When Your Manifesting Love Intentions Malfunction

Manifesting Love Sounds Good But What If It Malfunctions?

Hi Mystic,

I have an extra weird current with someone and I just don’t know what’s going on here.

I had this on and off thing with an older guy in my early twenties and around the same time got really into manifesting love. And I thought I was consciously choosing to have this no expectations, no strings attached, purely physical thing with him.  He didn’t seem like “dating material” to me. But over time, of course, I developed feelings for him.  Maybe as I had low self-worth at the time, I took his ghosting style of random hangout-hookups as a challenge to my ability to manifest one of these calls/texts/random encounters when I wanted to see him but didn’t want to initiate too eagerly.

Anyway – for some reason, I was really good at it. Like better than I wanted to be. I had all kinds of ways but basically, I’d just vividly think of him, his bicep, his crooked nose, olive skin or tattoo or whatever and hours later he’d pass by me on the street, at a party or in traffic. We lived in a city, not too big but not too small either. 

After love zombie-ing to the max about it, I got over it and moved on. In fact, one of the days I felt fully moved on and was talking to my friend about it, I said out loud: “if I bumped into him today I would be totally fine with it.”  I walked back towards my school alone and two blocks later he drove by me in his truck. He pulls over at a light and tells me to hop in. I think this is too weird/funny so I do we and we talk for an awkward minute or two and I tell him to let me out at my school. Spooked.

Manifesting Love? Or A Douchelord?

It’s been years. I have mixed feelings about manifesting, esp in this way as it always felt like the “universe” or forces at play were trying to take my request too literally to teach me that people could be manifested right in front of you. But their will could not be affected. So I could manifest crossing paths but not the type of reciprocal feelings & healthy relationship that I wanted. This felt like a smart sarcastic gesture from the forces at work.

Now, ten years later, I have been reintroduced to the concept of manifesting love from a new more psychological-subconscious angle and it just brought back up all my experiences with this guy.  Two days later he contacted me with a cryptic text. Typical. I engaged back but neutrally as I don’t really have any interest left for him. I felt I needed to ghost this convo. Petty, maybe, but I didn’t want the pattern to continue. Maybe say no to the universe or something.

Then, maybe a month later I’m giving a guy friend of mine advice about a girl and it happens to make me tell a story about the guy. It was a happy memory, he is a goofy guy and it was a good story for the moment. I got excited about telling it. Maybe 4 hours later he texts me. So, may I ask, wtf with this energy?

Synchronicity City

I’ve had psyche connections/phone call synchronicity with best friends and boyfriends before and so much so that it’s not too surprising when it happens with deep connections. But I always wonder why certain people have this residual thread of energy to me or me to them. Especially since I’ve been over him and through other relationships since that became far more meaningful.

I guess I just want to see behind the curtain to know if there’s some reason I can magnetize situations so strongly with this particular person? Karma? Can I redirect this energy towards things I actually want in my life?

Any ideas / similar experiences / Astro influences / out there theories? I welcome any of it – 


Triple Air Gemini

Ghosting? He Needs Exorcising!

Dear Triple Air Gemini,

Out there theories? First, an “in here” theory. “Manifesting” men is super-easy in your early 20s. You just have to exist. And, he sounds like a douchelord. They’re also easy to manifest. In fact, the real challenge with these guys is banishing them. He would probably keep on showing up if you dedicated your life to Cat Worship and strode around with a “fuq off men” t-shirt on, trailed by your familiars.

He also sounds like a fuqwit muggle. Random hangout hookups? I am not a huge fan of manifesting, as such, but if you are going to do it, only try with your self-regard at a high vibe. It will repel these types of characters. And never try to manifest love when you’re feeling needy or must-have.

But we can have an odd energetic connection with some people. It can be a soulmate link – not necessarily an indicator of good relationship material – or Mars-Venus synastry.

Only Try Manifesting When Your Self-Regard Is High

Or maybe, horrifyingly, he re-appears whenever your self-worth drops below a critical level. You mention the concept of ghosting a few times with this gentleman. I say exorcise him properly. Shun people who aren’t offering you what you want. Literally refusing them a moment of your focus or proximity to you sends a more powerful signal than any amount of intention.


