Should You Stay Or Go Is The Hardest Phase

Astrology And Relationship Break-Ups

Astrology and break-ups are not automatically connected. It’s not like all – say – Librans decide to end relationships one week. But tumultuous times pressure fragile bonds. People are more aware of their raw, core selves and which of their aspirations are aligned with that. Projections dissipate at Warp Speed. You can’t maintain pretenses without damage. As societal ground shifts beneath us and we experience the daily w.t.f media flow, only the rock-solid relationships, friendships, and business alliances make it through. The others are reforming or disintegrating.

Some of the most poignant communiques here at Gorgon H.Q. are from people wanting “clarification” that the Tarot, Oracle, their Pluto transit, instincts, dreams, and Horoscopes are all incorrect. That their “complicated” or “strong despite it all” relationship can be saved.

This is not a Love Zombie situation. That’s when a person over-infuses a tonne of energy, erotic vibe, and soul into an attraction or projection that can’t hold it.  That’s a crush masquerading as a “kind of” relationship. I am talking about actual relationships with red flags, rather than rose petals, strewn everywhere. Romances where a creative mind has been subverted to explain and excuse crappy conduct.

The Devil card keeps showing in the Tarot. Dreams are nightmares of dirty swimming pools on abandoned resorts or gigantic waves that threaten to overwhelm fragility. Saturn or Pluto are applying hard. Friends shrug and change the subject when you bring up the latest plot twist in your long-running soap opera. Or stage doomed-to-fail interventions. One moment you’re out, that’s it. The next, something – a gesture, a ghost of familiarity, a surge of sentiment – means you’re back in.

The “Stay or Go?” Stage Is Worse Than The Actual Break-Up

But the stage where you are contemplating whether to Stay or Go is far worse than the actual break-up. There is an eerie phase where you are with someone but withdrawing your psychic energy from the relationship. You’re doing whatever alchemy has to happen for the “us” to become a “me” again. It’s depleting.

At the same time, there are practical concerns – maybe children to consider, animal companions, indeed joint accounts and passwords, a whole heap of stuff. Your psyche says, “flee to the mountains.” The accountant thinks it will take months to disentangle the shared $$$ scenarios.  Existential concerns spike between 1 am, and 5 am, the time in Traditional Chinese Medicine when anger or grief are processed. What if this is your best shot? Does stepping out of the relationship means you’re failing at society-life? Could this mean you become a desert crone, prowling around the outskirts of town grazing on gorse and nettle, communing only with sky and spirit? Or an out-of-control lush, a Mickey Rourke character trapped in a David Lynch dystopia?

A Subliminal Script Stars Running, Spouting Patriarchal Shit

When you contemplate initiating a break-up – especially of something long-standing and woven into a vestige of tribe or community –  a subliminal script starts running, spouting patriarchal shit and spewing out random bits of code that don’t make sense. This is often when you turn to Jupiter or Neptune for a good time.  Jupiter Vibe says the Path of Excess (shopping, boozing, heaps of holidays) really can lead to the Palace of Wisdom. Neptune Vibe can inspire a segue to pure fantasy; A Rescue Romance perhaps. Or the sudden winning of an astronomical amount of money that enables you to move into a secret pad somewhere by the sea. From there, you would use your wealth to hire people – therapists, goons, lawyers – to do everything else. It would be a clean break.

But most break-ups are dirty. Feelings and theories repressed for the sake of civilized coupling get weaponized. Forensic accounting uncovers flimsy constructs. The reclaiming of your personal psychic space is not the joyous exercise in authentication that it would be if you were stronger, cashed up and rested.

But the hardest bit is the not-knowing. Once you click out of denial and into transition mode, you can deploy your Saturn energies: patience, strong friendships, wisdom, and planning genius. And then, as you free up all the energy trapped in lying to yourself or trying to prop up a fake facade, you rebirth. Always.


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Having been through this scenario a few years ago, as always Mystic, your summing up is perfect. Beautifully put! It bought a lump to my throat, such wise words and so on the mark.
Thankyou marvellous Mystic.


On the eve of an eclipse, I go to a Counsellor to seek help.


