Chiron In Aries Has Arrived

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Chiron in Aries Has Arrived.

Chiron in Aries has not been experienced since the Seventies. The Wise Healer in the sign of the Warrior God accelerates any therapeutic process. That’s everything from your own personal candour about dysfunctional dynamics to royal commissions into corruption. Deeply personal courageous conversations and federal investigations of dodgy politics. Chiron in Aries runs the gamut from releasing trauma trapped in your body to societies realising they’re only as sick as their secrets.

Doctor Chiron is near the potent Zero Aries point until late September. Not only that, it will be a broad factor in our lives till 2027. This is a Perspective Shift. It’s Self-Actualisation gained through Radical Authenticity. This is not something you score by spouting mantras or being more ‘in the moment’. It’s combat.

With Chiron in Aries, consumer society has less leverage over individuals. It’s not just about minimalism. Nor even avoiding chemical soaked plastics.  What need has an individuated and self-validating person of a status symbol? What if you did not need to signal your ‘cool’ via anything you could buy? As Ursula Le Guin wrote, you cannot buy the revolution – you must be the revolution.

Healing At High Velocity

Chiron in Aries is going to be a big theme in the Horoscopes. In the meantime, if you are looking for a general Chiron axiom, think Healing At Velocity. Or, most immediately, Issues Faced Head-On.

Priority Number One: Claw back self-assurance from the clutches of synthetic dream merchants. Fortify your resolve against those peddling a cure for a problem that never existed in the first place.


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133 thoughts on “Chiron In Aries Has Arrived

  1. Chiron is sitting on my North Node at 0 Aries, and I am feeling it. If I don’t stop smoking now, I am in trouble. Man these are intense times.

  2. Speaking of Bad Gurus this week, low and below an irritating troll resurfaced.
    She was a barista, that sold meth at the local Uni, now is claiming she is a certified doctor and energy healer for animals and humans. Here’s the kicker she doesn’t own any animals and has chaotic, unbalanced energy and a severe addiction. She’s in great need of an energy healer.
    Why is she focused on me? I do not understand. Putting up troll barriers, sprinkling the salt. What a crazy weekend already!

      • Agreed but I don’t foresee rehab in her future.
        I already had to make a police report after she repetitively showed up at my house.
        As most of you know restraining orders don’t actually stop anyone from stalking. ugh…

  3. My theory is that the reason Chiron spends longest in Aries of all of the signs is that Aries is the least likely of all the signs to get the whole point of the Chiron legend or to accept that ultimately, there are some wounds that no amount of combat, self-assertion, or self-actualisation or whatever will heal.

    What delivered Chiron, in the end, from an agony he couldn’t dislodge was the kind intercession of someone else who talked the gods into giving Chiron his wish – death, rather than the immortality he felt cursed with, by that stage.

    My guess is that Chiron in Aries will first be alll about the me, me, me, the zenith of the whole narcissism thing gown down out there in culture land, then a shitload of rage and ego wounds around not “winning” and feeling impotent (gosh, could me too spark some serious crisis of/attempt to reform “masculinity” during this phase?) and then the terrifying recognition that self-reliance will only take us so far – [ultimately we are all inter-dependent].
    Pluto in Cap is gonna be ramming home same thing as it lays bare means, and ends, and ultimately, the price of ambition and glorification of the self through “attainment” and power, and most of all, the fact that we are all going to have to re-think co-operation once Uranus in Taurus heralds the reversal of the Gulf Stream…with all the cascading social, political and economic changes that will bring.
    Interesting times, indeed.

  4. Hrm. Chiron is now opposing Asc./Pluto, my Chiron Return will be very soon. With all the Pluto squaring stuff and Uranus transits, I just can’t care anymore. I felt like I couldn’t move past couple months–I spent so long with my head down and my feet moving I think I needed a break? I had no motivation to do absolutely anything. But since Merc went direct I kinda got back on the horse. I’m still a *little* sick of getting back on horses, but I don’t feel like I have a choice.

