The Orgone Accumulator – Win $500 USD Via Your Wit & Imagination

The Orgone Accumulator

Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator is a wooden booth lined with metal that people would sit in to improve their mental health by trapping the healing force of the orgasm. Well-known users include  J.D. Salinger, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Saul Bellow, and Norman Mailer.


Win $500 USD by spinning the best tale/explanation/polemic about this interesting little bit of historic business. Second Prize: A Skype Consult with me. Third Prize: A Two Year Mega Mystic membership – you can add it to yours or give to a friend.

Any one can post their entry via the Comments below. But only Mega Mystic members are eligible to win one of the fab prizes.

Other than wit and imagination, i am open to any interpretation or explanation of the Orgone Accumulator. It can be a feminist polemic. A sci-fi dystopia. A contemporary franchise document. You could tackle, if you are ambitious, the concept of much modern literature being perhaps inspired by the Orgone Accelerator.

The judges decision – aka MINE – is final. I will be choosing three winners next Thursday May 3 and announcing them in this post.  I will be reading all entries next week so there is no need to rush your entry.

There are so many questions re the Orgone Accumulator: Did any woman ever use it? Did you have to come to climax IN the machine? Or did you just meditate while the orgasm particles buzzed around?

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WOW Mystic!! This is amazing! So many amazing entries on this post – I see a collection of shorts “Through the Eyes of Witches”. Lets publish a series on Kindle Direct.




Ever since this was posted I’ve been debating on whether or not to pipe in. Ultimately deciding yes because 1. this is one of the most open and safest, yet simultaneously private forums I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of and 2. #1 helped me reframe what I have to share as being a pretty wild funny story rather than focusing on the threatened dis-ease of exposure, or some such negative inner swamp wander. Gotta keep that thing drainnnnned. So here goes: I have an orgone accumulator in my backyard. Yes it works (there’s context to that though).… Read more »


In our desperation, we built a box. A thought is held and relieved and replaced by a prayer, that these walls would echo back a sentiment of linear unwinding, before it was too late. In our desperation, we built a box to ask of ourselves, who am I to be human? The answer was, of course, given without delay. . . . Like bats hanging off exposed wood beams, we moved quietly through time. Waiting for the planet to roll over, waiting for the Other to pierce our soul. And there it was, more often than not, squeezing through the… Read more »

Melissa Melita

Wilhelm Reich was horny. He was horny in the starving way, that most three legged Aries males were in the morning, and when he woke up that Monday, he decided something had to change. Miss Understanding, his preppy little Virgo assistant had already started the day by driving the vacuum cleaner around his laboratory, and from his bedroom in the first floor, the satisfying sound of the metal pipe devouring something solid (like a lab mouse), drove him up the wall. She was sexy, Miss Understanding. In the way that vesta virgins could be. That a granny panty could be.That… Read more »


Ormond reached the landing, glanced around in the dim light and knocked at the heavy wooden door, momentarily impatient until he heard Marquand’s ponderous footsteps approaching from within. Ormond was a tall, elegant, well dressed young man in his early twenties. He wore his elegance lightly; his youth, affability and good humour having so far mitigated against acquiring the supercilious haughtiness and disdain evident in so many of his contemporaries. This alone would have commended him to the ladies, but he was also blessed with an animal magnetism which drew many of them to him, a situation he found profoundly… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I loved this. You can write. Have you ever written a novel?

Squared Virgo

Journal of a German Virgo, Date is eligible, but the year points to the late 1940s…. A few weeks ago, I read this advertisement, a European scientist was looking for women who “knew what a Madonna-whore-complex is about. Preferably with strong Eros in their chart.” Right, I am a Virgo Sun & Venus, plus my Scorpio Mars is conjunct Eros- obviously, I was qualified and wanted to know what his research was about. So, I applied. It was nice to speak German again. Austrians have such a wonderful way to pronounce. All soft and, in a way, very peculiar. (I… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

To understand the Orgone Accumulator, we must first examine it’s inventor. Hence I present: Wilhlem Reich—or, If only he had Reiki, Tantra and Meditation instead of being a Creepy Bastard. He liked a bit of Freud—and we all know the dangers or Freud—a little=bit of fun, too much and you can’t pick up a walking stick without gasping and running to the therapists couch. Liked a bit of Marxism—well and good—but REALLY, what does the workers controlling the means of production have to do with the quality of the sex they’re having? I mean, one could be a perfectly happy,… Read more »