Up until Feb 2019, This was my last 3 years…. I went deep. I wept I cried while driving the car, feeding the animals, doing the groceries, at stupid advertisements. The longing to extricate myself from such a loveless marriage, haunted my every moment. Dreams swirling with thunderous clouds and tidal waves of massive fear. Every time I’d do my tarot, the Devil would be grimacing back. Meanwhile, my intuition was pinging off of something that kept telling me to keep going. Face the fear. Up your self confidence. Mixed in between, was lots of champagne drinking whilst cooking dinner,… Read more »


What’s the antidote???

rachel cap scorp

This post is all about how I’m doing my 2019. It’s kind of a relief to see it written by someone else. Makes me feel less crazy.


Oh this is all of me. Distracting myself with clothes, nice lingerie and intrspection and an affair to avoid dealing with the relationship I wish I didn’t have..


And if I break up with husband I have realised I have to break up with the affair.. So stay or go for me is two relationships.. Both inadequate



Saturn on the ascendant. It’s all still shifting but energetically I have been through that eerie phase and then yes. 100% – decisive action is SO much easier than the inbetween/upside down


Haha…I’d say that this image is good for about 98% of tarot readings!


Oh Mystic you have outdone yourself (again).

Bookmarking this post for all my friends in future break-ups.

The image is just too hilariously perfect 🙂 The words, well, in a league of their own.

Thank you for this pure haute magic astrology blog. I can not imagine life without the wisdom, humour, deep spiritual insights and fun of the Daily Mystic emails, horoscopes and this! …This genius eloquent writing.

Wishing healing to anyone going through break-ups.

The desert drone gig comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the way. Freedom xx


I’m sad I’m breaking up with my old self and the things she likes (guy types and false safety zones). The external ppl are feeling it and freaking out.

I don’t want to go but I can’t stay either.


I think this is admirable, and really probably a necessary ongoing cycle flor many of us


Does anyone besides me notice that dating sites are overpopulated with Scorpio and Taurean ladies?

More Scorpios by a mile.



I see Virgo and Cap. But then again my Venus is Virgo and my Dsc is Cap.


I have noticed quite a few Virgos, too; my rising sign. Maybe it’s Scorpios I’m attracted to? My ex was one. The single Scorpio ladies seem to be 5’2 and blonde.


Fwiw not many men note their sign on the dating sites I’ve seen. I don’t reveal I am a fish, either, for that matter.. Those who do seem to be (from memory) virgo and cancerian. Sometimes aquas. I think it’s possible to read between the lines sometimes and narrow down the possibilities tho.

Eclipse Tripper

LOL and love the genius tarot image. It is really NICE, CLEAR and EASY to read and GET this blog, when you are NOT in a love zombie/dysfunctional scenario and really been there done with that for life methinks. But, oh so difficult to grasp when your heart strings are being played and you can’t see your dysfunctional/co-dependant parts resonating into the vortex. I am reading it and thinking of a friend who needs to read it. Am I in trouble by almost relishing the idea of being “a desert crone, prowling around the outskirts of town grazing on gorse… Read more »


I reckon desert crone is a tops job description tbh. Saw it and thought, not a bad option actually. Keep it in the back pocket. Far more interesting than bumping into the same walls of the same streets filled with the same litter, ad infinitum.


Mystic- your words are amazing. Thank you for your incredible clarity and ability to express some of the weirdest and hardest experiences a human can have. I love and relate to every single thing you said in this post. Fantastic stuff. It’s why I subscribe 🙂


Lol, “witch” one do I dump?


I kind of have to talk about the flipside of this. I’ve become enamoured with Terrace House – a Japanese reality TV show that throws horny young folk together and watches the awkwardness unfold. Anyway there was a young newly formed and struggling couple on the verge of breaking up and everyone around them supported them to talk and be honest about what they wanted and they found a way to grow from it as a couple and as individuals. It really moved me. Through my breakup all of my support was subtly or not so subtly encouraging break up… Read more »


Another way. Yes. X


Yeah I get that. And it’s a fine line, especially if you’re on the outside. The safest option is to urge breakup because you don’t want your friends to be trapped in an potentially abusive relationship. But I think it can also reinforce cyclical patterns of fall in love, struggle, break up and repeat.

