The Chiron In Aries Relationships Reset

The Chiron in Aries Relationships Reset is real. Some see or sense the new You and then wow out in awe. The accountability, the epic refusal to tolerate bulls**t…your pioneer soul. Others take one look at your (metaphorical) wings and big snaky tail before freaking the fuq out. Or they’re keeping their distance from you without knowing exactly why. And you them.

Uranus changing signs is weird enough. It operates like a gigantic, more surreal version of Mercury Retrograde. But we have not yet properly discussed the Chiron in Aries Relationships Reset. The maverick healer is hanging out in orb of the potent Zero Aries point until early 2019. This is where Uranus was in 2010 and 2011. But that was more like a reboot of our individuality a la persona, independence (the global financial fuqery helped) and general Goal Stalking.

A Brave New Frontier Of The Psyche

The Chiron in Aries Relationships Reset is more intimate. This is a brave new frontier of the psyche. If you are with the Chiron in Aries vibe, you need relationship dynamics to be current.  Not running off  ancient machinery of the soul humming away in the basement. Memorabilia turns into possibly cursed relics. You have no desire to do an archeological dig into your own past. There is no more psychological swamp to drain. That was Chiron in Pisces.  How do you know if you’re in reset mode? You will have a sudden aversion to discussing the past with anyone other than a qualified, sworn to keep it psychotherapeutic professional.  And be bored beyond measure with stale relating dynamics.

The ideal Chiron in Aries date is something super-active – empire building, triathlons, martial arts, a huge hike – or it is nothing. You just self-actualise like mad and assume kindred souls will pick up on the signal. You’re not stopping with the realness.

Image: Melusine Revealed

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I would love for you to wax on about Chiron in Aries return and also Chiron in aspect to other planets in the natal chart. This is a selfish request of course. If you could focus on Chiron/Moon natal opposition, that would be extremely perfect. Thanks 😉


Will be a Chiron return for me, albeit a years away as it’s at 16 Aries. My Venus is also in Aries and I’m an Aries myself. Have no idea what this all means, or how it will show up! Hopefully good.

Eclipse Tripper

This last month or so, I feel like I have stepped through an invisible wall into a new rosier version of myself, with a much longer and broader vision, I’ve stepped into a more solid, comfortable world of previously unimaginable possibilities. (I think MM said shedding skins) = Yes. For me feels more like putting on a new, more ‘me’ outfit. Its a better fit than my old outfit, better quality fabric, authentic, sturdy, earthy, not a costume; and it has super-powers, barrier-protection and ‘grounding boots’. I don’t feel out of place in my new suit, I feel empowered and… Read more »


Chiron’s powers have brought 2 long lost friends back to me. An Aqua and an Aries, so guess that is Uranus & Chiron action come my way. Delighted about the Aqua as he has always been like a brother to me and a little nervous about the Aries who uses me as a mother substitute and self medicates with cartons of booze & tobacco topped up with ice…scary and emotionally draining. Had just finished a book called ‘A Woman of Substances’ which describes her and her MO in a very raw truthful way. Sadly the Aries hasn’t changed her script… Read more »


Take care of yourself Pegs, seems as if you are in a more peaceful space now. Last thing you need is to be drained again…
I remember that Aries- Salt on your doorstep?


Wings out. Snake tail just a snappin. Yep. The swamps are drained. Brilliant article!


Is anyone else feeling the need to just drop everything for another life?
Been climbing the corporate ladder – but now the harder I work the worse things get in the office – abusive supervisor just keeps getting angrier and angrier.
I’ve been fantasizing about just quitting and moving to an ashram in upstate NY..let him take on my ridiculous workload.
Perhaps this is due to me being Taurus rising?