Freya Lastark brewed another cup of burdock tea and looked out the window once more. It had been raining all week in Chronopolis. Her thesis—about how Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator had fueled every influential development in mid-20th century American literature—was overdue, and she was totally blocked. Freya sighed. She wanted to see her slowness as a productive gestation, but her research—spending hours at the library gathering quotes from male writers waxing poetic about mystical experiences in the orgone accumulator—was making her suspect a more simple kind of block. It had been ages since she’d had sex and she had thrown… Read more »


It’s like you have been following me around and taking notes on my life. Please follow up with an instalment showing said bodywork taking a turn for the hotter. I need hope!
Also, I love your writing.


Aww thank you Alouetta! I will most certainly get to work on the sexy sequel 😉


*her best friend, Vanadium, might move


Women are their own orgon generators, particularly when pregnant or double penetrated. This creates a closed nerve energy circuit. Men know this. They resent this. They want this ability themselves. This is the Secret of the High Priestess. Controlling womens sexuality via Patriarchy is a means to limit High Priestess Orgone Prana Creative energy under the Feminine influence, hence Patriarchal manipulatve power crap. As women gain sexual sovereignity, men are increasing their misogyny but it will be in vain. Its not wise to fool Mother Hekate. She comes back with Vengeance and Power. Chinese medicine knows this and there are… Read more »



Malcolm McLeod

“Scorpio moon orgone dark side transmutation” I’d been more than naughty. & I’d been caught. The dark, energised look she gave me was that of an totally in control chess master, who realized I’d realized there was no way out of the trap he had set, one move from checkmate. I hung my head, dropped to my knees, looked up & said to Betty “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, Thank you” Betty exploded “Don’t degrade yourself further by degrading a beautiful sentiment with your manipulative insincerity,… get in the box’ My crime? A long story that… Read more »




Orgone collecting devices exist now as multi layered fabric used as a whole or part of body wrap.These were developed by the Russians based on the work of Reich. They are used for health reasons and are called either OLM or ULM blankets. They are terrifically regenerative. Would recommend the blanket for anyone and everyone. I have had one for 3 years and wish I had had it for 30yrs.

aqua kat

I had heard the Russians were already using them therapeutically. I’m about to finish making my own blanket. Very glad to hear your feedback on it!


You know this is a real thing with actual amazing benefits used worldwide today, right? There’s one at my local homeopathic clinic, it looks like a small wooden indoor sauna.. they use it for cancer patients. There’s no orgasming involved.


How do you know? About the orgasming that is.


Prototype of single occupant Spewtnik. 13,169 launches.


The ego mind has long been jealous of the power of the animal (real/true) self. It makes sense that somebody’s ego came up the plan to steal this power from mother nature and install it in the minds that were already converted to patriarchal (ego) purposes.
But what if this serves to actually re-connect the mind to the animal body? Pretty cool, then. Sort of an ego-annihilator.

dark star

I feel like this would be a Uranian Finnish engineer dudes sauna conversion passion project amid a long lonely Pluto transit


A knock at the door. You open it. A man stands there, tall, effeminate, a wastrel air. He holds out a card. Your name is on it. An alarm goes off: 3:13am. Your hand knocks it off the table while fumbling for the button to shut it off. You can’t figure out the geometry of the room you are in. Where are you? Outside and close, you hear barn animals huffing in the night. They come for you just before you can grasp your memories. They are tall, with black cowls hiding their eyes. They say nothing, but you know… Read more »


Intense! I feel like a Dali picture after reading that… *goes to look in the mirror, just to check*


He had taken the mugwort as directed by the spirit of Jack Kerouac, who visited him one night during an astral projection. Feeling creatively blocked, he was trying everything he could for some much needed inspiration. In his vision, Kerouac guided him to an old run-down building in SoHo, New York City. Off MacDougal St. to be exact. He knew this area quite well having visited the former haunts of some of the most influential writers – again, for the inspiration. Onward, the spirit led him through a secret passageway behind a wine cellar that ended with a pretty normal… Read more »




