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This post is only going to stay up for a few days, long enough to gather some thoughts re FONT.

So over the weekend, I changed the site font from Ariel (i think) to Garamond.  This was in response to some people saying that they didn’t like the Ariel.

Obviously ease of reading is the most important aspect of a font and i thought Garamond WAS easier to read.

So if you have an opinion re Font, specifically the Font on this site, please give your thoughts in the Comments.

I have no particular bias toward Fonts – so happy to hear your thoughts on this.

Please, no sledging of fonts or putting down individual opinions!

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177 thoughts on “Font Of Wisdom

  1. This font .. whatever it is, is really hard to read because all the letters are about the same. I liked wha you had first – Ariel. Could have been a font size bigger to make it easier for people. But there was nothing wrong with the font in itself. Current font, gives the illusion of readability because of size. Times New Roman is another classic option. I also like Calibri. Just make sure the font size is readable. But the current one has to go. 🙂

  2. Hi Mystic
    So, my post is very belated, but I did want to share with you that I much prefer a Times New Roman font.
    I’m a high-end Administrator in my job and live and breathe fonts on a daily basis.
    I don’t know what it is about Garamond, but I find it hard to read. And, well, I don’t think it’s an ‘attractive’ font. Sorry.
    Times New Roman perhaps?!…

  3. The new one is quite clean. I like it! I never had a problem with Arial (I like it, personally) but this new one is easy and soft.

  4. I haven’t been here in awhile and just wanted to say I LOVE THE NEW FONT!! Weirdly I have been font-obsessed lately and tricking out my dev environment to have aesthetically pleasing fonts.

  5. Whatever font this is, it’s pretty and I like it. It’s very close to what I used on my old blog and it giving me the itch to write a blog again.

    I will read your website whatever font you use, I have another request for ease of reading on the site – a “scroll to top of page” button.

    I often find myself fallen into the rabbit hole of the brilliant comment section of this amazing community only to emerge 20, 30, 60 mins later and remember I came to the site to check my horoscope or the oracle. And then I have to scroll and scroll back to the top of the page. A button to teleport me back to the top would be fantastic.

    • If you are on a Mac, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command + up arrow. If you are on iOS, you can touch the bar at the top.

      Just an FYI!

  6. What an interesting thread as i love words
    What is coming up as i write is the same as before. Wonder if it will translate to the new one when posted?

    • It does! Whatever you do or choose if fine with me as don’t use my i-phone for reading and choose papyrus for my personal stuff.

  7. Love this font. Arial is so pedestrian. The kerning between letters in Garamond is better than Arial. While some studies show that serifs increase readability, this can be entirely subjective. I like the clean lines. Thank you for asking us.

  8. My fellow Font Nerds,

    The next and hopefully final font update will be in the next 24 hours. Tarik has been helping someone with a server emergency – thankfully not this site – but i have empathy.

    So this current font is but a way-station en route to what will hopefully be our destination of the perfect font. It is prescribed by a designer and extremely specific. I think she is a Virgo. So thank you for your patience in the meantime.

    It would be hilarious if a post about font got eventually more comments than the Love Zombie one. The record is still the Find My Goddess post which was eventually removed as it got TOO feral.

    What happened to him?! I can’t a trace of him on Google.

  9. I adore fonts and love the way they can alter our perception of what is written. I like the clean lines of this font Mystic but can we have the authors names on each post much larger so it’s obvious who I’m reading. I’ve always scrolled through and grabbed a few posts from Pi or powderfinger invicta etc and then could take longer on reading through at my leisure. It seems now that the author has lost importance so I’d love to see them reinstated in big bold.

  10. Omg the font just changed and I find it awful! Hard to read although I’m sure I could adapt if it’s what the majority prefers…but yeah, it’s way harder to read than the previous font!

  11. Hi MM, sounds like you have it sorted now… I’m a content strategist & trained in UX design – if you ever need a hand with this sort of thing please give me a shout. I love to would love to help you in any small way!

