Questions About The New Single Card Tarot Reading

Antimony a symbol from the Alchemy Tarot

The Single Card Tarot Reading is themed around Alchemy and Uranian Astrology. It has 60 cards and is perfect for a fast flash vibe.

Dearest Mystic,

I just can say that I am so happy that I have found you (don’t even know how anymore). Your brilliant insights and info have been accompanying and supporting me more than for six years now (all through the Zap Zone). Everything in my life makes so much more sense through it. You are truly a great mind and for me an institution of inspiration and wisdom. I love your on point word creations and real-time symbol interpretation that gave me a completely new perspective on astrology! 

There is not one day I don’t check on the Oracle or the Tarot (sorry for heating the server…) and I love the new single card Tarot! It’s profound and awe-inspiring.

Here is the question: what’s that symbol/figure on it (to be honest, scares me a little bit) and the numbers 23 and 50,942? Are there 23 cards? And is it from ancient times as more than 50000 years? (Just a fun thought) I am really curious and I could not find an article in your wonderful blog that would explain it. 

Lots of Love,


Vanadium Is Named After Vanadis – The Norse Goddess

Dear Viviane,

Thank you!  And yes I love both the Tarots but the Single Card Tarot Reading works really for a fast vibe on something. As explained in Divination Tips, it is best to use Tarot and Astrology alongside your logic and instinct. They are suggestive, not prescriptive.

Now, to answer your questions. There are 60 cards. But they are named after Vanadium Lightyear and she herself is named after the element Vanadium. Vanadium the element is from the Scandinavian Venus, Vanadis.  It is one of the most ancient (Norse) names for the Goddess with many names. 23 is the number of Vanadium on the Table of Elements and 50,942 is its Atomic Mass.

It is also nice in numerology – bringing in both Mercury and Moon Vibe, which is optimal for Tarot.  The Tarot itself is based on Alchemy – which to me is like the I-Ching in that it talks of everything being always in motion, always. There are also elements of Uranian Astrology in there, that will be expanded upon once Uranus is in Taurus.



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Are this deck available for purchase, as in a real working deck, which these printed on them? (or is this strictly a “digital” deck?)


Made a chalkboard, and have found the pithy readings (morphed for space and personalised) AND the beautiful alchemical symbols sometimes find their way onto it. This is someone who loathes Word Art in homes but really needs something to keep me on track, loving myself within my home instead of fighting all the things that i cannot always do. Now i understand it is a pack that is driven by black cats, and the essence of love in goddess form. Mystic, you truly are a gift that keeps on giving. Want to make this go round a bit more once… Read more »


This prompted me to pull a card from the single tarot now I know what it is based upon etc. Wand of Hermes. Could not be more perfect…. of course


Love the new single card. I have a magic 8 ball but i want a Mystic Medusa ball. Omg will you pleaaase make an Oracle Ball? It would be amazing to have Sun Tzu in a ball on my table. Also I have a question – I notice that the button for tarot now says “tarots”. My Mars in Virgo/3rd is curious if it is one tarot, two “tarots” – or one tarot, two “tarot” etc. It feels like plural tarot would remain tarot, but if you stand by tarots I will adapt, haha. Ps the tarot card I got… Read more »


The symbol always reminds me of Venus…then again I’m Libra Sun/Pluto, Scorp rising with a Taurus moon…
LOVING the single card pull. <3


WOW just drew my first card – SO ON POINT! Thank you Mystic for burning the path X

curiouser and curiouser crab

The single card tarot is amazing in the way it taps into such deep inner stuff. Love it.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Uranian astrololgy

—lol, that’s when you can’t find your astrologer anywhere but then bump into them on the international space station, amirite?


Basically. Mutable astrology.


i want to know everything about uranian astrology!!!! and single card tarot is beautiful, invigorating


Fascinating, MM! I had been wondering myself where/how you got your inspiration for the symbology for the SCT.


The symbols are just so refreshing, it’s hard not to love! Sorry if it’s been asked elsewhere already, but please tell me there will be a physical version of this deck SOON. For days that I need to unplug of course.


I love the one card tarot. As I mentioned in a comment elsewhere on this site it feels totally shamanic, like a daily talisman I can carry with me thru my day. Plus I feel that it instantly lifts my energy/Qi … helps me connect to a higher vibration. And I adore all the thought and intention you applied to developing it Mystic! The colours are so pretty too.

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