Triple Air Gem

These two comments are
basically my parents lives and then my life in response. So spot on


Personally, I think that’s something entirely dependent on context – it’s a very different story when there’s issues of severely broken trust vs. the usual simple communication issues or run-of-the-mill personality conflicts that young or newly-formed couples typically navigate until they adjust to one another and learn to better accommodate each other (if they mutually value the relationship, that is). I will say that if I’m ever in a bad scenario that I need to leave, my friends damn well better be telling me to go and actively helping me to pack my bags or else they’re not really my… Read more »


It’s not that I needed more community support per se (though it may have helped), but that I wish the people that I know didn’t automatically jump to ‘dump him find someone else’ response – and it’s not just directed at me, but at other struggling non-abusive relationships in my circles. They aren’t all guilty of it, but it’s a definite theme. Tbh I don’t know if what I described exists anymore except on reality tv and maybe in small communities that understand how to foster social harmony. But it does make me a little disappointed that we should only… Read more »


your last two sentences. YES. thank you for expressing this. it has taken me +decades+ to learn that open hearted listening is not exactly a huge demand, and is in fact a good thing, something that builds trust, connection, a community, allows vulnerability, and a sense of safety that is necessarily mutual, *patience*, and most importantly takes down the notion that someone is ‘better’ or ‘more superior’ than someone else because ‘they don’t have any problems [right now]’. mind you, when your only family is uranian, the cold detachment of paid help is comparatively like coming into a warm house… Read more »


I might dump myself. Nuthing else to dump…except some friends off at the pool.


You make me smile!


Question? Do you slink out quietly or try to explain


I’ve just decided to break up with my new guy (of a couple months) today. I’m feeling angry about the situation and very sad. I need support but don’t have any around here. Feeling very lonely…. 🙁 Any good wishes from you all would be greatly appreciated… I just don’t have the patience for certain things and just can’t put up with what I used to, I know where that gets me to later on down the road… I guess this is a good thing, but it hurts so much right now because I haven’t even attempted a relationship in… Read more »






Oh no, flowerchild, that sucks. It’s good that you are making the decision based on all of that hard won wisdom, and self-awareness, but yeah, I get that the hurting comes regardless. I so admire the spirit that comes through in your posts.
Keep on x


Yes, compassion to you. So sorry you endure pain…best wishes!


Flowerchild I am sorry I know how you feel I had been protective of my heart for 20 years Met an amazing guy BUT had to break my own heart when he became violent Hoping and praying that he will get help as I still can’t shake the soul connection between us no matter how hard I try… Being alone again after being loved is absolutely awful I try to console myself with the fact I was brave enough to try and put my heart on the line… Unfortunately he wasn’t worthy or deserving of me! Sending you love and… Read more »


That is truly awful, Gwendolyn, after putting your heart out there.

But it is incredible to know you saw your self worth, and valued your own heart xx


Oh my gosh, Gwendolyn, that is so scary and awful, but I’m glad you had the strength and the self-worth enough to walk away as soon as he became violent, as this is a dynamic that can become a dysfunctional cyclical thing in some relationships and the person being abused can get stuck in that ‘should I stay or go’ impasse, like MM described. I was in a physically abusive relationship in my 20’s and I stayed in it far too long when I should have left immediately after the first sign of harm. I didn’t have enough self-worth at… Read more »


Ah that last line hit home.

So Mutable It Hurts

You’re doing great xoxo


❤️❤️you’ve got this!!

Saggi Crab

Big hugs, flowerchild. I can understand the disappointment you must feel that the initial promise of the relationship hasn’t unfolded like you hoped it would. That’s always rough. But what strength you have in recognising it early for what it is and backing yourself, rather than bending yourself to try and make it work. xx


Sending lots of love, Flowerchild. Even when there is support around, heartbreak hurts. I’m sure it felt special because it was then and there, even if it just is not anymore. Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you can: you had incredible heart courage, and you still do.



Thanks so much, everyone, for your love and care and perspective! 🙂 I just need to get through this transitional healing period and I will be ok. It probably wasn’t a good time period for ‘risking love’ for me, but you never know when it’s going to come along, it’s probably rarely good timing, right? I think perhaps with the current astro MM described in this post and where I’m at in my life, just post Chiron return, I am less apt right now to dither about, whereas I was always the ‘should I stay or go’ person most of… Read more »


Hey, it’s a bit slow to begin but i started liking it at about 1:20ish. It just rocked up in something else i was listening to. Hate it if you want to 🙂


Thanks! Very pretty and unique song… thanks for the musical accompaniment today! Music is the best medicine for emotional angst.. 🙂


And, nah, “rarely good timing”? It always exacerbates and shits up the workings you thought you had going, all practicals, and all home energies for the practicals. It’s just that kind of necessary thing, i guess, love xx


And when you have enough of grieving:

You could fall in love with silence –


I’m so sorry, Flowerchild. Hugs to you.