I’d say this is 100% Uranus influence


Ok snap on this!! I am also Toro rising and….. same. I’m walking away. I can’t fugging do it. I can’t pretend. It’s not worth it any more. I told my director on Friday that I wasn’t satisfied and there was nothing that could be done about it…. If you’re not vibing, you gotta move on. I look at it that I am keeping someone from having a job they want – it’s not right for me to hold onto it and be so unenthralled by it. Uranus is soon to transit natal Chiron at 1 Toro and Jupiter is… Read more »

Eclipse Tripper

Yes, me too… totally considering dropping a career/$ survival path (Taurus on my midheaven). A path, I have only just forged starting 7-9 years ago, to a point where it is happening, with much years and $ sacrifice as well as social, emotional + physical-health sacrifice but not sure I can do it without sacrificing my health and $ goals further . Feeling mega-pragmatic / sword like about a possible 180-360 turnaround – which is not usually my style at all (more head than heart – not my very watery usual self).


how’s about wanting to walk away completely from my Toro partner of over a year? maybe there’s room in the ashram for me too? sheesh


lo ve it
yes to do proactive shit about what ever kiron in pis left us with.
yes to sports and sweating
yes to activity and action
yes to taking kiron and all its domain, in a proactive way!
hopefully we stay mature about it, and not dwell in impulsiveness and brassiness when it makes NO sense! thank u


My natal Mars is at the Aries point (0.00º) in the first so I’ve been ‘enjoying’ some amazingly frank clarity around my…reactions to things and people? I’m very much feeling out the ‘reach’ of my ‘power’/responsibility. Which is fun – it’s like feeling the strength (and weakness) in a muscle and knowing its potential. I’m not feeling a turning away from the past, more a tangible sense of distance – that it is becoming further removed from me as I am now. Not that it’s not there or a part of my history, just that it’s not…relevant to Right Now.… Read more »


“My natal Mars is at the Aries point (0.00º) in the first”.
I’d love you to play footy on my team!


yes! I just LOVE mars in aries people. That front. It’s like they were born with a suit of armour. So ready to go in to battle, and I don’t necessarily mean that in an aggressive way. It doesn’t ever cross their minds to back down or question their mission. it helps me to see this.

Jacke Eyre

Oh wow…yes i have very similar natal chart….and am feeling exactly this also….i…navigating new journeys with a new sense of ( im not coming from that egoic fear shit anymore!) And just doing what i want..finding passionate ideas coming to fruition. ..loving this new realness…however some of my old friends dont!!!!!


Feeling this but still deep in the Muck of a blaming/shaming cye with gf. I pulled my quad and acted like a brat specifically yelling and cussing while her kid was in the next room. She called me an abusive Bully. I feel like never yelling is too high a standard but also am trying to not be a dick. She’s still mad which is so hard on my Venus in virgo sensibilities. Struggling with the question of what’s her stuff and what’s mine. Advice welcome. I’m also 21 days into quitting smoking hence the rage attack


Do you think gf and son get frightened when you yell/swear? Have mars pluto conjunct so i can have a bit of hair-trigger temper when I’ve been stressed over a long period of time, but have learnt to keep a lid on it (with steam coming out my ears)

I know that when i get in a rage sometimes my dogs quickly leave the room, even tho its not directed at them. As a child i found it very upsetting when my parents argued loudly, it used to put knots in my stomach


I have Mars cj Pluto, opp Chiron that T-squares my SD Jupiter and it also trines Sat in Cap. I know how to get 700 high school kids to shut up!


I know PF, mars pluto is intense. mine is also conjunct uranus, so an occasional eruption of pure fury which people don’t expect from me at all, until they know me better as it is tucked away in the 12th house. It is in working with children that i have learned to temper it as when I’ve been stressed I could have been easily torn strips off particularly bratty kids, but that is a no- go at work. At the same time, you do need a touch of rage so the little darlings don’t eat you alive! 🙂 I admire… Read more »


Funnily enough, my Merc cj Uran is also opp Chiron and that also T-Squares my SD Jup. Kids were also very expectant of the next weird homily or strange anecdote to come their way. Or some crazy joke. Or combine the two conjuncts (one is an ‘oversquare’, the other is ‘undersquare’) and do a manic Basil Fawlty or a bizarre Shaun Micallef. Judith Lucy would also get a run.

Most of my Head Teachers thought l was nutz. Couldn’t see it myself.


