Sexually Transmitted Karma W.T.F?

Sexually Transmitted Karma? Nothing says Dark Moon with Chiron at the end of the Zodiac like googling for “vaginal exorcist.”  How did this all begin? Innocently enough.

Vis a vis When Your Hair Is Psychic, a Mega Mystic member sent tidings of a really interesting sounding book – Invincible Living – by a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Guru Jagat.  The pertinent hair comment:

“Hair maintains the body’s electromagnetic field and acts as an antenna for the aura (think Avatar movie). Hair is the only instrument that directly feeds vitamin D from the sun straight into the brain.

The brain needs more vitamin D than any other organ of the body. This kind of concentrated solar energy also stimulates the pineal gland, the gland of enlightenment. So as part of yogic practice, hair has a very special place.

In Kundalini Yoga you see a lot of practitioners letting their hair grow to its fullest length. This is because uncut hair collects energy and acts as a shield and extension of your nervous system.”

Yes, absolutely.

But then…this.

Sexually Transmitted Karma

“The second arcline, which occurs only in women, traces a radiant semicircle between the nipples. This one holds lineal information that you magnetically pass down to your offspring during the breast-feeding period. When you have sex with a man—even if it’s just once—his whole aura and genetic lineal code imprints onto that second arcline. Now, this information isn’t to make you feel bad or ashamed if you had a couple of wild run-ins in whatever decade that was. But it is an important piece of information for men and women to understand when they are making intelligent decisions bout sex.


My personal belief is that the reason we have this kind of imprinting mechanism is so that we can get the whole download of epigenetic, psychic, and lineal codes of the man. If, for instance, you were to have a baby with this man, you would have all of the lineal, genetic, and Akashic codings to pass down to the baby—vital information if you want to make a family. But that’s a little inconvenient if you’re having sex with someone you might not want to see ever again! In the past, these teachings were used in a very Victorian, lock-up-your-sex-drive way to scare women out of casual sex.”


According to this theory – that i am personally vehemently resistant to for a variety of reasons – If a woman is having penetrative copulation with a male, she picks up his karma and that of his male forbears.  But not vice versa. It sounds like a spooky horror story.  Not to mention unfair. Where is Nineties Germaine Greer when you need her? I know there are Yogis lurking in the Comments. Is this for real? Or is it like a left-over relic from patriarchal days?

It gives the Feng Shui Your Vagina post fresh relevance. If not actual urgency.  It also evokes 8th House issues like crazy. Thoughts?

Image: Emmanuel Giraud

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Well, women do absorb hormones from male semen and other stuff — there’s a hideous inequality, right in our body fluids — and another reason to use condoms with fellas whose hormonal imprint you don’t want in your bloodstream:


I love kundalini yoga and I just ordered this book however…it is well know Yogi Bhajan (the man who brought the ancient teachings of kundalini yoga to the west) was a womanizer and sexist in many covert and overt ways… if betting I would think they are other teachings that involve men and their testical to testical arc or the effects of their sexual karma effecting how they loose erections … but Yogi B probably left those out so he could get the goodies in his harem “free of karma”…. don’t get me wrong kundalini yoga is the jam


Fun Fact: In an interview in 1983, Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes explained that Simon had written the song “Union of the Snake” about an Indian philosopher named “Kundalini” who had described sexual energy as a coiled snake. lol.





To make blanket statements about how *I* feel sex creates an imprint, which therefore means others who don’t feel the same way are labouring under false consciousness or denial is, well, totalitarian, arrogant, and small-minded. After many years of teaching seminars in this area, I have found that the most basic, un-presumptive conclusion makes the most sense: It’s all to do with people’s relationships with their own bodies. Some people have an intense one, others don’t. Some people see sex as intimate as playing a game of tennis with someone, some see it as giving away some of their soul.… Read more »


Or talking about their parents, or their anorexia, or their gender transition…Personally, I find competition very exposing. So I might feel less vulnerable screwing someone than playing a game of chess with them. Depending on the circumstances, natch.


For an academic you make a lot of sense. Lololololololol. Maybe because you ride a moto you are a cut-thru logicus deliveratus.

