The Astro-Scheduler Is Being Jazzed Up

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The Astro-Scheduler is more and more Online Moon Calendar by the day.  I have streamlined the celestial cues for smoother understanding of the planetary influences. I also added another Lunar Portal. 

Observe the Lunar Portals for a fast and productive life morph.  The explanations are below. But basically, say you are having a Saturn transit. It grinds away all year with varying intensity.

Focus on it during the Moon-Saturn Lunar Portal for a really strong sense of how best to work your on going Saturn transit.

Another idea. Work with Pluto Vibe and get some really depth insight into a situation that you know is of psychological import. How? Choose the Moon-Pluto Lunar Portal to do some journal work or deep-thinking on the topic. OR just wait for someone to trigger it, Freudian Vault style.

The Moon-Jupiter Lunar Portal was called the “Answered Prayers” Moon in olden days – i kind of like it.

The best way to work the Scheduler IS to schedule. Say you get invited to go river ranching in five months time, with people you barely know. Amazing? Or potentially just un-grounding and a stress factor?

If you’re not sure where your energy is at around something, check the Scheduler to see where the cosmos is at that week. The Astro Scheduler is always updated for the year ahead.  Need to book in a procedure or meet up with a potential love interest? Glance ahead and get a date that works for you.

So here is what’s on the Astro Scheduler from now on:

$$$ Strong for doing business, generating revenue and devising new financial schemes.

Zap Zone – intense volatility, generally indicating a day or a phase that is great for growth and drastic moves BUT not the sort of day you want to go idly provoking tension.

Rad Healing – brilliant energy for revamping nutrition, starting a new fitness program, getting an amazing consult, being open to new medicinal modalities and intuiting the right ‘cure’ for you.

Venusian Vibe – When Venus energy is potent, the day lends itself to romance, parties, celebrations, beautiful rapport, feud resolution, flirtation, beauty treatments and aesthetic genius or fashion savvy. 

Genius – Epic breakthrough ideas and zones when you can more readily access your most innovative dimensions. Or, when other people are more open to them.

Super-Psychic – Some of us are more open to the “metagnomic” senses than others but on ‘super-psychic’ days, anyone has more of a pathway to the six senses and beyond.

New Moons & Full Moons –  New Moons Are For Beginnings & Full Moons for climaxes, realisations and illumination. These are listed for multiple time zones. But I am working toward a situation where you can just set the zone for the whole calendar, to streamline the presentation. 

Lunar Portals

Moon-Neptune, Moon-Pluto and Moon-Uranus – these monthly conjunctions of Luna to the outer planets can vary in their effect depending on how attuned to that planetary energy you are and your own personal astrological influences. But it is worth tracking them, to see how you react and can work with this vibe. Moon-Jupiter does not involve an outer planet – it is included as it is lucky! 

Moon-Neptune is often super-psychic but also when we can be prone to Love Zombie moves or over-indulging.

Moon-Uranus is brilliant to align with for rut busting and obeying synchronicity.

Moon-Pluto (shitzone) is often a flashpoint, when repressed material comes bubbling up from our own personal underworld.

Moon-Jupiter – the renowned “prayers answered” time of the month in Renaissance astrology. It’s also just lucky in general!

Moon Saturn – the best time to get a grip on something around power or money. Pragmatism plus. 

House-Witchery Power Purge – the Dark Moon is always the Moon of Letting Go and brilliant for de-cluttering on any level. 

Mercury Retrograde & Venus Retrograde  In general, don’t sign a contract with Mercury Retrograde if it can be avoided and triple check all arrangements during this time. Avoid getting married and elective surgery (especially if it is cosmetic) during Venus Retro!


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8 thoughts on “The Astro-Scheduler Is Being Jazzed Up

  1. Your scheduling innovations are basically my crack. Lol. Just in time for the new moon in my 6th house. Can’t wait to dive in to this.

  2. I have been haunting this site for years and have never grasped the Scheduler?? OMG. that is a real bonus. I’ve just looked at my holiday dates and all is Venus and looking at a few pertinent days again it all adds up.
    So this is now a new place to gaze when I need inspiration or guidance on a few things. Otherwise they seem to just happen as they were going to. Control what control?

  3. Thanks Mystic!

    I am so glad it looks 12 months into the future, right now I wish it was 14 months as my daughter is bugging me to come up with the perfect date for her wedding. She’s like mum can you ask mystic medusa what the best day in May 2019 is…

    She is by no means an astro fiend but she does appreciate any mm advice I pass on from time to time. She hilariously declared a while ago that “Mystic Medusa is practically one of my Aunts mum”

  4. Thanks Mystic for turning your petrifying gaze to the Scheduler – I rely on it a lot and am really thrilled it is getting a re-vamp.

  5. YAAAAS!

    Wondering though, when adding dates to the G-calendar is there a way to do the whole month at a time? When I go to do it the only option I seem to have is to click on each single entry to add it. Ex: a date has 4 different entries so I need to add them in one at a time vs clicking the date itself and adding everything in.

    • it is tricky as when we had that before, some people complained that they ended up with everything on their phone, where-as they only wanted what they felt were the relevant cosmic cues. But when i look at refining the time zones, the sync options will also be on the agenda.

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