Checking In With…Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn 2017 until 2020 is the first time the Time God has been in his home constellation since the late 80s. It’s uniquely motivational.

It has been seventeen weeks of Saturn in Capricorn and already it feels like forever.  Before Saturn in Capricorn feels like a television series we stopped watching. This is no wonder. Saturn is the Time God, the Reality Checker and the ultimate in stoic consciousness.

This is not “stoic” in the sense of toughing things out or of making yourself rigid to withstand the storm. It’s “stoic” in that you are able to assess all data for what it is. You’re not flustered by what was previously relevant or what you still wish for, like a psychic echo or the ghost of an addiction.  Saturn square Neptune in 2015 and 2016 did a lot of the prerequisite work for this, thankfully. Delusions and compulsions got busted all over the place. But now? Fantasy is a devalued currency and the truth a newly sought after commodity.

Scars Signal Skin In The Game

There is more of an awareness of time, age, wisdom and the limits of certain people or situations in our lives. With Saturn in Capricorn, you gain formidable strength from grounded realism.

Saturn in Capricorn inevitably involves a rueful acceptance of some of our own defeats and defects but this is also an augment. After all, “scars signal skin in the game“, as Nassim Taleb says.

Saturn in Capricorn is the strongest it will ever be as this IS the sign of Saturn.  With Saturn in Capricorn, you’re more IN your body.  And being fully present in your LIFE is no longer an optional extra. Notice – for example – how much basic stuff has come to your attention in the last 17 weeks.  Once Uranus is in Taurus – another Earth sign – from mid-May, this will get even more gravitas.

Strip back to ‘bare bones’ assessments. Value what you learned the hard or the long way. There is no ‘trick’ of any trade, only the trade. What if debt were a high like sugar and just as damaging to central banks as sugar to central nervous systems? You could well look back on Saturn in Capricorn 2017 to 2020 as being the era you really got it together.

So, in the seventeen weeks since Saturn got into Capricorn, how has your strategy evolved?

Image: Thierry Mugler

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Aqua rising here. Saturn in Cap has been excellent so far….helping me integrate the last 2 Uranus transits. The last time I felt this grounded was 1995-2002 and that includes becoming a first time harried mother in late 1998 which threw my whole life ass backwards. Being committed to a daily workout has been a lifesaver and after 5 months of strengthening of physical and mental discipline I am thanking Saturn every fuqin’ day. Pluto and Saturn and Lillith in my 12th house has been solidifying resolve and focus like I haven’t seen. I feel somehow in active metamorphosis but… Read more »

Nike Vk

First Saturn’s Return folks like me, with Saturn conjunct Neptune though? It’s been real.


Isn’t the difference between fantasy and reality, the lighting?


Grounded and aware of limitations is what.
Learning to accept those limitations and balance them with what i CAN do not be tripped up by what i cannot.
Saturn on my Capricorn ascendant? Methinks it’s lucky that the breezy
Sagginess often comes to the fore to swish it’s tail at it all the common sense that besieges me.
Did get to drive around in a sports car with the wind blowing through my hair in Bruxelles. That’s close enough to Paris innit? Toking on a Black Sobranie and sipping a Black Russian 🙂

Year of the Phoenix

It was a real changing of the guard in my day job and wonderful opportunities in my sideline biz

Difficult person left for greener pastures and the openly manipulative Gem Sales peep also! Salt across the doorway may have had something to do with it….

New people are 1000% better, SO MUCH MORE hardworking!

My small business is also getting some people in high places attention and invitations, we do out Pop Up shop in West Elm in a few weeks!

Thanks Sat in Cap this multi Virgo is feeling the earthy vibes




First of all, I LOVE THIS PICTURE! The only thing missing is that red dress being a black one. Cap climbing that ladder looking spectacular and wearing those metal arm bracelets. Secondly, I am a rising Cap thus making Saturn my ruling planet. I am new to all of this. Having said all of that, I didn’t know what Saturn in Cap meant until after it was already there so no prep or anything for me except… I have been dealing with Saturn my whole life, as stated Saturn is my Ascendant Ruler and in my natal is is in… Read more »


Oh, and for those of you that like synchronism.. Saturn entered Cap on my birthday!!

dark star

Saturn in cap has got me on vacay and enjoying it but not interested in drinking or other avoidant technologies, even reading fiction which was my childhood one. I’m more like, plotting my empire takeover while I take in beautiful daytime scenery and wander and dream lyrics up.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I have noticed some changes for sure…plans, structure, schedules…working now and relaxing later—-PREP in short, is my mantra and I love it.

I’m actually able to PREP for stuff and then relax, because I’ve got everything sorted and prepped. This is a first pour moi.

Stressing wayyy less over “undone” things…because they are done. lol.