Is an Aquarius Academic an OxyMoron or a TauGHtology?


yerfunnymang. In answer to yer question: All three? ;-p


As someone who is newly single, and fresh out on the dating scene, I can relate. I haven’t slept with anyone new since the early 2000s! And I’m in no rush. The thought of someone’s energy meshing with my energy is, well, kind of huge. Plus, I have kids now, and then that potential person’s energy will vicariously mesh with their energy. I have to be cautious. Not in a Victorian way, but in a “I only want a certain caliber of person in my life” way. As I put it to a girl friend the other night, “If I’m… Read more »

dark star

I think guru Jagat is rad! And so inspiring to women. Imo if this teaching (or any) feels icky then ditch it. If something doesn’t come from a place of love/ give you power what’s the point


The crystal appendange is chakra rainbow, each proceeding shade of colour has one of the 12 astrological symbols engraved into it.
And the tantric scalp massage has the high level option of cranial-sacral work
And mebbe, just mebbe, this robot has a ‘butt’ in which it poops out its findings from its body work onto fish leather paper.
Its name will be OSLO – Onerous.Sex.Liberation.Orgasms.


Mystic it does bring to mind the Vaginal smudging post… As far as the patriarchal control bs goes…ughhh stick it. Sexual karma… Sex, regardless of gender, is about exchange. Sacred energy exchange, as yes, we’re all sacred beings. The more receptive/perceptive/sensitive the partners, perhaps a good smudge/cleanse could clear any energies if there are lingering issues/unwanted attachments? I think you can be ‘corded’ by those who intentionally or not seek control. Again, an intentional practice to release or cut cords can clear. Women’s bodies can bring beings into this world. Of course they are regulated, hows that for power. What… Read more »

12th House Virgo

I feel it. Not that I like it or think its fair, but I feel it. Its why I don’t have sex often. I envy people who do – who can have sex and not have the hangover from it. I’d rather recycle an ex than mix up more. Not anymore, but I would before. I don’t think I have the karma of every guy I had sex with. More like sex was the karma – some good some bad. He has his karma. But I literally let it penetrate me. Intimacy is intimate. I don’t doubt the presence lingers.… Read more »


Yes! Of course! I feel the same way. You made things clearer for me <3

Fire and Ice

The problem with a girl guru and many female teachers is that they are still adulterated by male training and thinking even the best of them. Beliefs are mental constructs, not necessarily true or untrue. If a belief is empowering for you use it, if not discard it. We have to come back to trusting our own inner guidance and testing it to see if it works for us. Too much so called wisdom out there is keeping women disempowered.


I just find this site interesting.


pertaining to what is being discussed here….


There is Bizarro fiction book called The Haunted Vagina by Carleton Mellick III.


Haha sounds interesting…


*Take a seat and prepare for rant* As an 11th house laden Piscean (Aries rising, Scorpio moon) I have pondered this whole religion thing for a very long time. As I’ve said before, and will say again, the only thing being indoctrinated in man made religion growing up did for me was put me off man-made religion. My conclusion is the ‘enlightenment’ we are all waiting for, to save us from hell on earth is, EQUALITY. For EVERYONE! Consider the yin/yang symbol. It depicts life as a balance of all energies. But what we get from man made religions (and… Read more »


Disclaimer. To clarify, that wasn’t directed at anyone here. I preserve my rage for anti-female BS and my comments are rhetorical.



I so fkn agree here.
Piss off with your control.
It’s all fear based.


Exactly. As for vaginal karma and microchimera theroies, until all the facts are in, I will remain sceptical.


I completely agree with you and I want this line on a tee shirt – Just eff off with that BS.


My goodness, I propose we take a seven year hiatus from sex in general until we all get clear, make sure all children are clear and maybe, just maybe, we could break the ten bazillion year cycle of weird. Not like punishment, just, “ok,we have been doing this wrong, let’s all chill out and clear the land” like when a farm has to get certified organic, it takes a while to clear but then it’s golden. I can see this wouldn’t be popular. There’s so many things that can make us worry about how impure we are, I’m gonna keep… Read more »


anyone who calls themself a guru…purleease!


