Transition Zone Week One – April 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

Welcome to Week One of the Transition Zone. To aid in your smooth progress through this unprecedented astral terrain, the April 2018 Monthly Horoscopes are now posted.

To recap, Chiron moving into Aries and then Uranus into Taurus make the next eight weeks the biggest astrological shift since 2011.  Vibe Control is essential.  There is a lot of low-order Muggle apocalypse conspiracy theorising crap going on out there. Don’t let this scatter your Qi. At the same time, the news flow is like a dystopian J.G. Ballard/Black Mirror episode. Speedy morphs in geopolitics, economies and tech are likely. Relationships are in hyper-flux.

Capricorn energy is arguably the most grounding now.

How to secure your stance AND stay super-agile spiritually, emotionally, cognitively and financially during the Transition Zone? Read your Horoscopes for sign by sign (or rising sign) intelligence on this most interesting of times. In general, the arguably most grounding energy to align with at the moment is Capricorn Vibe. Actual Capricorn people, the Capricorn sector of your birth chart if you know it and/or the time-honoured values of Saturn and Capricorn.

Saturnine-Capricorn consciousness at is highest is a sensational work ethic, anti-fragility, valuing wisdom that you scored over time, delayed gratification, investments as opposed to gambles and simplifying where amateurs would complicate.  Apply the “investments as opposed to gambles” ethos to relationships as well as to money or vocation.

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65 thoughts on “Transition Zone Week One – April 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

  1. This transition zone is like none other.

    Lots of thing-os trying it on. Discussion component of the conversation equation seem far far removed. I’m tripping on hyper-psych visuals of exposed grimacing monsters disguised as gentle, fair-minded souls (‘who just want to help’) when I won’t succumb to their trickery. Contemplating a possible conclusion that it’s the masses who’s mad, not me. I’m free. Or am I? And are they?

    Again, what is with the hyper-modern cultural doing business expectation that one deemed subordinate should be grateful to submit to voluntary servitude in return for a less than satisfactory remuneration? The hourly rate for skilled labour ’round here is at parity with what I was earning in 1989, no bull. The middle-men are near obsolete – apart from the crypto traders and app platform creators – and everyone’s gone small business self-employed cutting the cohort throat to pay that debt down and feed their children.

    I politely deconstructed the last pay offer put-forth for the benefit of my would-be employer, succinctly pointing out the offer would cover weekly outgoings just enough to perpetuate the following week’s employment, sans super mind you. “That’s life” he said, going on to cite the federal.award for said ambiguous job description.

    And at 46, this Aquarian is on the receiving end of ageism. Yesterday, one muggle-cow tried to frighten me in to a crap gig waiting on wealthy retirees in a sterilised gated community, under 24/7 camera surveillance, surround by a moat. She paraded me around the white upper-middle conservative compound as fresh blood – on a gold convertible golf cart no less – introducing me to institutionalised ex-professionals and drooling widowers, my guide dropping sexual innuendo in every sentence uttered. I’ve always been attracted to older women, but that’s Creepy!

    Now, not that i’ve ever bought in to the law of attraction bullshit, I am starting to wonder. That was until I listened to a Tim Winton podcast this arvo, about Australian boys forced into misogyny strapped in a runaway prison-train on the rusty rails of capitalism and what a systemic cock-up of a competitive system we exist in. Over it.

    I was one of Winton’s boys. And I’ll die on my feet, not on my knees. I hereby transition drawing fresh inspiration from my Grandma Connie who went to God on the 3rd of April, 2018, at ninety-seven years of age.


  2. Transition is right! GAHHH but I will get through it. Thank GAWD for the monthlies–they’re always bang on.

  3. Dreamed I completed a task (involving finding hidden books in attics up ladders) which won me a holiday.

    I seemed to be in Italy and there were some army on the streets. One thing lead to another and I found myself with an awesome team of cool women in a cave/grotto.
    We were exhilarated and planning our next subversive paradigm changing move!

    Level up.

