May 2018 Astrology Preview – The Transition Zone Intensifies

May 2018 Astrology

The May 2018 Astrology is witched up to the max. It’s still the Transition Zone. But it upshifts to a whole new level of weird in May.

What’s up exactly? As if Uranus in Taurus were not weird and amazing enough, Mars moves into Aquarius at the same time. Uranus rules Aquarius so this is a going to be a super-Uranian month, revolutionary and wild.

But at the same time, Rebel Lilith – the Anti-Eve and a primordial throwback to pre-patriarchal times, spends most of the month in tight conjunction to Change God Pluto. This strengthens both parties.

The Bridges Burned Themselves Down Already

The May 2018 Astrology is thus going to feature evolution at Warp Speed and fierce feminist-witch energy. It’s favouring the outsiders and iconoclasts. If you spent the Zap Zone years of 2012 to 2015 making yourself more “unpopular” by going against the grain or trying to individuate, this is the month you are vindicated. If you’re making your way through the Transition Zone by staying fixated on reinvention and authenticity, you’re poised for success with this.

You can’t go backward and the bridges burned themselves down already. You can only go forward. And the new Earth Era Rules (Uranus in Taurus, Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn) are forcing a regrounding of sex, food and financial rules. Less digital fuqery, planet-screwing edibles and high-risk derivatives – more quality romance, nutrition and savings.

See your Horoscopes for more. We are all Zeitgeist Trippers now.


Image: The Wizard Of Oz

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Wish Upon a Star

Love that moving picture.


Aqua Sun and rising, I am definitely attracting more fantastic things already. Last week: went to register for an art class, got moved up in line by 150 people by total chance, got the last space in the class that I was most drawn to (I was trying to choose one from three possibilities and would have taken whichever was available). Next, this is not uncommon, I had a particularly great work day last week at the business I created over the last 7 years -two regular clients: one who also requested an astrology reading (this is not the business… Read more »


Oh yes, and I meant to mention: *serious* outsider past, last 7 years I finally learned how to just totally do (more or less) exactly what I wanted no matter what. Was not easy, definitely took me from outsider to pariah/leper before it started turning around.


I’m so on board already.

Mystic, blessings to you.


Sounds great, ultimately, but that it will be intense while things are readjusting to the new vibe….
I feel really depressed and unmotivated and have for awhile. I don’t know where to fit in, where or how to get a job, and I’ve got no income now. I don’t feel excited about anything so I can’t get anything going. Not enthusiastic about the work I was doing for years and not inspired about any other type of work yet either. I feel at a loss of what to do…..really praying now for some insights to come through!


I used the Chiron out of Pisces cut off day Wednesday April 18th to call an end to a 7 year love affair which, when it began late 2010, helped me face up to the need to leave my partner of 25 years and begin to live my life and find my voice again. Everything has been sweet and seemingly destined with that 7 year love: me Pisces ’65, he Scorpio ’56 = 9 years age difference; through him I finally chucked the fags, stop drinking to weekly excess and heard myself laughing easily. All would have been perfect if… Read more »


I wish you all the very best as you step on with life. Take all the good and move on positively. Sounds like you are totally ready. Bon voyage.


Yes it was probably a phase that really helped you to endure the best in a trying situation…and you gave what you could to encourage yourself and someone you loved. Life is complex, and so its not straightforward to pearly deduce how to change. Sometimes people seem very different and quite genuine even, but can much more pragmatic when resources are involved. I wish you the happiness you sought in you new time…


I am so totally living this out. Having decided to back away from my professional license as it simply stifles me on every level. Being so much more authentic and that grounds me. I have however become such a brutally honest bitch these days. I cannot seem to filter anymore and what needs said gets said. It is always done with love mind you but frequently is not received with a gasp. I usually leave with the words “think about it”. So I am so reved up for this change and transition and zap. I seem to have been waiting… Read more »


This is boss, emg.
Power to you.


