Trade Wars! Read/Re-Read My Uranus In Taurus Rant

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Trade Wars. How totally Uranus in Taurus. And now would be a good time to read or re-read my Uranus in Taurus rant from last year. It’s got all the relevant dates, theories and info. You can find it here – it’s Mega Mystic Members only so you will need to be logged in to access it.


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13 thoughts on “Trade Wars! Read/Re-Read My Uranus In Taurus Rant

  1. Uranus is shocks, novelty and disruptiveness, taurus is resources and productivity..
    Lab-created meat goes into production for sure. Lovers of food created by technology may find the next 8-9 years right up their alley? There are only so many laser-levelled grain fields and factory-processed superfoods we can have in the world without fuqing up the rest of the plains and valleys . Also, carbon footprint

    • Food faces more of a problem of distribution, rather than production though. Maybe Uranus will do something to disrupt the mechanisms of greed, materialism and selfishness, via its passage through taurus. To be fair, since it’s not like a transit will only ever focus on the higher manifestations of a sign? Pisces here so you know

  2. You know what’s super creepy? I am not sure how the dates line up exactly, but I saw the other day that Uranus hasn’t been in Taurus since roughly around the Great Depression. And guess what was one of the contributing factors to the global depression that occurred concurrently with the US depression? Yes, you’re right. The US imposed steel tariffs and other countries retaliated, leading to global trade wars, loss of employment, etc.


  3. When ever l see Melania she looks like “HTF did l get into this mess?”
    I must check her whole chart.

  4. I think Uranus going into Trump’s 10th is very very very interesting. Esp as his MC is a very tight sextile to his Venus cj Saturn. Whatever you may say about him he has staying power….and in the sign of the tenacious one.

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