    • Hmm, hidden books in attic = accessing akashic records? You def deserve a holiday in Italy… Is one of my dream destinations

      • Thank you dear! I meant to hide this comment at the bottom and it has appeared at the top?! Is this how it is now? After the last while I don’t think I will be holidaying anywhere any time soon. I would love to see Italy, I studied classical history and lived overseas, but never there!

  4. I had a dream it was the zombie apocalypse. I was in a house with a bunch of people wondering what the zombie looked like. Then, I thought about my pets and went home to get them and it occurred to me cats are better off alone during the zombie apocalypse. (I have two black cats but only saw my mean girl in the dream). She was solid on her own. I went back to the group house, still looking for zombies. I saw one, it was a skeleton and suddenly it had me pinned to the ground. I thought I have no tools to fight this. I woke up suddenly. Very true to life.

  5. @Mystic: you wrote in a previous post that it was on from mid March on.
    But it seems like it’s playing from now.
    Is it 9 weeks from now? I was hoping to get some more bright times in May.
    9 weeks from now can be an awful long wait.

  6. BTW, mystic really like the scheduling out of the transition vibe. Week 1, week 2 etc. Hadn’t thought about executing things this way. I think it will help with vibe control and project-y type focus for special new plans. Timeline, the gentle push to keep at it, the changes are real if we let them be so. Also, mood management, for me right now (after last full moon plunge).

  7. AND LOL, Chiron working my MC/MOON conjunction, 0 and 3 degrees of Aries (asteroid Magdelane @2 degrees Aries)

    So hey, cool, “buckle up, buttercup”

  8. Saturn is going retro literally bang on to the minute my return degree (first transit) this month, and I just realized last night “oh yeah, Uranus in Taurus will be squaring my 0 degree Leo sun, while also activating my empty 11th house SO…that’s happening. LOL

  9. Ah, thanks! It’s good news to know we can focus on our Capricorn energy to work through this time. I have Venus in Cap and Mars and Saturn are transiting conjunct my Venus right now. I feel this helping because I’m trying to navigate a new relationship and feeling a little insecure about it but also taking a practical approach. All in all, thankfully so far it’s a very low drama relationship compared to other experiences I’ve had. He has Cap rising and Jupiter in Cap in the 1st right near his Asc. and conjunct my Venus. Perhaps all of that together will provide some stability?

    My larger problems are financial and having a lack of work. Jobs applied for falling through. Trying to establish a ‘plan’ for dealing with this and not freaking out. I’m also having Saturn and Mars transit 6th house exact square natal Saturn in Aries in the 10th.

    I had a real emotional hangover after that full moon. I think because as it left Libra, it went over my South node at 22 Libra. Felt really sad, tearful and generally upset yesterday, but was also starting my cycle… The current sky is revving my natal Venus/Saturn square and I think it is affecting my new relationship to have this square activated at the same time. If you’re saying relationships are in hyper-flux the next eight weeks, I’m wondering if I’ll just decide to break it off with this guy. Contrary to what most people do, relationships, friendships, people, are the first thing I’ll ditch when the going gets rough, and I’ll just go it alone. That’s my default, to isolate myself, be alone and sort my life out.
    I think that’s the ‘simplifying’ you’re talking about. Other people feel like chaos to me most of the time, so to get peace I kick everyone out.

    Still feeling a bit emotionally fragile today and very impatient about it, not wanting to feel this way anymore. I want to ‘get on with things’, charge forth, and really want to work, make an income, but it’s just not happening….frustrating. I have no answers, no answers for anything anymore.. I’m seeing if I can get into a space of surrender and acceptance, surrender and acceptance, to stop fighting it and judging myself.

    • Yes I hear you, me too. I have similar south node situation @ 19 degree, except 2nd house…and also venus in Capricorn (Pluto is transiting it) saturn in Aries (with mercury RX and sun there too) and I empathise.

      So work/ daily routine/ health for you in 6th…I read somewhere this saturn mars energy is really about grinding away at it, and so I guess your choices revolve around what grit you can give…

      And I can say I have this happening in my 5th, and I am not giving much grit, lol, its more like strain! But your new man you mentioned with his Jupiter / saturn in Capricorn could possibly facilitate good growth here for your 6th house themes?