I co-sign Invincible Living. Its informed the revamp of my yoga/meditation practice not to mention my lifestyle over the last half year or so. Holy schnikes some of these exercises are powerful! You would be into it, Mystic! Haven’t gotten into this particular exercise yet, maybe I will during Uranus in Taurus (my 8th house). About the sexually transmitted karma…its absolutely not fair, but I personally think there’s truth to this. Vaginas = receptive. Feminine energy = receptive. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy, so I suppose the argument could be made that this is true for the party… Read more »


Woah, just reading the other comments now. Is this book really that full of BS? Usually I am really good at sniffing it out. Did my spidey senses not kick in this time? Help, guys!


It is also important information for women who have been raped. Practioners who can cleanse or repair this area danaged by men are needed.

Pearl Icicle

Judgements trying to keep women down. Both of these views. I’m cutting off all my hair today and having a random one night stand because I can…Mercury Retro be damned!


How can bald men get vitamin d then lol


luckily they still have skin since hair cannot absorb vitamin D! lol


No way this is true! I believe all that happens when the sperm fertilizers the egg and a new life is formed, not every random act of sex where no life is formed. What about birth control, especially condoms since there is no skin on skin contact and/or lack of ejaculation? Is it just the act of a penis going inside a vagaina, if this were true then wouldn’t there be major problems with pornstars and escorts? Some pornstars, both male and female have had over 500 sex scenes and that is not counting their personal lives.


I think there’s definitely some exchanging of energy/chi/karmic ties during sex – even just casual sex. While it likely impacts both men and women, as the potential “homes” for new life, I think that we women do “take” on more than they do. Perhaps the scientific correlation is that It’s like x times easier for a man to pass an STD to a woman than the reverse. I have heard in shamanic belief systems about the energy/chi/karmic “baby” that gets created when women have sex with a man. And how it takes something around 9 months for that energy to… Read more »





aprilrain might have more info on this. there is a great deal of teachings specifically for women as yogi bhajan believed women are 10x more powerful then men because of women’s capacity to create life.


What are the teachings for men, considering that they have that imprint? Are there any teachings for men to cleanse their imprint?

And also, are there any teachings for men about their ability to create life? And how to properly handle the power that they have in relation to non-life-creation sexuality? That is, with women as non-procreators or with men, or any other..?

Women don’t create life, but they house it if conception occurs.


Exactly, mille.


I took kundalini yoga teacher training and have studied with a number of original teachers trained by yogi bhajan- specific to the hair on ones head and body, each hair follicle is attached to a nerve. This is why it’s important- cutting off body hair can impact the energetics of the body. Head hair is grown long to coil on top of the head in a bun to also preserve the energetic flow among other things. The breast arcline is similar to that in Taoist emergectic practices. There is an entire presription for women to prepare for sex and to… Read more »


I think it is a rather mainstreem belief in the ( tantra/ kundalini/ sexy yoga) kommunity that you can take on a persons karma, and also talents. This can happen by just talking, or standing next to the person ( and opening for it), if you gazeinto eachothers eyes or kiss it is stronger, and in orgasm it is at ist strongest. ( there are the least blocks between two people then) Both men and women can take on stuff from the other. Women are said to be more receptive for information from the other, but if its true i… Read more »


As a guy..simple bastard I may be..but there is definitely some truth in the idea that we carry more unconscious DNA charge than we are told we do.intergenerational inertia..I’ve witnessed it in the dmt space where one becomes highly aware that we are transferring/holding much more data than our conscious mind is aware of. I’ve also seen it on this plane within an attachment to/ dialogue with land.
However I can only comment from this gender..I’m assuming that women have the same experience independently..and if not?? What does is say about where intergenerational information is stored? Surely it’s 50/50


I’ve had experiences with souls wanting to incarnate communicate to me. I remember an instance where I my husband and I were “on break” and I was seeing another man and sleeping together. I kept getting this feeling as if someone was scratching their thumbnail on my shoulder. This continued for a good month. I then was sharing this story with a swami girlfriend of mine. She informed me that in the ancient yogic texts this was actually a soul wishing to incarnate and circulating my chakric system, shushumna, pingala aka microcosmic orbit, in acupuncture we call the DU channel… Read more »


This is really fascinating. I wrote in my response about a woman I know helping women connect with their babies souls prior to incarnating. Do you know what yogic texts have this information? What type of yogic/energetic practice do you do if i might ask?


