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Mars Square Uranus is happening at Zero Aquarius and Zero Taurus. The Zero degree is raw, primal new force of life – like the Zero card in Tarot, The Fool. It’s start over Qi and it couldn’t have happened to a more avidly keen pair of planets. I was born with Mars conjunct Uranus so this current Mars square Uranus vibe feels agitating but so natural. Super-natural in fact.

Uranus energy in play is not just the wine glass spontaneously shattering in a bourgeois restaurant, to punctuate the muted conversation with a riotous exclamation mark. Nor even is it only the comic-book anarchist with a fizzing bomb outside the convention of one percenters.

Obvious, Desirable and Liberating

Uranus energy and particularly Mars square Uranus vibe is when an innovation just lands in your mind, so obvious, desirable and liberating that feels strangely dangerous. “I can’t do that…”  But then – as if guided – your fingers fly over the keyboard and you extract the info you need from Google at Warp Speed. Or your brain does some crazy processing velocity and you recall the name, number or detail you need. From where? This is not the dark emotional depths of the caverns of Pluto. Nor does Uranian inspiration float up from the subliminal temple pools of Neptune. It zaps in.

So my particular version of this is that i just KNEW i had to grow my own greens. I input some crazy Google search and extracted a person called Tia The Taurus. Or rather she calls herself Tia and she is a Taurus. OF COURSE. I told her i needed organic, medicinal herbs and greens in containers (as i am renting the place i am currently in) that would fit the Feng Shui. I have already ordered German Chamomile, Tulsi Holy Basil, Catnip for Tesla the Aquarius Cat.

It was always one of those ‘later’ innovations. But all of a sudden (a very Uranus phrase that i am over-using at the moment) it feels urgent. I need to be able to eat greens that that are honourably snipped off a living plant and in my garden. What’s more, Uranus in Taurus is heading for my home sector and i feel like – somehow – this is the first step toward my acquiring Gorgonvillea. AKA the power-sanctuary-lair i have in mind. And Tia the Taurus was delighted to hear that the most radical planetary force this century is now influencing her sign. And of course she is Taurus.

Good House Witching For Mars square Uranus today? Get a pot of organic something brilliant and lavish love upon it.  We can’t depose dystopian politicians but we can choose what we put into our bodies, how nice we are to nature + animals and (usually) where we spend our $. Lets do this. Thoughts?

Image: Nicholas Krushenick 

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110 thoughts on “Rapid Response Mars Square Uranus

  1. just planted a foxglove in my garden. yay to digitalis.
    love love love watching the bees crawl in…

    • So bloody funny…
      A siren walks into the gym and the alarms go off!
      Who said Mars in Aqua is detached, square-jawed, cool energy.

      • Srsly. Then my headphones wouldn’t work, so it was the most BORING WORKOUT EVER.

        I knew it was weird astro juju, b/c usually that’s, um, a menses cycle thing with me…shorting out electrical gadgets. Totally backed up laptops this morning just in case!

  2. I am visiting Northern California this week for a work thing – am at a beautiful ritzy but understated hotel by the ocean with chandeliers made of crystals (Astro style) … feels like I have been transplanted to the set of Big Little Lies 2 … have been assessing where I am at – physical, emo, everything … I have been fed lavishly w everything from activated almonds, quinoa salads, steak, amazing red wine and all manner of Hersey’s and those peanut butter cups that I can’t resist that make me feel sick. Slowly, very slowly, over the past year or so I have been nudging myself towards the acceptance that my health and nutritional choices are dreadful, that I am not honouring myself, that I have been out of control and ultimately my current state of very heavy and dark circled is actually an outward manifestation of my internal pain and lack of honour to myself. I am naturally “Ruben-Esque” with a hint of mystery about my heritage but a very loving family who have instilled a strong sense of feeling loved. I mean, I don’t hate myself for being chubby. By now though I am fat, very fat and mid 40s and looo nngg overdue a committed intervention. I have thought deeply about what past hurts and unresolved hurts got me here, how I have buried my head in the sand, been a child not an adult and not managed appropriate behaviours. I have known for a very long time that sustained long term, life long, positive choices and some discipline are the only way back to proper health. I am a Pisces Sun, triple Pisces on my chart, gem rising, Aqua moon and Mars in Cap.
    This week I have been amongst like minded professionals, my peers and it has been a strange mix of reflection and also awakening that now is the time to take action. I must. For so many good reasons (not having a heart attack and leaving my partner and kids with out me for one), but that also because I have been denying my mars in cap. I have ambition, long dulled by parenting logistics, confidence knocks, exhaustion, laziness and fear. I must simply get past those things, not carry them anymore.
    I am thinking Uranus in Taurus is my time for that. I have Saturn in Gem in 12tg house. How best can I use that to keep me on track? I get bored w tracking things. I love setting up the spreadsheet or the app, but maybe 3 days in I am onto the next thing… usually a non optimal food or booze choice. Piling on in desperate hope that a miracle will happen and I will be at optimal health soon, maybe after a few days drinking shakes …
    I get it now… nothing happens without hard work. I like to work hard, but not on myself … now is the time though, I can feel it in the air.

