The Fate Moon – The Full Moon In Libra On March 31 2018

The Full Moon in Libra on March 31 2018 is a ripper.  At ten degrees of Libra, she is opposite the Sun (as every Full Moon is, by definition) and Retro-Mercury in Aries. She is also square Mars + Saturn.  This is a triple-zapper definitive s**t together Full Moon by anyone’s standards. It’s a Full Moon for grown-ups. Full-on feet on the ground boss-person, captain of your destiny, scheduled bills setter-upper.  No immature resentment nonsense about taxes or insurance requirements. Zero delusions re what 300grams of plastic packaged pap would do to your blood sugar and collagen. Go glycate your skin tissue on someone else’s watch – not this Saturnine Full Moon.

The Sun + Mars square Saturn in the week leading up to this Full Moon. That + the current Accelerated Vim velocity of the Virgo Moon augment this feeling of sorting s**t out with a fresh consciousness. Higher Order Efficiency is its own form of meditation. It certainly can help manifest serenity.  We are living through interesting times.  There is a lot of noise with very little signal. See also: De-globalising, de-leveraging, Stormy Daniels, Russian Spies and deeply mistrusted politicians.  Balancing our own books and being appropriately charitable without resort to bombast, corruption or Ponzi scheming is soothing.

April-May is the Transition Zone.  Obviously the Monthly Horoscopes will cover this sign by sign or rising sign and with nuance BUT the short version: watch for cues to evolve or for the chance to pivot. They are everywhere and becoming more obvious or frequent.

The Full Moon Is Conjunct Asteroid Atropos

But why is the Full Moon in Libra on March 31 2018 a Fate Moon?  This particular Full Moon is always about relationships as it is in Libra – a strongly partnership themed sign – and opposite Aries – the archetype of individuation and singularity.  Even without the involvement of Karmic Taskmaster Saturn, there is an element of ‘fix it or fuq it’ with this Full Moon. Feuds are resolved and rapport renewed OR the decision is made to let the crumbling or faulty infrastructure of a particular partnership/alliance just disintegrate already. But THIS Full Moon has an extra sub-tone. She is conjunct asteroid Atropos – the most senior of the Three Fates.

Even as you do this Full Moon with grown up, s**t together eloquence – despite provocation – there is an unmistakable air of melancholy, of haunting or recall of past sorrows. Face these head-on in all consciousness without numbing out for a major psychic power-upgrade.



Jorgen Axelvall

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95 thoughts on “The Fate Moon – The Full Moon In Libra On March 31 2018

  1. This is my solar return! I read tarot at a witch bazaar during it. I got so many confirmations this is the path that will lead to the most stability. Beautiful time

  2. Just read the monthly scope for my moon sign on a hunch – friggin’ pitch perfect. Like, wowzers.

  3. I can feel that FM abating even as l type. It has been a funk of ‘greigy smog’.

    Still l got Pluto sq Uran almost on my MC. Saturn cj Mars in tight straddle to my Dsc. So you know they are completing a T Sq with my Asc and late Sun.

    “Clothesline Saga”, a fab ditty from the “Basement Tapes”. (I can’t link off my phone- l’m a tech-savvyless Uranator)

    ZZ is not a buZZ

  4. Happy Full Moon (it’s on now in Italy).
    And on a funny note: on my Full Moon in my 2nd / money house I got gifted by my mother a new wallet which I actually like A LOT MORE of the previous one.
    I got rid of stuff that was useless and try to start with a clean slate.
    I would like to try a European version of the “keep 100 $ banknotes” in your wallet that Mystic recently wrote on a wallet Feng Shui post and get “three 100 euros banknotes” and not spending them.
    Anyone tried that and found it was working? I have a good vibe about it.

  5. Wow… it is a bit sombre out there isn’t it… feeling it. Really wishing I had the strength to leave certain situs that are not good for me.
    I found my asteroid Atropos, she is conj my Gem NN. I feel a bit spooked by that actually.
    On a lighter note, I googled ‘asteroid list’. I’m slightly disturbed to know that I have asteroid Bacon in Pisces conj my sun/Saturn/Merc. (I’m a vego FTR).
    I have asteroid Beer in my 11th house. Transiting Beer on my Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo in the first. Transiting Bacon is on Pluto in Cap right now. Be careful out there, astro homies. x
    (No more I promise)

  6. This 45 degree angle rebirth-day feels really fascinating. All the me’s seem to be turning into one me.

    The dreams are off the charts.

