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Asteroid Circe

Here are are all of the posts on Asteroid Circe in one place. The prompt? This…

“I rise then and go to my herbs, I create something, I transform something. My witchcraft is as strong as ever, stronger. This too is good fortune. How many have such power and leisure and defense as I do?”


Circe – Madeline Miller 

Circe has always seemed to cop far too much blame for the turning the men of Odysseus into swine. Granted, i tend to automatically side with witches. But, from what i gather, it wasn’t that difficult to transform them into pigs, you get my meaning. A bunch of marauding men turning up to interrupt one’s idyll? Some of them were probably already half way there.

And then of course, there is the fact that Circe had a dalliance with a married man for god knows how long. Again, whatever. Who hasn’t been hanging out peacefully on their ‘island’ with their animals, herbs, essential oils and some absorbing projects on the go and then wham – a married dude washes up? Literally in this case. Telling tales of there being “an arrangement” and an emergency existential crisis that could potentially be relieved via an ejaculation. Cut to Penelope lighting a candle in her shrine-for-hubby-coming-home soon. Or, alternatively, Penelope was gay all along and was not even noticing the years fly by.

Asteroid Circe Is Affiliated To Black Moon Lilith and to Witch Queen Hecate

Anyway, Asteroid Circe – number 34 – is currently at 23 Libra and spends 2018 going between Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. In your birth chart, Circe shows interest in – yes – sorcery, the craft, herbs, scent and animal liberation.

Circe makes frequent appearances in the Horoscopes – because (1) she seems to be relevant, despite being but an asteroid and (2) she is in opposition to Uranus on and off for most of this year. Despite being from a completely different pantheon, her solo isolationist witch status lends her an affinity with Lilith and also to Hecate, of course.

Here are all the posts mentioning asteroid Circe posts in the archives

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Image: Sylvia Fein

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I have Circe 26deg conj North Node 28deg in Aries 11th house. Can you tell me something about this?
Thank you 🙂


Circe retrograde at 13 Libra, which puts her square my Cap moon-Lilith and opp my Aries Vesta. I once had a lover with Libra moon at that degree and he used to bang on all the time about how I had ‘bewitched’ him, lol


Ah geeze. Just adding to the Taurus lineup in my chart. Circe and Venus at 12 degrees and Chiron at 17 degrees in my 10th house, with my MC at 10 degrees – everything in Taurus. Can anyone help me connect the dots here? I’m still learning. Sun, Mercury, and Mars are also all in Taurus hanging out next door in the 9th house.


“How many have such power and leisure and defense as I do?” As many as share the astro I have: IC, NN and Circe conjunct in Aquarius 21, 23, 24 degrees. I can totally understand the beautiful island of Circe. And with Venus in Aqua conjunct the IC, i understand the magical unveiling of the pigs they are once they have ceased being respectful guests and become greedy marauders of my so-called delightful home life. Power in leisure is a very nice way to think of a Jupiterian Piscean’s home, with that Venus IC in Aqua (trine Uranus in Libra… Read more »


What kind of influence would Circe conjunct Lilith have? And conjunct MC?


I’m not all that hot with interps but as MC is your most public house, and the conjunction is like a double whammy, it could be that your public image arouses extreme fascination which easily tips over into demonization or maybe a very idiosyncratic fuck off career where you have to do most of it alone without much support. I have the cj on my north node. How do you feel about lilithy type things? Sometimes I think my entire life could be explained by that one aspect, minor or not, from early abuse to adolescent assaults etc etc. The… Read more »


Hmm. Thank you syrynx. Very thought provoking. I’ll reflect on this. Throughout my life I’ve had a strong theme of women either placing me on a pedestal, or envying me – and the envy is usually masked with passive aggression. I never really understood why! I don’t feel either response is warranted and certainly don’t feel as though I project anything that may threaten anybody’s self-worth. If anything I over-humble myself. Hmm…


You come across as very even-handed.


Thanks pf! Good to get feedback.


Agree with Powderfinger. I have a somewhat similar thing going on. I find myself arousing rage disgust and can’t quite work out, firstly if it is real or if it is me blowing everyday minor irritation out of proportion, and secondly what I can do about it. In a way I think they might be linked in that I now expect bad stuff, which I think always transmits to people regardless and to them I probably have a bit of a rabbit in the headlights look as I wait for the first salvo, not conducive to easy relations with people… Read more »


I’m on my phone and doing the skinny comment window hung, so will respond to you when I get to my computer! Argh!


Typo! “Thingy”, not “hung”.