    • Congrats on wanting to change for yourself, and also for doing the groundwork of understanding the patterns, drives and circumstances that have gotten you here.

      Sounds very much like the “in the body” focus of Uranus in Taurus that Mystic has been talking about.

      I don’t have any advice per se, just encouragement. Stay with this internal drive to change and be healthy (vs. any external BS) and may the Stars, Spirits and good vibes support you on your journey to wellness!

  3. It’s been raining like mad here complete with electrical storms that shake the house. Today the school I teach in had salad for everyone, first harvest from our new courtyard garden. The Internet was down and the staff refrigerator broke too. I love being in the know and understanding what’s going on.

    So, this Astro, tho. I have a fixed angular t-square: 3 Leo sun, Scorpio Uranus AC, and Chiron DC. Uranus is in orb of my natal opposition and Mars is a few degrees from a direct opposition from my sun. And, get this: I have Uranus conjunct my natal Chiron about the same time as Chiron conjunct my Aries SN. Coming soon… total reboot.

    I described this recently as my soul understanding where it needs to go, even if on the material plane I am not ready. It’s painful. But you know, I have this ingrained coping mechanism of numbing my feelings, biting my tongue, and other such soul stifling techniques. I want to feel, I want to cry, I want to heal. I’ve been working on breaking out before I even knew what I was doing.

    I’m vomiting my shadows. Expelling gets messy.

    • Also so over plastics. I already reduced but ready for more. Just ordered wraps made with honey and resin by Etee.

      • Electro, I don’t know if you remember that my partner has same Astro as you being born same day and year…
        I read your posts and wonder if they have equilavances to his states (though you are far more internally self aware than he is)

        Over this last year I have seen him really transform and blossom. He had very deep family of origin issues, and now I see him develop and discover sides of himself which I know were rigidly suppressed by their family dynamic.

        He was so very difficult to be around in his unhealed state the few years before that I find myself marvelling at how much I enjoy his company now! Much gentler with himself and self reflective instead of reactive.

    • Yes, I hear you electro. I keep forgetting we have some similar placements, although I think I am a smidge older than you. But the Uranus Scorpio, sn Aries etc. But mostly yes to the ingrained coping – is this a recent-times thing for you, or is it different? -and soul vs material level of “so, how about Now”

      • It’s funny Pi, I feel emotionally stunted but I’m now willing to give myself the space to grow. To be messy rather than hold it all in.

        Been this way for a long time. Saturn in leo, don’t we get to be younger as we age?

        xo Pi

        • Oh wow I really hope we do get to be younger as we age . The Junior Leo (and junior gemini) I work with, whom I adore – they’re both 21 yrs old – both say I don’t come across as my age. I mean, if I did, that’s simply reality, but I’m happy that these completely gorgeous ppl see me this way.. better script yes PLEASE! and also electro the
          ok-ness with messy. I understand..

      • Replying to myself for more comment room. Electro and bird, (and anyone else) I’m wondering if the book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron has a particularly useful message for Saturn leo types (or Saturn in 5th house maybe?). Reading it feels so… Soothing. Like, I deeply understand the subjects of her case studies. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about writing a film script or whatever. But the concept of liberating the Leo within. Maybe? Suddenly wondering what it would be like to be born with Uranus and a personal planet in leo. Whoa!! Haha

        • I have Jupiter and moon in Leo, 7th house. Uranus in Scorpio though. I do get to age younger as I get older because I am a Cappy Rising and Saturn is my ruling planet.