  7. God… THIS AS WELL after this week of mars saturn square sun…

    I’m guessing a loft party with a forest installation on the walls in downtown L.A is maybe not the best idea…

    • I’m down with Pi. And besides, as Mystic says there’s an element of fix-it or fuq-it in the air. You being a Gemricorn i suspect you can do both at once and come out smiling.

  8. Speaking of Libra and Aries, i developed a theory while watching Private Benjamin (stars goldie hawn) on a trashy old DVD last night. i wondered if Goldie Hawn’s character development reflect a Libra south node – Aries north node path. There were some scenes that made my Aries things say WTF WOMAN and again it was a hollywood film made in 1980 so yes. Also noting that goldie hawn was executive producer so this makes me happy in a capricorn moon way. anyway.

    • oh this is cool. She’s a scorpio sun, with sadge asc ( close to my dsc) – her pluto in leo is conjunct my saturn, and venus in scorpio conjunct my uranus. Her moon is conjunct my gem asc. the sadge-gem is surely the comic / slapstick energy in her work.

      in the film she looks stunning in all black (scorp) with a big fluff of the 80s blonde (sadge) hair.

      also she has north node in cancer in her 7th house, which may have a similar set of concerns to my north node in Libra in my 4th house. same but different?

      so, this was interesting.

      • oh and how funny. jupiter on her libra MC. maybe with leo ruling her 8th house, most famous films involve a primary relationship, some lesson about wealth, ego and social status, and what her character must come to terms with in the process of that relationship, often via some kind of hardship? delivered via that relationship

      • Ooooh, good call re Goldie & the Aries/Libra thing. It’s so true, all her own movies are a lesson in overcoming ego crap through relationship with Other…. and phoenixing through – so Scorp Sun too.

        I’ve loved her for ever (who hasn’t though) – & loved watching her evolve into celluloid healer. I know that celluloid is probably Neptune, but Uranus is mass communications too … she has loads of Uranus connections – especially to her MC-Jupiter.

        Gee thanks for this, Pi. Since i’m under self imposed house arrest, this is perfect time to re-watch P Benjamin; also “Overboard” with Kurt Russell playing a v Gary-esque character.. <3…. & OMG – you gotta watch *Foul Play* just for plain silliness and Hitchcock references. 70's gem.

        (Also the fact she's not married to K Russell though they've been together for ever appeals hugely to me)

        • I was really surprised in pvt benjamin how awful the male characters were, and at the same time I can see how this was used to give hawn’s character leverage, and various wake-up calls to gtfo.
          overboard is just so much fun. enjoy the movie marathon 🙂

          wait! I just looked up some clips from foul play, god chevy chase is cute!!! i was a baby when those films came out
          He is in LOVE with goldie hawn hahahaha … they are so sweet together check this out
          also, his astro!!! libra, with an epic kite chart defined by a moon-IC pluto-MC opposition

  9. I’m raising the draw bridge this w’end. Atropos-Moon will be conjunct my NN & opposite natal Eris square Mars …. i’d pose a public danger outside the parapet walls

    (also feverishly fantasising (have flu) of how in the good old days atropa belladonna was used as a remedy against unwanted politicians …. just a few drops in their morning coffee & voila, gone… just saying, Melania)

    • I’ve/ am doing da same. I’m conversing with metals, paint, welders, timber, wiring. It’s almost like being with a dog.

      My Atropos is 29°14 Scorp in 5th which is bloody fantastic. At least it’s trine my Sun and trine exiting Chiron.

      • Hey, i just realised that this mash up of Nodes/Atropos/Moon/Sun/Merc/Eris is perfect for potent magik. Sorry i sound like your astro stalker – but it’s just that we’re only 2 weeks apart – so you know … So think Doc Brown & set your witchy-pooh mechanical know-how to converting the Vdubaru into a Tardis under this crazy FM – what with Uranus in the mix squaring your Sun – who knows?!

        …..There is, believe it or not, an Asteroid Tardis (3325)

        • Love it! I just googled ‘asteroid list’ and have found an asteroid Bacon (2940). Only up to the Bs – but bound to find more. Hours of fun ahead for me on a lonely Saturday night, lol

          • Hahaha!!
            Yes, beats the usual sword & sandal sagas during easter – but i actually fell hard for Spartacus last night.