    Wondering if I should be jealous of people who have, like, crazy stelliums all in one or two houses…they must have all these quiet periods in their lives….

    • Nooooooo. From my experience it seems to be the opposite. I’ve got 6 planets plus an angle all in one house. There is always a planet or more aspecting this stellium from somewhere. Then when there’s a line up of planets usually opposing or squaring this stellium which seems to happen with alarming frequency its intense A F – i either go apeshit active or the nervous energy is such that i freeze up – which is v frustrating; and also i never quite know what’s being affected i.e, where the effects of one planet begins or ends when the stellium is being aspected. At least you get to know quite well the flavour of your aspected planets by transit.
      Meditation & or physical detachment (my favourite) hitting the road or running for the mountains is the only way that i can untangle the different energies and calm down – but of course the latter isn’t always possible.

        • Yes. I have 5 planets in Cancer and 3 in Leo. Pluto opposing, Uranus squaring. Sometimes i get very tired haha.

        • At the risk of sounding like Eric Idle (4 Yorkshiremen).
          I’ve got, by planets, Pluto at mid-point opposition to Kat Asc/Sun. Sat on my Dsc, (and other 7th house partiers.) Nep separating opposition to my 1st Decan Virgo Stellium and Uranus applying opposition to my IC Nep which is a SD focaliser in a T Sq.
          This logjam is what brought me to the astro.

          • That logj a m is a bit over my head. Just know that life for now and the foreseeable future is totally non predictable. And sometimes i relsh that and sometimes i just get very tired…. mystic’s post with the cat and his very articular gait, saying he doesn’t know where he’s going but his onhis way just totally resonayed for me.

            • I don’t think you can ever get across all aspects of ya chart. I’ve been doinf a Chironic-Colonic. I’ve even changed the words to AM’s misnomored song if rhyming title. “Isn’t it Chironic”

          • deffo over my head, mang. I hired one guy to tell me about t-squares and Yods (supposedly I have some) and the computer said no. This is happening a lot with me lately.

            Que es “SD focaliser”? Five deaths in six mos and getting Yoko’ed is what brought me to astro. Straight to MM!!!

    • ‘illegitimate’ child of parent who has fallen from grace. Yes yes I get that in the scheme of humanity all children are sacred but society is made up of jerks and the kid will be born marked through no fault of his or her own. That’s an inheritance innit. Maybe Chiron on the midheaven axis? IC?

        • No. A sspectacular fall from grace by the leader of the junior coalition partner in our federal government. An Aries who spoke his mind, the good and the bad, who got tangled up with one of his staffers. Barnaby Joyce is one of the more ‘human’ pollies we have in Oz.

          • Barnaby Joyce is a shyster con-man who RORTED the Australian taxpayer in spectacular fashion, for years, even before his latest fall from grace.

            Nothing “human” about a philandering two-face who was vehemently opposed to cervical cancer vaccine for young women on the basis that “it would make women promiscuous.” Apparently, Barnaby only approves of promiscuous women if they are being promiscuous WITH HIM.

            Let’s not get started about how he fuqued over Water in this country, while supposedly being “the voice for rural Australia.”


            • Maybe you misunderstood my reference to human. It was referring to how he didn’t follow the usual automaton-pollie speak. This was in no way supportive of his reprehensible morals. I, for one, am no fan of him or his side of politics.

          • And just that no-one else tets the wrong idea. I was being very neutral. I was giving an os reader the news; not an editorial.

        • Lol!! Kind of 😀 Barnaby Joyce is the tomato faced politician who threatened to exterminate Johnny Depp’s Yorkies.

  5. I am so excited. All the mes are excited. We are so excited.

    Live wire. Every moment is just an opportunity.

    So grateful for Saturn in cap though, I’d probably burst into flames if not for the anchor

      • Addendum is that I’m currently also having Neptune conjunct my mercury square my Saturn midheaven.

        First there is a me, then there is no me, then there is.

        I kept thinking that I was going to “get better” or “recover” and now it’s blatantly obvious there was never any place I was going “back” to.

        “Wounded” isn’t what I’d want to be remembered for if I was Chiron.