Feeling ambivalent about bridge burning any further! I have done so much of that with Chiron in Aries natally/11th House. If people don’t serve my situation’s greater good I have learned to cut them loose liberally. (Ironically it’s the Aries people who often remain, they are diffident and independent regardless of what’s going on around them, true survivors). Now I wonder how many people can stand up to that level perfectionism and my (over) sensitive Moon in Scorpio sniffly snout? The way I am going it’s looking like a monastery on Mars is the obvious next step! That’s not human… Read more »


“Put a regal crown on the Taurean Queen of Pentacles nature of Demeter, uphold the continuity of a good life, well spent in relationship to a whole fabric woven together in my millions of lives. The Universe in me. Recognise my thread in that fabric and honour that”. So, so beautiful Sphinx, and I very much relate to the idea of ‘celebrating the day to day nature of the feminine’ as it seems to be my lot to work with at this phase of my life. Find it confusing at times to shift modes, as i have relied on the… Read more »


Oh boy interested to see how this month will pan out for me being an Aquarius with moon in Scorpio as well as Lilith in Scorpio


I have a Javanese kitten named Oz. I’m just full of random shit today, lol.


And, I just started re-reading, “The Outsiders.” Interesting.


I’m feeling all of this. It’s a bit overwhelming. The first half of the transition zone I was super anxious, like during the Mercury retrograde. The new moon conjunct Uranus and Chiron into Aries really did open up a whole new “game level” (I forget where Mystic made that analogy, I think the horoscopes) – giving me fresh energy in my daily life, fresh perspective on my relationships…and even though all the Capricorn energy is doing a number on my 4th house Neptune and I was feeling really depressed about it on the dark moon, by midweek I felt I’d… Read more »


Yes, good luck Team Gorgon! I like that.
Uranus will square my early Leo Sun with Mars on natal Lilith in Aqua. Let me know how you go with the new Uranus!


Haha thanks 🙂 Oh wow – yes please let me know how things go for you as well!


Looking forward to vindication…every past stalker, Qi Vampire has released their flying monkies…wth is in the air? Who to blame Uranus? lol!
Any housewitchery ideas/spells besides salting the doorways? Thanks!


Smudging with Mugwort is really protective.. it’s definitely repelled people who were draining my energy, even those who I didn’t suspect, which sucked to realize. But yea, I highly recommend it.


thank you!

I will smudge like a mofo!


Good luck!!!


I get rid of one, two more pop up. This is extremely interesting times!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Goddess, I’m SO ready for this.

Individuation and THEN some. My jupiter in Aqua is gonna love it.


yay, sounds fantastic


Reinvention and authenticity are my only drivers, but right now staying where I am it’s unbearable, and moving on to another place isn’t possible yet, as there are not enough SOLID facts validating it. I feel so restless and unsatisfied that I want to cry. I thought Uranus in Taurus would mark the final shift that we need (first Mercury direct, then Chiron in Aries and finally Uranus in Taurus) and to me personally is gonna sextile my Venus in Katata. So why is that we have to wait until early June to finish the transition? The blog article explained… Read more »


I wondered the same thing. Why is the transition zone until end of May if Uranus will be in Taurus on 16 May?
My Mystic Taurus book notes that the days around this date are auspicious so I am going with that as a Taurus sun.


I have a number of planets in Gemini so I too am restless


I am a Gemini with Virgo Rising but my Moon is in Taurus (well in the middle of the sign, so Uranus will hit in the future).
Uranus will sextile my Venus right when it enters so I don’t think I’ll be able to sit still. I actually hope there’ll be so much going on, I won’t be able to sit still.


Sounds great time!


Oh I get it now.
So it’s not like we cannot start anything like when Mercury is Retro, though I am ok at waiting until Mercury is out of shadow, but we will have completed our transition to the new ground at the beginning of June.


Makes sense


How will the Jupiter/Neptune tribe effect things please?



Year of the Phoenix

Good times!


Wow, I really hope so, at least I am feeling ‘freer’ to do the things that I naively/anarchically (?) set out to do when Uranus transited over my sun. Now the decisions seem easier – less clouded by fear and ‘should’, ‘what if’, ‘who would even…’ etc but it’s only now at a point where I can start to enact, reach out etc. Until now it has been 100% internal. A kind of recombination. I know it’s never an overnight process, I’m giving myself a good 12 months to get a feel for things, a testing phase I guess. I… Read more »


Vindication sounds really good. So does radical authenticity. But old school sex?? Yikes! I want new school sex, lol.


Ah, I like your edits. The “old school sex” thing was making me nervous. 😉

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