Zodiac Fashion For Uranus In Taurus

Zodiac Fashion


Zodiac Fashion Alert: Uranus in Taurus Style is going to feel fresh. The God of the Future gets to Taurus – for the first time in 84 years – in mid-May.

It is the planet of the Zeitgeist in tactile Taurus, the constellation of Venus, the ultimate Muse.

We discussed the potential for haute hippie renegade beauty moves here already.

But as we get closer to Uranus in Taurus, the mood becomes more palpable and the signal more evident. Why not look to people WITH Uranus in Taurus Rising for inspo?  Voila Ali MacGraw, an Aries with Uranus in Taurus on her ascendant, the survivor of a traumatic childhood, turned stylist turned actor turned icon turned Hollywood exile turned activist.

For a while there, she was also renowned for tumultuous romances with Mars-Neptune men.

A Cat Lady and avid Yogi since Chiron Return, she is also a recovering Alcoholic and Love Zombie – or former “man dependent” as she calls it. She credits the Betty Ford clinic for assisting her in leaving both those addictions behind her. Currently, she’s representing a feminist ethical clothing company.  What if everyone bought fewer clothes and from companies of this ilk?  S**t would change real fast. Or – even more “Taurus” in tone – we bought only small local designers?

Could this be all adding up to Uranus in Taurus style vibe?

And regardless of where your style sits now, the last seven-year era is ending so your aesthetics are no doubt changing up. Radically evolving your image when Uranus changes sign is often an unconscious instinct but collaborate with this vibe for maximum results!


Sies Marjan 
Ali McGraw 1960s
Ali McGraw 2018 

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I saw a lot of stuff in that rainbow iridescent material today at H&M. Also, I bought a dress with a flower print on it rather than my usual black – ‘everything black!’ – which is a big switch for me. Perhaps a more Venusian wardrobe needed? I’m at a stopping place with current wardrobe and I have shoes that are literally falling apart, dessicating….pretty blatant sign that something new is needed and the old is physically on its way out! haha!


Love Ali, she has such a natural beauty and great bone structure. I also love that her career started somewhat later in life (think she was 30?) and very organically… which also comes through in how she doesn’t seem like the typical diva actress stereotype.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Please please please let natural facial hair for women be the next big trend


Loved Ali McGraw’s au-naturel mo. She bagged Steve McQueen! With a mo’!




dark star

<3 Ali. She looks like my mom

dark star

Also a Taurus lol


I exThat was a key theme for me throughout Uranus in Aries both before, during, and after Uranus crossed my DC. The Pluto-Uranus zap zone happened exactly on my angles, so the actual transit to my DC was more of a mental breakdown than anything else lol thanks to Uncle Pluto. No really, thanks Uncle Pluto. I did a LOT better, fashionwise, after it crossed my DC, but there were a lot of Saturn, Jupiter, and North Node transits involved with this too.


I get it, I haven’t recovered from Pluto crossing my Moon Neptune almost 20 years ago. My life was on a trajectory in one direction and then it all disintegrated.


I picked up pieces but there’s cracks and holes.


Oh, lovely! I remember admiring her photo on the cover of my parents’ Love Story album.

Does Uranus crossing your DC have an impact on style choices? I’m aware of Venus transits but I hadn’t thought much about what the Uranus opposition to my AC and natal Uranus would do. Style explosion? Not wanting to wear anything I currently own? Having a phase of not being able to express myself until I figure it out? Uranus will also square my sun so I’m envisioning some friction.


As a 1st H Uranian AND with it in a Mutual tri-Receptivity with Sun n Moon l couldn’t give a FF about style or mode or fashion or vibe. Efficiency in practical purpose is what l seek.


Well you’re no help then.


Glad to be of service.


I understand being spartan. I’m not really over the top with fashion but I am a solar leo.


Same same for me, 1H Uranian (mine is conj moon, trine Sun), and I decided on hippie biker chick 30 years ago precisely for the efficiency and practicality. Variations on a theme that will never change.


Sim-sam circuit to me, ha ha

dark star

I imagine you’ll find a rly individuated few outfits and not give a fuq about what’s in style


I don’t know about changing up but definitely going back to sleek scorpio dark hues which is a far cry from my patterned and colourful wardrobe. Although I did keep some of the sleeker clothing in case of a revival. Somewhat sustainable. Can’t afford to be extravagant like Taurus.


and i love a halterneck…gotta get some!


what a lovely woman, awesome for overcoming her demons


I rewatched “Love Story” a few years ago…she was so classic and stylish her clothes were still amazing almost 50yrs later. What an interesting life she’s had!


Oh man, I am going oversees for a friends wedding as Uranus goes into Taurus. I am already a ruthlessly light packer – do I leave big gaps and shop there? That sounds stressful but as a Libra rising it bugs me when I am not feeling my outfit. Am I being neurotic? Sometime during the Jupiter in Virgo era I got extra obsessed with natural beauty products, buying less but buying quality ethical clothing… but I think I tried to implement them too soon and got disillusioned once Jupiter hit my Scorpio stellium.


Although Uranus will go into Taurus very soon it will still be hanging out in my 1st for another few years. So it entered in 2011 when it hit my asc in pisces with mars in tow and will be cruising on through until I reckon about 2021. I expect to feel the shift somewhat but it is not really about to start until then I doubt. And if my finance gets as much shizzz as my ego then I am in for bankruptcy !


That is inspirational. She looks amazing.


She does!


Wait, how old is she?? My mother was born in 1941 (76 yrs old) and has Uranus at the end of Taurus (conjunct Saturn and Lilith, gads). I guess that’s about right, but then Uranus in Taurus would’ve been here more recently than 84 years. I’m reckoning that it’s been 84 years since the ingress of Uranus into Taurus, but it actually left Taurus about 75 years ago. Sorry, Mercury/Mars in Virgo pinging hard here.


“Radically evolving your image when Uranus changes sign is often an unconscious instinct but collaborate with this vibe for maximum results!”

Considering that Uranus will be sextile to my Natal Venus I believe this will be one of the effects – at least for me – of Uranus in Taurus.


Where do I get the fabric in that top pic? Want! Somehow doubt it’s ethically produced..


This holographic shizz is everywhere right now – I have a makeup bag, phone case, wallet & shoes just like this…. it’s very Gemini-Pisces to me but I find it interesting to see this craze linked in with Uranus/ Taurus too


I’ve also seen it. Started with 90s revival. All over black milk and other teeny brands. Haven’t seen it make mature fashion yet. I am curious if it will! That will be an interesting time.

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