        The line of trained warriors and healers that came after aren’t applying that, that’s just the Wikipedia/obituary/ego thing.

        What if chiron, at night in his lair with chariklo, identified neither as healer or wounded moody dude,but as a tea lover, or maybe they collected plates, maybe he liked to yodel.

        Some say the universe is made of stories but I’m starting to realize that might be the saddest thing I ever believed.

  6. Ok…l’m gonna be serious without being prolix (not likely)

    Chiron enters Aries appear/feels to me about physician heal thyself. It’s no secret that I’ve found the astro amazing stuff. I have done research on what passes for readings by ppl who purport to be astro dudettes/dudes. From Sunshine Coast to Coffs. Some have been positively hopeless. I’ve had only good-2-excellent feedback from ppls that l’ve done stuff. I still haven’t charged yet tho some have offered $50 for only 30mins. That’s freaked me out. They say how long have you been doing this? Ppl have cried tears and laughter.

    This community has been the largest contibutor to my knowledge; thank you. I MUST drive MM crazy with my questions. Seriously though Uranus is contacting my 29° MC for the 2nd of 3 times very soon. As Chiron, in ya 10th, can be about your reputation as a healer and prepped transiting Pluto inya 7th, Nep inya 8th and Uran in ya 10th for ages. All this confluity!!!!. My natal is 1) My Aqua Moon is my chart-ruler, bucket-handle and an apex in a yod. 2) Merc cj Uran and, most strongly, 3) having Uran in Mutual Tri-Receptivity with the luminaries. Being very Plutonic and extremely Neptunian certainly helps.

    (Just looking for a chest to pin the medals on)

  7. I’m kinda glad I’ve been releasing trauma trapped in my body via network spinal analysis for the last year. Hopefully that will smooth out a few bumps from Chiron transiting my 6th house.

    Thinking maybe I should start kinesiology as well.

  8. Tbh I’ve been having next level nightmares since Chiron hit Aries. All this is happening in my 12th so I guess it makes sense that my unconscious mind is involved. But I hope it settles down soon! Time to start a dream journal again I guess. My Chiron is in the 12th a few degrees off my AC and for the first time the prospect of Chiron return is causing me some concern.

      • We can’t even recycle them anymore- at least in my part of America. Apparently Oregon (I imagine other states as well) had been shipping all it’s plastic waste to China and they don’t want it anymore. So all plastics are directly to landfill now.

  9. I just came through my Chiron return at 24 degrees Pisces…I am totally down for residual acceleration with warrior energy. This year I am going to take part in the most Sun devoted prayer in the Native American Sundance tradition as a Sundancer….a most potent prayer for humanity …4 days in the Sun …dry fast …sweat lodge book ending each day….traditionally a prayer to the harvests and the creatures that supported the tribes…in this case the Buffalo as I am dancing in the Lakota way. The call to do this as guided by my teacher a Chief is cellular in nature…as logically it terrifies me…the journey to get here has been rigorous. The prayer raised for all indigenous nations is potent, and all of creation. Point of the share…all this Sun energy ..I was taking to another medicine man the other day a Sundancer himself..he said…sister you will die…prepare to die…as your life will never be the same again… 52 they consider us Elders in these ways. Next year I am 52 in Feb. I feel that this is the most natural progression now to clear and consolidate the poetency of the Chiron return….Aho xx

  10. OMG-Chiron in Aries has me super-emotional. I cried last night, cried this morning, and can’t shake the blues. My Chiron is in my 10th house, also the house of Aries, I believe. Saturn is in my 1st. And I know that life is pretty good right now—but ooh, so much self-pity that I cry and laugh myself.

    Going to go eat a bowlful of coffee ice cream, for health reasons.