  12. I preferred the original font if that is any help, it suited the feeling of the site, the new one looks naked and a little lonely! xx

  13. I actually like the one in the picture but it’s totally inappropriate for reading online and perhaps reading in general but it’s quite beautiful… yes I’m making light (winks).

    There are overkilled fonts and trending fonts and fonts that scream success or take me seriously etc etc but really you’re just after sans serif I reckon Mystic. That and consistency and balance with headings etc that will work across different tech and accommodate ease of reading.

    Perhaps the next stage of design can be that you can select your personalised font from another drop down menu (winks again). Imagine if a marketing team could crack that one beyond here’s one or two versions to select from at a reasonable cost and with a simple enough back end.

    Really thoughtful to open up a discussion on this decision. I love various font styles and just words and the way they can be written which layers in another kind of emotion or vibration to the word but online is online and we’re all zapped with extra light into our eyes these days so readability has to be a consideration for any designer/site owner.

    I’m sure it’ll work out just fine. Lots of good comments from those who work with this kind of thing as well.

    As I’m typing I note I’m still in ariel and looking above at a comment it’s not… so it might be that it changes upon save? No biggie, just an observation.









  16. I usually never have problems reading/ sight in general but this new font is very hard on my eyes/ difficult to read for some reason. Definitely prefer the old one!!

  17. Looks great now! Any change you make will feel weird at first but everyone will get use to it within a couple of weeks! xx

    • Dear Mystic, if I may add bit further. Atm its not the font that maybe throwing peeps off. Its the order in which the the sizing of the headings is set at.
      You need to either reduce the size of the blog headings or increase your main headings..Blog, Horoscopes etc so that they are more pronounced.
      But be careful that your Logo Mystic Medusa always remains the largest font size. Web designers are usually onto this stuff.
      The font is actually refreshing and suits your site perfectly. Just a bit of size tweaking and its great! xx

  18. Looks good. Tiny request while we are on this topic.. can you pls stop double spacing after full stops? Thank you ✨✨✨

  19. Really, really struggled with the Garamond (sight issues), prefer Arial or Helvetica but the spacing looks off now compared to original
    Prefer clean, professional and readable to pretty so sans serif font please.

  20. Hi MM, I thought something was wrong with my computer. Whatever font you had prior to the weekend worked the best — professional-looking, calming and cool. cheers S

  21. I prefer the old font to the new. The new font looks pretty, but I am finding it much harder to read.

  22. Totally into Arial being brought back, or using Helvetica. I feel like Source sans has been used in so many marketing/~*digital content strategy*~ sites etc that it just holds this kinda whack Adobe stock vibe. Like what so-and-so said below about your posts reading more professionally with a font like Arial. My two cents. I’m a Scorp w Taurus asc so naturally I would like everything to pls return to how it was before. <3

  23. Are witches font-nerds???

    Comments and explanations gave me contentment. I guess Mystic’s Virgo Mars has been in seventh heaven over these ideas, links and the refining process.

    This latest incarnation is NEW and i love hanging with new things. The whole site’s integrated better since i checked it this morning.

    Tariq is a treasure, and i also like reading that his multi-Sag stuff is a sign of his weird hours.

    Think i can go with this version quite easily. Thanks for collaborating with the witchy team, Mystic and Tariq. Brought much more than a font change.

  24. I like the serifs, but prefer the previous font (was that Ariel?).

    I love this font-nerd discussion!

  25. ohhhh interesting! i thought it was different cos i got a new phone at the same time and had assumed it was somehow that. i didn’t mind the garamond but i do prefer sans-serif. arial is always my first choice.

      • Better sans serif but now there is issue with the headings being serif and CAPS so the easy flow isn’t there going from heading to content. Usually Garamond if used for content is sans serif and the next level up heading will need to be sans serif as well but can be CAPS. It’s just too much to have 2 different frills for headings when the content is the baseline. But Garamond usually is used for caption of photos sketches or foot notes as they are thinner sans serif.
        If you use serif then it should be like major heading or theme logo because it needs to be BIG to get read. Smaller headings with serif is too hard to read or see visually, a bit like just see the forest and not the actual trees which people want to be able to see them.

