Month: May 2018

Pisces, Aquarius Rising

“You’re Pisces, Aquarius Rising…You were born to be loved, but you don’t realize it.” This is not how i would necessarily interpret being Pisces, Aquarius Rising and i AM that. How i wish La Piscine explored this theme at length. But this late Sixties New Wave Chic Noire French movie is more focussed on simmering lusts amid ostensibly bourgeois folk. It’s a super-Neptunian movie. Wine, Sobriety, Fashion, Yearning, The Ocean, …

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Mars Retrograde Questions Answered

Mars Retrograde Questions Answered

  Mars Retrograde Questions Answered. The Warrior Planet turns Retrograde every two years, bringing both threats and opportunity. Learn more! Legal Action That Has To Happen With Mars Retrograde Dear Mystic, So, I am wondering, when/if there is a date to go for legal action this year? Background info: I worked on deferred payment for an independent documentary production.   With all Virgoan humility, I can say that I did …

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The Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology

The Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology How can we put the Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology together? In February 2017, scientists discovered a new planetary system, just 12 parsecs away from our Solar System. That’s 39 light years. It is called Trappist-1.   This has nothing to do with monks, although i can see monastery planets becoming a thing. Trappist is the acronym for a pair of genius-tech telescopes. They are in the desert …

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When Your Manifesting Love Intentions Malfunction

Manifesting Love Sounds Good But What If It Malfunctions? Hi Mystic, I have an extra weird current with someone and I just don’t know what’s going on here. I had this on and off thing with an older guy in my early twenties and around the same time got really into manifesting love. And I thought I was consciously choosing to have this no expectations, no strings attached, purely physical …

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Mars in Virgo

Pluto Lilith Transit Nightmare

I am having a Pluto Lilith transit and I see this. This menstrual hygiene display in a supermarket is my Mars in Virgo nightmare writ large. With garish lighting and synthetic scent-surround to boot. “Do Everything – Feel Nothing.” Mars in Virgo is second only to Mars in Capricorn in the potential workaholic stakes. It can easily deploy the “doing everything” goal to shut down feelings. But “nothing”?  That’s huge. …

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An Illustration of Sun + Lilith Square Saturn

Lilith Square Saturn   Read this for a beautiful display of Lilith square Saturn attitude.   “The practice of magic also demands the development of what is called the magical will. Will is very much akin to what Victorian schoolmasters called “character”: honesty, self-discipline, commitment, and conviction.   Those who would practice magic must be scrupulously honest in their personal lives. In one sense, magic works on the principle that …

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