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By popular request, a reprisal of the Lunar Basics. Everyday Moon Magic is probably the easiest aspect of astrology to grasp. That and the art of not firing off impulse missives during Mercury Retrograde.

So the Moon – aka Artemis –  is the closest astrological entity to Gaia aka Earth.

Luna (another of her many names) is classically deemed ‘feminine’ or ‘Yin’ by contrast to the masculine Sun. Although the Ancient Babylonians had a Moon GOD, called Sin.  We all know that the Moon affects tides and our internal rhythms, the menstruation cycle being the most obvious. FYI  that word originates in “Mensa” – an olden-day Etruscan/Roman Goddess of measurement.

WHY do we call these bodies “the Moon” – “the Sun” and the basic “Earth”? Is there an aversion to using the God/Goddess names because nobody wants to seem too Pagan or make like magic is real? Apollo and Artemis/Diana are twins…Why can’t we say Gaia or Terra?

Anyway, werewolves, hormones, parasites and emergency room workers all clock up extra activity during the Full Moon. Hares, bats, spies and vampires prefer it. As the Moon waxes to be full so too do poets, composers and artists wax lyrical.  Soldiers in stealth mode at night move across treacherous terrain during the Full Moon. Sailors navigate and insomnia turns pro.

But the most practical Moon Magic tips are below.

Weaving the Moon and her cycles is a really simple way to access astrology. It’s easy and it’s not at all complex. Nor is even a difficult phase of the Moon going to last for very long. It’s not like some Nemesis Transit that runs for months and you need to evolve your everything.  Obviously the below tips work in alignment with your intuition, personal wisdom or knowledge of any situation, broader transits in play for you personally AND the general astral terrain.

# Start things on the New Moon or in the 14 days after the New Moon and before the Full Moon.  Generally, those two weeks support action and the getting of what you want.  It is also a really good time to set your intent for the next lunar cycle. I am increasingly trying to weave little ritual suggestions into the daily horoscopes.

# Anticipate situations that have been left to simmer or that may be fragile/needing to change to come to a boil/climax/snap around the Full Moon.  The Full Moon is fantastic for clarity, always. Watch the Daily Mystic emails and the Horoscopes for the Full Moon times in your zone + suggestions of ways to maximise their good effects/minimise the less desirable ones.

# The two weeks after the Full Moon are better for releasing, ending things and honouring what’s ended in your life so it can go properly. It’s when you’re less on the hustle, more receptive to info and wisdom.  This comes to a peak intensity with the Dark Moon, which is the few days right before the New Moon. That’s de-cluttering central, as it is so cathartic and inspirational to do it with this particular phase of the Moon.

# Old Witches Tales – and why wouldn’t old witches be right about a variety of things? – start diets on the old Moon not the New Moon – as you’re trying to release weight. It’s not a gain. Get hair you want to grow trimmed when the Moon is waxing but remove hair you would like to discourage during the Moon Wane. If you want to do a tie-cutting ritual with an ex-lover or a bad habit (both?!) find a Moon Wane when Venus is in aspect to Saturn. There is also a whole school of thought around gardening with the Moon that i don’t (yet!) know anything about but i am sure commenters do.

# Use the synch feature of the Astro-Scheduler to put some of the Lunar Portals into your iCal, so that you can note for yourself how they manifest for you. This sort of astral detective work – combine that with recording your Tarot read results, instinctive flashes, moods and dreams – delivers the most rad results. You can still seek guidance from the Horoscopes and consults but if you KNOW that – say – the Moon Jupiter Answered Prayers Lunar Portal tends to be epic for – say – dealing with difficult people or getting into Creative Flow, you can schedule that in accordingly.

# Moon-Gaze – looking at the actual Moon in the sky is healing. Don’t ask me how but it is. If you are interested in a plausible theory re how all this works, read the terribly erudite and amazing Cosmos & Psyche. 

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19 thoughts on “The Lunar Basics – Everyday Moon Magic

  1. Just wanted to say that reading this post was a fantastic reminder to just declutter and chill and not push on a couple projects during the final ebb out of the dark moon yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling super refreshed and ready for the new vibe.

