Mars Retrograde Questions Answered

Mars Retrograde Questions Answered


Mars Retrograde Questions Answered. The Warrior Planet turns Retrograde every two years, bringing both threats and opportunity. Learn more!

Legal Action That Has To Happen With Mars Retrograde

Dear Mystic,

So, I am wondering, when/if there is a date to go for legal action this year?

Background info: I worked on deferred payment for an independent documentary production.   With all Virgoan humility, I can say that I did most of the work in 6 years of production. It was a hell of a project. Now the film is making money, and according to my contract, I am entitled to get a percentage/share each time money comes. That is until either my contract expires or the entire deferred amount will be paid. When I asked for my first share, I got told: “No, you won’t get any share!” WHAT? “Well, you know how these things go.” Right!

I am the only one excluded from the shares. I had quit this job in January already, and it does feel a bit like a punishment from the former Boss. How LOW is that for Scorpio Moon (revenge?) / Taurus Rising (possession?)?

Seriously, I have a lawyer, I have a plan, but I fear to start legal action during Mars Retrograde. I know it’s the number one rule for this astrological phenomenon.

Any hints?

Always grateful!

Yours truly Squared Virgo.

You Did Not Start This Fight – You’re Retaliating

Dear truly Squared Virgo,

If you, as a Squared Virgo, say you did most of the work, I believe you. So the non-initiating legal action during Mars Retrograde rule applies to “fights” that you start. In my opinion, the with-holding of money and breach of contract IS the aggressive act here. So in terms of when to initiate this, my answer is NOW.  Six years is also a hell of a long time to work on deferred payment. Presumably, you believed in this project and were thus happy with the arrangement.

My only caution with this would be to check the contract before legal redress to get the $$$. Because if they have any plausible come-back at their end, this could drag out for ages. You don’t want a situation where the legal fees outweigh any $$$ recoverable. So audit your end of it for rational outcome expectations AND if there is any odd, lower-Mars crap tied in with this. For example, if this former Boss with the Scorpio Moon and you had an affair or something. I am not saying this would mean you should not get paid but very sure of your legal ground before going in at this time. But if it’s straightforward – go for it.

A Thrilling New Enterprise During Mars Retro

Hi Mystic!

Thank you for creating such an incredible resource in your site! Seriously, my mind is blown every time I log on. Your insights have been a guiding force in my life for a few years now. You rock!

So, I have a question: if a significant life change was initiated before Mars Retro (or even before the shadow), but is picking up mega steam as we head into Mars Retro, and looks like the big event could happen at peak retrograde time – do I follow the crazy momentum or pump the brakes and lay low until after Mars Retro has passed?

The details: Over the past few months, I’ve felt the strong urge to move somewhere/anywhere and open my own business. In early April, the details became clear, I chose a city and started making behind-the-scenes plans. But I am also keeping everything super secret until it’s nailed down. In early May, I started extricating myself from my current business partnership. My biz partner is supportive but sad to see me go. There doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings. The significant deciding factor is my lease (which is set to end in mid-September – but I can get out of it as early as mid-July with no penalty).

Based on Mars Retro, I was planning to stick it out until mid-Sept, but yesterday I received a phone call with a completely out of the blue job offer in my field from a soon-to-be colleague in the very city I’m trying to move to. I don’t even know this person, but she heard through the grapevine that I’d be a good fit and reached out. But no one knows I’m moving so it is weird. Anyway, it starts in mid-July and would open all the doors for my new biz. But then that’s the middle of Mars Retro. Decisions, decisions.

So I guess my question is, if a project or change is initiated before a retrograde period begins, do the lay low, and no major action rules of Mars Retro still apply? Or is there a way to keep the momentum going while still respecting the energy of the astro times?

Thanks for your help, you wise and wonderful soul!


Excited and Cautious

(Cancer Rising, Sagittarius Sun)

If The New Enterprise Is Not A War Or Mercenary Work, Go For It

Dear Excited and Cautious,

Thank you for the validation!!!  Okay, and I think that unless your business is arms dealing, mercenary work, espionage or a freelance assassin agency then go for it.  I get your question because it is a bold new venture, but it’s not aggressive or in a Mars-type industry (I am just assuming that) so Mars Retro is not a Red Light. However, two red flags here: your soon-to-be ex-business partner “seems to be” supportive and the lease that you need to “get out of.”  It’s not so much starting a new business venture during Mars Retro that is the issue here as that you could end up bogged down in negotiations with your ex-biz-partner, landlord or both.

