A Poignant Query: Why Are Leo Horoscopes All About Work At The Moment?

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A poignant query arrived via Facebook message. “Why Have the Leo Horoscopes been so focussed on work for SO long?  What’s up for Leos?”

I get it. They have been. It’s not just all work – no play. It’s all work – no fun, no nobility, no leisure – nothing but strategic scheming, embracing the grind, calculating and well, working. Instead of self-actualisation, the Leo Horoscopes have been all about the quantified self, the self pre-occupied with craft and industry.  Where ARE the moonlit reveries, tender frivolity and surreal flirtations? Has Art just given way to Commerce? Is this, like, a forever thing?

No. But this is the Age of Earth. Uranus into Taurus is the biggest shift in Leo Vocational Vibe in nearly a century.

This Is The Biggest Shift In Leo Vocational Vibe In Nearly A Century

Not only that, the planetary gang-up in Capricorn affects the everyday work routine of our Leo. So, in the most broadest of terms, you could summarise Leo Horoscopes for the near future as…

One:  Assess day job, co-worker-employee/employer-client, compliance and admin fuqery with extreme realism.

Two: Deploy Neo-Leo Magical Thinking to transmute this into a massive overall vocational vibe reinvention.

Three: Spend most of 2018 laying the foundation for the next seven year cycle of massive career genius revamp.  “Take this job and shove it” becomes “Take this job and alchemise it”.

It’s not that there are not other factors going for our Leo (and Leo Rising) but that this is a unique and never to be replicated set of circumstances.

It’s a really good time for Leo to be thinking in broad, sweeping terms – across the entire arc of their life ambitions with a few to innovating through even the most turbulent of economies for maximal living.

Always remember the core competency of Leo – Creativity. On your day, you generate magic, you make things and you make them happen. This day is now.

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52 thoughts on “A Poignant Query: Why Are Leo Horoscopes All About Work At The Moment?

  1. Leo: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars Midhaven. Scorp rising,
    Aries: Saturn, NN and Chiron.
    Cap moon currently conjunct transiting Saturn. We wont even mention Pluto since a its my chart ruler its always there. And the August and Jan eclipses were heavy. I’ve been Saturns bitch since is hit my rising in 2012. Uranus thru Aries has been a trip. The exacts to my natal Saturn (and apex of yod) in 6th house brought unexpected work and health “transitions” . I’m just so tired of phoenixing. Grateful for the help of wonderful friends or I would not have it in me to start my own business. Please bring something fun and creative. (and lucrative) to this leo. I’ll hope that the Toro earthiness will be rejuvenating .

    The Aries fire may have burned me out. But, I’m not the same person I was 7 years ago. Only the core of my heart is the same. I feel like after all of that I am more “me” then I’ve ever been.

  2. Apropos of nothing, would a Venus in Sadge guy like someone who is actually philosophical? Or do they only go for the exotic types with a foreign accent who are liable to disappear on QF1 (ok, any international flight) at any moment

  3. I”m not sure but I’m sensing a nuance as I am relating to all though my sun sign is Aries my Leo is in Mars….connection? I think so as I’ve been checking off what is listed above.

  4. Leo sun, ascendant,venus,uranus….Transit Uranus going onto my MC at zero Taurus. At this time in my life my job seems to be keeping the home fires going (I left my bank job in 2011) I’ve been grandma’ing and helping adult kids when needed. I’m wondering what will this transit mean for me?

  5. Aqua sun Leo rising mate is totally stuck in the mud this end. Determined not to make a move out of his lifetime situation in which I will soon leave him. Every door I’ve opened he’s slammed shut so I’m taking the hint and moving on. He doesn’t see this yet but it’s happening in increments daily.

  6. Leo Rising + NN in Leo here

    Been working my tail off lately with little/no time for anything else – laying down the foundation for the future is really all that matters to me lately

    Today is my birthday + I’m working, getting that money

  7. Generally thinking for me work was always, well, work and a lot of the time I hated it, locked into a profession as at the result of a compromise years ago……I was never truly satisfied. Now retired I enjoy make any form of work a creative process. These Mystical post are a creative process with a guiding purpose and I love them. Work will always be work in my mind, whereas any form of creativity fills my soul and sparks my mind……still I sometimes wonder how different my life would have been if I had been able to follow my dream all those years ago. Life has a queer way of making out.

  8. My job has been the exact same day in, day out for seven and a half years. In January, I saw an opening to have the job within my company I’ve been wanting created for me – so I asked my favorite VP. She was happy to take a meeting with me about it. Nothing much has been said overtly, but I know how things work here – I’ve been here a decade – and I can feel the machinery of change moving in the background. So I have been extremely excited to read about all of this BIG LEO WORK CHANGE stuff! Bring it on, woohoo!

  9. Absolutely brilliant summation. I’ve shared this with my multi-Leo bestie who is suffering all manner of work merde at the moment – she loved it.
    I can feel my Leo rising getting ready to, well, rise. I’ve been so focused on Saturnine pursuits the last few years – paying off debt, securing myself financially. I think I’ve become cynical about 5th house and Leo stuff. Feeling my age, looking dowdy, talking harshly to myself. Not good for a Leo. But I can feel something stirring. I really need to get my groove back.