Hi lowolf, what you wrote made me think of George Clooney’s line, “Trying not to be a dick takes work.” (I read it in mystic’s book ‘sun signs’. He is a Toro of course) Your self awareness is they key to all this. You’re looking at your behaviour and perceiving what’s going on. That’s the first step and it will start to allow you to put a couple of beats (breaths) between the Situation and your reaction – your response – to it. It’s important to remember that we always have a choice in how we react. Your venus in… Read more »


I also want to ask if yelling / shouting always gets you what you want? Is this important? What happens when you don’t yell? What happens if you don’t get the outcome you want? Can you think of other ways to be heard and respected, and also offer that same respect to the people around you? What if everyone was happy?


“Refusal to tolerate bullsh*t” — yes! I just can’t NOT be outspoken about this anymore! So, I’ve been seeing the young guy again. It’s not a bad thing. We’ve had a lot of straightforward communication, very frank with each other. I’m Aqua Sun, and he Aqua Moon. He has a lot of fire in his chart and I a lot of water, so we complement each other in that way, too. I like that he is also expressive with his feelings towards me, not cagey like most guys, even rather blunt sometimes, not sugar-coated. He is really different than anyone… Read more »


this is so current. my man and I had a massive reset following an argument, that arose from him seeing an ex.. when I pushed the topic, he got so hurt and defensive, that it was better to just drop it. he has natal chiron in aries conjunct my sun. looking forward to empire building..


Yep, I’m burning all the crap from my Mr. Uranus Transit tonight.

And definitely BORED with old ways of relating.


I was recently given spiritual direction to begin clearing out the stuff around my home that no longer reflects who I am or who I am becoming, and I’ve spent the week decluttering five things a day into the Goodwill bag, as well as every lunch hour selling books at Half Price.

Then I realized this weekend was the Dark Moon and thought, oh well, perfect timing for more of this then.

Then I read this article. Even more perfect timing. Let’s get rid of whatever I am not anymore.


I love your angle of approach! I’ve been decluttering as well but struggling with the question “is this Me?”. I feel like I haven’t entirely figured out how the newer version of me shows up aesthetically yet. But getting rid of what I am not sounds like a better place to start.


Same! I have become many different mes over my life, but New Me has always shown up first, making Old Me To Get Rid Of very obvious. This is the first time that Old Me has started falling away big time well before New Me showed up.

I feel like I’m leaving shore and traveling to a big white void. All I know now is what *doesn’t* feel like me anymore.


Aries sun (26 degrees), scorp rising with moon at 29 degrees pisces so chiron on aries transition is an undertow of the intensity of uranus moving out of aries, hard to see clearly what will come but definitely experiencing the need to stay away from past relationships that can bring nothing to the future. curious how a chiron aries transit will differ from a uraniun aries transit in my sixth house- will i learn EVEN more lessons? uranus will also now be opposite my scorp rising with pluto in my first hous :0


This might be a bit picky but I’m unpersuaded that anyone can ever fully drain their psychological swamp. Yes, we can come to terms with it, we can even almost conquer its rule over us. Or at least we’d like to think so. But fully drain? I doubt that. After all we’d have to be a different person altogether – wouldn’t we? Because without some vestiges of that swamp, we would also have nothing to propel us in different directions. That swamp is, in part, what contributes to our individuality. Isn’t it time to embrace it rather than trying to… Read more »


It’s a useful metaphor but it definitely has limits! Swamps are fertile places and they exist as rightfully as any other landform (to continue the metaphor haha)… we don’t talk about chopping down forests to let more light in, because trees r spesh etc Chiron transits to me are more the development of an acute awareness of the noumenon. There is Daily Us, and then there is the great, beautiful Nothing which is ultimately a source of power, serenity and wisdom (big words, but I am a bit of a cheerleader for Chiron …when he’s not sending me to the… Read more »


an ‘acceptance’ of the swamp, rather than a draining, maybe. So by allowing the experience of pain or weakness to have a rightful place in our life, we can face more pain. Pain + Denial = Suffering, as tara brach noted in one of her recent talks (highly recommended fwiw). She also talks about ‘Radical Acceptance’ which to me is super Chiron. If we go with Chiron as the teacher of warriors, a good fighter knows that you are more effective when you can understand & accept what you’re fighting (or courageously facing). someone else also mentioned chiron as charisma.… Read more »


I’ve got Chiron on my Pisces asc. I vibe outrageously open spiritual warrior therapist. And it’s getting more so.