True Story. The Orgone Accumulator (ORAC) has a perpetual dis-info campaign that runs against it. The creator was thrown in jail, and died of a ‘heart attack’ before his parole hearing; where his case would have taken a turn, considering he had acquired the ear and trust of a few powerful people, including the then future President – JFK. All documents pertaining to this case are restricted and held under top security classification. The Orgone Accumulator works. The CIA have plenty of studies proving the energetic reality of our world. Their work on Psychic Soldiers, and LSD trials were just… Read more »


I can’t be arsed to write this type of thing. However this is the best entry that has ever been posted in these comps.

To many great references but the KR one, amongst others, is fab. Def an Aqua-Gem thing going on here!


Thanks PF. Appreciate you thinning out the competition through lack of Saturn (Cappy) influence 😉


I have to plead bias. My youngest granddaughter is an Aqua Sun and Lib Asc and she is a cyclone of the absurd. I like Air-craziness.

Your effort tickled my funny bone.


Lol – cyclone of the absurd.
Is there any greater comedy than absurdist productions? Fatty-Owls, MontyP, YoungOnes, Bottom. Even the modern ‘Bad Lip Readings’ are pretty good .

Yeah, I have a Grand Air Trine, and I share Mozart’s birthday. I just write things down, as I hear them or as they appeared in dreams


Oooh nice work.


Thanks, A


Brilliant work . Worth price of subscription alone.

Double Gem

Goddess bless you Willie Reich!


Had a quote of his on my brochures in the 90’s, ‘the free flow of erotic energy through the body is a sign of good mental health’. Found it interesting that his orgone energy was said to be ultra violet-blue colour residing at the base of the brain, the same colour i used to see when i did bodywork when energy started to flow. His book ‘People in Trouble’ was earlier called ‘The Emotional Plague of Mankind’ billed as ‘one man’s courageous struggle to understand the social activity of mankind’ written between 1927 & 45′. Found his book ‘The Cancer… Read more »


I don’t like the sound of what they were accumulating in there…..


I came, I saw, it kicked my ass.


How long do I have to sit in this thing for? Great. I’m sitting on a chair in a metal box layered with wood in the hopes of catching more than my fair share of orgones, which sounds a bit like catching something that might be a) infective and b) potentially embarrassing. How did I end up here? This started at a baby shower, where I was explaining the etomology of the term “confinement” to a bevy of new age women who had never heard the phrase and were outraged about it, while pretending I liked the coconut yoghurt being… Read more »

Stephanie Mueller

Orgasm, the union of effort and surrender is the ultimate collapsing of polarities, a potent reminder of Oneness. Its sensation is at once deeply human, of the physicality of this earth, and of impermanence, of the realm of All that is. As humans during orgasm we touch the Uncreated (“Oh God” an oft heard expression at climax) and we acknowledge our impermanence (la petite mort, French for orgasm, or literally the little death). That which is invisible, is most powerful. The vibration remaining after orgasm contains the potency of its totality, this Oneness in a most powerful form. It is… Read more »


Fictional story: The machine was dragged around by camel for local circus events or as a gag trick for bored higher society folk. For a small donation, you got to explore your inner desires, delve into other universes and sometimes experience sensual creatures- who knows what your mind would fancy up. Whilst inside the booth you get the choice of music to indulge the senses 1. Elton John, Tiny dancer 2. Glen Campbell, Rhinestone cowboy or 3. Bee Gees, More than a Woman. The fragrance is very ominous but sensual, woodsy, with a touch of old money. Mostly felt by… Read more »


What was Wilhelm thinking? Trying to impress Freud by designing a private vehicle for his very own bliss wank? Not an orgone conclusion one could conclude surely? That enlightenment would ensue by locking oneself in a metal lined box to marinate in orgasmic vibrations of the ecstatic self-led variety? Neurosis driven, like the marketing bloom of viagra, men flocked to the box for genital utopia. Alas dear Vagina, if only they had realised that from within lies the true expansion of mental acuity and health. That from connection and affection comes orgasmic bliss. That they had just taken the toilet… Read more »


