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If you are a client of the ISP Bigpond, you may have noticed that you are receiving the Daily Mystic email sporadically of late.

It is being sent out as usual and Bigpond is receiving it – they are not bouncing it and it is white-listed, which means that they know it is not spam.

Unfortunately, due to issues within their own organisation that are out of my control, they are choosing not to deliver it. Mail Chimp – who send it out – have said that Bigpond will only say that it has arrived and that they have okayed it.  They have no explanation for why they are not delivering it to their customers.  So all i can suggest is that you contact them to say that you want to receive it, let me know an alternative email address or hope that they sort their s**t out.

As an ex customer of this organisation, i can confirm that my last issue (which was entirely their fault) took 72 hours to (sort of) resolve.

Apologies for this – if i could fix it myself i would.

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6 thoughts on “Admin Post – If You Are A Client Of The ISP Bigpond

  1. One of my Mega Mystic members says this is what Telstra have told her

    1. Login into to look at your account
    2. Scroll down and go into webmail on the lower right hand side
    3. Click on contacts (central button) and add as a new contact
    4. Move any mystic emails from the ‘junk’ folder into the ‘inbox’ folder
    5. Emails not sent because bigpond decided they were spam should now arrive in our ordinary email address
    6. All future emails should automatically arrive at our ordinary email address

  2. As a Bigpond customer this sucks. No sign of today’s daily Mystic yet. Will have to review my options 🙁

  3. Previous sporadically unhappy customer of Bigpond and Telstra – always an excuse and an off-sure run-around. Also jaded with the ad’s which are imposed on you. I ditched Bigpond and Gmail when I found out about Tutanota: “open sourced, end to end encrypted email software and freemium hosted secure email service”. It’s straight-forward, ad-free and small time clever.

  4. I contacted Telstra and we could see that Telstra have decided that the emails for Monday and last Thursday were spam and filed them in my junk mail on the Web Manager page. The Telstra person then went on to say that my “Windows Live” was old. I said I am not the only person having this problem. I got annoyed that the implication was that it was my computer’s fault. Anyway I was told to put the Mystic Medusa email address in my contacts on the Web Manager page. I’ve done that …so fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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