        • I remember The Artist’s Way being discussed in relation to Saturn in Leo in older posts. Perhaps it’s time for me to read it, Pi. Thank you.

          My Leo Saturn has had a quashing effect on the energy of my Leo Ascendant during my early years. These last seven years of Uranus in Aries liberated that Leo energy, and I feel more settled and confident in expressing myself now. I used to have a crushing self-consciousness. I’m excited to see how it unfurls itself in my writing.

          Also, people are always shocked when they hear my age! They tend to think I am much younger than 41. I have the laugh lines and all the signs of aging, but there seems to be an inner luminosity that grows brighter as I get older.

        • Don’t worry. I know what its like. My Merc cj Uran in Leo. All my Cancer, Virgo and Scorp make-up disappears when l’m in a room full off ppl. I’m a forceful dominant speaker in raconteur mode. My stories are outrageous because they’ve actually happened.

        • Hey, good call. I leant that to a friend and just got it back. Maybe I’ll work from cover to cover this time around. Saturn is so close to my leo sun and even closer to my mid heaven. The tension of self-expression is so hard!

        • Ooh… Electro, I’d forgotten the genesis of this thread and hope I didn’t sound insensitive in response to Lili about “vomiting my shadows”. I didn’t make the connection to your earlier comment.

          I can actually relate to the vomiting of shadows. Very messy, but so worthwhile.

          Go with gentle tenderness. Thinking of you in your process. xxx

  4. Planted from seed some herbs in an old bathtub filled with prepared soil.
    The resident possum just loved the shoots, eats every new leaf.
    Now cleaning possum poo from outdoor table & chairs.
    Wondered why the mint seeds didn’t shoot, then saw my dove family fossicking in the tub.
    Well i tried!
    Some home grown herbs freshly picked added to store bought food feels so right.

  5. I love that you’re growing your own greens, MM! <3

    I long to garden outdoors again but grateful to have a community garden in my neighborhood here in the big city. Although, for an urban area, Nature is right here with us, thankfully.
    I just bought a new houseplant for my living room today, though! I've got a ton of plants in here and love sitting with them while I read or work on computer.. I bought the plant today in honor of Uranus moving in to Taurus, something new, something earthy… I'm also re-reading The Hidden Life of Trees right now….really wanting to go back and live in my tree house again.. I'm sure at some point during Uranus in Taurus I will move out of the city….I'm not into a city vibe anymore, if I ever was…never directly planned to be here, was probably result of when Uranus moved into Aries. Uranus will now transit my 11th, but it would be my 4th if just taking into account my Aqua Sun, not my Crab rising.

    Uranus square Mars – I've been feeling that since last week when I believe they were also square in late Aries and Cap. Ugh… not digging that energy too much, things have been jumpy and unsettled and a bit worried about accidents. My temper was up, too, with aggravation coming to a point right before the moon went new Monday night, here. Bullishly went off on my guy via text..
    I also did a lot of emotional eating during the dark moon, which I wasn't surprised about since the moon was also in Taurus… no worries, though, it always passes..

    Another manifestation of the wiggy weirdness on Monday before the new moon and the Uranus shift along with that Mars square — I was in a marketing class at a free business conference and the presenter not once but three times during his presentation, including emotional use of expletives, goes off on his opinions, frustrations, hatred of Trump and, although I fully agree with his sentiments, it was just a weird, unexpected and not entirely relevant time to bring it up, and I think everyone was a bit surprised. But yeah, I think it is on everyone's mind to 'depose dystopian politicians' even though, personally, I just want to go back to my woods…..

    • yes!!!
      Flowerchild, I’ve just re-read “Hidden Life of Trees” too!! Love it!! .. & totally resonated with the “pioneer” chapter that he titled ‘burnout’ – note taken to self 😉
      I am aries sun cj north node cj mercury cj venus in the 4th .. “the so-called pioneer tree species which like to grow up as far away from their mothers as they can. Accordingly, their seeds are capable of flying long distances. There’s a reason for this: pioneer species hate shade. Shade slows their upward growth, impeding their race for a space in the sun.”

      Paul Stamets the mushroom guy (mentioned below) is my hero too!! verrrry Mars square Uranus in Taurus. Treating toxic spillages with oyster mushroom inoculations when nothing else from the ‘standard industrial’ ways to deal with such disasters worked (& that’s just for starters!) .. he is a legend!!
      Totally worth googling his TED talks especially on TurkeyTail mushrooms for the treatment of breast cancer!