  10. As a Leo with Cap rising its been a massive jag in stamina, consistent professionalism and true grit. The awesome part is that I work creatively, so I can self-actualise on the job. I finally gave myself a solid career foundation last year & it feels glorious to honour and serve the earth of aeons under my feet. Your immaculate brilliance is a lantern in the darkness Mystic, I’m ever thankful.

    • Wow you sound completely powered up – Saturn and Pluto amping up your Cap rising and you will also have the NN pinging your sun… exciting times!

  11. That resonates so deeply!

    In the next two months, I’m going from being the National Librarian of a small country to moving to Zambia to run a school on a nature reserve.

    The school’s mascot?


    It feels like a long-term move and it feels like the job picked ME because I didn’t apply! I’m going out next week for a visit so that I can start working with my team on the plans for the next academic year. It feels like going home if “home” could be a place you’ve never visited.

    • Loving the school mascot, and your news from your new life! Reading it next to your tres Leonine avatar is heartwarming.

      Imagine Australian schools adopting a native animal mascot: “Hey kids, you’ve got the Quoll. Represent!”

      “Sir, isn’t that technically a rodent?”

      “Mate, be inspired, it’s got spots! Just like a leopard, yeah?”

      • quolls are the best! nowhere near rodent though i think? they are ferocious little marsupial carnivores with jaws of steel. but i like the idea that they are the Leopard of australia !

      • But they have a yukky rodent tail like quokkas do. Koalas r marsupials but they dont have a crappy tail! Im sure we have super rodents hiding out as unique marsupial species.

          • Ah you are a national treasure! Your silly warmth is a balm after this week (yet unfinished, expecting slightly more shit to ice the cake of merde) and gives me an extra bit of support to keep being higher and happier. One of the shits is Scorpio and not sure now of the bomb let off. I have to support that person while giving them Mars Pluto Uranus Sun Mercury Chiron heck. Feels like, I’ll help you stand so you can take the full hit, and then the extra army i have mobilised will come and keep you alive. Scorpio gets a dose even more layered and in depth than they gave, that is. Haven’t even called in the cavalry yet…have flagged that o’m going to and fully expect underhand ops, but definitely won’t back off. Sigh! Scorpios on the lo so tiring! And so much more to deal with on top of that, and Scorpio knows it: think they might be a little in awe of it all being managed but typical ego-fixed, trying hard not to show it. Lucky i’m a say it clearly Sag Rising with a smile. What idiot though to fq with a Pisces?

    • Reminds me of “Thompkinson’s Schooldays” (Ripping Yarns) where he tries to escape from his school. He is laying in hospital, all bandaged up, and say, “l got 17 miles before the school leopard got me”.

  12. Is that because Capricorn is leo 6th house? So all the cap planets. Saturn through my 6th was hell! Strongly advise taking two weeks to face down and reconfigure any life-force-draining habits for the better. Automate your supermarket shopping, schedule weekly pizza night when you need to do your accounts or bathe the offspring (they only need once a week surely haha) , get one of those couch-to-5k apps so your exercise regime is a no brainer. Book up the therapy appointments and get the medicare assistance if you can so you’re not paying $$$. Pace yourself and schedule, if it’s not working only you can fix it. Anyway that’s my 20/20 hindsight for a (Chiron influenced) Saturn transit through 6th house. Fwiw haah x

    • Pi, i am a bit confused. And also too work-jagged (Leo MC and Sun-Merc Pisces in 5th…feeling it for the real Sun Leos to be sure) to astro-search the transit houses.

      So Leo naturally rules 5th house. But for a Cap natal isn’t Gem 6th house?

      God, sorry, i know im missing a piece (of brain probs) but i feel this is onto something and i cant calculate. Im gonna blame Fixie influence in Leo and work-shitted Taurean 6th.

    • Hey! I got it! Sorry, im so over details and calculations bc same stuff for work since sunday. Finish one, now more of same type task, the shit!

      You are calculating Capricorn’s sixth house.

      I would never have thought to make that connection. Brilliant! Thanks xx

    • Yes— I’m Leo riding, so all the Cap action is in my 6th, and the Taurus stuff in my 10th.
      Thank you for the advice— I am actually doing a lot of this… streamlining, getting things in order, finally have health insurance, taking better care of myself… it’s keeping me sane right now!

  13. I have True Node in Leo 5th House and I think I’ve found my life’s work. I’ve been working my butt cheeks off over the last 7-8 months and I’m still going. Strangely it’s not too far off what i wanted to be when I was 14. So I thank my 14yr old self for this moment. I also have Mars conjunct Saturn in the 6th and I feel pretty comfortable when I’m working hard. Leo is just making so much more fun and creative, which I didn’t realise how important that was until now.

    True Node Leo Muse: Beyonce

    • Have SN Leo MC conjunct and Saturn Taurus 6th. Finding that less all night all day slog responding to so-called urgent calls, with more planned and effective slog and downtime boundaries is doing the trick to keep Mars in Capricorn under some control.

      Love idea of True Node Muse! Will search. Any immediate inspos, Mystic peeps?

  14. Realllly feeling this.

    My Mars and Mercury in Leo have got me writing, dreaming and thinking about standup (new vocational shift) 24-7.

  15. Finally! I am very excited to read this. I feel like the last 7 years 90% of my energy has been slogging it out at work. Building a business, nurturing clients, trying to work smarter not harder, but essentially just working hard …. non-stop. Bring back the magic, the joy, accolades, the celebration, the creativity, the Leoness !!!

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