      Aries is my 7th and so the current saturn mars square is really testing my natal saturn, my marriage is like skeletal, no flesh, barely bones…apt. Civil, but not “jupiterous.” Someone said at an astrology seminar that saturn Jupiter cycles were fascinating…you could see the ebullience, abundance initially…then years later…a phase of miserly contraction…

      Don’t break off the new relationship…and do the saturn—lone-survivor-thing again…

      Oh and I really loathed the last full moon, its was testing…someone passed me a cult psychology book Om children and death – and I realised this was the perfect metaphor for entrance into “adulting” folk speak of…death of nativity…lots in the Sabina symbols.

      Yep, its tough going I guess, but if your fortunate to have company with the appropriate energy it might well assist.

      • Interesting that you felt similarly after the full moon… I remember that we have very similar astro, too.

        Thanks for your advice and empathy. I’m pretty close to breaking it off with this guy, though. We had a really lovely weekend together and now I haven’t heard from him in three days. I’m not tolerant of this type of behavior and feeling angry about it. Pretty much done…..even before it starts, sad, because we just met a couple months ago. I just can’t do relationships, not the way people do relationships these days. It’s awful… :/

        • Wow, was he that shrewd? I had similar too, someone who was being quite strategic as a false guru? The nature of his duplicity was exposed after a year of intense exchange…he’s so magnetic, and sadly I think now was always partnered?…I cannot think why he was so hot to groom my “devotion”, maybe $, but totally in denial, gone after a friend saw him with his hand on me…I then realised weeks later a woman who was closely around him but never introduced, bizarre…no clarity…some are so ruthless. I’d been so friendly, upfront about my situation…but I guess you cannot expect the same in return. I wouldn’t give up though. The lessons there do enlighten us for a good purpose. You can be open and discerning. In my case I found him intelligent, warm, very lovely, he definitely was attracted, but just hidden – I’ll never really know why.

          • Oh dear! False gurus are the most dodgy of the dodgy… :/ Sorry you crossed paths with one..

            The guy I’m dealing with is just a guy, and he’s young so I don’t think he’s too crafty about anything just yet. We did communicate last night after all and I think it’s been a Merc retro misunderstanding but this is all new and I’m trying to keep my eyes open and be vigilant but still have a good time. Just trying, in a messy way, to protect my heart, I suppose….to be continued….

  10. Saturn is the strongest vibe. So to feel “rooted” during this transition time I should anchor myself in the sector of my chart that sits in Cappy: 5th house.
    But since Saturn is still in my 4th house portion of Cap I’ll have to focus on “SELF”.
    I’ll keep anyhow in mind the “investment as opposed to gambles” for when Saturn will move to my 5th (briefly next month, steadily next year) should ever a love prospect stumble into my life.

  11. Usually I equate Capricorn with my fifth house. Natal and currently transiting Cap stuff is in my fifth, and it’s my solar fifth house too. But it actually rules my sixth, and I have been really struggling lately with establishing a healthy routine. I have a mixed relationship with Capricorn: boundaries, resilience, accrued experience – yes; ambition, investment, discipline – aaarggh.

  12. Just disillusioned with Capricorn structure…old fashioned collusion, pyramidic hierarchy, false elitist attitudes, conservatism, stifling oppression and hypocrisy. Folk in power abusing privilege, grooming, coercing vulnerable people. Acquisitive and manipulative mindsets, I am loathing the stuffy, traditionalist and clannish vibe. Yuck!!

    • Yep. Not seeing much of Cap vibe at its highest, anywhere. Mars Saturn is particularly sociopathic in Cap, and if Pluto in Sagg gave us Osama Bin Laden I see Pluto in Capricorn as so far having given us:

      the inexorable rise in
      1.”work intensification” (read: maintaining bottom line by giving downsized workforces impossible workloads)

      2.workplace bullying (read: telling staff the only reason they cant’ manage it within paid hours is that they are incompetent) and

      3. the total stagnation in real wages as inequality continues to soar.

      over the last decade.