So the change urges began a while ago, and they’re for real. You’re honoring them. That’s great. Mars Retro just means you handle the logistics like Saturn’s Diplomat. Be realistic about people and their propensity to be weird around money, especially if someone is – for whatever reason – essentially rejecting them/depriving them of revenue. They can say all the right, reasonable things while getting their stingers out and texting their lawyer to check out what sort of penalty they could impact you with.

My other question – and LOL for a post called Mars Retrograde Questions Answered, I am aware that I am raising more questions – is this: the woman who heard ‘through the grapevine’ about you and your skillset? This seems to be for a job? You are describing her as your future colleague – not a prospective employee or prospective business partner. So what’s up here? Because one thing that is very clear about Mars Retro is that you need to have your plan extremely clear in your mind.

How Does One Exorcise Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant?

Dearest Mystic,

How does one exorcise themselves? Generally, I am an easy-going, well-traveled Sagittarius with a compassionate Moon in Pisces, but I also have a nasty Scorpio Rising, with Pluto conjunct my Ascendant and square my Mars in Aquarius.

Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t wish for a better Rising sign. And my eyes are so green even my dad can’t believe I’m not wearing contacts.

But Mars Retros aren’t easy for me, and to say I have a hair-trigger temper during that time is the understatement of the century. Before I can help myself, the meanest, most hurtful things come out of my mouth. My tongue turns into a dagger. People get hurt, and that worries me even more.

I know that I have a serpent inside me. We have lived together as long as I can remember, and that’s ok. It is getting more comfortable with age. I’m 33 now. When I was little, the snake was hard to tame, directing its rage against myself mostly. But these days I handle it ok, I think. I’ve begun harvesting its powers, and usually, it’s asleep, anyway. 

The Reishi sedates it.

And it only rears its head when I am cornered or have to defend myself. Or when driving. Then it can hiss. But during Mars Retro THE GAME CHANGES. It breathes fire out of my mouth, and I grow scales.

And usually, during the Retrograde times of the Red Planet, I lower my social interactions to the minimum. I kickbox. And walk my tiny Italian Virgo Greyhound as if it were a Pit Bull. During Mars Retro, I permanently feel like the bad guy. I go underground, like a snake preparing to shed its skin. I binge watch Vikings. And hope that by the time I emerge, I still have a social life left. 

But this year, everything is different: I have a boyfriend, and we have our first Anniversary in July. He is the sweetest and most decent Pisces man I ever met. But when I think about our Anniversary during Mars Retro and all the cute romantic little things he plans by the seaside, I shudder. 

Scorpio RIsing Means You’re A Mars AND A Pluto Person

I wish I could retreat into a medieval multi-faith monastery with Oracle Cards, Mugwort, martial arts-infused Yoga, dark purple ceilings with silver stars painted on them, Thomas Tallis playing in the background and an only slightly poisonous herbal garden I could tend to. 

 And return all fresh, shiny, and relaxed when it’s over.

I am that terrified of scaring him. I love this man so much and am afraid he senses the serpent already. He is crazy in tune with me, to the point he can physically feel my pain and my struggle. I can’t drag him into this. He says he loves me, bitch and all, but I can’t believe someone actually can. 

Is there a way of exorcising it/me/Mars retro? Do I need to embrace it? I mean, I once owned a Tiger Python and embracing it didn’t go so well. How does one embrace a part of themselves, one temporarily hates? Shall I try and smother it? Is there a herb? Mushroom? Asana?!

Can anyone relate to this? Are there any Scorpio- Support groups? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one?!

Please help. 

Yours truly, 

Temporary Scorpy-Bitch.

I Wish I Could Retreat To A Medieval Monastery And Do Martial Arts Infused Yoga

Dear Temporary Scorpy-Bitch,

Congratulations on the relationship!  And actually, you’ve already prescribed yourself precisely what I would have prescribed!  You’re a Mars-Pluto woman. You’re about to have your Pluto Rising triggered by Mars, several Mars Returns in a row AND Jupiter near your Ascendant to amplify.  Frankly, it sounds like a simple case of you feeling crowded by the “cute romantic things.” Scorpio Rising means you are a Mars and a Pluto person. And, with those square, you need to be in constant regeneration mode. Or even non-stop action. Stagnation or inertia terrifies you and sometimes security could look like just that. You don’t relax in comfort zones.

Even “planned” things can prompt a shudder if you have any Aquarius or Uranus happening.  However, you’re happy in the relationship and surely your anniversary celebrations do not have to take eight weeks?  Can you not explain your desire for Stealth Mode, Kick-Boxing, etc.?  Give yourself over to the anniversary DAY but also pursue your bliss?

As for smothering an aspect of yourself, I think not. It notoriously never works in fairy tales nor nature, like trying to concrete over an active volcano. If this relationship is to have any longevity, clearly your ‘serpent nature’ is a part of the deal. I am assuming that you are not referring to actual homicidal rage here or anything – just the need to channel your Serpent Vibe and be individualistic?

