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It has been ages since i did Mp3s but i am giving them another crack with Uranus in Taurus and all. If you would like to listen to my lecture-rant on Mars Retro and being in Aquarius for five months, check out the Mp3 here.

This will, of course, be covered in the Horoscopes. But if you want something you can listen to while you walk, multi-task and adjust to Uranus in Taurus, this is your go.

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Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

I just re-listened to this today, with Mars newly retro. Very timely refresher to go with the July scopes.

AleMM Member

I bought this, downloaded it and listened. Good stuff I thought. AND THEN THE SHIT HIT THE FAN AT HOME, BUT EVERYTHIGN TURNED OUT OK BECAUSE I REMEMBERED THE ADVICE MYSTIC GAVE ABOUT MARS COMMUNICATION AND BATTLE STRATEGY. I have some serious Qi vampires in my family and have always had trouble dealing/coping with their toxicity; this is the first time I’ve every been able to stop one of their power trips/ psych jobs. Wow- Mystic you are invaluable! Please do more of these.

saggenieMM Member

good stuff!!! i’m glad you recorded it yourself mystic – i enjoy your mile a minute improv style very much

embarkons7MM Member

Yes I totally agree — love the sort of chatty informal style of these (the slip about male victims!) — no need to employ an actor I think.

LiliMM Member

Successfully downloaded on lap top- tx !

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

OMG, I LOVE this, just what I needed. <3


Oh I love the picture, is it by Erte?


I LOVE Erte! So glad to be reminded of this!

embarkons7MM Member

Just yesterday I came across some of yr old mp3 rants on my computer from a new years ago when I was a new subscriber and was thinking about how cool they were–delighted to see this pop up in my inbox today.

Smurphy101MM Member

I second this !! I miss the MP3’s x

IncenseMM Member

What a delight to wake up and see the emailed heads up about this in my inbox. And the price is mere coinage! I look forward to getting home from work tonight and listening in full. Thanks, MM, you’re the best!

zeeMM Member

Having difficulty with your Mars Mastery mp3. Quite simply it reaches to a certain point at the beginning- and then loops around in a frustrating manner. I cant even give you the exact timing – because the format doesn’t enable me to gauge or control – or even rewind. UGH!

As to how to “properly download” it – other than clicking on the link you sent me after purchase – I am currently at a loss.

My device is an iPad.

joolzMM Member

Having that too – gonna try on my laptop this morning

LiliMM Member

Hi Lovely Mystic,

My download has also reset to the beginning- without prompting- I downloaded to my iphone.

LiliMM Member

So far it is brilliant !

libraladyMM Member

mine wouldn’t fully download on my iphone so I did it on my laptop and it was fine 🙂

libraladyMM Member

haha I’m trying to get my ex husband of 23 years to sort out a financial settlement (it’s only been three years of getting him to the table!!) now mars retrograde!!!

PiMM Member

This is so wierd. If my relationship -marriage – had got to a point where we split, I could think of nothing better than tearing that sorry situation right down the middle, using the sharpest scalpel I could find to excise any vestigial connections, and then utterly disappearing from the dynamic so I could be free. Three years to get a partner to front up. A friend of mine was 5 years in the splitting. How do you manage? I will never, ever understand the desire to do anything different – to drag it out, etc. A fast relationship death… Read more »

libraladyMM Member

we live in different states, both have new partners don’t have much to do with each other unless it involves our three Kids. but all assets and cash are in his name and even a lawyer couldn’t get him to hand my share over so now its got to go to the courts. pity cause i wasn’t asking for much but dollars mean everything to him!!!

liaMM Member

Is it just me or is this just the same general info on a loop (or 3) without really going anywhere…..?

baristagemMM Member

I was just thinking of asking you if you were going to do any more. I’ll save this gem for my run tomorrow! Thanks MM xx

MaricaMM Member

You Rock MM

quintileMM Member


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