Lovely to hear about your supervisor! I don’t want to mislead; it’s not all my relationships with women, but a common enough theme to be noted. I have plenty of other themes running too! Sometimes the complexity, the endless interpretations and energies at work overwhelm me a little. I have an analytical brain and too often I allow it to take the lead at the expense of my heart. I guess, at the very foundation of all things, comes self-love. True, unconditional acceptance of self. Gentleness and kindness to self. From there, all manner of healing, integration and wholeness are… Read more »


Conjunct Moon in Pisces/1st house, sextile Venus, trine Uranus (exact).


Circe in LEO conj my Moon + Jupiter in the 3rd house.
Explains a lot re scent and need for magic. Also re men’s surprisingly hysterical reactions over the years when any of my (extremely rare and fairly minimal) needs were expressed. Interesting….
I feel Circe in Leo should, like, bring back the dramatic pointed hat?


Ooh, nice. The hat.


Oh most definitely! My fifth House Sun, Merc trine Neptune Moon Jupiter is delighted. I will watch you, applaud and laugh in enchanted response 🙂


Natal Circe 2nd house Cap trine Saturn in Virgo & Chiron in Taurus. Married men don’t even come into my orbit in “that way”, they know better. I can flirt with the best of them, thanks to my Gemini moon, but only with availables.
May explain my lack of green thumb but love of other people’s growing skills & being in nature.


loving the witchy influence. circe-hecate-jupiter conjunct in leo 12th house.


Is there such a thing as Circe return? Just checked out Astrodienst to discover my natal Circe 9th house 25 degrees. Wondering how this might manifest?


She’s bang on my Venus in Pisces along with Epona. This makes me very happy and is quite accurate.


Oh well this goes with your other recent posts about bar-stops and men, while resting/pausing from your moto journeys! Especially the bit about finding the quiet ones and drawing them out about their grandfathers et al.

What an Epona! What a Circe Venus.


I tried the extended chart reading on Astrodienst and it said “not available” next to Circe.

Wonder if I didn’t pull it correctly? Or maybe I’ve just got no Circe action happening!!

I’ve always had an affinity for witchy things, Ave within the past year have begun creating my own ceremonies for holidays and to help friends banish bad juju from their homes.

Hmmm …


Yes! Found it, thanks. Circe @ Pisces. 5th House.

Kim S

Great tok tok story–stellar post certainly a memorable twist on the island cogito and the value of choosing the margins. the pleasures of the shore and littoral zone overlaps so seamlessly with consciousness and magic. capitalist pigs what herbs-what to turn them into and apologies to animality and indigeneity, humans seem to be the most vile species per se when they just act in their own interests–oh how we need a cosmic sensibility to embody a new earth era.


Yes, i hate that they were turned into intelligent, scent-prodigious and sensitive Pigs.


I was wondering what transit Ceres was doing in my 7th, and now I see transit Circe is up there conjunct natal pluto in the 10th. Otherwise, natally she’s in the 1st, nestled next to Mercury and the Sun. Is it I AM or WE ARE ? #totallyidentifywithcirce
Is Cersei Lannister… just Circe doing her Lilith?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I reallly got into herbs thanks to asteroid Circe’s influence. Harold A. Roth’s book “The Witching Herbs” is just BEYOND.


Thanks as ever for your endless erudition, wit, and humor, Mystic! i.e. thanks for the laugh! Hey if it walks like a pig, oinks like a pig, and looks like a pig… and I do not doubt those guys did long before they reached the island, or the straits of wherever it was. Circe closely trine Mercury and quinqunx Venus here. Kataquagem writing although name seems to have reverted to unfortunate duplicate which we fixed ages ago. Too addled with Uranus square sun to deal with it again right now. Really feeling Hecate lately and this feels the same.


circe pallas ven&mar make a team at pisces 9th close to mc… sometimes i think im as hippie” as it gets w/o going too far. that s either taumoon practicality, aqua sun who likes tecno, or scorpio saturn who likes structure. isolation, sure. nature witch, sure, and so on


Circe is Gem 18°/12th in a GT with my Pallas/Juno/Freya in Libra/3rd and Psyche Aqua 7th.

I like witches?


You sure do. You wouldn’t hang out here otherwise !


Are we tag-teaming revelations here or what!


Of COURSE you have Psyche in Aqua 7th. LOL.


And conjunct my Moon. Lololol


I say this with honest curiosity – I have NEVER had a married man wash up asking for such favours. Sometimes comments from women on this website make me wonder if I am a totally different species. Is this an attractiveness thing? I just turned 40 and am perplexed by how some experiences that are de rigeur for a lot of women I have completely bypassed. Is anyone’s experience like mine or am I alone?