            And wait, Spartacus … 2579 …. omgawd it’s on my MC!
            Oh, Chrysalis, what have you started.. again!

  10. I find it interesting this Full Moon falls in the constellation of Corvus (The Crow or Raven) and we have an ancient Crone deity conjunct this Moon. The totemic significance is not lost on me. Obviously in this instance Crow/Raven is her power animal/familiar – as a matter of fact, I awoke this morning to a crow outside of my window and then saw a triad of them on my run. Yes, I’m feeling like there’s a lot of Crow Medicine surrounding this lunation – perhaps there’s a tie to the Morrigan of the Celtic pantheon as well.

    • LV, i’d like to thank you profusely re cracking my obsession regarding Jimi Hendrix (in case you don’t read/get to see my recent post on it on “Jimmi Hendrix had no Earth…..” that Mystic did 3yrs ago.

  11. You would think by 43, I would have already figured this out, but I feel like I am heading for a period of pure serenity, organization, calm and connectedness. Its definitely a family thing that I feel like I must rush around like a chicken with its head cut off, traveling to show I’ve been there, whisking my daughter off to this and that theme park, and taking it a step too far with the wine at BBQs and get togethers to make things “even better” and exciting. Family my age take it way farther than me in that sense and its almost like I feel I have to keep up. I think for the rest of this year, I won’t even ask other people what they are doing, seeing, traveling to, etc. It will be a time to figure out what I actually enjoy and then just doing that.

  12. I’m banking on the same old nothing, as I seem incapable of forming healthy normal friendships, and the thought of being in a relationship gives me an anxiety attack, on account of my warped living circumstances and bizarre working life. ironic that the thing is my 7th-4th-10th houses and my ongoing shite choices. i can’t see a way though, maybe the full moon will find a way to throw it all in my face, but ideally if i stay home on the couch reading then nothing will happen.

      • Oh Pi – you are such a stalwart in this community. My heart aches to hear you are doing it tough. Chiron, Chiron, Chiron…. whatever you see right now will flow by on the river of time.

        • this is a nice thing to say, thank you watersnake, for you kindness. the thing is technically (lol) i shouldn’t be doing it tough, and i’ve just recalled mille’s and others comments a few posts ago about the long-tail of difficult times, but now it’s starting to feel like a decision i ‘have’ to make rather than circumstances prevailing, so to speak. Mind you as soon as “should’ and “:ought to” comes into it then that’s a warning sign isn’t it between an inner-outer clash..
          there’sstill the venus-chiron-moon-uranus square going on, so good point , might just give this even more breathing space. more than i think i needs? Chiron just does not respond to “hustle” of any form. this we know. chiron is a relinquishing of … fuq knows what hahaha

      • *my warped living circumstances and bizarre working life*….. just based on that alone i’d have you as a friend in a flash – sounds positively alluring 🙂

        Hang in there Pi, & couching it out this w’end is prob the best tactic anyways.xx

        • hahaha thank you… where are people like you around these parts skarab!
          it’s so wierd, the friends who truly know me (and me them) are just so wonderful – like i just want people in my life who are up for things and are upbeat and psychically free of bullshit and nervy worldviews – and then there’s the 99% where I feel judged af or wierdly excluded or forgotten (i am starting to wonder if eris on MC does this – the ‘you’re not invited’ vibe) and i just can’t make head or tail of this. anyway. yes. anyway, not making sense, i;m just going to keep doing ‘me’ lol until uranus hits my 11th in 2 years.

          To The Couches!! (also, new exercise regime, and giant laundry heap).. I spent a day hungover and sick so accidetally de-toxed myself from caffeine, maybe this will help fix my new sleep regime..
          rambling, soz

          • Hmm …Eris. Warning: anecdote coming up…..BUT i just had a flash visit from a girlfriend with Eris on her NN 7th H. She described how in the mainly all women staff room at her work it’s a competition for virtuousness (while making a vomit gesture… bless her). Needless to say, she’s not invited to their parties – nor would she want to attend. And while they’re all having bake-offs, she’s either drumming in her band or marching in the front line for their pension rights, which are now in danger of being totally privatised. She did not tell me this – it’s just my observation. You gotta love the Erises of this world… they march to the beat of their own drum – in this case literally, lol. Not everybody gets it as it may sound discordant. But we need them.