  11. I just finished my own Chiron return, with natal Chiron at 26 Pisces, with mixed results, but I’m looking forward to solidifying my healing further with Chiron in Aries. I have a chronic pain issue that is pretty extreme nerve pain that has been going on for 10 years and I’ve still not found a really good way to heal it. I also definitely have trauma trapped in my body and have been trying to release that FOREVER. I know the whole ‘issues are in the tissues’, ‘body keeps the score’ thing, but still haven’t worked it all out from my body. Wonder if one ever can..? Anyway, hopefully these issues will ‘move’ with this Chironic shift…

    Chiron in Aries will STILL be in my 10th house, as the entire Chiron in Pisces transit was. Not sure how ‘helpful’ it has been to have Chiron go through my 10th, but my natal Chiron is there, too, so I don’t know what the overall message is with that, but I am a ‘healer’ by profession, though desperately trying to leave my career and do something completely different!

    • Have you tried Trauma Release Expeience (TRE) or Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) for releasing stored trauma?

      One of these may be helpful for you.

        • Thank you so much for these tips/reminders, Senorpow! 🙂

          I do know about all of these and used to go to network chiro years ago after a car accident… was amazingly helpful! Hadn’t thought about it for my nerve pain, which I didn’t have back then (it’s a separate issue) but I bet this would help me again since I really benefited from it before!

          I did a yoga nidra workshop once but haven’t been consistent with it and didn’t think about it as something that could reduce my nerve pain, but yes, I bet it could if I do it regularly!

          I know about TRE, too, and downloaded some instructions on it but haven’t actually tried it yet, so perhaps I’ll give it a try tonight!

          I’ve mostly been going to pelvic floor physical therapy, and some acupuncture, both of which help, but only temporarily. I do the exercises on my own but also get discouraged easily now since there has been little progress.. I really need to get at this like a relentless peaceful warrior!

  12. Very right on! I’ve had multiple threads of difficult family conversations I need to start broaching running through my head all day, and this feeling that I am so done pretending about, and glossing over things from, un-individuated slop being projected at me– and hoping to maintain a continued ability to go in less for piscean codependency and escape tactics. My south node is in early Aries, and my chart ruler Mercury is in early Taurus, so there is no avoiding some serious honesty in the next few weeks I think… as always thanks for your excellent stuff!

  13. YES

    I’m having the hard conversations instead of practicing avoidance + finding a new found courage that I didn’t know I had

    It’s on!

  14. Today is my Chiron return, while Uranus is opposing my sun, Jupiter is hitting on my stellium … and the rest. Intense, authentic times – I feel so aligned 🙂

  15. Today is my Chiron return! what a time to be having it! I feel so aligned and this all makes so much sense to me. Intense but authentic times 🙂

  16. I was literally having this conversation last night. As a small business owner in a holistically inclined community, I am finding out first hand thru networking to beware of slimey “healers.” Since I’ve been practicing my magical hygiene more consistently and cultivating the previously unknown skill of boundary setting (thanks Saturn in Capricorn!!!) it’s getting much easier to honor the skeevey vibes I get from pple I was previously giving the benefit of the doubt, and really hold my own in those situations. I do it politely of course (Libra rising here) but like seriously, quit picking me apart like everything about me needs fixing so you can sell me something I don’t need. The whole “I know stuff doctors don’t know” is such a slippery slope, tho I am sure there are grains of truth in there somewhere for it to resonate. I know myself, I am not afraid to keep staring down my shadow and I trust my intuition to let me know what resources will be truly helpful on my journey.

    • Are you me? Also Libra rising (with a dash of Pluto), also a holistic medicine small business owner. My actual exact Chiron return is toward the end of this cycle (I think in 2024?) but suddenly everything is all boundaries, sticking up for myself and really feeling my worth and getting mad about being undervalued. Plus I hate the skeeves too – oh, so you spent two weeks in the Amazon and now you’re a shaman and want me to take tree frog dart poison? No thanks, lol.

      • Lol so ridiculous. I had someone try to tell me that I haven’t been able to get pregnant because i don’t have “really juicy orgasms”. And try to prescribe essential oils for nonexistent scoliosis. Like, get the fuq outta here. I guess because we Libra risings are “nice” pple think we’re idiots. Smile & nod!