No, you are alone.


Lol. OK. But you’re a man. Maybe SOME other women have had this experience.


Well, maybe l should get in a boat and get washed up near you.



Aren’t you single? I don’t think that would change the pattern. I have circe 2 degrees from Saturn in Leo/7th house. Trine Moon. Seems like an OK placement.


I can’t help havin a laff. Yes single.


If it helps, i hav not either, but as i am also the non flirtatious type if someone is very clearly attached they probably get the message long before any exploratory SMS or ‘i was in the area’ idea pops up.
Also if the man half knows me, he’s also know that I’d cut off his balls if he tried any “cheat on the wife” crap. Like, don’t be so fucking lazy. Sort your shit out at home. And leave me out of your stupid love triangles, I have better things to do.

Ok that escalated quickly hahaha


(to be clear, that is definitely not to imply that one must be flirtatious to have a married person hit on one)


This is why I can’t date librans hahahaaaa


Pi – THANK YOU. I’m not that flirty either but I agree with your point about not needing to be to be hit on by married men. So why the difference in experience?


It must be the electromagnetic in your aura that states don’t mess ! My electro is man nip and it doesn’t matter if they’re 30 years younger or older or single married bi gay or otherwise. I had a reading with a human design guy who’d never seen or met me, over the phone and he just initially blurted out ‘you’re a walking talking come on ‘. It made ultimate sense. My girlfriends just stand back in amazement. ‘What do you do ??? ‘. Nothing ! So you must vibe the opposite . That’s not to say you’re not attractive,… Read more »


I’ve got Circe in Capricorn in 11th


Wow! Haha. Do you have Venus on your MC or something?


Interesting to hear your experienceEMG.


I agree – its the vibe you put out – for the longest time, due to upbringing, I had “prey” written all over me.. The times who were prone to straying were all over me like a rash – to the point where I became neurotically adverse to relationships because I was convinced all men cheat. Once I learned some boundaries the icky attention disappeared and was replaced with something much more balanced and appropriate.


tbh, even seeing how some of my lady-friends simply do their thing, they have a certain charismatic, open and personable way. maybe it is choice of words, or circles we move in, or how much leeway we instinctively offer in our interpersonal relationships. maybe EMG and saturnplutoflux have a point, our energy makeup and type of awareness maybe has an influence, BUT i am wary of sending that into victim(?) blaming territory: if married people didn’t hit on anyone, then no one would have to deal with being hit on by married people, if you know what i mean.


p.s. i have sent myself back to libra re-education camp fwiw


I’m on my phone and only seeing half messages But I’ve got my Venus in Gemini 3rd and Neptune in Scorpio 8th conj my south node
Obviously my concubine is still strong !


As the kind of girl who travels alot, often alone by moto, Washed Up Married Man happens often. The trick is to get him talking about his wife and kids and ask their names. That way you don’t have to punch them to get off you. I postulate, SitS, it’s ’cause you don’t hang out in bars? I don’t think it’s an attractiveness thing, I think they are grateful for attention and a bit of strange. That’s natural, I think, regardless of gender–someone who hasn’t heard all your stories, to whom you are new and pretend to be your best… Read more »


Not alone! I haven’t had that either.


I have Circe in Taurus in 9th, conjunct Lilith and Julpiter, and bang on my MC.


Thank You! Good to know. I’m not seeing a Circe pattern. Maybe it shows up as a different astrological signature.


Circe is conjunct my Pisces Asc, right on. After reading about her here in one of the previous posts, I tried my luck with plants & trees, and yes, having a strong Circe in your chart means an innate ability to understand animals, herbs and seeds. She is the protective goddess I turn to when I need to have a private talk in my mind. I read the book, Circe, several weeks ago. Some of the themes were too familiar, the unexplained wrath of men, and that freedom comes with a cost. Witch up! If not now, then when?


I’ve got Circe showing her solo isolationist stance in my chart. She’s hanging in Scorpio having nothing to do with anyone. Respect.

I can’t tell you how much I love that picture. Everyone should chill naked in yellow ponchos with their menagerie on a strange shore. Or at least in a poncho.


My preferred interpretation of the Odyssey is from the book (I think) The Wrath of Athena, where basically the entirety of Odysseus’ activities in the Illiad/Odyssey after the sacrifice of Iphignea is punishment for his sacrilige (instead of Athena favoring Odysseus, which is the usual interpretation). So in this view, pretty much every time Athena says ‘Cunning Odysseus!’ it’s a curse/swear, not like hyping him on. Circe is just one of the many clever punishments meted out to stupid Odysseus by Athena. The Penelopiad is really good to read alongside The Wrath of Athena, completely changes the message of the… Read more »


my circe is partying it up in cancer about ten degrees away from my pallas-chiron-hekate conjunction. xx


Wow – Circe in Sag, exactly conjunct my midheaven. That would explain why some people love me and some people literally seem immediately put off by me, lol.