I guess it is a good thing I am single then! 🙂

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

I’d say this applies to other areas of my life, especially my career! Although I’ve done great work for my employer, my relationship with them has had an undercurrent of strife. I have a feeling that everything, good and bad, is about to surface. On one hand, my accomplishments do merit a promotion, which I’ve been encouraged to apply for one. On the other hand, I’ve endured a lot of fighting on this job (everything from colleagues who try to usurp me to not getting support I need to simply do my job). I’ve been a “good sport” on the… Read more »


Thanks for this ❤️


PS I see Gorgon HQ as being a large sun-lit room with wide window sills containing lots of curled up sleepy cats (our familiars). Our rescue horses are grazing in a large field outside. I see my idea of Mystic wearing camouflage and holding a large Staff. She is Queen of Wands. We have live sphinxes and Temple Cats (from Kym Falconer’s sci-fi books) guarding the perimeter.


Sometimes spontaneous bursts of rainbow coloured energy zooms out of Gorgon HQ and pulverises people who have been cruel to animals. My attitude is a bit low Scorp re this.


Pulverizing people who were cruel to animals is a imagine that restored harmony in my day. Thank you.



Triple Air Gem

I kinda like imagine, too. I think it works 🙂


This is so beautiful, and rings so true. Thank you, Mystic.


Insightful and compassionate description of how the stay or go phase is worse than the actual breaking up. Especially the patriarchal BS that starts up the minute one begins to question whether or not this partnership is worth the investment of time and energy and compromises of core values that seem necessary for its viability.


You just described the exact process of my divorce back to when Uranus moved to Aries and Chiron entered Pisces. Boy had I known all this it would have speared me a lot of pain.
It’s so detailed I kinda relieved it while reading it.

My greatest hope (and plan) is that after the past very lonely and hard 7 years, this new era will be a lot more about establishing (reciprocally) nurturing and healthy relationship (Taurus) while maintaining a sacred SELF core (Chiron in Aries).


I got divorced during this period too – late 2012 early 2013… devastating but completely necessary. I feel for you – I’ve been in the same boat!


I’m not in a romantic relationship at the moment, but I do feel like I’m breaking up with my former life. Chiron return incoming and my Chiron is conjunct my IC and opposite my Pluto/Sun. Glad for the Aries fire vibe now though. At least I can use that to burn the pyre of bullshit that gathered from its trek through Pisces. We don’t need no water let the motherfuqer burn…


Patriarchal system is bad for women as well as men. Don’t they know it?

Leo on the Rise

O god love this Mystic – it resonates so hard that I started to shake….


You’ll have found me wide awake at 1-5am for the past six or seven years. And totally unable to regain sleep until the clock ticks past the 5am mark. I had to reason with myself that this was just as it had to be or I would have gone stark staring mad. Since sleeping with the Aqua it got worse but now as I am about to shift life again it is improving. It is still the time I am inclined to wake but maybe just once or twice per week these days. Break ups…. I am getting better at… Read more »


I just read a few hours ago (chasing a health issue) that those exact 1 – 5am in Chinese system are the hours we process pain or grief. You might already know this..? But it will definitely resonate with you. Strange you say a ghost in the house: i moved into a highly haunted beautiful one with a boyfriend once, after we lived in a few spaces. Fell asleep by accident after a huge party we threw, in the worst part of the house, where audient jams used to completely throw me, quite vicious right in my ear. I dreamt… Read more »


That’s a tale. You are obviously so in tune ! And was it the boyfriend opening you up to this stuff ? Have a glorious friend who had a short relationship with a Scorpio and had to leave as he simply threw her into clairaudience, vivid lucid dreams and eczeama ! She says it was the deepest darkest places, still doesn’t know if it was her psyche or his energy or a portal but as soon as she left it all stopped. And thank you. I am grounded and going through the motions in my mind but as you say… Read more »


Haha, no, it wasn’t him. Born This Way.

But when i’m with someone i channel through into them too, both ways. Can be amazing, can be awfully wearing.