  17. Yes, this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately with this ingress: the concept of speedy DIY healing. Whether physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or all of the above, if this previously seemed intangible or like we’ve been swimming in circles during the last 8 years while Chiron was transiting Pisces, buckle up buttercup….! Especially the Pluto in Libra gen, as Chiron will oppose this group’s natal Pluto at some point during its transit thru Aries – ask the Pluto in Virgo kids how this transit went for them.

    • It will be roundabout the same time as Pluto transits my moon. Ha ha ha. Fuq it, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be

    • LV, it definitely has felt like swimming in circles! I like the idea of forward motion. I’ll be experiencing tr Pluto square Chiron and tr Chiron oppo Pluto at the same time. Double the fun? There are enough other heavy transits happening that I’m just like: add it to the pile!

  18. My mind is going nuts with possibilities here. And i may be sidetracking a little, but it’s kinda relevant for healing world politics: If it’s true, like in the recent post, that hair is one’s antennas, superpower, whatever, then I’m convinced that Trumps mash of orange straw like fibres on his head is his superpower. How else would you explain it? Then surely some one (preferably Indigenous Americans for poetic justice) could train an American bald eagle to swoop down & tear it off?…and do the world a favour.

    • LOL! I wish, but I don’t think that’s the issue. He’s Regulus + Mars Rising, is an Eclipse baby, and (IMO, most importantly) heavily Orcan with Orcus conjunct Sun (which is also his chart ruler), NN, and opposite his Moon. That’s his power supply, and unfortunately it’s a formidable one. I knew it was going to be bad news when I saw that clip of the bald eagle lunging at him as he abruptly recoiled – when America’s Power Animal wants to kick your ass, that’s a sure sign you’re going to be bad for the country. Animals know the content of your character; you can’t hide it from them.

      The childish overgrown orangutan we have sitting in the Oval Office is walking a liability and his isolationist policies could very well be the death of us leading up to that Pluto Return. I’m not being fatalistic, but all empires eventually topple and this is some Ozymandias shit we have on our hands. It’s fine, though – we’ve been the premier world power for a long time and it’s time to let someone else take a turn.

      • Had no idea he’d already had an encounter with a bald eagle. I just watched the clip & cacked myself – Trump was panicking & first reaction was “How’s my hair?!” hahahaha.

        Yes that’s some super power astro he’s got going.I’m just clinging to Dane Rudhhyar: “To have such a star prominent in one’s nativity foretold the possibility of a high station in life… Yet the gifts of the Royal Stars can backlash upon their possessors, causing falls from grace or power.” And in the case of Regulus, disgrace and humiliation if they fall for “the nemesis of the Regulus revenge”…one lives in hope.

      • agreed if an Eagle hates your guts that’s probably a really BAD OMEN!

        Trump’s super powers is power and money he inherited from his dad. without the money no would fear him anymore.
        He’s a conman that conned America. I’m so ashamed of USA lately.

  19. YASS! I can already see the changes. Consumerists, people who use plastic bags in grocery stores and meat-eaters are viewed as horrible as terrorists. I can see a lot of standing up and fighting for rights in our country where there is usually silent acceptance. This expands to every field, every human behaviour. Welcome no-BS era!

  20. Apparently George Soros buys the change he wants to see in the world? I was disappointed to see he was a Leo Sun – with Fish Moon! May Chiron in Aries yoke Soro’s Saturn in Capricorn to an anvil and toss it to the bottom of a promoridial sea so his Pinocchio A.I. son can try to rescue him and hopefully fail in the attempt.

    Having natal Chiron in Aries maybe this will be a familiar and resonant shift for us born in the 70’s, now everyone has Chiron in Aries! Authenticity and gentle kindness need not be incompatible though.

    • I did not know that this was a platform for far right hate and conspiracy theorists. What is incompatible is ending your vitriolic opinion piece using words like “authenticity and gentle kindness”.

      • I didn’t know that either! 😉 ‘Tis likely Chiron in Aries is compatible with having an opinion though.