        • The funniest thing I’ve ever seen him do is the profligate drinking and gargling of water in “The 3 Amigos”. Steve Martin has a few precious drops, Martin Short gets sand and Chevy slops, gargles and throws away 2 litres of water. Then getz the lip balm out and offers the other 2 some lip balm. Their incredulosity is palpable. Priceless!

          Glad the comment was taken as intended.

          You’ll hate me for highlighting this be we both share a ‘warts n all’ persona. Ha fuqn ha.

          • The 3 Amigos: that is one monumentally silly film. I’ve just ordered the dvd version. thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey, Pi. Take that couch and hangover and suffer through it. Your Cap Moon probs hates it, and your good self for doing it all, but i’m going to be your Pisces Big Sister here, and give you a massive “there there, darling” and some metaphysical soft blanket, sips of water and good hands like warm magnets over your shoulder-blades and shoulder muscles.

      Everyone says Marcus Aurelius was a great stoic but i think you have had some intense few years lately, and your lovely self has copped it. I really felt your comment about Eris on the MC, not invited to the par-tay. You know, maybe it’s got a bit of truth, but it goes two ways, like people feel something special about you but cannot get a hold of it as you’re not presenting like a gram sleb, and they actually need that to work out what this amazing depth is that you’re presenting. And those tender rays of loveliness you vibe out are curling back into you.

      Now i look back up at your comment, i see the 7th, 4th, 10th thing, and with Eris on MC, well that is a tough basket to carry. We all hear the help-yourself and great advice of being your own superpower and living in your own confidence, but we’re all social animals who thrive on understanding and compassion, and social resonance. Sure, we know it can be a feedback loop, and i know being here is not the same as connecting in person. We don’t catch a flash of eyes softening in sudden wonder and understanding when they look at us.

      If you need nothing to happen, you’ve got psycho-drama that needs space. I’m sorry, because that Persephonic journey is aching and tough, and not exactly linear (the weariness of cycles – ah! Or, aargh!) And never ever meshes with the world-time needs of working and nodding hi, and making convos and getting the groceries stocked up, and being safe to drive.

      There’s going to be layers to this, and we here all know you’ve been painfully peeling layers, so i hope that sounds less condescending than the gentle hugs i send in that comment. Please, little darling, don’t mistake your weariness and need for loving space with yourself for any kind of giving up. You are Pisces. You can totally abandon yourself to the moment, and the arms of the universe, the stars who forged your chart, and any one of the tribe here. Try not be scared, even if the fear is felt so strong.

      Do you know Baggage Reclaim? A few weeks ago Natalie Lue posted a vid of her response to being left out by something she was invited to. I watched it out of curiosity but had tears all the way through. It’s a long vid and i’m Merc in Aries but i couldn’t actually stop watching and skipping forward was not satisfactory. She articulated the micro-agressions of exclusion in a way i think has not been validated so much before. I’ll try to find the link, but if you’re a bit soggy and weary, leave it for a bit. She’s usu strong and centring for me, and i was in a soggy state, but it was good that i watched.

      • “We all hear the help-yourself and great advice of being your own superpower and living in your own confidence, but we’re all social animals who thrive on understanding and compassion, and social resonance. ” yes this! thank you… mind you the community here is amazing

        i haven’t checked out baggage reclaim before, but i clicked around and actually landed on something that is having the psychological effect of a kind of fascia release from a very slow stretch, little things easing and moving into a new place “oh this is new..”

        needing space to accommodate own (lowkey) psycho-drama… yes. cripes it’s never ending. i think this is the swing-shift that MM mentioned…
        Is this “enhanced” by a progressed cancerian moon???????? my god imagine what a prog leo moon is going to be like

        • omg prog cancer moon for a Pisces!!!!

          Hold on to your hat, hon!

          Even with all my martian jupiterian and fiery stuff, along with the aqua-libra thing going on in my 3-4th and 11th with Venus and Uranus there, i do find that anything in Kataka really gives me the Lows. Like, it’s really hard because i already feel so “feely”. I know you’ll get this, with the saturnine pursed upper lip dour hangin lower lip flavour that Capricorn Moon can bring, plus your Gem stuff wanting to just imprint all upbeat air intelligently skimming across the observed deets of yourself that you find. As well as your sport-coach Aries Venus urhing that pleasure is in the bold move and the sparkling ego.

