Triple Leo Toilet Selfie

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Age shall not wither thee nor custom stale thy infinite…oh, hello.

Nothing says Triple Leo having just had her 2nd Saturn Return like a toilet selfie with punk regrowth, right? Only i betcha that’s not her real regrowth. With her Leo Sun actually conjunct Witch-Queen Hecate, it would be cool if she hexed herself up in to the full Witch. Real hair roots emerging like wild plants, hag-power, broomsticks, coven and all.

As she enters into her Priestess years, she could perform a neat circle back reference to her early days of sticking it to the Catholic Church. How?  By forming her own church.  This would not be an astrological recommendation i would give to everyone.  But if you’re a Triple Leo with major money/resources and a following? It could work.

The Sun Conjunct Asteroid Hecate

Her Sun is exact conjunct Asteroid Hecate – the Queen of Witches.  Sun-Hecate people are BORN Witches. They’re automatically interested in other realms and ways of being. Their religious calling is not to the churches of men.

They are drawn to the churches of the wilderness or the sort of electric-neon-diesel-scented Pagan-vibe creative-dance-art scenes. You can run on the adrenaline and pure artistic oomph of a Triple Leo set-up (Sun, Venus, Uranus) for a long time.  A long time being, in the case of Madonna, two cycles of Saturn.

But as you become chronologically older, the Hecate energy comes more to the fore, perhaps with a hearty cackle.

An FYI – Hecate has an Italian counterpart – her name is Aradia.


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60 thoughts on “Triple Leo Toilet Selfie

    • and this is weird… I always thought i had no saturn aspects with my boyfriend but his Hecate is conjunct my natal saturn. MY GOD THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH!

      • Conj descendant ? Jeez how low can you go 🙂
        That’s cusp of 7th house. Maybe you have relationships with Hecate types ?
        The boyfriends Hecate on your Saturn sounds good to me. A witch queen is a good balance to Saturn.

  1. I was really hoping for Hecate to be in the rest of my witch power zone (Sun-Lillith-Pluto-Moon in 8H Via Combusta) but sadly she’s a little too far away at the end of my 7H in Virgo, square Neptune (which sextiles the Witch Stellium).

    How can I honor Hecate in my home? Maybe a new pair of torch-like lights on my fireplace mantle or cleaning off the entry and planting some magic herbs by the door?

  2. My Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Midhaven in Leo is a disturbed by a toilet selfie. The photo is stylized and about as good as a toilet selfie could be but… a toilet? The distaste I feel must be from my Scorp rising and Cap moon. Those aspects are so strong in me no one thinks I’m a Leo. I admit I’m happier when I focus on self love (and strangely more emotionally available to others when I do) but a TOILET pic?? Not for me.

    I admit she works it. Madonna has been a master of publicity.

    • Hey L-S Grrl, Me too.

      I only have Mars and NN in Leo, plus Venus-Neptune on Scorp rising, and not a Capricorn planet to my name (thank fug). Mind you, natal Saturn in Aqua opp Leo Mars square my Scorp lot may well function as an, er, anal Cappy style brake on tasteless exhibitionism.

      Or maybe its just that Madonna was the Pluto in Leo generation – air your crap in public as art – and I am of the Uranus.Virgo in Pluto opp Chiron in Pisces Gen. Don’t think I have ever taken a selfie – full stop.

      Madonna, witchy? Nah – but I can see her doing double, double, toil and trouble in someshe’s more a ham actress doing bubble bubble toil and

  3. she doesnt come across as witchy to me…shes too…i dunno…money money ambition lah…not that thats a bad thing….its just not….witchy

    • I’ve mistrusted her witchy savvy ever since she said in some interview that Cancer was a weak sign, lol.
      Not that i’m holding a royal grudge, mind.
      (@crab sun/leo moon)

        • Chaos. I started to explain but my mind almost exploded. I think it’s this Jupiter Return (in my 1st) and Uranus dropping bombs on my DC for freaking {{{EVER}}}….& NN on my 10th H Uranus too. Also caught up in the socio-political chaos happening where i live…. can’t even…
          What basically didn’t happen in 12 (wilderness) yrs for me has happened in 3 months. There is nothing certain but uncertainty … and a whopping great flu right now. This site is like chicken soup.