Personally, Saturn started it’s Rx on my Dsc and will backup to less than a degree to my natal Saturn. And I’m seeing this Scorp woman a 2nd time. I sus a Cap Asc.


A slight detour.
Australia is 9° Sun, 7° Saturn conjunct the 4° IC. In Capricorn. The Rx scope and we’re are disembowelling in a spectacular fashion re actions where no white collar criminal will go to jail.

They even get praise for running the company so well despite being behaving in sneakily fraudulent ways. Cap will NOT tolerate such structural malfeasance.


I find it so interesting that Aust is Capricorn – we seem to exhibit so many LOW capricorn traits at the moment – well, for a quite a while actually.


And Hah Donald Horne’s Cap Sun is 4°.

He called us on being a slacker country in his book, “The Lucky Country” 50 odd years ago.
So he understood our makep very well. I can only imagine his dismay at what we have done with our banks. Oz banks are SO VERY central to our being. This Saturn led restructural realignment will be a train wreck before any redemption. Esp with Mars doing Rx and then conjunct Pluto later on with Saturn to follow.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

ohh I hope so!


I shoulda said Saturn will not tolerate this mess.

And another thing: having that heavy Sun-Sat on our IC is expressed as “fuq off, this our home”. It’s like Peter Dutton is the “Black Knight “; a la the “The Holy Grail”.

PJK must be furious with the banks.


I’ve missed the news living under my rock – on purpose. What’s happening?

Son and I just watched Holy Grail last night, he thought it was hilarious – the coconuts had him captivated.

I totes relate to “non-tolerance”.. it seems to be everywhere, this kind of turgid behaviour and management styles. Cut throats at all costs, manipulate and seethe.


I love Concord getting shot by the arrow and John Cleese does his brave brave Concord speech.

And Michael Palin in the depths of the castle anthrax about to be ravaged by 16.5 to 19 virgins.

And esp the crazy Scotsman, “Tim the Enchanter”, who warns them about the “Cave of Carrbonagh”

I’ve prob seen the film about 40 times.

The peasants digging in the filth. Just so bloody funny.


The banks have been found out for the frauds they are. Sending bills for work not done to average Joe/Jane called ‘financial advice’, to dead people, laundering money for nefarious organizations, endless bs. The we have Anna Bligh going all apologists over people who have lost houses, businesses and their lives; even. And all this mea culpa fakery. And they got bonuses for fuqing things up. I lose my job over a false accusation and they get rewarded for incompetence or fraud. I feel a Bob quote coming on…. “Steal a little and they throw you in jail Steal a… Read more »


WOW! False accusations?! there has been a lot of those since last year, and the breaking of the dam wall for women in Hollywood. Three more local versions were within my immediate inner circle, and were all directed at men that are not misogynist or power trippers. You too PF? I said to someone at the time that it must be astrological. It’s the era of Mea Culpa – Cambridge Analytica (didn’t they do a good job of Bernays-ing that one… “Any effort to effect or influence the public, that is not in public interest, be killed by the light… Read more »


Uranus hit my MC at the time (Sept ’17). I’m now well underway with building workshop trailer and camperising my Kombi. Travekling Trimmer and Astrologer.
Uranus is cj my MC now. One more hit next summer. I’m suing the nincompoops.


good insights esp re the IC!

Triple Air Gem

oh wow. just don’t think i can do more saturn or capricorn. took much earth. i’m crying out for lightness!


oh wow, Pluto is in Aquarius is going to rreally shake society up isn’t it!?!?!


“Fantasy is a devalued currency” Is it, though? Truth, yes; I know no other way. But my dreams seem to indicate otherwise and we do have that sextile coming up between Saturn in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces next year. I daresay the trend coming on the horizon suggests maybe in reality it’s time to buy in – they’re both quite powerful ATM and will actually support each other, so perhaps fantasy is currently being undervalued. I’m not so sure it’s a clear-cut case of either/or, but perhaps both/and – Neptune in Pisces will long outlast Saturn’s stay in Capricorn,… Read more »

dark star

Well put


Saturn in Capricorn is squaring my natal Venus-Saturn opposition for several months in 2018, and I was dreading this configuration as it approached. But Saturn has turned out to be a real ally, helping me to establish a routine around my writing and to assess my progress realistically and dispassionately,

The transit has made me want to spend more time alone, so that I can focus more clearly on this longterm goal.

My Neptunian self is very grateful for this emerging structure.


sounds like you are working it really well!


Bathing in perceptions, crystal in hand, the light crowd ushered me to sit down.
Look at you from our point of view, one said, sit on our side of the table.
I change vantage points from supplicant to witness.

A huge semi transparent rainbow dragon approaches, a dirty mouse walks before it.
The dirty mouse says, I am struggling, life is so hard. The rainbow dragon nods quietly.