          It’s like Pisces tries to refine almost beyond acknowledgment the primal feelings of First Water, Kataka. But, you know, we keep resonating with a bunch of lovely Katakans even here, who express that holy hurt (both themselves and through their empathy) in a way we want to sublimate and aetherise and ground into collective, thus keep at a distance.

          I’m learning a lot from that. And i also feel you, Pi. I was just on a local fishing site, and i thought about how many fish need the school and the hiding spaces and the shifts of light and tide, to keep in healthy balance their aggressive drive and environmental sensitivities, for feeding and breeding, and thriving as happy fish.

          • bloody amazing
            thank you
            FM lows last night then up with the sun this morning, this never happens

            it’s like you’re mining diamonds that are already cut and sparkling, thanks mille for the words.

            SO into aries venus sport-coach uhring.<3 hahahahahaha
            honestly – sometimes nothing puts me in a better mood than the smell of Sport (no not locker rooms) – surf wax, neoprene, diesel exhaust from boats and rugged 4WD things, 4-hour sunscreen and 30+ lip balm, liniment, chlorine and salt, sneakers squeaking in an indoor volleyball court ahhhhhhhhhh i feel better already
            thank you.
            uhrrrs all round hahaha *hearty backslap* *apologies as i realise i made you spill your coffee*

          • ahhh now i could go on. the soft hissss of air and the sway of the needle to full-tank pressure after you attach the regulator to the scuba tank and open the valve… the crashing pour of ice into the esky ahead of a long fun day outside… the hot plasticky smell of snowboard ding repairs and fresh wax… tired af but picking friends up pre-dawn for an awesome roadtrip and hike to a cool mountaintop… new running shoes… the fitness app that actually coaches you out of sloth.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who needs angst.

            ok, venus in aries it is then. Uhring: 1
            Doom: 0.

        • “Aries Venus urhing”

          honestly don’t know wtf i was trying to type there

          it WAS something but we can just play with it, ok, soz, have fun xx

            • Oh crikey that is So IT. If i didnt love Pi’s little trip into Venus Aries, i would have been embarrassed. Thanks to both of you!

      • Mille, your comments…. they get better & richer with each consecutive reading. The 2nd & 3rd paragraphs re Eris are tear inducingly beautiful, much resonance… Eris-SN here. (friggin spellcheck keeps changing to Eric)

        It took me many yrs to figure it out & not be totally perplexed or heart-broken about it. It *is* a 2 way thing like you say & quite often it’s a laziness thing too – people don’t want to leave their comfort zone to socialise or get to know someone they don’t quite get – it’s hard work (or so they think). They tend to be join-the-dots kind of people, instead of breaking out and going freehand to discover their own dormant talents. Their loss.

        Also – and this could be my Leo Moon speaking – that the type of people that don’t invite you to their parties – throw really fuqing boring parties anyway. 🙂

        • ah, interesting…..thank you for sharing your personal experience
          was it mille elsewhere describing her colleague with eris NN (I can’t find the comment now)
          short of the customary apple bomb, it really is about letting go of needing to belong..

          damn right about leo moon and parties 😀 xx

          • That was my 11th H multi-Leo friend. So i guess the Leo sense of self-esteem (nicer cousin of “pride”?) & Aqua detachment helps with this.
            There’s nothing that irks bitchy/exclusive type group phenomena than a person who doesn’t give two poops about them. It’s reverse psychology that i found v useful when going through so many different schools.

        • You’re reading me in the right way, i guess: it’s not MEANT to be obscure, but here i try to express how i’m feeling the thoughts, while trying to bring it down into thoughts.

          Never satisfied. But have learned to craft some of the typos and untidy words … and then run with the wind and the tide!

          I feel so sorry that i possibly might maybe know how to join the dots better. But i couldn’t speak my mind, and here is a very particular place for me:

          • <3 track.

            I know you are not trying to be obscure. Actually, that particular piece you wrote above for Pi re Eris was probably the most "straightforward" i've seen – or maybe it fitted snugly into my particular receptor. But your writing can sometimes be like reading those I-ching verses. You get it in flashes or in an osmosis kind of way – even if you can't "quite" hold on to it, it seeps in then out then in…. very kaleidoscopic. Love it.