    • argh i hate how they don’t let you see it in other countries 🙁
      this is the INTERNET
      no one cares about stupid regional distribution licensing agreements

      • hey. uranus in taurus. liberating paradigms of ownership and possession, and maybe ok ‘property rights’ (hmm)

      • How many times do you see an ad but, incredulously, the video doesn’t play.

        Allied to hypocrisy of businesses operating with world’s best practice but still have lousy customer relations.

  26. Happy to see the Helvetica (I preferred the Ariel, more professional) but I’m just happy for the sans-serif readability.

      • The font that is live as I type this is Arial. You can tell by the long legged R, and lack of downstroke on the G (no crutch). And yes Helvetica is immortal.

        The problem now is type setting. It’s either too heavy in weight (if it’s Medium, go Book or Light weight instead) OR the letter spacing is too tight. That would make letters appear to clump together aka making word blobs.

        Arial and Helvetica are both great type families. Either way, lighter font weight, more letterspacing (tracking) and some additional space between lines (line height) to go with it.

  27. Okay – so Tarik changed this over night while i slept (he keeps weird hours, multiple Sagittarius) – and i believe it is Helvetica which is sans serif, no? I like it…but will leave this post open a bit longer.

    • I liked the previous font better Mystic. This new one almost seems to shout somehow, it’s really emphatic in …. thickness? I can’t quite describe why

    • Currently its Garamond for Headings and PTSans for body content.

      There is a bunch of feedback but i think the consensus is that the next we should try is

      1. Increase line height (line spacing) a little
      2. Try removing garamond even for heading to avoid mixing Sans / Serif font families

  28. Sans Serif every time please.The serifs make text more visually complicated. Our eyes were not developed to read text. We all do a lot of reading and so the fonts should be as “easy on the eye” as poss. Whatever font is being used in this commentary is very good as is the size and intensity of the ink .
    Thank you so much for asking us.
    As I write the font is smaller and lighter than comments appear above.

  29. Original Ariel please!! This new one looks off and no to Garamond. Everything fit perfectly with your original fonts.

  30. I agree with the sans serif peeps. I find the Garamond too schoolbooky and actually harder to read.

  31. honestly, the font that you use in the blog post title looks fantastic, maybe you should use that? If not, I prefer the old font

  32. Tried 3 times to leave a comment but seems to be not registering on the site .

    This new font is much easier on the eye.

    • Garamond is easier to read on the small screen than Arial. Century Gothic is also nice. Whatever you choose is fine with me. I’m here for the content – the look is an added bonus.

  33. Honestly, I think the serif font (Garamond?) looks good for the headers – your logo/banner has “Mystic Medusa” in a serif font on the lower left and pairing that with serif headers keeps things all pulled together.

    However, for the actual text I also find the sans serif (Arial) easier to read. Also a “fresher” look.

  34. For my eye, that new font doesn’t work at all, MM. Those delicious, new graphics of yours (LOVE THEM!!) need a clean lined, contemporary font to serve them well. Something understated, that supports the artwork – doesn’t compete with it. A decade in arts marketing with several website builds reminds me that every time we’ve started out wanting something different in the font, we keep coming back to the steady players like ARIAL, for legibility and a chameleon like ability to suit everything else on the page. It’s a popular choice for good reason – but if you’re looking for a change, HELVETICA does similar job, too. As does TAHOMA.or even CALIBRI. (they’re strong fonts for website accessibility for the visually impairment, too + more). Hope that helps. Good luck!

    • I agree with this. As much as possible it’s not to not overwhelm readers, and the goal is ease and flow between graphics and font. Although, I feel like the new font is cute, it would do better in a more minimalistic page or blog theme.

    • Agreed. I hate Arial with a passion. It’s so basic and corporate and boring.