      Yesss!! to growing your own greens!
      & getting the healthy bio-benefits of working your hands in the soil. Good mycelial networks in your soil important too!! Biochar!! … OMG Uranus in Taurus works for me!!

      • Oh, that’s so awesome you’re reading the book, too! Sounds like that quote is a perfect metaphor for your astro, too!

        I do know about Paul Stamets and have listened to his lectures. He was actually coming to SF around this time but I didn’t get a ticket in time… I use supplements from his herb company, particularly the reishi.
        I had a good friend from years ago in chinese medicine school who was a mycologist, too, and I learned a lot from him at the time… fungi will save the planet! 🙂 Cheers!

  6. For some reason I am not feeling anything different than I have been feeling the past several months. I don’t know, I am about 40 so I have that Uranus Opposition thing going on so maybe that is why I am not feeling anything new. As per my natal, I only have Chiron in Taurus and Taurus is my 4th house.

      • Well, I say that… actually I have been stewing on past relationships and stuff like that and I can’t shake it. I thought I was going to shed and forget this stuff but I keep getting more and more jealous and angry and I cannot help it, I am not meaning to. The past few days I have actually been more angry about it then the past year which is strange. I thought I would shed this with this transition but it has intensified.

  7. I am not Taurus in any way – Leo sun here – but ironically, I have self identified – and dressed, and decorated my home as – pure ’70s hippie for years, and it is that that *I* am shedding. I am leaning toward a fresh, more modern – wait for it – electric blue vibe. Which color I have always instinctively felt was Uranian.

    And as far as changing up old, outdated, “can’t be changed” processes, I work for a huge conglomerate that is very conservative in its processes … and this week, they decided to have a consultant in to watch our processes and see what can be gutted/changed/utterly cleaned up. This is SO not my company.

  8. Yeah we all got a definite taste of this energy here just hours after the ingress! It stormed like a sonofabitch over here – fast, furious, and violently windy w/ torrential rains. The thought that ran through my head as all of this happened was “Gaia’s calling down the thunder!” – Gaia and Ouranos being primordial creation deities of ancient Greece, I actually wondered for a moment if this was what it was like when the two got together eons ago. It was positively tempestuous; like the Running of The Bulls was taking place in the heavens above – I had the distinct impression that some Titans were indeed being conceived. I could do without this energy, TYVM – post Zap Zone, I’ve had quite enough violent upheaval in my life to last me several lifetimes. This Venusian wants peace, equilibrium, and ***gasp*** ease for a change. This is just far too unstable yang a “nitroglycerine” kind of vibe for my personal liking – Mars @ 00Aqua is the very same energy that got Donny Boy in office (granted Mars was in a mutual reception w/ Uranus in Aries at the time). I think of this energy as representing a “sucker punch”; the one you don’t see coming. Like a tornado suddenly popping up in an area not geographically prone to them. Suffice to say, I am not a fan.

  9. Oh I love gardening. I want everyone to do it. Everyday something is new and everyday I learn new ways to kill things and keep them alive.

    No, for me this new change has brought something else that I’ve wanted for the longest time: my own little workshop. I’ve got a place to make things with power tools! It’s the best! I’m going to make some crazy shit. My Mars is in Taurus so bring it on baby!

    • Ohhh i love the whine of a circular saw and the smell of freshly sawn wood. (it’s probably why I crush on carpenters all the time!! Hahah) Yay to your own workshop!!! Making stuff! Brawn and steel! (Hahaha sorry, that’s Anchorman..)
      So exciting!

      • Never say sorry for quoting Anchorman! Hell yeah, I love big warm meaty man hands with work callouses. Anyone who can work with their hands.. can work with their hands. And yes the smell of fresh cut wood is close to fresh cut grass in its aphrodisiacal qualities. But I make it myself and not wait for some dude to throw his tools around. Because they’re MY TOOLS. I’m so happy right now. Glad you get it Pi 🙂

  10. Oy! Loved the heading and it drew me straight to it.

    Natal Mars square Uranus here, and this description helps me feel accepting of the thing i’m born with and have to temper in speech and expression of the whole face and bod.

    It’s accentuated by Mars square Mercury and Mercury opposed Uranus. One of the red triangles in my chart – a t-square.