  13. “Even as you do this Full Moon with grown up, s**t together eloquence – despite provocation – there is an unmistakable air of melancholy, of haunting or recall of past sorrows. Face these head-on in all consciousness without numbing out for a major psychic power-upgrade.”

    The last two days has seen some fascinating d&m’s with a friend of mine who used to be my partner. This full moon will hit my Uranus in the house of friendships it will it will be interesting to see what else comes up. Just checked my friends chart and it’s conjunct Uranus too 😮 . As our charts both have planets in Aqua pinging off each other I’d say this is gonna be wild.

  14. Hooray. This falls close to my Venus at 13 and then my Moon conjunct Pluto at 3. I’ve been on an intrapsychic cleaning mission these past 4 months, so wow… It looks like I may get a flush. I hope it’s not too turbulent! Maybe this is the time to put my support tools on speed dial or high alert.

  15. Conjunct Atropos, you say? I am reminded of that time-honored Plutonic saying, “If I’ve cut you off, chances are you’ve handed me the scissors.” Snip, snip; time’s up. (You can’t see the evil grin emoji, but I assure you it’s there.)

    I feel like there are going to be a lot of interpersonal relationships – be they actual partnerships, close personal friendships, or even family ties – reaching the end of their natural life span over Easter weekend under this Full Relationship Moon/Mini Zap Zone Redux.

    • Strangely enough, when i use scissors i have a feeling of another force pushing against my dominant part of the hand.

      Some people use kitchen scissors all the time, And i get to know how nice that is for some things but in the kitchen i cannot countenance anyone or anything interfering with my alchemy.

      I’m understanding from your evil grin that there is a two-hander at play.

  16. Oh and I cannot wait for the monthly scopes.
    I hope we get them in advance like we did for the friday to monday daily “package”. 🙂

  17. I went through my month cost check as of this morning.
    I then went to the Postal Office to get a notification: that usually is about unpaid tickets or a fine. But I am scared no more: I face them every time, since I have clear ALL MY DEBTS, as an adult, just like you said.
    I “feel” the focus of the moon (Libra is my 2nd house cups).
    Oh and it end up just being my new credit card 🙂

    • Spot on, MissDee! Just paid off my last remaining debt in full before the banks shut for the long weekend. Booked to see a tax expert to clean up 38 years of not lodging an expat return to rapacious country-of-origin. Sparkling clean integrity with money = hello new 6 figure job.

  18. Def been a week of deep disappointment and wustfulness. You look around, you’re 40 and not one of your dreams have ever come true. And that is the truth for millions.

    All the positive thinking, working hard, Astro, Numerology, Feng Shui etc attracted zero career and romantic success in your life. Could be worst – could be living in a war zone. Or making minimum wage on a pithy visa or worst, as an “illegal” somewhere. But still, the disappointment that talent and hard work has led to nothing in 22 years will make your eyes prick, I tell ya. And yes, things COULD change tomorrow, but they may not.

    Such is life!

    • Yes, and i’ve even passed that milestone. Like reading this, because lately I have found myself thinking of my lifelong earlier dreams and ambitions.

      Internet connectedness was never available then, so i realise that these days i’m not alone, in a broad picture sense.

      I wondered if my dreams COULD have been realised with a little more Saturn Time sense, but then i think who could sustain such high-falutin’ promises to self without the benefit of time’s wisdom and the real gritty bumping into life’s competitive swirl? There’s billions of peeps out there, or right here, trying for a dream, whatever that is.

      And i did think, actually, i’m not in a war zone. For all the micro-aggresssions, i’m not in danger of being captured and completely disrespected and torn apart for something like my gender or my skin. (Yes, ok, random attacks are always, have always been possible; learning to self protect in the home has always been a thing – BUT i’m realising how far ptsd generally is, and that’s sweet.) And i’m kind of amazed i had such grand dreams despite the threats at home, and in the evryday. And now i feel i’m not alone in that. I really marvel at what people go through and come out the other side of.

      COULD it all change tomorrow? Why yes, now i look at it all, it did change in those days’ tomorrow. Here’s my mortality: i could have died then, i could sooner than i expect. There’s no pattern to that, so even if my dreams seem impossible or such hard work, or even whittled back, there they still are.