Look, as Pisces, even though i baulk at this idea of being “stained” by sex just because i am woman, i’m not going to write off the energy lines and imprints. What i’m perfectly comfortable writing off, however, is: (1) the gender focus, without examining all the people’s energetic imprintability through sex, and all the possibilities of gender. This definitely excludes bodies transitioned or transitioning, doesn’t it? Or queer, or other non-binary. Not to mention it is only one side of binary. (2) the idea that we are POWERFUL ENOUGH TO RECEIVE THE ENERGIES BUT NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO LIVE… Read more »


Plus, if it were true, then it should simply serve as a warning for people who have sex with “wome” as defined by that, to BE MORE FUCKING CAREFUL AND NICE.

So, giant fail of “yogic” advice there, on all fronts.


Also: Nothing says Dark Moon with Chiron at the end of the Zodiac like googling for “vaginal exorcist.”

Love you so much, Mystic.

I feel far more Piscean PIAB than the high-functioning head-broken loser I’ve been thinking. Far too little self-embrace, and far too much porous doubt.

12th House Virgo

Same here – only feeling more Virgoian PIAB 🙂 The voices of self-criticism and guilt have been strong lately but I am turning the corner.


I’m trying so hard to USE those Virgoan Plutonic shadowing my Sun voices to keep delving and diving into my deepest self, with Faith that i’l find something SWEET there after all the grinding down, something SWEET in the Pisces that Saturn in Capricorn can USE like JUICE, instead of drying up or souring my attitude towards myself (therefore others). Right now, each voice is making itself felt and explicit as a real silent judgement from others, that i have worn from looks, eyes, choice of words, manner. Will i let it go? Yes, i always made myself try, but… Read more »

12th house Virgo

I feel honored to be connected to you


Hmmm…I wasn’t reading it like that at all. I was understanding it more as a tool to help move things along than anything else. True that this book doesn’t address trans/queer/non-binary. I admit I dont have much knowledge in this area, but from what I’ve learned from tantra practitioners, everyone has both feminine energy and masculine energy and may toggle between the two regardless of their gender or biological sex. Personally, I wish that some of the people I’ve had sex with were more careful and nice.


OMG Yes on the “idea that we are powerful enough to receive the energies but not powerful enough to live with/reject/cleanse/move on from the energies.” Because we definitely are. We may feel some kind of imprint on a soul level but we can certainly reject it as well. And yes, people should be nicer to women as we are the way into this world. I can guarantee you this book was written by male hands and the idea that women should be just a receptacle and have no agency of their own is as old-school patriarchy as it comes.


Or if not written by a man then heavily influenced by patriarchal ideas. I take back the “I can guarantee” part, lol. End of Merc retro in Aries…


Well, not all of us want to be “the way into this world”. I do believe everyone who loves, for an hour or a triple decade, is only a lover because they are considerate, empathic, adventurous and nice always as part of sex. And yes, i have felt the souls who want to come in with/through me, and the resultant effect on my body (pain, convulsions and hard healing work). Feminine people need better bodily awareness from young – good support, education, not hiding and shame. But i think so do masculine people, all people: no shame, all education, open… Read more »


All people need better sex and relationship education, for sure. Good sex is, unfortunately, often hard to come by (see what I did there) because people of all genders are ignorant of their innate worth and power. I wish we all treated each other with more tenderness and honor.

12th House Virgo

I am truly grateful that my photography resonated with you. At the time and even more over time I feel it came from a place larger than me. It wasn’t me. I was a prop. No one was behind the camera I used the remote or timer to capture the image. We are bigger than a body. But we are all here playing parts. At that time, I was really open. I haven’t meditated in years, really. Not with intention. The romance of dissolution – the romance of totally losing myself – is gone. Still. I need to lose myself… Read more »


My parents used to be involved with the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement, which is basically a mishmash of all esoteric traditions avaliable (lol) and taught me something similar, except that the karma sharing goes both ways and happens with the exchange of bodily fluids in general, not only through penetrative sex. There was something about a one-year expiration date, though I can’t remember if it’s for the karma-sharing or for the connection of astral bodies that also happens when bodily fluids are exchanged. I think it’s a nice scare tactic (“omg do I really want to be bound to this… Read more »


Yes, i think so, too. But i fully believe each human can access the resources to heal from that and reclaim their beautiful selves, even though it’s quite the Persephonic journey, and the time and effort it takes should be acknowledged, supported and honoured.