    Many people think i’m an Aries. Fam thinks i vibe my Aries ancestor. Non PIABs think i’m a take-no-prisoners/take-no-shit type. (Quote my old Scorp boss) “We’re trying to wear down her sharp corners”, with a wry smile. In truth, I am Pisces and give the shit treatment space for a while (high road) but not the crap or wrong opinions presented as facts, though my whole expression is confronting. Apparently.

  11. So I am having doubts about my rising (always had). I thought Mars entering Acquarius was maybe 6th house after all (it shouldn’t, my 6th starts at 11° Acqua).
    So I realized that Mars in 5th square Uranus on the verge of the 9th could be that crush I officially have (sic!) for a much (MUCH) younger collegue that is from another country. And the “I can’t do this” is all over it so I am NOT going to act on it but this could actually explain it.

      • No I think only the degrees. My official birth certificate hour would make me a Leo rising. Not a chance in hell.
        Plus my mum cannot remember the exact hour but she swear I wasn’t born at the time the birth certificate says (back then they were not that precise).
        I wonder if there are methods to set that? I used an empirical one: when Saturn was in Virgo I hurt my wrist. I checked the date, the degrees at which Saturn was and set my rising at 8 degrees.
        Sometimes when things happen toward the end of Cappy they are work related (and not 5th house related) hence my doubts every now and then.

        • Ah I see. I’m pretty confident about my birth time but have tried similar exercises to see which house system I prefer. I have a late-degree Leo ascendant and doubt people see me as anything other than Virgo, but I attribute that to my first house Virgo Sun conj. Mercury.

      • Can your 1st house be in one sign but your ascendant in another? Like, can you be a Cap rising but your 1st house be in Aquarius?

    • I quite like Acqua, and technically it also means water 🙂
      Mars Uranian crushes yummy hahahah especially with 5th and 9th house herbs and spices!
      It depends on your reasons for not acting I guess?
      You could always simply let it fuel you while you consider your options 🙂

      • I does fuel me. I wore my uber red lipstick today after a long time.
        I don’t act on it because not only we are in the same office (sitting in front of each other) but also because I think he’s 15 to 20 years younger than me.
        My heart is not strong enough for a sex only story and plus it’s not what I am looking for, but it is, reasonably, the only thing that could happen between 2 peeps with this much age difference. Hence the “me not acting on it”.

        • I think I read somewhere and by Mystic that this new transition could mean new relationships where age difference doesn’t matter anymore?

        • I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, MissDee. Big age gaps bring particular stresses to bear but also particular pleasures, and every relationship has struggles. The thing would be, could your ego handle being ‘the old one’ in the relationship. And if you match, of course!

  12. Yes! I feel that green thing too! I am having food that is based around whatever green I want atm. Tonight its ordinary sage (that apparently has lots of thujone in it, so like a super mild entheogen) and green beans which I have always loved over any other vegetable. But also have been thinking so much about the Treebeard is real post and a mycologist mentioned elsewhere (or here as well?), Paul Stamets. It’s the mycelia we really need, not just the fruiting bodies and he discovered that bees would sip a fluid from the mycelia of a particular fungus, and it is essential for their immune system. Fields of mycologically dead soil (because of fungophobic- his word- attitudes to agriculture) is part of colony collapse disorder. When they have access to this mycelial fluid bees can fight off virroa destructor and the other pathogens involved in colony collapse. Thanks for all the amazing info insight and jumping off points Mystic and commenters!

    • Yassss I am so with you in realizing the importance of mycelia and Stamets work! FWIW I have been taking his mushroom supplements and health-wise feel really good. I took another brand of mushrooms a few years ago and it catalyzed a big health ordeal that needed to be taken care of (meaning, the mushrooms helped my body do what needed to be done to get healthy.)

