The Third House In Astrology

The Third House In Astrology is Scribe Vibe. When you see this sector emphasized, you are looking at a person with a primal drive to communicate and gather information. They’re gifted, glib and eloquent, the kind of people who compulsively read everything from an early age. They’re media addicts and information brokers.

High, low, esoteric or mainstream – they’re across it and retaining the snippets that they might need to slot into their vast data matrix later. They’re not judgmental about the source either. Third House people are omniscient, forming on-Zeitgeist opinions from a variety of inputs; the quip made on social media, the in-depth backgrounder that they scanned, the tabloid headline. They are often opinion leaders, trendsetters and media people.

The novelist and screenwriter Michael Crichton churned out an amazing 10,000 words a day. He sold over 200 million books and penned hit movies such as Jurassic Park, DisclosureThe Andromeda Strain and the original Westworld. They eerily seemed to align with the breaking issue of the day. They were Zeitgeist. He had Mercury and Neptune in the Third House.

The Third House is the communications sector. It’s ruled by Mercury, like the signs of Gemini and Virgo, as well as the media itself. To have natal Mercury there means you transmit and pick up information at Warp Speed. People with strong Third House energy don’t give a damn about official information, paying their dues or the “normal way.”

Most of them hate even reading instructions to open a jam jar, let alone manage their career. They would rather generate their own concepts and theories than pay homage to those already formulated.

Ideas Generation Is Their Forte

The classic Third House person starts talking/writing/scheming their way out of/into situations from the age of eight.  Stephen King has Sun, Venus and Neptune in the Third House. Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Mercury on Pluto and the North Node. Jane Austen Mercury in the Third House opposite Uranus.

Joan Rivers was a classic of the genre, having Lilith, the Sun, Mercury and Venus in this sector. That, by the way, is a Stellium.

She was not just insanely witty in public and private, she built an empire out of her wits, surviving and thriving over a 55-year career.

This quote sums up the Third House Vibe brilliantly: According to Ralph Schoenstein, who dated her and worked with her on her humor books. He said, “She has no airs. She doesn’t stand on ceremony. The woman has absolutely no pretense. She’ll tell you everything immediately. Joan isn’t cool—she’s completely open. It’s all grist. It’s her old thing—’Can we talk?’”

Third House People Need To Be Current – They Are Allergic To Out-Dated Information

They need to be current. Third House people don’t usually care that much for vast tracts of academic information or received “wisdom” because they like to speed-boil the presenting situation into the perfect reduction of relevance.

Your “halfway through your sentence” is often the 3rd House person’s version of “droning on too much”.

If they would rather run away and write down, blog or broadcast a hyped up version of the witticism you just spouted or an insight you evoked than bond with you, that’s how they roll.

The Third House is the realm of Thoth, Mercury, Hermes, and Seshat.

Third House strong people value the wild idea, the sudden snippet of gossip or connection, synchronicity and conversations that operate on multiple levels.

They irritate people with more reverence for traditional education, those who find it bizarre to have a dream snippet or something the taxi driver said afforded the same intellectual gravity as the recent ‘findings from scientists’ and who do not like to have their private life turned into appetizing quotes for the media.

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Jupiter conj Epona in 3rd house (Dionysus also in the vicinity). This explains why I can’t just be interested in ideas – I have to go and get a degree in philosophy, then apply it primarily to conversations analysing the metaphysical nature of reality with willing strangers at parties (close buds are over it). Or writing recreational essays exploring the holographic subtext of my garden.

Ivana Milano

Wow, no data on 3d, interesting
Obv not a coveted h topic

Neptne Mercury to Jupiter here in Cap

Nept≥Merc≤Sun midpointing

All said and done, very true, every word


Mars, Venus, and Neptune in the Third House. Can confirm. I taught myself to read when I was two and haven’t stopped since.


Mars, Venus and Neptune in the Third House. Can confirm.

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