      • Agree, expressing hate and utter derisive rejection of named individuals, meat-eaters, plastic bag users and people whose politics you dislike, is not the way forward. Include people in your heart, even if you’re left wing and they’re right wing. Include in your heart people who choose different behaviours to what you prefer. Even as you set firm boundaries and pray for certain trends in society, don’t hate anyone, don’t judge anyone. Please! You’re not better than anyone. You’re not superior. You are not superior. Your opinions don’t grant you elevation over others, sorry. Embrace the fact that your equals can hold different opinions to you. They’re still equal. Now have respectful conversations with them about issues. Move towards solutions that way. It’s okay to disagree a lot. Keep respecting yourself and them, keep discussing in good faith, be willing to see what they need as well. Remember they are your equals. Don’t hate, expect solutions. Not easy but definitely possible. Some people and organisations are already operating like this.

    • Hi Sphinx,

      Can you point me to some info about that? I hadn’t heard about Soros, but from googling, it looks like he’s a progressive…?

      Curious due to the knee-jerk “hate speech” responses… as my beloved says about our town, “Competitive outrage is the Portland sport”…

  21. ‘What need has an individuated and self-validating person of a status symbol? What if you did not need to signal your ‘cool’ via anything you could buy?’ <= WOW! thanks MM: super inspiring! imho even though more psychologically vulnerable/younger/less mature individuals will always look up to some celebrity re their look or lifestyle, I have a hunch and feel that the chiron in aries era might mean the end of fashion consumerism. fashion retail, regardless of the price point, is already having serious issues, so people might just realize that that's not the way you do it = buy the clothes/the lifestyle in order to automatically become/have a right to that lifestyle (the outside IS the inside is a virgoan/libran thing, I guess derived from plato: what's beautiful must necessarily also be good). my take is that with neptune in pisces the media will keep on creating unachievable ideals re private lives or lifestyles through VIPs, but perhaps individuals will react and start ignoring them, or at least taking them for what they are = fantasies, pastimes.

        • yeah, exactly Pi. thinking of mobile phones as a status symbol for instance. here (europe) the more expensive the better. or the situation in ibiza, where you really have to blow out huge amounts of money, really have to have the superexpensive champagne, really have to be in the VIP area, etc, to keep up with the joneses/kardashians…

  22. All I know right now is that I want to DRIVE the change, not watching it fall on me like it did 7 years ago.

    • yes!!! I went back to what was happening 7 years ago right after I read your comment, and oh fuck yes! I want to drive this bus, not be run over by it.

      Thank you!

    • That sounds like a wicked band name: “Eagles Smashing Drones”. Eagles are often seen as the Great Spirit or the Protector of Humanity.

  23. That bottom image of the raptor is superb. Fuq i love those birds.
    Reminds me of when the pope’s doves were released & were immediately taken out by a gull and a crow in front of a horrified crowd, LOL.

    Chiron in Aries, fuq yeah.

    • I loved that moment too. It felt like a medieval version of reality came and bit the insouciant, jaded present on the arse.

      • That was a priceless moment. I envisaged a crone nearby sending her familiars for the job.

        Another moment was on one of the (same) pope’s visits to Spain a bit earlier – as lightning struck the stage & a flash storm happened as he was about to give a speech & had to be taken off….Spine-tingling moment of joy.

        • My favourite is Pope Formosos, who being dead for 9 months, had 3 fingers cut off for some misdeed. Pope Stephen (the Idiot) did this. The corpse was dragged ceremonially back to a commoner’s grave.

          Love to see the Crows on top.

    • Talking of birds & truth being stranger than fiction, back in Ancient Greece, a playwright called Aeschylus was said to have been killed by a tortoise when it was dropped on his head by a bearded vulture coz it mistook his shiny bald head for a stone on which to crack its snack …. he couldn’t have written a better tragicomedy for his own exit 🙂

  24. Now that Mercury is direct in Aries, my thoughts about my needs (Venus) and desires (Mars), hopes and wishes (my 11th house) seem so much more clear. I feel a truth within me that makes others’ opinions irrelevant. This knowledge and feeling about what I know isn’t so much a push, anger, or aggression, but rather a natural unspoken truth. Transiting Chiron trines my natal Venus/Mars/S.N. in Sagittarius. Maybe this is the self-actualization that you speak of.