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Axl stayed at the hotel I was working at a number of years ago. He was in the bar (I had a great view from the open kitchen) and was kind of holding court in the bar, letting people approach and talk to him/autograph whilst Very Closely Attended by a lady/wife and a number of bodyguards. Totally strange. He also had super odd riders in his hotel contract (freshly squeezed juice at all times, 17 cedar hangars for the closet, no mini bar in the room, etc).


well, this is not about an ex but a neighbor turned stalker. I moved away to get away from him and his crazy gf.
Then they appear a block away from me. They befriended a neighbor after I moved.
I don’t live in a small town either. The chances of this are really rare and weird.
I drive by and they are over at the neighbor’s every night drinking til wee hours of the morning.
strange synchronicity.
I really honestly do not know what to make of this odd coincidence either.


Hey that’s a spooky story, sister. Hello everyone 🙂 Long story short, I attracted to me a delicious man who turned out to be the left version of myself: his Pluto-Moon conjunct was square mine; his Sun Venus Mars in Aquarius were square my Sun Venus Mars in Scorpio… Oh yeah: hot as hell. It ended a month later with complete nuclear fallout. And honestly, I saw the end coming the whole time like a train coming at me through a tunnel. I did not leave the tracks. Our unconscious, or higher self, always knows what we need to progress… Read more »


ANKH!!!!!! Hon, i missed you & your words of ScorpWisdom so much on here! Welcome back.
Sounding well, wise & wondrous as ever. Hope the nuclear dust has settled. X


Skarab!! ♡ Much of the dust has been sucked up & sent to CERN, yes (excellent dark matter fodder, they told me). So good to connect with you again! x ♡ x


25 letters in the alphabet to you
(Long time no ‘C’)

I’ve wondered once or 11 times how you are going?
And funny that the 1st person to respond to you has gone awol in great dollops too.


Pf! ♡ We are fickle yet constant as the moon… Good to connect with you again x


Hi gorgeous Ankh! So great to hear your voice (sotospeak), missed you, mwah!


{{{ sphinx }}} So good to connect with you again ♡ xx


Sweet baby cheeses. Where the hell have you been?? No don’t answer that. Pisces missed you. Nice work with the train trax. Xoxoxo


♡ Pi ♡

I was hanging out with a paranormal investigation group & met an incredible woman who I could’ve sworn was you. I loved her immediately & still do. You too xx


I have this kind of connection with someone. He reappeared at profoundly critical moments. Like the day before I was supposed to move out of his neighbourhood; the day a potentially life-changing funding application was due in; at a nightclub out with friends when I was praying not to see him. Now the test is to feel less & less each time he yanks that cord/ we see each other. I have literally moved to the other side of the world (ironically, to the country he’s from) but we are part of the same small scene so doubtless we will… Read more »


I don’t know. Last summer I had a very trippy experience with what was and will be a relationship with a man. I’m in my 50’s he’s a little over half my age, both of us found ourselves drawn to each other, just to be near. When we would spot each other in the small town we live in time stood still and it shook me to the core. He was just here for the summer and it tripped me. When I heard different styles of music (the most poignant was American Civil War Era – the movie/book Cold Mountain… Read more »


Wow! That’s beautiful & intense.


It was deeply intense and still have moments where I wonder ‘did that really happen?’ and then question ‘what was the purpose of THAT?’


wonnnnderful… I would pay to have such an experience…and man, do I love cold mountain!


Is it manifesting or being psychic? My name was called out to win a prize, if I could hit a nominated number on a dart board. My eye was drawn to 12 and I threw in that general direction. I got it and was congratulated with a bottle of vino and everyone saying I was fab at darts. I replied I can’t play for nuts I must be psychic.


Karma baby – pure and simple!


You could just delete and block his number. Not very otherwordly advice but then I have a Cap Lilith-moon conjunction with whom Pluto has just finished, paving the way for Saturn any minute now. I do get it though, about people just showing up, obvs. I had some kind of ongoing connection with the Weatherbeaten Virgo of yore. I would just think about him seemingly out of nowhere and there would be a message within hours. I had to realise that I was invested also on some level in keeping the connection going. It was only when I really truly… Read more »


*with which. I do see them as actual people, *wry laugh*


Thank you for writing this! I really think you hit the nail on the head, esp with the fated encounters scenario! I definitely needed to hear that in regards to my own fuck bois still contacting me..


I couldn’t agree more. I had an on again off again thing for years with a guy I met hours after I had literally thrown up my hands and ask the universe to send me someone hot who wasn’t in a relationship or gay. Due to the instant manifestation of our meeting and subsequent moments of him showing up or texting me at significant moments, I told myself it was the universe at work. And really it was just unhealthy Chi vampire energy.


I agree. Maybe this guy is actually stalking you and you only notice him sometimes? It’s kinda weird he shows up around your school often. He knows it’s your school right? Why else is he there? Live close by?


Yes: your last paragraph.