Yes, i think you’re grounded. The leaving tends to happen deeply under surface, but when it does surface, you see and feel it so clearly, there it just is. Good luck and goddess-speed xx


I’ve been remembering how much breakups and or unrequited love can suck so damn much. Much sympathy and pats to anyone going through this. Even an unexpected entanglement lately got me all zapped, but I also get a bit better at letting the frizzling anxiety goooooooooo gently into that good night (with some help from a sadge advisor).. wow. It really occupies the old neurons. I realised several years ago that due to certain circumstances I didn’t have the cognitive capacity for an intimate relationship but wow you still want ’em.. I’m climbing out of that pond now slowly, but… Read more »


Most people mean what they say. In the moment. I sense the moment changes but get frustrated when the other person doesn’t recognise what is clear to me in themselves. They cling, then, somewhat, in a way that makes it seem more desperately holding on to something they don’t want to lose. But it’s something they already lost. (Married a Leo Moon. Know also the Libra non-Sun-inner planets and Venus Risings too, er, biblically.)


My beloved has a Leo moon. They do love unabashedly and are demonstrative.

I would say, not necessarily and EQUAL amount of demonstrativeness, but subtler indications of regard are just fine for them. They really just want to know that you know that they are Wonderful.

I’ve known other Leo moon males, and this applies to all. They are really lovely, uncomplicated people. They have a certain innocent confidence that is quite endearing– especially to an Aries like me. 🙂


I’ve been remembering how much breakups and or unrequited love can suck so damn much. Even an unexpected entanglement lately got me all zapped, but I also got better at letting the frizzling anxiety goooooooooo gently into that good night (with some help from a sadge advisor).. wow. It really occupies the old neurons. I realised several years ago that due to certain circumstances I didn’t have the cognitive capacity for an intimate relationship but wow you still want ’em.. I’m climbing out of that pond now slowly, but it’s taken a while. That reminds me. Leo moon guys. suuuuper… Read more »


Oops double post?!


Umm the only Leo moon I was involved with a narcissist. Love bombing followed by cheating & complete withdrawal of affection. But he also had a 12th house Venus opposite Saturn & Pluto & other gnarly things (Sun/ Mercury sq Neptune = great poet, heartless liar).


Soz, lovely, response above, if it helps.


So, just got cheated on in an open long-distance relationship. I am the process of relocating from Europe to Oz & this dude was a major factor in my decision. It was supposed to be the relationship that healed me from my past trauma of being cheated on & emotionally abused. This guy cheated on me for a month – I say cheated on because he didn’t take the initiative to contact me & indeed avoided engaging with my messages & calls when I was attempting to break up with him (the communication was so bad). Right now I am… Read more »


God so sorry you are feeling in need of good clear support and can’t put the money in yet. In open or monogamous relationships, honesty is very much key, and you did that. I think you did. You mention wanting holiday fling, but Ariel you always sound so grounded and clear in your wild energies, here. So, it seems you wanted holiday fling and probably made the campfire boundaries, and someone else took away with anything left unmentioned, just because they wanted to, not because you failed in any way. You may need a safe supportive space, and i think… Read more »


I had to look up open relationship just in case I was missing something, but nope. Open relationship: a marriage or relationship in which both partners agree that each may have sexual relations with others.

3rd time hurt in an open relationship? Why do you put yourself through it? What exactly do you want from a relationship? I am genuinely curious.


Thank you Mystic. Insightful and such briliant writing 🙂


Brilliant bit of writing Mystic.. and hilarious image!




Stunning words that I never would have listened to when I was in the the throws of that period (except in the depths of my heart, which would grow heavy), but now ring out true and clear as a bell. But isn’t there always two ‘me’s – one me trying to end things, and one trying to hold it all together? Who will win the Battle Royale!

I’m wondering if I need a new bed. One that’s mine, not ours.


This picture is fuqing mint.


isn’t it?


Need poster size!




Wow! Yes, and thanks 🙂


I am kinda happy I don’t have any actual love life during this transition zone. I actually feel tired of me surfing the net on online dating sites. But Uranus is about to move in my 9th house and sextile my Venus so I thought I should stay all modern-online-uranian dating for at least some more months. Love Zombie is past me. It’s long gone. To be interested in a relationship it should be as real as my life on my own is, only funnier and more lively of course. I hate that Mercury Retro is over but we are… Read more »


Thanks so much Mystic for such an insightful post. My natal Chiron is at 28 Pisces, third house conjunct IC and just a tadpole away from my fourth house. Am currently breaking up with the group/employer/cultists who became my 2nd family 25 years ago. Have been doing this by degrees for several years, that coincide with the beginning of the Chiron at the end of the zodiac transit. I was blown away by your description of the types of dreams people are having. My current dream, and yes, it occurs whenever I think maybe *insert name of hypocrital user false… Read more »

Squared Virgo

Gorgon H.Q. – wonderful.