      • I switched from a pure reishi tonic, for immunity, to a blend with Maitake and Astralagus and it was like rolling back the clock ten years for skin health and buoyancy. As I wasn’t anticipating that result it took about a month to connect the dots. I mostly stopped cleansing my face, switched to a pure rose face oil + hydrosol and that’s that. Look better than I have in years with far less work. Now I get kinda grossed out by the current trend for disposable face masks and mannequin shiny faces. It seems like hiding…

  13. So well articulated as usual Mystic.

    I have recently become an empty nester with my youngest son moving to WA at the age of 18, hard stuff to process. The transition zone was like shedding a few skins. I have always been a ‘Mum’ growing up the eldest of 7 kids in an at times with a violent father rah, rah not going there here. So, for the first time ever it’s just me, it’s weird, it’s all new terrain and I’m liking it. I recently purchased a static van in a beautiful part of Centralia, theres the good bones of a garden and a little avenue of 5 gum trees (wish I could post a pic). Recently was told by an Aboriginal friend of mine it’s women’s country and it SO feels like it. I go home there’s birds & butterflies – it’s idyllic. To me. No big house to clean & maintain.

  14. I wish the hair dying thing wasn’t so polarizing.

    I love this community, but sometimes feel like if I admit to liking sugar and wine and coloring my hair (for my own reasons and with moderation, as in all things) or enjoying the free of leather … Then my PIAB card gets revoked.

    Lol. I still want to be a PIAB!! Can I be conscious and earth loving and trying to be a good human while still enjoying some shallow comforts at the same time?

    Maybe that’s Uranus too? Individuation amidst it all …

    • Well I have Pisces rising, so will probably change my approach to colouring after a dream in which I have blue hair or something.

      I just want to try no colour as an experiment–see if it ups the intuition. Plus my hair was damaged as fuq, lol.

      There is no PIAB judgment from me!

    • Mate you can do what you want! i personally love sugar and proper English style licorice allsorts are always a welcome gift (my new PO box is in the FAQ hint hint) but i have to acknowledge that it does weird things to my consciousness if i over do it…And i have dyed my hair since forever, the growing out is a really cool phase i am in, as i have not seen my natural hair…right now it’s fun and amazing but if i changed my mind and tipped a bucket of bleach over my head, i would not anticipate judgement…

      • *Mate*

        However magical and insightful and brilliant you are, you will always be a no shit Aussie sheila. Love all of your work MM xx

        • If Kate Bush was Australian she’d have released an album called “50 Different Ways to Say Mate”

    • I ate half a packet of chocolate biscuits and various glasses of wine for dinner the other night, and hit the haidresser up for fresh colour recently. i eat red meat from unknown farms and buy food wrapped in too much plastic because #disorganised. if my shoes aren’t leather, they are sneakers. This isn’t a puritan situation here. If someone is judging you, tell them to f off 🙂 if an inner voice is judging you, tell that to f off too 🙂
      you doing whatever: 1
      sanctimonious lifestyle preaching: 0

      • (for the record, my leather soled shoes never go in the bin because i can actually resole them. my grandchildren (imaginary; i am too old to reproduce) would be able to wear those shoes. sneakers though, and anything with a moulded sole ? in the bin. o hai, landfill.
        birkenstocks let you repair the soles though as long as not too trashed. kudos birko’s

    • “Can I be conscious and earth loving and trying to be a good human while still enjoying some shallow comforts at the same time?”

      Yes! I spoke about dropping sugar and wine in a previous post, but I ate Twisties with my lunch today! And I’m not dying my hair at the moment, but I have shellac on my toenails and aluminium deodorant in my armpits. And the reason I dropped alcohol was because I realised I was addicted and it was starting to really alarm me – I began to notice it was taking more than it was offering, but that is only specific to my life and my experience.

      So, go forth and follow the song of your heart. I’m sorry if I contributed to any fear of judgement or condemnation. xxx

    • I am doing my usual alcohol free period but that’s because when I drink I get headaches, so this means I need to detox. I don’t have a definite start/end period for this: as a true Moon in Taurus I follow my instincts when it’s about avoiding things that might hurt me.
      But I love wine. Truly.
      And as Mystic said: I’ve noticed sugar does funny things to my ability to sleep so I try to avoid it.
      We often talk about environment here but no one judges any of the members. So do whatever you want 🙂

    • My night in tonight is all structured around a glass of wine (low alcohol cos i’m trying to ease out slowly) in front of The Good Fight which I’m mad for and I WAS going to eat my Allens Turkish Delight at the same time but it didn’t last five minutes after I left the supermarket and I have some semi-permanent dye to blend my greys while I’m all snuggled up watching my show.

