May Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted!

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May Monthly Horoscopes

Welcome to the 2nd half of the Transition Zone. The May Monthly Horoscopes are posted! May is a massive month, with Uranus moving into Taurus and Mars in the shadow of its Retrograde already. Jupiter and Neptune are also back in synergy and Mars/Mercury make some zingers.

You could also do a Tarot read for the month ahead – either the Single Card Tarot or the more in depth 12 Card Horoscope Tarot.  Or, as Mars is going to be in just one zone of the Zodiac from May 12 until October 9 (26 Capricorn to 9 Aquarius) ask the Oracle the Sun Tzu question for that phase.

Here’s mine:


Image: Rene Gruau 

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35 thoughts on “May Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted!

  1. May scopes are a bit mind blowing in their synchronicity.
    Been grocking about now having the time to improve my eating regime by 100%, using what i have gleaned about effect of foods and implementing it,
    A fruit seeds and nuts fast for a day or two for starters.
    ‘Family’ from past recommenced communication after long sojourn.
    AND a change in domestic values in the works.
    Mystic i salute you.
    Signed ‘The Star Fuquer’
    (It’s a song by the Rolling Stones btw).

  2. Soooooo pumped for May; it’s going to be crazy (in the Uranian sense of the word!) good – I can feel it! Hopping a plane to Chicago to go astro-geek out at UAC and I know it will be amazing. 🙂 I actually had a dream about a year and a half ago that told me to go. In it, I found myself on the balcony of a tall building in a big city somewhere. Scanning my surroundings, I remember seeing an unfamiliar skyline and asking myself “Where am I?” – I knew it definitely wasn’t NYC. My eyes then panned over to the right where saw a very large body of water. I noted there weren’t any waves and immediately thought to myself it must be a huge lake. Suddenly it came to me: Chicago. I looked up at the building I was in and spotted bright red letters against the façade; couldn’t make out what they said from my vantage point because I was too close, but they were definitely red.

    Fast forward months later and much to my amazement I find out UAC 2018 is being held in Chicago at a Marriott hotel (whose signature name is in, yes, big red letters!) and I knew without question I had to go. It’s not very often that I have remote viewing dreams, but this was definitely one of them.

  3. Well here goes. I’m reminded of the fool card as I step off into the wide blue yonder again. I’m heading off in June to Monaco for a week to meet up with my cappi kid and then have a dinner date with a prospective co worker Captain in St Tropez. All the while checking out the agencies to say hi. I’m not your ordinary but boy I’m good. Ive got a yacht holiday to have in the mean time to chill and let the world form around me. It’s been a steady push in the right direction since October and so far it is all going to plan. Slow steady progress

    • venus squares everywhere like a Ninja star, and a loooong mars moon conjunction c/o mars retrograde

        • what’s that like? what happens? where is your moon again? I wonder if it’s in capricorn whether i implode from emotionally slave-driving myself, or explode because moon-mars

          • It’s in cancer my 4th. Errrrr my mother and I don’t much see eye to eye and she is very very confrontational by nature. It also means I’m bloody strong willed. And not especiallly maternal. In fact not at all maternal apart from a warrior type female aspect. I’m just a contradiction really. I can be almost whatever you see in me. I’m projected on daily and just mirror. Hey ho

    • I relate. How could May be a month of merry revelation when aquarius mars will be at the edge of my 5th house and also will be square uranus in Taurus in my 8th. Does not translate to peace or serenity…

      I still have Saturn transiting in my 5th square my Saturn 7th/8th, and Pluto transiting my natal venus 5th…stressful.

      Jupiter RX 3rd is finally off my natal Neptune but is now transiting to a hard square to my sun 6th.

      At least it is in sextile to my Venus 5th/ Pluto 1st, and trine my mars 7th. I suppose I realise I love a person who is a Plutonian, and that is proving intense…

      • yes the squares! maybe we can re-frame as “actionating” ? hahaha. preparing for a stirring of the energy. maybe sun tzu really is a useful advisor. xxx

        • Lol, no hope as yet, would you like some Jupiter with that ? Scorpio Rx excess to restore faith? Nothing like regressive Pluto theme for cultivating depth & meaning

  4. I’m Virgo rising, too.

    Hoping to feel happy already

    (any time soon would be grand)

    Is this shiv Merc x shadow a doozy or what?

    Seriously, I’m almost terrified to open an email or answer the phone.

    I mean, not one thing has moved forward or eventuated as planned in over six weeks.