      Maybe not Garamond (which I loved, but clearly I’m an anomaly), but if you’re inspired to change it up, you should follow your heart/gut/Uranus-driven(?) desire.

      It’s your site. Your aesthetic.

      People often react violently to change, but they ultimately adjust.

      Just my (cranky) 2 cents.

  35. Serif fonts work best for lots of uninterrupted text and long reading sessions. Otherwise, as for a website , san serif fonts are just fine…. readability is not an issue. That said. I love Helvetica.

  36. I agree! There is an actual “readability” score asscoiated with each font. I teach E.L.A and know the importance of size, structure and accessability.
    Additional information here:



    • Yes, however, readability is not an issue for websites like this. Serif fonts for books, no pics, san serif is fine for a website

  37. I agree with Sans Sherif ! There is an actual “readability” score asscoiated with each font. I teach E.L.A and know the importance of size, structure and accessability.

    Additional information here:



  38. Sans serif, please, if you wish to make the change. Any style you choose.

    (Can’t imagine a Libran Moon would choose comic sans, so i won’t mention it.

    Having a bit of trouble with this one. It’s lovely on paper, but a challenge online, as it is smaller with less space in kerning and form.

    • yes definitely sans serif for online – I noticed the change to the serif font immediately

  39. I think it is time to change your typeface, but stick to grotesque sans-serif typeface such as Neuzeit which is similar to Helvetica but has a fresh vibe!

  40. Oh, thank goodness, I’d thought it was just my phone since no one had mentioned it. Then was blaming age for struggling to read!

  41. Been trying to alter the font in my phone settings 🙂 and then just read your post. If it ain’t broke…….Personally I liked the font the way it was but then I’m a multi ‘fixed’ Aqua

    • Mutable, happy to give it a burl, but also struggling.

      Thought about changing my own settings but am swimming in documents, even more than usu for my work.

      Mind you, Aqua takes up much of my 3rd 🙂

    • I agree! There is an actual “readability” score asscoiated with each font. I teach E.L.A and know the importance of size, structure and accessability.
      Additional information here:



    • Yes, I concur. Noticed the font change right away and prefer the previous (or similar) font you used.

  42. I am not a Font Nerd at all. My phone was showing me the old font while coming here to work (I read you on the bus) and then I came to the office This is nice but the other one was easier to read online.I must say I def prefer Sans Serif fonts, also because they are the best for accessibility.
    I love all of them (Helvetica, Verdana, Arial) but Arial is my fav of all.

  43. Any dislexics out there? Whats the best for you? I like courier sans but thats for school resource sheets

  44. Please choose a sans serif font, they are much easier to read on a screen as their shapes are simpler. I personally think that they look more tidy too.

  45. Sans-serif fonts are also much better for accessibility. If someone has a visual impairment or reading difficulty, sans-serif fonts work much better with screen readers. If you have the choice to use Verdana, I would suggest it over Arial because it is recommended by both accessibility experts and web designers. It looks better at different sizes, and its letter sizing/spacing makes it easier to read in general.

  46. oh no! I’ll miss Arial since I associate it with your voice. But if a change must be made, I prefer sans serif since I primarily use mobile to read your site.
    I did use Garamond in my emails in college, so I do like that font, too. But it’s probably better for print.

  47. I love Garamond in general, but agree with those who are urging a sans serif font (Helvetica, Verdana, Arial) for online. Or, at least, a heavier weight serif font. Garamond is delicate and the lack of contrast makes online reading more difficult.

  48. i noticed right away; please Mystic, change the body (i.e. site and post content) font back to a sans serif! if not arial, then open sans, helvetica, or even verdana will do the trick. the site was much easier to read prior to the switch. i studied and now work as a graphic designer professionally, and it has always been communicated to me that serif fonts were to be saved for display/title fonts only, particularly on mobile devices. thank you for asking us, though, i really appreciate having the ability to provide some feedback. ♡

  49. It was easier to read before. Now it seems weird, of course it’s readable but it takes a second to adjust the eye.

    Ariel/ Sans Serif is better.