  2. I garden by the Moon – it’s one of the few good things I picked up from my Taurus mother 🙂 There’s a beginner’s way of doing it which is general and a more advanced method which takes under consideration the astrological rulership of specific plants, but for those interested here’s the lite version in honor of today’s Taurus New Moon:

    1) Waning Moon is for prep. Weed, turn over your soil, add your manure/amendments, lay down your weed barrier fabric, or prune but do not plant. IDC what Farmer’s Almanac says about bulbs or below ground crops being OK to plant during the waning Moon; there’s generally diminished energy levels with *anything* planted when the Moon is ebbing in fullness! The noted exception I can think of is maybe planting autumn bulbs where you want the bulb to rest and lie dormant over the winter, but certainly nothing you would want to flower that same growing season.

    2) Waxing Moon is for planting. This is when you want to pay attention to the Moon signs – Taurus (sign of the Moon’s Exaltation) and Cancer (Moon’s natural Domicile) are the best signs to plant under, but Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn are also decent (note they’re all Earth or Water signs). I’m personally a little more cautious about planting under the last two because Scorpio is the Moon’s astrological Fall and Capricorn its Detriment. So I work with the “underground” nature of Scorpio energy by using that Moon to plant root vegetables; whose development is primarily under the Earth. Capricorn is better for planting hardier plants/shrubs; especially if it’s a perennial you want to see come back year after year. Ornamental flowers are generally not favored by the Cap moon – you want something practical/useful, like “woody” culinary herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage), ground cover, or hedgerows that act as “fences” for example. Scorpio and Capricorn are beneficial for “repellent” or “protective” plants; say, anything you might plant to discourage deer browsing or other garden pests. I like the Virgo Moon more for transplanting (it being Mutable) or for planting something I want to stay neat and compact. Pisces is a wet sign and though it’s gentle for sensitive plants, do make sure you have good drainage. Sometimes planting under this sign can lead to viral, bacterial, or fungal issues – it’s not known for being a particularly robust sign, so monitor for signs of disease and treat early. Avoid planting under the Fire or Air signs, but there are some who do like to plant flowers under the Libra Moon specifically.

      • TY, Pi! Essentially it’s super simplified Electional astrology; you want strong placement of (and ideally aspects to) the Moon. I think gardening with astrology is a great way to channel this new Uranus in Taurus energy; this is the patron planet of astrology after all, and you really can’t get much more “Earthy” than using this Art agriculturally! xx

    • Ah! I have done this, too, when I had a garden. I did Biodynamic gardening and had their lunar gardening calendar for years. It showed the moon’s phase and astro sign it was transiting through. Awesome stuff!

    • I love this! I would also add, plant seeds at the new moon, and full grown plants closer to the full moon.

  3. I love this! I know most of these things but not all of them and it’s always great to have them in one place.
    The most important thing to me though, is that today is New Moon in Taurus at 13.48 (C.E.T.) and Uranus enters Taurus a couple of hours after. Finally the transition is basically almost over and we are approaching the new era!

  4. Just realised this new moon is spot on my north node in my 2nd What with this mars and Uranus it should be a bit of a shake up Hoorah

  5. I’ve got this book on the 28 moon phases which gives identifications to character sub-sets according to each phase. It is eerily correct.
    The Moon’s Yin is as important as the Sun’s Yang.

  6. i had started a now called bullet journal”? dnt know, im not anglo”, and i would list dream topic/crazy details_how my sleep was_productivity”_mood_how motivated/inspired i was feeling..keeping track at top, of moon phase and sign, and asp to pers planet..the idea of having to follow to an extend i had experience full moon in all signs, quarters in all signs, and so on make me drop it, i could give it another try..i end up doing way too much before sleep time, already in bed…thank u for so much info/service! greetings

    • This sounds very Virgo, Virgo rising or Moon ?
      Maybe a bit of Capricorn in there ?
      Perhaps a multiples Pisces aspiring to be more prepared through life’s ups and downs .

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