    • Am I the first to admit that lately it’s taking me an extra half an hour of scrolling through Instagram in bed before I can face getting up..

    • Awwww, deep breaths my friend <3 Seriously, it sounds like you’re wound up pretty tightly and could probably use a breathing technique or two to give your Virgo Rising brain a break from all the worrying. Google “Alternate Nostril Breathing”; it’s effective for treating things like anxiety and PTSD. Basically the gist is you use your thumb and ring finger to alternate pressing on the outside of each nostril to close one off at a time while you focus on the breath. One long, slow inhalation through one side – followed by a very brief hold while you switch nostrils – and then an exhalation & inhalation out the other side. Repeat until you feel your nervous system chilling out. It feels a little weird at first but it’s very calming; especially if you count the seconds of each inhale and exhale. Hope it helps and that you’re back to feeling better real soon! xo

      • I’m going to try your nasal switch method in the morning. Fucquing wigging out with worry the last two days! Anx central.

        • I had GAD for many years – I remember all too well how hellacious it feels to be in that space, so you have my sympathies. Lost the Dx through therapy, thankfully, but a lot of it stemmed from growing up in an environment with a lot of uncertainty and having to make tough, life-changing decisions far too early without any support/guidance/reassurance. Anxiety is an inability to stay focused on the present moment – we’re too busy making our minds race with anticipatory contingency plans in the event of A, B, C, or D happening. It’s an exaggerated survival mechanism, so the first thing to do is realize this & get back to basics. Breathe. In this moment, *you* are fine even if you don’t *feel* fine. Try to get a good feel for what self-care looks like for you right now by inquiring with yourself what it is that you need ATM.

          One of the things that really helped me during a super stressful period of my life was incorporating a physical release in the form of exercise – as someone who is heavily Cadent/Mutable, it helped me to be more in my body and less in my mind. I picked up running, but it can be anything you like – even just going for a walk is great. It’s all about the mind/body balance (something I’m sure you can relate to as a Virgo Rising!) and anxiety is something that puts us very much in our heads, so we need something physical as a counterweight to keep us grounded. Unfortunately life does not stop being stressful, so it’s how we respond to that stimulus that requires modification. Recently I’ve managed to keep my head on straight through some pretty massive life morphs. None of them were particularly pleasant but if the old me from my youth could see me know, she wouldn’t be able to believe it was possible to handle this level of multi-layered upheaval with such calm certainty. Anxiety is a prison of the mind, but I’m confident you can and will find a way to *not* let it control your life anymore. Please reach out to friends or family, don’t be afraid to let people know you’re having a tough go of it, and definitely do talk about how you’re feeling – just getting it off your chest instead of holding it inside can de-escalate the level of inner tension. In the meantime, I hope the breathing technique helps while you get yourself dialed in on what self-care looks like in this particular moment. <3

          PS: I’m not sure what you’ve been doing in terms of diet & nutrition and a full disclaimer to please investigate these recs for yourself and/or run them by your healthcare practitioner because I certainly am not one, but it might be worth considering 1) limiting or eliminating your caffeine intake – the Mutable mind and body are usually stimulated enough as-is and the nervous system really doesn’t need the extra juice 2) Chamomile and/or lavender as an herbal tea – both great for calming the nerves and makes a great bedtime (or really anytime!) ritual. If you can, also consider trying a lavender, chamomile, frankincense, or jasmine essential oil diffuser at home for increased serene vibes – you can always rotate the scents to see which you like best or just to keep your nose interested 3) GABA Calm or Skullcap (supplements) – I know plenty of people who swear by either for help with anxiety. Again, research this first and preferably run this by a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner first who can make sure it’s appropriate for you before you start. 4) SLEEP! Anxiety so often interferes with our circadian rhythms that it’s crucial we make our sleep hygiene priority #1. Figure out how to make your bedroom a restorative oasis that you *want* to collapse into every night. Have a nightly bedtime ritual that helps put you in the right frame of mind to catch maximum zzz’s.

      • Yep I’m Virgo/ Jupiter rising with Pluto/ uranus stellium too, except progresses chart says Scorpio rising.

        Transiting Neptune is approaching opposition to this…I have mars in wide orb to it 7th. Is that why I seem to be hellishly seeking escape.

        I found some relief through taoist / yogic breathing techniques, which work, though the spiritual circles corrupt social politics can be *mesmerising*

  5. I love the Virgo rising scopes so much, I already feel happy. I am so waiting for Uranus in Taurus.

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