    • Agreed. Not loving the Garamond. Serifs are not great for digital long text reading – esp on the phone.

  50. Garamond is better than Ariel, but doesn’t seem to quite ‘match’ your writing style. I liked the suggestions about sans serif fonts.

  51. The font of blog post is different to the font of Scopes. I didn’t like the change in scope font, but tomorrow I probably wont notice the difference.

    • that just means scopes are showing you cached version…

      So the people talking about Sans Serif – you can’t mean comic sans serif, surely?

      • Serifs are the little “hats and shoes” on the letters in that family of fonts. They work together to create the impression of horizontal lines across the top and bottom of the lines of words. Which helps to lead the eyes along and not skip all over the place. Sans Serif fonts don’t have the serifs (hence ‘sans’). To confuse things, there are some fonts called “sans” or variations of it. Comic Sans is one of them. It used to be the rule of thumb that in print design, you use a sans serif for headings, but serif for body copy. And for online, we used to think that serif fonts were more readable. But there were a couple of usability studies that give conflicting results – one from the 70s saying use sans serif for online, and one from late 90s saying it makes no difference. There’s a great book called Letting Go of the Words that explains things like column width, line spacing, and contrast are more important factors. Also I think that it’s the width of the letters in a font that have a bigger impact – really round ones make words “longer” and can slow down reading too much. Arial is pretty round. Not sure that I’m a fan of garamond for web though. I love josefin sans and open sans. Sorry for the info dump but I’m a passionate tech writer and web designer…

  52. Right!!!!.
    My Venus cj Mars in Virgo hates reading things with artistic accoutrements. Arial every-bloody-day of the week. In fact my whole Virgo stellium hates serifs. Expressed by my Virgoan Mars cj Pluto trined by Saturn in Cap.

    Reading, for artistic appreciation – on a page, fine; serif away. But information should be delivered without embellishment including fonts.

    I am as NormCore as they come (my Aqua sq Scorp stuff).

    Perhap J Lennon expresses it better in “Gimme some Truth”

    No rabbits were harmed in the production of this msg.

  53. the height and width of the lower case letters in ariel make it easier to read on a screen. I like garamond more but it’s harder to read on the screen. your stats should dictate – what percentage of your users are on a hand-held device?

    • doesn’t the ‘sans serif’ in the code default to whatever sans serif font the user has a default in their browser? so maybe not even something that you ultimately control?

  54. I believe sans serif is tho most readable on-screen, while serif fonts are more readable on paper.

    I liked the Ariel better–looked more professional. I always think of your site as journalistic–in a GOOD way—like the enlightened journalism of a new an mystical reality.

    • I agree about the Arial – I too thought it looked more professional while having a certain je ne sais quoi. When I first saw the changes last night it almost looked like Times New Roman on my screen and looked like something I wrote lol (I use it all the time). I sometimes find some fonts can look too clean and almost seem like the life is taken out of the words. It’s good to try things though. I do love Helvetica.

    • What yoiu said! Absolutely right and try as I have done to like your Garamond it doesn’t work as well because it feels like a text book font which is you talking down at us am sure not your intention. Arial is still best for mobile devices (who has time to read on laptop PC tablet anymore… Garamond too skinny and stretches our eye view up and down to follow when we just need to skim along … sans serif is always for modern writing. I read the New Yorker and the font they have suits them but it doesn’t make east reading so I limit my skimming of their articles. I guess the issue is what is the effect you want people to have when they read your words…. thanks for trying out the fonts and letting us have a say

    • Agreed – whatever it is now at 10:05pm AEST 8 May 2018 is not as easy to read as the original font.

    • I agree! There is an actual “readability” score asscoiated with each font. I teach E.L.A and know the importance of size, structure and accessability.
      Additional information here:



      • The font discussion is so interesting! I never really thought about font, other than from an aesthetic perspective.

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