Baggage sounds like something you drop or put on a carousel! But wounds are something that are real injuries, and go through healing processes that leave different sorts of scars. My skin has lots of scars, so it’s a metaphor that reminds me better than the baggage one.


Totally agree with a) your definition of bad sexual experiences and b) that they can have a profound emotional impact. I guess thats truth I relate to when it comes to sex and energy, and the lense through which I read this section of the book. My eyes start to glaze over when people try to get too nitty gritty at the intersection of spirituality and biology.


I’ve spent time in India and investigated various gurus, teachers & yoga techniques including kundalini. Despite my love for that amazing country and it’s people, i have found most of the gurus’ outlook (of most yogic & spiritual practices) on women & women’s bodies so steeped in patriarchal & outright mysoginistic thought that it borders on utter contempt for women. May Durga take care of them… If i actually believed in reincarnation for sure, i’d say that this woman “guru” is a reincarnation of some mysoginist spirit itself. Nothing of what she says is in anyway part of the tradition… Read more »


As much as this guru bleats on about “scientific findings” about her theories – there is not one link to any scientific study to back her up. So she invents some conspiracy theory of why there are no links …. FFS!!!! One thing is to peddle her beliefs which is fine – but another is to lie about it being scientific…. For me, scientific findings or studies when it comes to spiritual matters is irrelevant – just don’t lie to me about it.


Thanks for your perspective. I wasn’t really putting much stock into the “science” of the book, my mind just doesn’t work that way and I’m skeptical about the intersection of spirituality and biology. I’ve been having great results from some of the meditations in this book, but it seems like I have more research to do on kundalini yoga. Thanks for the link!


You sound v grounded and discerning. And If you are having great results from some of the meditations then that’s what counts.


Hmmmm…skim reading, because alot of this rests on the assuming certain other beliefs….so…I am tending to think of it as a belief filtered through a certain paradigm….However….shamanically and energetically we can carry stuff from previous lovers. It just makes sense to me…we are creating a deep entanglement with someone at an energetic level…this can leave behind a kind of ‘residue’ of the event. There is no moral judgement to that, but I do feel it to be the case, and I have found it profoundly useful to kind of clear out and disentangle from previous lovers.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This sounds very “sins of the father” doesn’t it. We’re not resposible for the karma in our ‘”lineage”…or Stalin’s grandaughter wouldn’t be living in California dressing up as Tank Girl. This seems very unfair on children concieved as a result of rape. But a little cleansing and smudging and a “I am not responsible for the actions of any evil relatives” affirmations couldn’t hurt either. I read a Hare Krishna book once that said women who “flaunt their flesh” and wear miniskirts will be reincarnated as trees and “forced to weather the elements without any covering” and I’m like–DUDE, we’re… Read more »


It IS unfair for those children – my grandmother was a child conceived from rape; her firstborn, a girl, died when she was three months old, her second one, my aunt was also raped in adolescence and is now a paranoid schizophenic and I, her third born daughter’s child, was molested by my father when I was five years old.
So yes, it is unfair for those children and karma is inherited and passed from generation to generation until true forgiveness is achieved.


Have you read The Astrology Of Fate by Liz Greene? V interesting. It deals with recurrent patterns in families and you acn see those patterns in their birthcharts.


I am currently reading Liz Greene’s book about boundaries, and I’ll add this one as well on the list, thank you!
I know that karma is reflected in families birthcharts – in my family, Pluto is the culprit; my father has Venus opposite Pluto, my mother Sun opposite Pluto and I have in my chart a tight Sun-Venus-Mars stellium opposite Pluto. Interestingly enough, my aunt and my grandmother don’t have this signature, so I’m guessing karma “worsened” in time because the abuse was kept hidden.


Don’t see why we wont be able to download this sort of info just by talking to someone..whats sex got to do with it!. Does it say what sort of info we download through kissing?..maybe saliva decodes the size..haha!!! We have sex because we can and we want to. Also, how about those not interested in the opposite sex or any would they obtain vital Akashic codings! Who cares how many ppl we sleep with, weather we grow our hair to our toes to suck up all the vitamin D or download all the fuqin esoteric records ever known,… Read more »


I had to run this by my Reality brain cells and rummage through my memories and feelings about all my one timers and the two or three timers and the ones that lasted a bit longer. And there have been quite a few. Not ever have I felt a left over karmic, memory or baggage dump. I have only ever felt utterly wonderful, very self fulfilled, highly powerful and bounced off with a larger than usual skip in my step. Usually giggling as I go. So I cannot for me see any truth in this at all.