As for the monastery, there SHOULD be a place like that. Except for no ceilings with stars, it would be a Dark Sanctuary with no electricity so you could watch the real stars at night. I don’t think you need an exorcist, just some time to exercise your Mars-Pluto square.



Image: Jean Leon Gerome

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Re Scorp Rising group- we carry the weight for all those “nice” peeps who never tou h muck. My Libra planets all progressed to rowdy Saggo- some right in my Saturn- so himor tempers zingers. I had a very Scorp dream- Friday night. I was in an underground lot looking for my MIL. Some women in an outdoor market raised a carved wooden shield as I approached and I started writhing and screaming as monsters showed themselves. I was in a battle to free myself from an ancient curse. My son woke me up as I was screaming, “Help!” But… Read more »

dark star

Scorp rising here…my advice is to take this time (esp as Mars is in the sign of detachment for awhiles) to embrace and love your shadow, rather than making it an estranged part of you. Reflect on the fact that we all have an angry dragon inside of us 🙂

I like this workshop


Very Scorpio I am, with Pisces rising (and Jupiter on my AC). My chart’s 80% water. I hear you, keepers of the inner serpent. Listening to Alan Watts lectures really works a treat for me. His perspective both grounds me & helps me “come up for air” when my inner sea serpent gets itchy. It’s the philosophical-intellectual-spiritual air/earth vibe that helps restore my balance. I don’t switch him on in a heated moment, but rather at regular intervals throughout the week. Maintenance listening. Also, an indica-strong strain of med cannabis can set to chill the fiercest of phaser settings. Eat… Read more »


My Moon in Scorp loves the sound of that menu.


I’d absolutely join a Scorpio rising support group. It sounds like you have a good grip on things, letting the snake sleep in the shade most of the time and knowing what to do during the times of restlessness. Over time, we need new strategies and perhaps this is your time to revamp who you are on a new uncharted level. You do have Mars on or near your IC, correct? What do you think about a slow-drip power from your serpent? Awake in the sun but not necessarily striking? I’ve had anger issues most of my life as well… Read more »


I will happily join that support group. Scorp Rising bolstered by Saggo Sun makes me mouthy and sometimes too boisterous, and I can ruminate on someone’s perceived slight/injustice/insult, not to mention go ballistic when it comes to road rage.

Tempered a bit by my Libra moon, but amplified by Mars in Cap, 3rd house it’s my strong words that help me earn a living as a consultant (but also struggle to maintain long term clients relationships once someone has “crossed” me – even if they don’t know what the mistake was).


Electro ♡


Ankh!! xo


I have been wanting to make a change in my work/career area for a long time. Mars will be retro in the first 9 degrees of Aqua and back to Capricorn, and that area will fall into my 5th house (Virgo rising but my 6th starts at 11°Aqua). Whatever happens I’ll proceed with my changes: I am counting on Uranus being exact sextile to my natal Venus from early June for the whole month. But I love your tip @Mystic ” Because one thing that is very clear about Mars Retro is that you need to have your plan extremely… Read more »


Enjoyed that! had that zone planned out as mentioned actually – but was great for reaffirmation! cheers!

dark star

There goes my arms dealing/ freelance assassination startup plotting haha can you imagine getting Angel (devil) investors?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love all these posts.


Yes, I also ADORE that Gerome image. I have dreams that are like this sometimes!


Lux ♡

rachel cap scorp

I’m Scorpio Rising too, and I totally get the serpent thing. I have my tongue on lockdown – mostly because I am not a talker to begin with, and my super sensitive husband doesn’t deal well… but my brain is all too willing to set up a ranting soundtrack in my head for whatever it’s decided to rage about that moment. I’ve been working on mindfulness/meditation techniques to calm it down, which helps to some extent. But also, my mom is a homeopath, and whenever it gets out of control I take some Staphysagria 200c. There have been times when… Read more »

Melissa Melita

Wow, this is amazing. I will so order this. And there are so many crazy helpful comments on here, one could write a complete Rageing Scorpio Self Help book :)) This really is a huge relief… Thank you so much to everyone taking the time to answer!