    Aries being the natural ruling sign of the 1st house is instinctive (without thought) in its expression. I find it interesting that just as Chiron moves into Aries, the Sun makes it’s yearly journey through Taurus as though illuminating the way for Uranus (the liberator) to transit into Taurus (a very fixed and uncompromising sign) which happens next month (May). There is a new dawn, a rebirth, or transformation that is in the process of unfolding.

    I remember the seventies (the last time Chiron was in Aries), it brought about a painful change for me, my siblings and for my mother. Yet, at the same time, it was a time of freedom and immense courage. I was unbelievably fearless and I have spent a great deal of my adulthood yearning for that time of freedom and fearlessness. Of course, I was just a child and there is a stark difference between a child’s life and being an adult. Still…what are the possibilities that I will once again feel that freedom and fearlessness that I felt as a child?

    Thank you, Mystic! This has been an epiphany for me.

    • This! The seventies were filled with drama and struggle but we got through them. I was 3 in 1968 and lived through the protests, inflation, unemployment, cold war, energy crisis…you name it. But my then 50+ year old parents at the time got fed up and got politically active instead of just being on the sidelines.

      So, in February I went to my first caucus since 1988. I was picking up on the energy of my union-leading grandfather…saying in effect, get off your ass if you want change…take a risk to better your children’s lives…complaining gets nowhere but activistism gets somewhere. Move!” He made a LOT of personal sacrifices, as did my parents and father in law. So i’m ninja ing my own energy now for the future

  25. My new website (and online business) went live as Chiron moved to zero aries – this is something i’ve been aching to do for aeons!!!
    I have zero aries on my midheaven. Maybe that’s it.
    Healing all those internal stories where i told myself i could never do it… is my new website!

    • Fantastic! It’s a nice home page, with soothing and lovely font and images, and your “subscribe” bit comes early and not again (which is an annoying thing in some sites i like to visit).

      It’s funny to chance upon your site from here, at the time some ancestral things have played loud. Just went into a store to find a usually quiet but twinkly eyed person shared some ancestral things that resonated (we were both thinking of songs we’ve just been listening to) with the music i was delving into last night.

      It’s a language family that is also in France. So most of my delvings were explained in French. Ha! And now i realise i’m home and changed back into the old old worn Breton pullover that is surviving my culls, even though its white bands are not white. It’s not just the stripes, you can replicate that, it’s the shoulders that are the mark! Perhaps that is just a Saturn in Taurus 6th crazy thing about woollens. (And also the seafarer, but not sure what astro gets that there.)

      Thank you so much for sharing the site with us. My best bud from far away now told me i should write, just two days ago.

  26. I’m suddenly have no time for nonsense from my clients (I’m an intuitive reader/healer with Chiron in Taurus/10th house along with my Sun, plus moon in Pisces) I also kiiiinda want to murder everyone. Is this why?

    • Lol! “I intuit that it’s your time to cross the rainbow bridge – right now”. Compassion fatigue? Sounds like Chiron in Aries to me!

  27. My moon flow started the exact minute Chiron shifted into Aries. What a transformative seven years this has been.

  28. I literally figured out a mysterious health condition last night.

    And confessed to my naturopath a variety of secrets. They were very understanding.

  29. Mystic, as you know per our correspondence, I felt it SO strongly as it hit. The new moon seemed to amplify. The best part about these non stop insights I have been having for the last 2-3 days is a sense of self compassion which makes all the work ahead of me still feel a lot less scary or impossible. I think that’s the Chiron part: while other planets may give you clues, a kick in the pants, or sweet nectar of delusion, Chiron is the doctor who says: well hehe we have a bit of stuff here we need to heal before it’s all good, but don’t worry we will be doing it together! … and the sense of self judgment (at least this little cap is so prone to) becomes less: it’s all more fault, I have failed; than: thank you, doctor! I can do this with your help!

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