      I’ve tried Hairprint, which a lovely commenter here mentioned and it is actually good and super natural and toxin free but it’s SO messy, more than henna, and it takes so long and you have to keep washing out and applying part iv and using sprocket B to articulate with cog z and so I’m on the semi-permanent until I can work up the motivation and the cash for another round. :)))

      TLDNR: You are among friends!

    • Some amazing commenters are truly vibing high in all they do! Inspiring, but a bit guilt-inducing.

      Truth is, some of us are imperfectly trying bits and pieces of it out.

      Piscean louche self says “shallow” comforts can be more profound than you think…but don’t listen to my naughty Neptune too closely 😉

      Maybe the P could also be Paradoxical Intellectual Astro Bitch. Embrace the duality!

      • Omg. I love all of you gals (and guys) and Mystic especially!! You always inspire me to think differently about things.

        Clearly there was something internal that got triggered by external comments.

        Back to my confident (supported) astrolgically guided self!

  15. My natal mars is in Taurus which is in aspect to my Leo sun and Uranus. (I think ts an aspect, I’m still trying to get my head around, aspects and conjunctions).

    I’ve been house witching like crazy, loving manifesting my home space and tinkering around.
    And, even gardening!!! Which as much as I admire greenery, generally, I don’t like to get my hands dirty. But of late, I’ve been loving this.
    A couple of weeks ago, I went through a week worth of really strange sudden glass breakages. And without sounding weird, it was as though I could feels crackle in the air just before these breakages and I cleaned them up….. (one huge glass framed cockatoo print, literally flew off the wall and smashed in shards and smithereens, took an hour to clean up)… I couldn’t help wonder, did I do that???

  16. My new rule: only eat junk food if it’s free.

    Spending money = deep nourishment. Cooking at home. Bone broths, healthy fats, etc.

  17. Over the last few days things have suddenly become easier, like the fog is lifting. I feel more like myself. Although as well as being a Taurus I have moon in Aquarius trine Uranus, so maybe that’s why I have a feeling of coming home. I think I’m going to like this transit!

  18. “We can’t depose dystopian politicians but we can choose what we put into our bodies…”

    I beg to differ on that former part, at least for the USA, seeing as it was the day of the election primaries. Uranus transitioning to Taurus, it might not be the hot rush of energy with Aries, but it’s a time to sow the seeds for a change that grows both slowly yet suddenly, like a forest budding after a devastating fire. The harvest does not come until later, not until after the seeds have blossomed and prospered.

    Some don’t even realize that they can discern the change, but the energy is palpable. My mum has been running for a small and rather minor political office, the latest results show that she is winning. The incumbent, the one who will be her major opponent come November, lurked in her precinct the entire day; he knows that she is a major threat. Though he could have been anywhere in the dozens of others, he must sure sense that his season is ending. That is Uranus in Taurus energy, and it’s the perfect time to begin throwing down dystopian politicians.

  19. ♥this, i also got the urges to systematize food-producing inside house, more like cooking-shit, but yes. will i get crazy hacker to simpler life? i might, cos aqua sun gem asc…also i NEED empty spaces.like, monk s rooms. what is furniture? uranus might shake this bull moon by the horns..will i get to the point where i go, what are clothes? is this the hippism return i was asking for?…i ve been donating all as crazy..so..that also worked as newmoon magic purge..thank u! so much info!

  20. YES. I am ALL over uranus in toro!

    Talk about detachment! It’s like ultra-zen. I suddenly decided to stop lableing anyone or their behaviour with any kind of terms.

    Because nothing is so black and white that it fits a label anyway?

    And other people’s opinions or emotions towards me are suddenly filed under “no concern of mine”.

    I’ve started seeing everything with zen like objectivity. Their behaviour is merely their behaviour–a set of actions and words–I don’t know their motive and am not going to waste time trying to guess.

    Gone are the labels of “bitch”, “enemy”, “nemesis”, “awkward”…hideous emotive terms and expectations that I have thrown around and agonised over for decades. Just pure detachment and good clean boundaries, giving me time and space to focus on the new creative schizz. WHOO!

    The new vibe is AMAZING.

    I honestly though this would never change, but it did.

    • Oh and yes to growing one’s own organic greens and I don’t want to dye my hair anymore, coz it probably messes with the psychic powers.

      • ajjaja, yes to ultra zen dettachment. yes to minding only one s bussiness (i think its the uranus since aqua is pretty myownworld) yes to clean boundaries and getting hectic only if we want to create our reality!

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