Quadruple Cappy

Similar Story” he re-appears whenever self worth drops below a critical level” and too funny Mystic. . “ send him off. . To the pink neon light of the nearest bar with strippers and a half price happy hour!”

Virgo Ellie

Key statement: “he re-appears whenever self worth drops below a critical level”… OMG… so true. Like some guys have the sense as to what is going on with us.


I have experienced similar manifesting of lovers… I believe it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. What was your subtext mantra at the time.? I made the TERRIBLE mistake of asking incessantly for the PTBs to make My abusive (in all ways possible) ex fiancée to miss me every hour of every day and every hour of every night ( in the vain hope he would get therapy!) So EVERY time I went to a big local shopping centre he either was on the pedestrian walk (so tempting!) or arrived milliseconds after me. This of course traumatised… Read more »


The situ and all the comments are so interesting. I seem to have the opposite: once someone is out of my life, they are Out Of My Life and this isn’t just me being ice cold cap moon, I’m talking the other connections and sweet vibes, the ones I’d be happy to cross paths with again and chat, and look at their nice face, you know. But nope. It’s like they’ve crossed a threshold never to return. Maybe that’s Venus on my south node. An exchange of hearts (or not), and then a goodbye. I do still think of them… Read more »




I also have this “manifestation” skill and according to my experience it always happens when there are aspects to Pluto (The Unconscious, the oposite of the consciousness(the Sun)). Usually a trine or sextile to my natal Pluto(which is in Scorpio and the ruler of my Sun, Saturn and South node). Or even an aspect between transit planets and transit Pluto. Like the trine between Mercury and Pluto which we have today.


Sounds like a Pluto haunting, with a dash of Neptunian Love Zombie-ing, to me. He’s a good bit older than you, could his Pluto be on your Venus or some other inner planet? Is there a Neptune-Mercury connection? He sounds horrible. I’m not sure if this is so much you manifesting as much as it is you are likely dealing with a psychic stalker. Maybe his Pluto is on your Mercury, and you being a triple Gemini means he’s got YOU dialed in, and not the other way around like you would like to think? I’m with Mystic: exorcise this… Read more »


As a Gen Xer who saw GNR several times back in the way back – LIVING for this picture! May go listen to “November Rain” or GNR Lies on spotify now….


Funny– as soon as I saw the pic I thought, WHAT did she ever see in him?!? Especially when he beat her.


A few years ago, I had my first crystal healing with a very talented woman. She sensed a conflict with a brother in law. I laughed and said there was nothing, maybe she meant my deceased brother. Within the year, my husband and I had a bonfire and my eldest brother in law went home with a friend of mine of 20 years. The flirtation that night was weird, they kept talking about how awesome my relationship was and the brother in law told a story that made himself sound like a hero but the story in reality happened to… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Well work on manifesting absolutely amazing people and things eh?

Synchronicity is awesome and everyone kinda has their own style.

Sim oneness

Wow Mystic, I just saw Steven Adlers band last Thursday . They are currently on tour is Aus doing the songs from Appetite for Destruction.
I’m a bit goo goo over the bass player swooning mooning and gone all zombie on social media.


had similar experiences with someone I thought was the man of my life. even after breaking up (mutual disappointments and many other issues), him moving to another country, purging the house, throwing away everything that reminded him, etc, at least once a year I would bump into some mutual friend who would update me on what he was doing – ie making a family of his own -aaarrrghghghghgh…and all of this without me asking about him at all… it took TWELVE YEARS of these signals & updates until it ended with a bang: one evening I parked my car and… Read more »


Thanks for sharing Isa, I had a similar experience too with the so called love of my life. For a good ten years or more everywhere I would go I would stumble into ‘reminders’. The most upsetting time was a necklace I had made him which once he would have never taken off had obviously been donated to a charity shop. I unfortunately for some reason crossed town to visit an eye specialist and after the appointment I thought I would visit this op shop across the road and there was the braided necklace with its red coral hanging in… Read more »


I’m speechless. this is QUITE something, belle… poor belle, it incessantly brought back the pain (I guess, at least this is what it did to me)… well, I probably wasn’t quite over with him either, regardless of all the pain involved and of the obvious failure of the relationship. but I was well aware, at least from the second year afterwards, that in fact it would have been a catastrophe if I had stayed with him, given him children, etc. I even felt repulsion. so, I don’t know… the spookiest moment though was meeting him just hours away from finding… Read more »


Brilliant! Pure Mystic.I totally unzombied myself with your wise words.