      Mind you I’m Pisces, so while i lay down almost in cold grave readiness when it all hits, i still somehow happen to BELIEVE. Time/Chronos/Saturn has told me not to but there’s that Faith, popping up its face at the most ridiculous moments, and i get so annoyed with myself for having it.

      Sometimes i wonder is this all there is? And i find myself observing nature, the environs and the human kind more closely, and throwing myself into the effort with something almost like enjoyment (haha Mars in the saturnine Cap, Saturn in the earthy daily grind of Tau 6th, and highly critical Pluto and Lilith in Virgo – not a really satisfied sort of chart.)

      • Definitely, remembering mortality and gratitude for not being in deeply destabilising situations is key, I too feel, to getting to deeper wells of motivation especially when they’ve maybe been covered by layers of weariness. And in our late capitalist, anthropocene times, is that any wonder?

        I think making those frequent observations of our environs can help us as feel less adrift as humankind – reading a fantastic book, The Spell of the Sensual by David Abram, about language and our connection and participation with our surroundings. I think your earth aspects and Piscean sun would thrill to it.

        • That’s so funny you say weaariness. (I’m really thinking in the car a lot lately) because i just popped out and as i was reversing out of the carpark i thought to myself, Ageing is really just getting more tired.

          Sort of wondered if my “patience” with certain external things is more of a “can’t be bothered” putting my precious energy there 🙂

          As for language and eartgly daily connection
          … it’s very much part of my actual profession. My career path morphed or pinged suddenly onto a new track a couple of years ago, so i’m still pretty new at it, and thoughts of everything, the day, the work, myself, my connections, all seem to so much less disparate than before. Takes some getting used to for an infj type! But sensual connection is usually where i make my refreshing moments, along with some sort of jupiterian-neptunian grand ultra-connect musings and explorations. Thank god for everyone i’m not on social media, except for you lovely empathetic and sympathetic souls here 🙂

          I think he’s lucky as an author to have the trad authoritative name “David Abram” .. soothing in itself. Thank you for a book title – i’m turning accidentally to paper more than screen, a little here and there. Wishing you well, LotusFlower xx

          • “Ageing is really just getting more tired.

            Sort of wondered if my “patience” with certain external things is more of a “can’t be bothered” putting my precious energy there”

            Yes! ..this resonates. I simply don’t have the physical energy levels anymore to live in the states of anxiety that I did when I was young. Also you learn to discern what is and what isn’t really worth worrying about.

          • Thank you Mille. These days I find I think less and feel/notice/participaate in my surroundings (and non human friends) more and I’m happy enough most of the time for it 🙂 x

  19. Thanks mystic – this is a timely reminder! Since Saturn finally got off my multi sadge ass I have been letting the grown -up shtick slide a little, this was a good reminder to buckle down and get that insurance policy sorted, finish the endless laundry pile and stop raiding the savings for no good reason…with Saturn heading towards my chart ruling Venus I imagine the penalties will be severe if it’s found that I have been shirking since graduating the last round of Saturn academy 😀

  20. Wow, yeah, feeling it, and have been cleaning and tidying my home like crazy and didn’t even realize it was a Virgo moon. I guess this has been my instinctive way to channel all the keyed up energy I have feeling the coming full moon which will also be exact square my 10 degrees Crab Ascendant, and will be in my 4th house, so must get my home ready! haha! 😉 I am feeling pretty organized, focused and grounded, though.

    Mars and Saturn are right on my Cap Venus, and the Sun is on my natal Saturn in Aries, so this full moon will fire up my Saturn/Venus square and my T-square of Asc./Saturn/Venus. Yeeeehaa!
    Interesting because I’ve started seeing a guy who is a Libra Sun/NN/Chiron within degrees of this full moon, and he has Cap Ascendant. ……and he’ll be coming over Friday night so we’ve got all the cardinal signs within orb of this moon….should be interesting!
    We have a very Uranian connection, too, as we have Sun/Moon conjunction in Aquarius as well as my Uranus is within a couple degrees of his Sun and his Uranus is within a couple degrees of mine. Yeah, we’re of different generations, he is quite a bit younger.
    ….it’s also a very Saturnine connection, which I can describe another time.