How would you interpret Circe Square Venus (and no other aspects)?


11th house, aries, 1 degree. Feels oddly comforting though I have aries intercepted, plus Circe forms one of my few positive aspects to Mars in sextile. Thanks for this!


This is the beginning of a major Circe obsession. (A joyous one – she deserves the attention/celebration.) : )


In my natal Circe is in my sun Sag, not sure what that means..


someones just written a book on circe…cant remember her name


Tosha silver wrote about Florence shovel shin ? I think and I was reading her last night She had a chapter entitled your word is your wand Must admit reading you yesterday made me grin I’m in the flow

Squared Virgo

Circe conjunct Virgo Sun – which I found out thanks to Mystic!
Have just started to research re making my own scents…
(Hecate and Lillith are conjunct in my natal chart, both in Cap.)
Go Witches, Go!

Squared Virgo

and (of course): I am a garden witch. Since I was a child.
Circe is currently lurking at my Saturn/Pluto conjunction…interesting!


Yes. Have Circe conjunct my Ascendant in Sagg exact, separated only by 20 minutes. I am her and she is me and she is we and we are all together… <3


And as far as isolationist tendencies go… combined with my moon in Cancer in the 8th house it’s a wonder I ever leave home at all. The lair/nest is filled with animals, plants, happy garden, children, herbs, essential oils, gemstones, candles, altar, artwork, herbal concoctions and medicines, food, music – and not a man in sight, though if one were to “wash up,” I might take him in. 😉


Circe is in my Cancer 8th house, 6 degrees from my Moon. And what you describe as your lair/nest is a dream! Almost exactly how I envision my life–it’s 80% that already. As an aside, it makes me think that if someone had just mentioned to me in my mid teens that my loner ways regarding relationships was the right direction, I might not have had so much relational storminess to endure. Just gotten right onto my witchy path…I say this because almost all my placements regarding relationships are the exact opposite of modern standards of coupling. I should be… Read more »


Hear, hear. Yeah, if only I’d known sooner as well. But the experiences also brought wisdom, and, at least for me, has brought my real self/essence out even more than if I hadn’t gone through all that relationship crap.


Yep, not gonna diss my experience. I’ve tried that. Not worth it. Ha! So much crying in beers. I am grateful for all of my fucking hard won knowledge. It’s real.


OMG— I also have her conjunct my Leo rising! I’d never looked her up before.

I too have these isolationist tendencies— supported by moon in scorp in the homey 4th— but they’re mitigated by Mars in Sag in the 5th… I vacillate between extreme homebody-ness, and, “where’s the party?”!


Natally- Circe with in 5 degrees opposing uranos, sextile Venus, trine Sun/ Merc/ Jupiter. Transitting Circe just off natal moon. No wonder I’ve recently fallen down the witchy podcast rabbit hole and signed up for waaaay too many witchy/astrological courses…


Sounds like those marauding odysseyans got what was coming to them. I hope she then roasted them all and fed them to the Romans or something 🙂 (yes yes wrong era, but ancient history has never been my strong point 🙂 )

I’m over isolationism though. I’m not dead yet 🙂


Ha! I knew it! Circe is on my Libra Sun! Been doing a lot of tarot, Lanormand and prophetic dreaming lately. Definitely feeling the witchy vibe particularly the “don’t mess with me or I throw you some bad juju dude” vibe. Not angry but power vibe. Recognizing patriarchy at its most mundane and micro level and informing my daughter and her friends as such. Imparting woo wisdom and getting respect for it too.


Circe cj Lilith cj North node. Isolationist (too much actually, but I’m working on it), love watching the moss and fungi and the grasses reclaiming, rewilding. I am a little terraforming bomb. Every house I have lived in, a kingfisher has flown into within the first week, never to return, it’s like a little synchronous ritual. Two entwined pythons fell from the roof into the garden a few feet from me on my birthday last year. It’s nice to feel like we are all rubbing along together.


Enjoy this description of mosses, fungi and grass so much, Syrynx. And i just feel similar when my home is graced by unmistakeable repetition, very symbolic just from my perspective, by the native wildlife.

Sounds like you;re less an urban dweller than i am, and it is a delicious thing you have there. Slow, fast on the cycle turns, and integrating for soul and mind xx

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