About 8 years ago I was dropping resumes off at a school/TAFE when I wandered into an exhibition that an “out there” conservative space cadet was in. We chatted about the works and our hopes for the future. Our parting conversation between strangers went like “well I’m getting a job at T school when I finish studying” and I said” well I’ll be your supervisor” Boom 7 years later the penny dropped and I remembered meeting her before. Totally bizarre. I used to pine for a complicated ex and finally wrote his name on a piece of paper and burned… Read more »

Taurus Vixen

Sounds ike he kept popping up for you to learn a Life Lesson. Until one says “No” to the same person or same type of person/relationship, the Universe will keep serving them up. I’ve been rereading some good manifesting books by Genevieve Davis


loving that photo.
i’m soo hoping the rumours that gnr are gonna do an ‘appetite for destruction’ tour are true.
takes me back to being 14 again.
and Duff is gorrrrgeous. and sober, just like Slash, yeahhhh


Yeah, but Axl is looking like a cross-dressing Meliisa McCarthy.

I used lurk at groupie sites and word on that street was, Axl’s into scat. Gawd, can you imagine if the world kept spitting Axl’s at you? {{{shiver}}}


yeah axl’s justa walking ego!


is that Axel Rose?




karma or just drama? lol


Yeah. Never ever saw the appeal.


The way to understand a situation like this is complex, karma forms astral patterns and astral patterns create their own ripples.. but none of this matches the power of your intent. Though karma can drag you through the mud and your life’s purpose can be meeting that monstrous tangle in the web of Maya, I still believe in personal power as it is channeled via Higher Power, called on with intent by you. Like, that quote a post back or so about the word of a medium/shaman/witch being concrete. The mind can also be full of happenings concretised as soon… Read more »


I so love your phrase ‘karma can drag you through the mud and your life’s purpose can be meeting that monstrous tangle in the web of Maya’!! My life’s feeling a bit like that at the mo. It helps to laugh about it.


Getting that energetic piece back is part of the work, right? That line says it all, sphinx.


Wise words – these are resonating with me


You carry some of his energy or vice-versa from a past life. Maybe one of you was the parent in that edition, and the energy – possibly some kind of undealt-with trauma that reattached at the time of birth, maybe why you kept letting him back in? Obvs you enjoyed the time you shared, despite his play. He must be carrying some of you as well to be responsive to your psychic strokes. I’d go see a reputable energetic healer and have those lingering morsels removed or bricked up, or whatever magic they do. Have a total professional cleansing done,… Read more »


This really strikes a resonant chord – especially now with Neptune at 15 Pisces trine Jupiter at 16 Scorpio. And Mercury opp Jupiter. I never knew what ghosting was until a few months ago and then I heard that in Buddhism there is a realm called the Realm of Hungry Ghosts and now I guess they can be found embodied or disembodied, to play with our fantasies, dramas and karmas. Or we can play with the energies too – magnetism or just too Swiss cheese with our boundaries.; or old Piscean Age rescue mentality. And so on. Then I came… Read more »


Love this.

Side tracking here but your toe wriggling reminds me of Tesla’s brain cell stimulation by squishing his toes 100 times every night.


That’s a great quote! Ghosts are so yang in their grief and rage too.


love it. thank you cynthia for the yin-yang quote & reflections.


Wonderful, thank you


The node issue is interesting. I don’t know if I manifest or just pick up telegraphs but I frequently do this with my clients. They’ll just pop into my head and I spend a fleeting 10 seconds thinking about them then the line goes dead. Next hour or so they call me. It’s bizarre. I’ve an old lover I cannot think about as he texts directly back. I’m sure we have connections that don’t require voda phone or O2.

Miss Leo

This reminds me a lot of a guy I’ve known for about 10-11 years, since college. We’ve never dated or even so much as hooked up, but it’s similar. He’ll pop into my head sometimes, and it’s not long before I hear from him. Sometimes it’s the reverse, I’ll message him, sometimes after years of not talking and he’ll mention trying to find me (I am certainly the one who disappears, albeit not intentionally, more often). We’ll inevitably hang out, remember the disinterest, and then mutually ghost for a month, few months, years at times. It’s bizarre. Needless to say… Read more »


yeah, the same goes for the one that appears every four-five years. in my case it’s a scorpio overcrowding, mars-venus and venus-neptune do it, and his pluto on my sun, but then in my case it’s mercuries squaring with each other, and him having uranus opposite the moon (really unstable and easily bored), and the fifth in aquarius – dammit, really ahead of the game, invented ghosting over twenty years ago when the word hadn’t even been invented yet 😀 . you say it so well: too similar, but differences are too disconnecting. particularly the mercury: not enough topics to… Read more »

Leo on the Rise


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