    • Sounds dreamy, I’m happy for you! Does he really have Uranus in Aquarius? That’s whoa there different generations and I’m all ears. I’ve currently started dating someone 15 years younger. It’s weird how after crushing so hard during the zapzone on someone nearly as young and just feeling kind of ashamed about by age and that it’d be hopeless to work out, with this person a) it is a real, organically grown friendship then romance b) the age difference has not come up. Maybe that’s lurking for a future rainy day, but I feel my fear and shame about being older were worse than any Saturnine reality will be. Reality I can take, head-on: my own fears in this area I just refuse to allow quarter these days. So, enjoy your companionship and great synastry – I know you’ve been holding out for it and you deserve it!

      • Thanks for your good wishes, LotusFlower!

        Yeah, he does have Uranus in Aquarius. He’ll be 22 this year.. I’m not feeling ashamed or embarrassed about our connection but of course I am looking at it realistically, too.
        With my Venus in Cap I’ve definitely done the ‘date older when younger, and then younger when older’ thing. I don’t approach young people, though. If they take an interest in me, like this guy did, I will consider it and see if I’m interested back.
        He has Cap rising, too, near my Venus, so I suppose that accentuates my tendency.
        The Saturnine aspect I was referring to is that we are a full Saturn cycle apart, 28 years, so we both have Saturn in Aries, even nearly conjunct, as his is at 4 degrees and mine at 8.
        Interesting because you mention the zap zone and during that I dated a guy 14 years younger, another Saturn cycle, the opposition, his Saturn was in Libra. And that was the guy I felt tortured over the past few years. Never again! That was the last of having relationships like that — LZ type relationships.
        The dynamic with the new guy is the total opposite of this. It’s all very clear and open, down to earth, no b.s. So refreshing!

        I’m glad you’re enjoying your companion too, and not allowing fears or doubts to get in the way! Keep on! 🙂

        • Hi, I hear you with that Saturn opposition. And I think your approach of not looking for a relationship with someone much younger is wise. I concur and with this friendship let him approach me. In fact now that it is ‘happening’ I find myself a bit confused as to how to leave that cautious role. I drew Lovers in the 7th house today – considering and reconsidering what role the Other plays in my life. True, true and this full moon is adding to the vortex. I’ve grown secure in my solitude and wary of feeling the romantic feels. And yet, yikes, here is an enthusiastic contender.. only young and shiesh is this another spiel from my subconscious to keep me comfortably alone? Hmm hmm…

          • “I’ve grown secure in my solitude and wary of feeling the romantic feels. ”

            This is probably the main thing, not the guy or his young age.
            I’ve been alone for a very long time, too, and it’s much easier and safe, hard to open yourself up to someone else. You’d probably feel that even if you were dating someone your own age.
            It’s natural to have fears, try to accept them but not act from them.
            The way I feel about my situation is that if it doesn’t work out, I know for sure I’m good at being on my own and can go back to that! …..this probably doesn’t help, sorry!
            Also, see if you can enjoy it all in present time….that’s what I’m doing, though it’s easier said than done! 😉

            • No that does help Flowerchild and you are right: it would be like this with anyone. It is part of udentifying the baggage that I am ready to drop now too. An emtional memory came back to me last night of the the dreadlike feeling, a kind of doominess or tragic feeling that I first felt in my teens encountering desire or romance and that has echoed down through the years. I put it down to inherited trauma or imprinting picked up from family and society, me internalising and adapting to it like a good girl, groan. An coercively controlling relationship and subsequent ‘safe’ (catalytic would be a better word) zz crush later and that dreadlike feeling no longer feels relevant or appropriate. Yet here, on rhe eve of a t-square full moon that will pull in my venus-pluto libra conjunction (yrs, THAT’S a player in rhe story lol) and to the surface these depth feels come. Time to liberate them for some self-actualisation and creativity, methinks. They’ve been dwelling unloved in the cave for too long. Thank you for your caring words, Flowerchild. May the moon bring you ripenrss andcleansing too xx

  21. Conjunct my Pluto, no wonder I have Hades gut this week. Following weekend spring celebrations it will be a Pluto themed spring cleaning on the home front.

  22. The Full Moon and Sun will ping off my natal Venus-Saturn opposition (Venus in Libra and Saturn in Aries). With Mars and Saturn in the mix, I feel flayed open and exposed creatively, but also committed to my creative work in a way that I’ve never been before.

  23. Already feeling it. Planning some quiet weekend time to finish the first business billing for my new venture instead of going out. More fun to bring in the cash than waste time on some dalliance. A grown up full moon- love it.

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