      Oh yeah – that, and “fake news” as Neptune in Pisces is co-opted by Pluto in Cap to confuse, frighten, divide and conquer and entrench power.

      • So true all of this, Pandora. Unless you happen to be part of the cold blooded oligarchy, yes, a dystopian Crapicorn nightmare in the making ever since Pluto in Cap. It doesn’t seem to matter how much dirt keeps being uncovered in high places, fake news seems to inflate their power even more.

        And If anyone is interested to see the effect of fake news and the rise of social media – and how it not only affects the way we think but undermines the very structure of our society, you might find this study interesting. It is v long but worth the effort.

        • noble caps yes. I was chatting to a cappy friend of mine who owns a successful biz. About my triple virgo boss’s inability to make sound company financial decisions. I said to cap, “I swear that all bosses idea of a successful business is to be able to pay their staff nothing” and he responded, “a successful business is one where you can pay your staff a fair wage and run things so that you still make a profit” and although I was very drunk, my cap moon heard the soothing certainty in this and wanted to hug him

          • That is not necessarily an exclusively Capricorn sentiment.That is just good business sense – and certainly not my experiences with Capricorn bosses, if we are going to talk of personal experiences. Sorry i can’t get all rah-rah about haute Caps & humane business sense, because of all the signs that i have been shafted by financially, it has been rigid, tight-fisted Caps running their businesses like it was the 19th century & blaming staff for the companies not making enough profit; continually harping on about how tight things were & putting constant pressure with veiled threats of dismissal if things didn’t pick up. Yet somehow affording all the social trappings of moguls.

            However in a social sense, i do enjoy their company and particularly enjoy discussing the deeper meaning of life with them, as they come from a v different angle than my Cancer one. Always stimulating.

            • it’sprobably not an exclusively capricorn sentiment, but it was relevant for the convo, and i’ve certainly never herard the multi virgo boss utter anything like it. Cap inner hard edge pragmatism can lean too far towards hollow self interest – this is where a strong ethisal
              compass helps…

            • ethical. sorry, can’t see what I am typing at this level. single column of letters

            • I can see how coming up against shityty cap mindset would suck however. bad cap boss getting blamey instead of more careful examination of workplace culture and relationships and bigger picture.. ergh :[

          • My best boss was, is, a Cap. I still refer to him as my boss. He was who l was apprenticed to bitd.

            Maybe Virgo boss is too analytical. Just ‘waft’ em with some Pisecean, ‘l can’t show you my workings’ logic. Virgo would be ya 3rd house, non?

            • Actually my best boss was a Cap as well – my first job in publishing – but she didn’t own the business – so the pressure to make vast profit wasn’t a factor.

          • Pi – first, sorry for reacting so snappily. Second, Saturn through my 2nd house recently was just shit for finances – no fault of our own – just thieving government…don’t understand what the “lesson” was there, seeing we always do things by the book. So i am holding a grudge against Capricorn & Saturn. Third, Mars now going through my 3rd House of communication is not helping my form – so apologies again. Lesson in toning it down a notch learnt. 4th, i’m up here coz thread is too skinny.

            • nooooooo is all good no apologies!!..
              I was thinking more about capricorn energy. I reallycan me so hardass. Like, restrictive and cold. I get it. but i also love how clear you are about the situation xox

      • Yep! You’ve hit the nail on the head, Pandora! Thanks for this sobering list — all so very true, unfortunately.

      • I just see this as ultimately “low” Capricorn manifesting – and agree the sextile to Neptune augmented it in part. I get that we are ideally experiencing/ expressing higher vibrations of cardinal earth energy…but I am sceptical.

        • OMFG, I didn’t even know this was happening because I’ve never really worked in a corporate environment.
          Just read up on it…..absolutely toxic! Used to justify and ‘spiritually’-bypass things like sexism in the workplace…..NO! Just NO! My god I hate this world sometimes!