February 22, 2040 The design of our current model Orglar 69, pays tribute to the original Orgone Accumulator made out of wood and lined with metal. The Orgone Accumulator was the first device utilising Scalar energy to absorb and channel the power of an orgasm to heal the human body directly via the 72,000 Nadis. Prior to this original device, we were relying solely on Vector energy which is described by both magnitude and a direction! Imagine all that divine power spritzing all over the cosmos,what a waste of time and space! The Orglar 69 uses latest torsion technology, providing… Read more »


In my future alternate reality, the internet is only available in orgone accumulators. At first little is understood about how to harness this power. Gradually more is learnt about the nature of the energy itself. At some stage we become capable of separating positive from negative energy. We burn off the bad qi in orgone generators as an alternate energy source. The good qi is used to heal all illness with super orgone synthesisers. Once virtual orgone accumulators are invented Excess Orgone distributors are set up using old radio towers. The planet heals. Wars end. Finally love prevails


Hundreds of eyes stared through the many windows of the spaceships gigantic main laboratory, gleaming with anticipation. A discovery had been made and the beings whispered that perhaps this was finally it; what they had searched for, for so long. They had combed the universe for millennia, meticulously searching planets and galaxies. Some had even begun to lose hope. The ancient box stood squarely in the centre of the huge room. It had been carefully excavated from beneath centuries of dirt. The wood had mostly rotted from its sides to expose the metal innards which seemed intact, hopefully protecting its… Read more »


Prince’s songwriting booth.

dark star

Hahaa! But needing a purple glitter shag carpet lined interior at the very least


right on!

Crystallised future

It’s why Doctor Who liked time travelling so much, he felt like a renewed man every time he stepped into the new world, fresh and invigorated from the sparks generated whilst in motion between moods / time, lol!

Julie Farin

The Orgone Accumulator should be renamed “Jack (off) in the Box’ since the only people named to have used it — Mailer, Salinger, Kerouac, at al — were men. It reminds me of “the Orgasmatron” booth featured in Woody Allen’s film “Sleeper.” At least women as well as men were shown enjoying that one.


After Sully discovered he could produce more power from Boo’s laugh than her fear, he was named CEO of Monsters Inc and reorganized energy production methods. Renaming the “Scare Floor” the “Giggle Floor,” he was able to realize tremendous gains. However, as the children aged, and the birthrate in 1st world countries declined, so did the energy production. As big corporations always do, the Board demanded ever-increasing production goals, despite the decrease in resources. One night Mike Wazowski happened upon a young man doing what adolescent boys do alone in their room and discovered that while the laughter of children… Read more »

aqua kat

Oooh I am very much into Reich’s work! His observations make a lot of sense to me and I had some serious Aha! moments about my personal experience while reading an anthology of his works. My hypothesis is that orgone is Reich’s word for what other traditions call chi or prana. It is the energy of the subtle body, which is also the free floating energy of the environment. He calls it sexual vegetative energy, the energy that propels all living organisms. It animates our bodies, but when we brace for the impact of violence (physical, psychological, verbal, emotional), we… Read more »

aqua kat

Basic references: Reich, W. Selected writings: An introduction to orgonomy. and DeMeo, J. The Orgone accumulator handbook: Construction plans, experimental use and protection against toxic energy.


Love Reich’s legacy too….absolutely ahead of his time. I’ve found the character types just an amazing way of understanding our body tension and armouring. I think also that he is talking about chi, and it’s amazing that he developed his work without knowledge of chinese medicine etc (as far as I’m aware!)

Unicorn Sparkles

Thank you for this. Changes my whole perception of it 🙂


So is the idea of the box is it blocks out energy from the outside world?


Dear Dr. Reich,

Did you rewrite a branch of eastern philosophy regarding Qi?

aqua kat

He didn’t rewrite eastern philosophy, but I think he presents a Western European psychoanalytic and experimental take on the subtle body. I wonder if he had read any books on Eastern philosophy and medicine? From his writings it seems he came to this independently from observing his psychoanalytic clients but who knows what was on his bookshelves.


Yep….it is amazing considering that he seems to have made his observations with out reference to Chinese medicine or understanding of subtle energy.