Why do you pretend to be a mouse, when we can all see you are a dragon?


There is no table.


Our side of perception perhaps


There’s not table, no mouse, no dragon and no spoon! 😉


There is no you either. Just energy. Beautiful, strong energy. You are all and none, depending on what is needed.

but def no spoons 😉


my heart breaks for the little mouse xxx


Haha, thank you dear!


That image Spinx, reminds me of a pix i saw of a sweet kitten sitting and looking in a mirror seeing a magnificent Lion 🙂


My normally empty 12th Cappy house is seeming quite full with transient folk. Marz is just in there for a quick dust up with himself. Left a toxic School Board & Management situation by withdrawing from the school (as a parent with a child) on the day Saturn entered Cap (Dec 19th). A Heavy decision. The intense feeling of freedom and the weight lifting off shoulders was etherial and profound. Stepping into the unknown, the blank rune – void with potential. Landing the lucky last spot at another school with similar alternative values and approaches, just up the road. Choosing… Read more »


there’s probably more, but i’ve dropped a lot of thought processes that psych me out about creative work. i’m still as far as i ever – materially speaking – was from putting products on shelves so to speak, but the psychological distance is muuuuch closer.


word up.


This photo and caption truly resonate – aside from the literal “homecoming” (in physical, passport sense, not so much the soul) to the Asian megalopolis of an urban jungle – it does feel like a harsh long climb that needs to be compensated with a fab external aura to get one going internally and even pragmatically: heels (for easier grip) and that tattered flowy dress (which does allow for some easy breezy respite between the legs) and a flower (because a chip on one’s shoulder is heavier to carry). Big fab hair because for every hair-pulling scene encountered is an… Read more »

virgo rising

Saturn has always had the strongest influence in my life…conjunct midheaven, square neptune on the ascendant and conjunct Mercury, Sun and Venus in the 10th. It is definitely a straight jacket and a wet blanket, but also has demanded that I learn patience and discipline, overcomeing my Sag IC which is a nomad at heart and free spirit that abhors authority and being told what to do. So this phase of Saturn in Cap has been rewarding for me…like all my karma has ripened and I am receiving the benefits of “time served”. Still feel the confines of its proximity,… Read more »


Oh my god this is so pertinent. Saturn into Cap has found me sick as a dog from day one. A couple of days after Saturn got into Cap I found myself in the doctors surgery then a pelvic ultrasound. Weeks later the follow up with the defcon five ultrasound machine and this week I go into surgery. Nobody expects it to be ‘serious’ however there is always the possibility of what the biopsy will turn up. New boss with bad reputation plus unfinished professional business w my partner (small town, ugh) saw me with severe bronchial issues, unable to… Read more »


Chrysalis, it takes an awesome person who, plagued by physical ailments, nevertheless responds to this post in a way that will help others. I was interested in Mystic linking the valuing of truth to Saturn in Capricorn. I have Saturn in Capricorn 4th house too and were you perhaps punished as a child for speaking truth? Thought you’re body might literally be tying itself in knots to avoid speaking, especially to demon boss/authority figure?


Chrysalis! My health issue has not gone on as long, so I cannot countenance the stress and depression you must be heroically bearing to have this for so many months… …then the extra you don’t need from the workplace, the menopause. I’m amazed that you can look firmly at the embedded attitudes and their effect on your patterning. Some of that is stuff i’ve been facing too. I’m reduced to teary eyes when i receive support and gentleness, for somewhat similar reasons. Another thing i noticed is compliments. They’re small but powerful to me. I just LIVE on those small… Read more »


Sending you lots of patient (as in patience, not triage) caring and attention c/o the universe, for you to channel to yourself Chrysalis. Understanding how and why we look after ourselves the way we do, or do not, can be an important revelation… cap moons and esp with your neptune 4th house. ouch. XOXO

south node in your 6th house too at the moment?


Thinking of you Chrys and I hope it all goes well with the procedure. Be sure to tell them ALL about your breathlessness – v important. Remember chest infections et al can trigger/stem from emotional issues. And when you are low, all the other stuff does come crowding in. Take care and wishing you increased vitality asap! xxx

dark star

Heart chakra healing to you for the tangible and intangible wounds xxxxxxx


Don’t know if anyone will still be reading here but thank you for the support, it means a lot – I feel I’ve been offloading here and not contributing as much to others as I have in the past. Doc is confident that all is well pending biopsy and the enforced rest has freed up some headspace for thinking through some big issues. (Yes Pi, SN in 6th right now) The old self-destruction behaviours really have to go. That pretty much sums it up. And again, coming back to toxic narcissist mother and all the wreckage she continues to leave.… Read more »


Don’t mention it.

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