Oh, I <3 this post so much!!! I think the thing with Chiron is it makes us so very aware of our animal nature…. He’s in the process of mowing over about 75% of my chart as we speak and it's been…interesting. Simultaneously taming and feeding the beast within, received my first reiki attunement and have been practicing mostly on injured or sick animals, and having all sorts of really neat encounters with wildlife almost much daily. Last week, Partridge literally showed up at my door….! They're not native to here, so my theory is it had been stocked in… Read more »


Glad to hear you’re working on behalf of our feather’d friends 🙂


LV bless you for your love of the little creatures.
Have 6 doves that live in the garden as they know there is feed and water for them.
If late feeding in the morn, 2 of them walk into my kitchen to remind me. Mrs Dove has made her nest on my front door above the security lights.
Of course my reward is huge amounts of bird poo on the market umbrella & outdoor table.


I so relate to this. My relationship dynamics had grown so stagnant that I turfed many of my relationships. But my worry is will I ever find more now relationships? I’m in my 40s and single and it isn’t that easy to meet your tribe – most people are focused on their partners and kids. Am I just supposed to have faith that people will turn up? Because this is the most isolated I have felt for some time, if not ever…


Yes! Have faith while putting yourself in the position to meet people. Be open to who might turn up. Since moving to a new area a couple years ago, it’s been slow going, but I suddenly find myself with a fair amount of random cool people that I never would have pictured being friends with when I first moved here. Plus – Counting online communities (like this one) – makes the friend vibe feel extra abundant. And I have no idea about any of you guys if I were to see you in real life! Ahh technology, the great equalizer.… Read more »


Thank you – I do want to keep the faith!!


Agree 100%


(that was reply to babysinclair)


🙂 <3


agh, I can relate. I just went through a divorce a year ago and have been pretty much isolated myself. I have like 1 friend and outside of family nothing else. I went on a few dates but nothing materialized. I find that I never have any “luck” if you will. I go out to a bar yet there happen to be no attractive females that night, wherever I go I don’t have opportunities, and if I do have them I can’t get up the nerve to do anything about it (pretty much the story of my life), meanwhile, my… Read more »


Thanks for the replies, everyone. Yes, I remember the Friendless at Forty post – it really resonated. I’m beginning to think that there’s an issue with people telling you to get rid of friendships/relationships that are not helping you to evolve or be the current you. If the alternative, at this age, is to not have connections with anyone, that can’t be so healthy. I’m not talking about putting up with completely dysfunctional schizz but maybe being more tolerant of less-than-optimal connections. Perhaps we’ve all just become too judgmental?!,


Thank you for the link Mystic! Yes, I am almost 40 and many of the points you make are defiantly right on. In my case, I lost friends after marriage over time and other friends I quit before my marriage as they were negative people/bad influences and etc. After being married 10+ years I only kept the one friend throughout that time. Now that I am single, I haven’t made any new friends. As you pointed out, it is alto easier to make new friends when your 20 than it is when you are 40, same thing with dating.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Wow. This describes my last Chiron in Aries relationship – with an Aries. It lasted on and off for 7 years. It was empire building ( or trying to) and active and martial arts. Fun, active crazy times that still make me smirk even if it ended badly. But, I’m over that scene now. Maybe Chiron did his job.

This go I am certainly in self actualization mode.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

And I’m natal Chiron in early Aries. This time, I work on me, not my libido. I mean, seriously, I don’t even want to commit to a lunch date. I’m in the “nothing” camp.


Wow Mystic! What an article! A big hike or nothing, self actualised like mad and let people pick up the vibe! I’m a simpleton when it comes to astrology, but reading this is empowering enough! Massive regeneration is nigh and I’m all for it.