Oh good god I read this and immediately thought of Bad Guru


Oh that’s interesting, I just skimmed over it (Gem NN lol) and assumed it must have been a bloke!


Women can still be Bad Guru’s. I’ve met a few.

Sweet Sanity

I also read that man’s DNA is stored in a woma’s brain, sinuses and spinal cord if he ejaulates in your mouth.

Sweet Sanity

Love the hair quote though!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I sincerely hope that article is BS


Thx, AR, I love Snopes : )

Sweet Sanity

Haha love it! Nice work, thank you aprilrain!


I don’t know if I can read that.


what a load of total utter bullshit. men have sex with impunity. women are imprinted, stained, must suffer, and bear the consequences. throw that book in a fire pit and light a cigar from the flames to toast the downfall of All That.






: ) Getting my cigarella ready and a nice flouncy skirt and heels all the better to dance on the ashes.


Phew…thats a relief

My virgo planets were a bit horrified at the thought of being stained with all that male DNA from my 20’s…


i know. I can’t even re-read those words without getting ragey. I want to say “Prove it then, you controlling a-hole!!!” seriously. I’ve fcking had enough of this social control shit. fuck off. (not you. the people who would try to control women’s behaviour. again. even if it does reek of nag champa and kundalini. same shit, more smoky smell.) I was starting to look into tantric meditation more but if I am going to have to sift through this self-published gerbera crap, no way. not only that it excludes every form of sexual expression other than regular hetero binary… Read more »


if it helps, I have lilith in taurus in my 11th house, square mars in aqua in my 8th house. Uranus in scorpio, and pluto in libra opposite eris. venus in aries, of course. let’s say that I am a massive skeptic. in the interests of fairness(?) I’m still interested to hear what else there is to it; maybe the book was leading into that.


I love you Pi


Me too.


Piiiii <3

Redlipstick Virgo

So true!!! ok so I am going to have a “Girl Guru” moment I am going to just pronounce – magic pussy karma. Once a vag has grasped a mans penis all a woman’s karma travels up a sacred energy line and rests in scrotum effecting energy of any further ejaculations to father children with sacred earth mother energy or if woman is angry unresolved karma – see what stupid shit this breast feeding male energy crap is. Also I am adopted and was never even attempted to be breast fed by anyone am I missing some vital DNA spiritual… Read more »


exactly!! I think you should start a religion.

Calli G

Yes! I know a lot of guys want to think that once they hit it they own it, but there’s no need to throw a lot of pseudo-shamanistic nonsense on top of patriarchal crap so you can re-sell it to a new generation.




Awesome x


YES!!! What a complete load of misogynistic horseshit.


well said Pi


Hi Pi, would it be ok with you if I used this quote ‘ throw that book in a fire pit and light a cigar from the flames to toast the downfall of All That.’ in an essay I am writing? Please email sam(@) to let me know. Thanks!


You rock, Pi!

Just getting ’round to reading this thread, and your responses are spot on and I feel that same rage. Thank you for cutting through the bullshit with your clear thinking! Always love your posts!

….I have Lilith in Taurus in the 11th, too!

For Pi

Apparently if you do this exercise for 11 minutes a day for 1000 days you will clear your breast arc of all epigenetic, psychic, and lineal codes of the men you have bonked.

For Pi

LOL! But It’s bonkers -you have to watch it.


I know I have read this text somewhere before and thought it was horrific! What’s the source of this horseshit?


Taoist practice / concepts embrace similar ideas around hair – energy fields.


Sounds like absolute bloody nonsense.


Bless you for seeing through that misogynistic horses**t, Mystic.

Folks use every tactic under the sun to “control” women. Fuq that fuqery – reclaim your time and peace of mind.

Shout out to all the Lilith’s who know man cones from OUR portal, not his rib *kisses*

Sweet Sanity

Yes!!! Well said

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