) on June 6th!

MethinkyMM Member

Conjunction natal Venus in Pisces in sun sign, so naturally I love it!

The Trappists are famous for brewing their beer and they only speak when necessary. Perfectly named and posititioned really.

skarabMM Member

Hahaha! There are no coincidences…

….so i’m permanently juiced as it trines my Crab Sun & Scorpio Ceres in a grand water trine – what’s not to like?

MethinkyMM Member

Hehehe how fabulous – for me it squares Neptune (so I naturally drink and talk too much) but trines Uranus in sixth Scorpio so it usually works out for me in random and yet practical ways

LidiaMM Member

Time and space are relative, so it is not too far away 😉

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