So this could explain why I don’t want to start again a long haul of psychotherapy diggin’ the past, but I am interested in undergoing sessions of EMDR and cure my PTSD once and for all and I am searching for a new therapist to do this.


A Brave New Frontier Of The Psyche is how I feel and 0° Aries is 1 degree from my 8th in Aries so I count it already in my 8th.
I must say I have Pluto trine my Moon until late next year so I guess that influences my determination to overcome my past traumas once and for all.
Doesn’t “once and for all” sound totally Aries-y?


Did behavioral/cognitive therapy for 8 years for some childhood trauma. Extremely useful, but felt like I hit a plateau near the end. Went shamanic for a few years to heal the soul, but last year, felt depression creeping back. Knew I needed something psychological, but didn’t want talk therapy again sans action. Found an EMDR practitioner and it has been transformative. Like talk therapy on steroids. Therapy helped me function. Shamanic work rooted out the shadow, EMDR helps accept the shadow, integrate what’s good and obliterate the rest. Feel like I’ve made exponential progress over the past 6 months, so… Read more »


OH AstroGeek thank you SO SO SO much for sharing your experience with me! I had some similar experience: did psychotherapy for many years and toward the end I experienced some other meditative methods. Then I quitted all of it because some unexpected life events changed the course of my life, at least for a while. Then last year I attended a complete course of MBSR and it is very effective tools. But childhood traumas need something more. I am so happy first for your experience then also because it feels very encouraging. Just reading the EMDR definition (I swear!)… Read more »


Thank you both for sharing, very useful info. Solidarity onnyour healing paths beautiful warriors


yep I’m in reset mode, I have laid my shovel to rest and my swamp digging is done. I have mined all there is to mine.
This is a real thing: when someone starts digging up the past I have been tuning out, now I know why!!! Chiron in Aries Relationship Reset


I’m feeling this. As a Scorpio i am tempted to keep digging forever, but its definitely been feeling like it’s time to take a break from this and put my energy elsewhere.


Also Libra and yes. I.Am.Done. No more swamp. Reclaiming me and anyone who can’t keep up can get left behind. Period.


Yes to reclaiming you!!
I was such a people pleaser but those days are gone and I feel so much lighter for the release.

At some stage babysinclair you have to draw the line in the sand as it were and say enough is enough I’m done with this digging and start creating new solid foundations for yourself 🙂


Amen libralady!

aqua hair

With my natal Chiron at 0 degrees Aries direct conjunct my north node in all in my 7th house. Your comments made me laugh. Last week whilst in NY I went and saw a psychotherapist/astrology. I would say my husband (sun conjunct my north node/chiron) and I have gone into a complete reset and have been the happiest ever. We have been building new businesses planning interesting and adventurous travel and child raising seems easier now. Loving the energy of it all and can definitely say that “I have earned the right to be alive and God help those not… Read more »


This definitely resonates. I’m Pisces Rising and one point in particular that stood out was that I have absolutely no interest in talking about the past. I even felt the aversion to it some time ago, it was strange at first because it felt so sudden. I began to edit what I was saying to people – I scrapped everything that was related to the past. I’m getting used to it now and I’m starting to feel fluent in having a conversation that’s not an archeological dig. Its also really helped my Gemini mind to be more efficient that’s for… Read more »


Been noticing this week how much I talk about the past. I’m working with a bunch of people much younger than me, young enough to have completely different cultural references, and I feel like I’m always telling them how things used to be, as if they’re interested! That’s just one example.


Ha! When were we ever interested in the past as youngsters? 😉


*puts down bow and arrow*

So that’s what my ridiculously low bullshit tolerance is about. Huh. There you go.

*picks up bow and arrow, proceeds anyway*



Cat Whisperer

Well, this explains EVERYTHING.

Cat Whisperer

(I’m completely out of swamp, and I’ve been thinning out the ‘cursed relics’ ready for the op shop. It all makes sense now!)


I haven’t so much been “thinning” as I have been “firing up the flame thrower and taxing the earth”, but I feel what you are putting down here Cat Whisperer!

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