Scorpio Sun with a Mars-Pluto trine here. In response to the third question, I agree with the others who have recommended therapy to explore the full nature of the serpent within you. Your trepidation around it may have to do with negative messages you internalized along the way around the exercise of anger and power, especially within the context of intimacy. Even with the Mars-Pluto trine, I can feel that scorched-earth anger at times, especially around issues from childhood. So I greatly admire those who are working with the square expression of the Mars-Pluto energy. And have you or your… Read more »


It’s why I love a Pisces. They’re beyond deep and can take anything. Unbelievable human


emg ♡

Melissa Melita

Hey gbs, my bf has a Pluto/Saturn/Mars conjunction in libra and a Pluto moon square, plus his Descendant (exactly conjunction my Venus) is being transited by a Pluto conjunction these months. You ar right: he has a hell of a lot of Pluto! How come I never noticed?! Thanks a lot for pointing this out!!! Xx


Edward Steele, bit of a contrarian, thinks octopus may be aliens, that whole eggs of certain species may have come in on the solar winds, so a few spores would be a cinch.


er, Not to diminish the real point of the Q&As. : ) sorry if it looks flip, must be Trump derangement syndrome, my details fetish is out of control.


Quite like this. Spores surviving the space environment. Planets as a kind of extended island-ecology theory. Uranus in Taurus indeed 🙂


So really old traumas that you nay not dven rdmember can trigger the fight/flight/flee-faun response. Guess what Scorps choose? There is only so much fauning and being civil that Pluto-Scorps can take before the serpent speaks. I have soothed my serpent with EFT, and Havening- as I too have a blistering brilliant serpent tongue. Mars retro in Gem square Pluto in Virgo and Scorp Rising. Emotional regulation is a continum and some days/months are better than others. Between being highly sensitive- Neptune-Jupiter-Mooon all in 12th and Scorp spidey senses, I spend lots of time doing Jessica Snow meditations, martial arts,… Read more »


Profuse apologies for pre-caffeine typos (Virgo Pluto is cringing!)

Melissa Melita

Hey Lili, thank you! I love the Phoenix, thank you for reminding me. Sometimes I forget… and thank you for your advice. These are some solid tips. Will certainly try the meditation approach. And when you say you have to excuse yourself at times, that is just so familiar to me. I rather have people upset because I leave, than having to clear up the mess an ugly fight can cause… Stay strong!


We probably served as oracles in past lives LOL!


Dear Scorp rising, I am a Sagg and have Scorp rising too (and natal Sun exact square Virgo Pluto near MC). But I have Saturn, rather than Mars, in my Aqua 3rd house, and its opposite Leo Mars – a restraining influence on letting rip or losing temper, I guess. But that aside, what I don’t get here is that you are talking about Mars retro as if you are powerless to stop inner rage/bitch come out during it. Nonsense! Like anyone who is highly Plutonic, your whole job in this life is to Learn that You are the Only… Read more »

Quadruple Cappy

Pandora,I think you need to re-read the 4th paragraph of her letter,she was referring to said”serpent” as living together “forever” NOT her boyfriend,just sayin’. . .


Oh yeah – I see. But all the same, she asks the question because she says she loves this guy and is afraid she will let rip on him during Mars retro. My point was that if you really want a relationship, then serpent or no serpent (we all have one) it aint so hard to control ragey reactions to the oartner having a different idea of how to honour an anniversary, or to communicate/find a compromise like a grown up. If it is, then maybe you are with the wrong person – or need to do more work on… Read more »


“The exorcism lies in being real about what the hidden payoff from continuing that behaviour really is.

Reply ↓” this.


No we don’t all have serpents. I have literally clairvoyantly seen this serpent being in Scorps. Maybe it can be exorcised or maybe it is hardwired in to that archetype.


What great letters! As to the last, I am thinking she might know this already, but, well an exorcist is basically a shaman and a shaman and a good behavioural therapist/hypnotherapist are all trying to achieve similar metamorpheses for their clients (there are other alternatives also) who may be useful in guiding you to your goal. If you want to understand yourself remember that it isn’t great to get ‘rid’ of aspects of yourself (if it is part of you), rather you heal and integrate. You may need to get in a nice candlelit dark setting, meditate and ask for… Read more »


Thank you Sphinx
I was trying to recall that particular Hawaii healing mantra today
Bless you x

Melissa Melita

Thank you so much for your wise words, Sphinx. I love the mantra and the ritual with the candle. Self forgiveness certainly isn’t something that comes easy to me. But reading your comment really gives me hope that I may be able to treat the whole issue in a more mature way. <3


am thinking of a very periodically ragey person who I did a session for years ago, when we asked this aspect of self what it was doing, it just said, “making trouble” in a really naughty fashion.
Sometimes just addressing this energy and saying “this help isn’t needed anymore, thanks for everything up until now. Please leave and don’t return without my conscious permission” is enough. Mature or not, you can totally fix this. 😉


So good, wise Sphinx.


“I mean, I once owned a Tiger Python, and embracing it didn’t go so well.”
You had me coiled in laughter!!! Very funny read TSB.

Melissa Melita

Haha but seriously, it’s true!!! :))

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