I know! Love it!


Yes, isn’t it!


Anyone else break up with someone today? Anyone…?

Man. Been beating myself up for the last month for ending up with the same prototype. All the positive thinking / standards / work does not magically bring great folks in your life. You just have deeper clarity to make choices about people you share the planet with.

Let me get this weepiness out than get back to building good s**t. Nothing is guaranteed. And the only reward of self care/realization is self care / realuzation.


True words. My sympathies with your current tough time. Indeed, don’t bear yourself up. Baby steps. Each apparently endlessly repeated mistake a little learning, or perhaps unlearning of toxic what you were told/shown since forever. Echoes gradually fade and ripples on the water grow fainter. You’re conscious, you’re sentient. Realisation / self care step by realisation / self care step you get to be kween and not messed with. Not quite the romantic dreams of old but think I’m happier with this now. Think 9 of pentacles, happy in a garden of her own making…


Same, love. We should form a support group. Sending a hug. x


Thanks, ladies.

Ariel – I’ve moved internationally twice for 2 men. Both were shady as hell. Neither was officially “open” but they did a woman dirty.

God I hope our only connection is disappointment, not a man. PLEASE confirm he is NOT a Scorpio, lol… :p


No! Mine is an Aqua.


Yes, I decided to break up with someone today and coming to the blog today and seeing MM’s message ‘dump him’ confirmed that I’m doing the right thing. It’s really painful. 🙁

I hope you’re going to be ok, I’m sure you will in the long run, but I know — I KNOW — it hurts right now!


Book contract. Now.




It’s a bit strange perhaps. But the sentence I’ve been given to distill the past three weeks (and subsequently the last 7 years!) is: I am co-dependant. three words that once they finally landed in me clicked me over fully from denial (which is not believing in lies so much as not allowing oneself to view reality or what actually is.) to embracing the transition zone. Feeling incredibly stable even in the midst of not a whole lot being stable or clear. I AM. And it’s not me standing upon some construct, wishful thinking, future pining, feeling beholden to or… Read more »


This is a workbook someone recommended for people in therapy. I have not used it in a professional capacity or as a client but I did read it and it is a direct & practical approach.



I’m currently reading ‘codependent moore’ by melody beattie and it’s amayyyyzing.


ugh, ‘codependent no more’*


This has been exactly my revelation over the Mercury retrograde period. I think I’ve come a long way from the beginning of Uranus in Aries but I think I have some work to do, now having named it. Thanks for the resource Aquasunrise!


Thank you – It’s a good useful workbook too, you actually work “through” the material. The author is reknowned…


This is fascinating. I’m going through a huge transition at the moment. Chiron at 0 degrees aries is right on my midheaven! About to launch a new website and new book… but the last six months (of not knowing) has been agony. Similar to a break up (with my old self?) but different, perhaps…
Thanks Mystic.. Also i’ve been waking at 4am in existential crisis for the past week as my website shifts over! Maybe I’m breaking up with my old self….


I love breakups. Yeah well, my current relationship is totally awesome and reaches it’s 10th year this year. But I remember the freedom and weight being lifted. A drug. Love drug? The Freedom Flaneur lol


Desert crone sounds pretty good actually! Beautifully written and a beautiful reminder x


Yeah I was thinking actually, desert crone or David Lynch dystopia sounds kind of interesting compared to the requirements and negotiations of everyday couple lyf? And there’s no reason why Mickey Rourke or Green Witch or 12-step Elder can’t meet their own tribe in this new open habitat…


That image ! Lol for awesome Public Image Ltd reference (?)


Or maybe that’s me projecting ! Various lyrics of his are helping me over a bad patch. Anger is an energy.


No, i heard it too! Especially stronger as i reopened the post. Sorry, i didn’t scroll down enough as i was kind of surfing another bit of dilemma, and i like to check in here because Mystic’s things, even the sidebar, often brings me a random synchro moment.

Was young enough then to despise mcLaren, but find now that he was a force that kept the PiL image going beyond its organic expiration. Westwood, too, though she is by far the more current force of fashion-punk. How ahead of her time right while being in it, is she?


yes i heard it too!


I Love her too, she is really beyond any time.

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