  4. Wow it takes some real commitment to make fake regrowth. But I get it – the blondes have an easier transition – plus she’s Madonna so she can do what she wants. I love that she’s still powering on, and I have a secret hope that one day she will release a single featuring herself as the Pope, and tear that institution apart brick by musical brick. I want a clip of her straddling the Pope-mobile, while a thousand alter-boys throw their robes off and start an erotic riot in the streets of Rome.
    I can dream.

    • Catholics have been doing secret erotic stuff for centuries. Luther decided that the Catholics were wrong when at a banquet they were served by naked female servants. They once dragged a dead pope thru the streets and found the mangled corpse guilty. Spanish Inquisition. World wide paedophilia. Huge financial corruption. Covertly helping Hitler. Not paying their light bill.

  5. Lol even Madonna even the triple Leo factor I can’t believe a Virgo rising took this…admiring the fuq it vibes though

    • triple Leo trumps virgo rising – virgo rising would maybe finesse the Leo but not hamper. A very controlled experience – media managed experience? of all the leo. Like having your own built-in PR Boss. the 3 virgo risings I know are very deliberate in their conduct. One’s a sadge (with a lot of scorp), one’s a scorp (triple virgo and rising), one’s a toro, 8th house sun. actually wow. maybe virgo rising stops these 3 friends from going all courtney love on the world (have no prob with c. love ftr)

      random ramblings

      • Oh oh mystic ! Pi has a brilliant idea. Can we play trumps with our charts ? Please please.
        I’ll see your Pisces moon and raise you a Neptune in Scorpio

      • Hahaha yes your own inner pr agent Madonna has been blessed with that! I guess it makes sense! My oldest friend is a Virgo rising Leo Aries moon (lol) and though she is a devout Catholic she has a lot of fire shall we say. I wish she would embrace the inner Madonna 🙂

  6. So considering Hecate like “lady pluto” means she has similar qualities?
    She is in my 8th house so I am my own savior on the psychological matters?

    I am already a Plutonian in my BC so what does that make me?
    A double Plutonian? 😀

  7. Oh jeeeez my Hecate is conjunct my Gary.
    You know how I love a Gary reference, but not this time. I wanted my Hecate to be somewhere cool in my chart like conj my Leo rising or my Cap goddess lineup. Not sitting on the bonnet of the P76 of my chart.

      • If they came with steering, brakes and suspension they might’ve been a good car.

        My Venus, Mars n Vesta in Virgo and my Saturn in Cap does not understand cars comes that don’t come fitted with brakes, steering, et al. Great engines.

        • ah, you and your “has to have brakes”, “has to be able to steer” … “must not spontaneously burst into flames” or whatever….
          where’s your sense of adventure??

          • Sorry, rallies are my favourite motor sport. Aussie n American muscle cars dont even make the quarter finals.
            Rallies are the ultimate excitement adventure. I dont like fake brakes or eery sterring.

          • When l was an enfant terrible we use to look for cherry apple red holdens and iridescent blue fords and throw potatoes at them. To get them to chase us. I was in a 1200cc beetle and I’d get away from them.
            Useless muscle cars couldn’t catch a VW.

            Now THAT was excitement.

    • your Hecate = tattooed roller-derby Queen? What she says goes. She won the Paris to Dakar in that ^^^car eight years ago. There’s no machine on earth that she can’t magic back into action.

    • P76s are known in the auto trade P38s – only half a car.
      Their greatest claim to fame was something that couldn’t be done by one person. Like who can lift a full 44 gallon drum into that boot?

    • Hey Chris! I felt a calling (Mercury’s on my Gary right now).
      Babe, just EMBRACE this. This is the perfect balance to all that Leo & Cap dignity you have already. Come the apocalypse (or walking home alone at night) what you need are friends in low places, and what better companion for Hecate than Gaz giving you Mad Max super-powers to cruise through any boganscape with ease. X

  8. Would join it too. Depending on how much worship She required. Am happily disavowed from most cult-of-personality floof wherever. Had a Madonna Epiphany a few years ago during my Bachelor* of Leo study years hence conversion to her policy of Extreme Self Value – to someone like me, that basically nudges me up from ‘black hole self-negating’ to ‘person who actually likes herself and wants to show that’ . (ongoing, as some may have noticed)
    *(not actual bachelor as in single man. Bachelor as in higher education. Hey why is it called a bachelor’s degree anyway?? never mind.. i’ll google it 🙂 )

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