Cha, That’s what I was getting at. It strikes me as a quirky curiosity that some psychologists/explorers etc – in this case Reich – at times present a framework that already exists elsewhere, but with no active reference too it. I personally really enjoyed reading ‘function of the orgasm’ and read it long before I knew of the word Qi. So at the time I thought Reich was a bonafide genius. Still think what he had to present is valid, but keep in perspective the Western tendancy to ‘discover’ and excitedly share something as if it’s the first time it’s… Read more »

aqua kat

Yes, I absolutely agree that the Western tendency has been to uphold their own genius as originary. I think there have been periods of cross-cultural transmission, and then periods in which knowledge remained insular. However I know that Jung was reading about Chinese philosophy, so Reich could have been too. I studied eastern philosophy long before psychoanalysis, so was surprised to learn about orgone, but don’t know enough specifically about how chi and prana are described to know if they talk about it in the same way Reich does. His experiments with the bions and his take on the accumulator… Read more »


It was a box of many weathers. It captured the shudder of fists punched against a soft stone. It noted the faint hiss between teeth at the release of a long-held urge. It tracked the imperceptible shifts in shade in hidden corners of skin: behind the ear, say, or the inside of a wrist. It counted the folds, the strands, the small hairs and the smaller muscles at the root of the root of this hairs. It was a box that could contain the names of energies and humours too subtle to be handled otherwise. It was a box that… Read more »


When gratification is delayed, we learn to examine our desires more closely, and with greater discrimination.


It’s a catholic confessional box for sure. I have been in one two times in my life and made up sins to keep everyone happy. Two laps around the rosary and you’re done.


This is giving me confessional crossed with the desire for multi dimensional contact type vibes. Saturn and Uranus at work. They’re trying to access the higher vibrations of such a powerful experience but it’s controlled. So they’re probably never going to get there in the end. The men need to figure out the path to free love because they’re not orgasmic in the same way as women and maybe they feel constrained by that. Women are connected to the tides and the earth, men all fire and vim and strangled by their own expectations. They need the release to access… Read more »


Aren’t these called “glory holes” today LOLOLOLOL


Come again?


Jacqui Rich (Formerly Reich but someone changed it for anonymity) craved the old wooden box tucked away in the junk room. Father had called it the Orgone Accelerator, but she called it the old wooden box but with less distaste in her tone as her Mother had. Peace was what she was looking for, ten minutes of uninterrupted nothing. After distracting the hoards by turning on the idiot box she stealth moded upstairs, tip-toeying around the creaky floor boards and pulling the ancient door shut ever so gently. Bliss was her thought as her eyes closed and she realised there… Read more »


(vimeo link)




Hard to imagine that Reich caused such an uproar that the authorities threw him in prison. But that chair does look uncomfortable. Maybe it was the chair that did for him ? Either that, or sound particles of Hawkwind playing ‘ I’ve got
an Orgone Accumulator and it makes me feel greater…’.
sent someone a bit loopy and the authorities decided that this little booth was all part of a communist conspiracy to erode the morals of upright , right -thinking Americans.

dark star

The OG 7 mins in heaven

Redlipstick Virgo

I really want the Skype consult … so promise I won’t sit in my Orgone Accumulator when we do my winning Skype consult…


Were they like telephone boxes, eg, one on every corner?

Could you come n go as you please?

No wonder Dr Who look so disheveled when he got out of one.

They certainly had an effect on Clark Kent. He came out with no glasses. It didn’t send him blind.

They don’t look roomy enough for a mass debate.

Unicorn Sparkles

Wil Reich was an Aries sun…In a very basic assessment based on people I’ve known, Aries are prone to self deprivation/ self torture/ discomfort as tools towards success… They can stick to regimens no other mortals would even dare begin in order to achieve their aim … self control as a virtue.
Therefore a stark chamber of discomfort in that particular decade may have represented a pinnacle and truly been a turn on…


dark star

The lion the witch and the (orgasmic) wardrobe?

dark star

I wonder if this inspired Vito acconci performance art


Orgone Accumulator.
Accumulator orgone?

I’m confused. I mean you either have it; as accumulated. Or you dont, zip, nil or gone.

From the little l did read about it, it appears its not just about sexual healing but an all-encompassing gadget. It looks a little repressive rather like a confessional box. Aha, there’s the sexual connection.

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