        • Can’t even…. Pure unadulterated evil. I’ve been feeling like Cassandra about this since the 80s … Look to where this “spirituality” has led us LOL…But I didn’t even know it had a name.

  13. I’ve had to dump my Capricorn partner on account that he’s just too much of a pretend Capricorn. I mean he lies. He lacks integrity. And he’s over-reliant on his sick and twisted Cancerian mother. My role was basically to take over her OCD micromanagement of him.


    In other news having finally detached from the sickeningly attached Capricorn I’ve done a bunch of things:

    – quit smoking (nearly six weeks)
    – started martial arts training, no not some lame boxing classes at the gym but proper take down, don’t fuq with me ever classes. 3 x per week. Geez it’s hard core but so motivating to work with a partner who’s a 6 foot plus bloke built like a brick shit house and learn how to take him down in under 10 seconds
    – started a new degree in criminology and forensic science
    – got my beloved cat back from my toxic ex

    SURELY both Saturn, Uranus and Pluto would approve? Like come’on universe!!!

    • What house is Capricorn for you, where is pluto transiting?

      I read somewhere of the forthcoming trine between Saturn and uranus mid this year. There is something like another 3 retrograde cycles, kind of too closely related. Mars retrograde and later venus retrograde would be linked to the themes of Mercury retrograde (x 2).

      I think it’s like living several lives at once, just when you clear with an energy- dynamic another appears…

      As for higher Capricorn vibes, with current Aries sun/ Mercury square it’s been anything but easier. Great that you are *working through* the challenges…who needs such parochial last century (blatant) sexism…

      • Capricorn is my 8th house with Pluto and Saturn currently transiting. And yes indeed who needs such parochial last century blatant sexism … pity it took me two years to finally see it! (I blame something going on with Neptune blindsiding me).

        • Well for me 8th is not just material resources / as you know, it could be your time, managing, your attributes as a potentially “suitable” partner of income or material status…

        • My interpretation is self worth via what and whom I attract. Obviously I needed a LOT of work in that area! HA! 😉

    • Oooh what martial arts are you doing? I’ve been thinking of venturing back into that world but want to find one that has the right balance of testosterone and eostrogen (last club was so testosterone-heavy people would punch the wall to impress the sifu — ummm?).

      And seconding Mystic – that is super impressive goal-smashing.

      • The club I’m at teaches three main styles: Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

        Zen Do Kai is what I’m working on now as it requires the least level of fitness to start. It’s a freestyle martial art that’s a mix of jujitsu, karate and muay thai.

        Once I get fitter and get a good grounding in Zen Do Kai I’ll move onto Krav Maga which is the Israeli martial art designed especially for street defense, defending against multiple attackers and those using weapons. And then probably Muay Thai, but you have to be super fit for that.

      • Oh and Alouetta … regarding the testosterone laden dojo. My club is full of women and some of the sensei’s are black belt females. Our dai sempai is ex military and doesn’t put up with any shit from anyone. He says “we’re all here to learn from each other and part of that is mutual respect and equality”. They let me have 3 free lessons to see if it was the right fit for me and there was no pressure to join. On those 3 sessions I was always assigned an orange belt or higher as my training partner to help me through the sessions. Plus the sensei would frequently come and check in on me, check my form etc. So go for a club that has credentials, is affiliated with professional bodies in martial arts, cares about the students and isn’t run by some ego maniac who just wants your money would be my advice.

        • Yes, ego maniacs in martial arts, I knew a few…

          Great stuff, a good sensei…ethical, and careful.

          Best of luck!

      • I’m not taking too much credit. I am a Crab afterall and god we can sit there stuck in our little crab holes for all eternity. There’s some kind of wind beneath my wings at the moment … I’m just co-operating with it! 🙂

  14. Feeling like a space cadet trying to call Earth. Holiday of a lifetime prep -taxes…tick. packed..tick. Lesson plans, yr 12 reports, resources…tick tick tick. Triple check thanks M rx Breathe and relax? not yet 10 days to go . oh bummer car rego!

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