Actually, this Mercury Retrograde is going to help us get back ON our game. Permanently.  Mercury Retrograde in Aries is from March 23 to April 15 and we are now in the shadow-zone of this Retrograde.  That is – when Mercury has reached the point that it will retrograde back to in April.

If you’re mercurial by nature, you’re already picking up on this. Forget the usual rules of the Mercury Retro. This is self-mastery and it starts now, one primal impulse, a consciousness that alters in the blink of an eye. Individuation at Warp Speed. Use Mercury Retro to revise every malfunctioning, resistant to self-actualisation tendency in your being.

Use Mercury Retrograde in Aries To Silence The Inner Critic

Time to silence the carping inner critic, irrelevant and unhelpful as it is.  Visualisation: imagine what this character looks like – if you get yourself into the right frame of mind – the Neptunian Binaural Beats help – you might be stunned to find out its true “identity.”  Once that is ascertained and clear in your meditative mind, imagine yourself or a burly bouncer type ousting this character from your realm. You could also see a spirit animal chasing it away.  Or – to be fully efficient – annihilating it.

This is NO ordinary Mercury Retro. It acts as a sneaky little foot-soldier/spy to the warrior vibe of Mars soon to be in Capricorn. This is nuanced and powerful vibe for reform. It needs a strategy, which will differ from sign to sign or rising sign and be a feature of the upcoming Horoscopes.

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66 thoughts on “Shadow-Zoning

  1. Shadow Time like i’m being followed by a moon shadow?
    Have developed a foot in mouth disorder…swollen uvular! Uvulitis PLUS Angular Cheilitis.
    Louise Hay would say suppressed speech-not talking my talk. It’s from the respiratory mouth sprays that interfere with the microbiome of the mouth. Huge amounts spent on pharmacy/scripts/balms etc all inflaming it more til homeopath goddess-daughter, Psyche, mixed teaspoon apple cider vinegar in 3 tablespoon of purified water, rinse and gargle and apply NOTHING
    It’s doing it’s thing is that it does. The cure is FILLER, yup lip filler for medical purposes because my mouth must have gotten smaller from not talking.
    So inflammation, body heating in the Indian Summer, side effect from cortisteriod medication by mouth? I ask myself ‘what am i on fire about’?

    Then i get it, Lou Lou Hayes is RIGHT!
    Letters to governmental departments aka authorities, held in abeyance coz printer not printing from mac since change of provider 3 months ago.
    Will just buy a new one, the simplest solution.
    Then the arrows of truth are going to start flying, may as well since i can’t be seen galloping in the park, or shopping at the village.
    So Sagg Mercury’s being worked, nudged by Mars in Sagg.
    Myst mention Neptune and dreaming. DREAMING? Like 3 night movies per night, as i wake on a 2 hour cycle, they are vividly remembered and reviewed in the morning.
    Send some loving vibes to my poor mouth please mes enfants. x

    • Blessings on your beautiful thoughts, feelings and body matrix Pegasus! What goes in the mouth and what comes out?

    • I’m no TCM expert, but maybe think about this from a TCM perspective as well because mouth issues tend to relate to the spleen – metaphorically, I might wonder how well you’ve been “venting” it lately? Acupuncture/acupressure could be helpful.

      Oil of oregano can also be good for oral imbalance – it’s very strong so use it sparingly and definitely test it on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t cause further irritation. But you could bite open a capsule or puncture it with a knife tip/small needle and apply the oil directly to the affected area with a q-tip after brushing your teeth to see if that helps at all. Just a tiny bit will suffice – be aware that it should be allowed to sit, so try to refrain from eating or drinking for a while after applying.

      • LV agree about not venting as that is exactly what the delayed letters are about.
        Oregano oil have heard about.
        Thank you muchly.

  2. I’m crying…this is SO bang on!!

    I speed-wrote a book full of standup material that would have ordinarily taken me YEARS to write.

    HEL-LO self actualisation!

    Permanently? I LOVE IT!

  3. I had a dream recently where i saw my bright white teeth. Is it a good dream? Does it symbolise anything?

    Aries is my 7th house. Been reflecting on how Uranus in the house has helped me gain independance, and allowed me to see myself for myself and craft an identity thats all me. Recently having therapy has helped me seperate myself and from my parents stuff (saturn transiting 4th). I am really benefiting from therapy of whatever form. Unsure still how to progress with someone I like – its been just under two years. I have reached a stage where I want minimal contact to give myself the chance to end things. But then I think this may all just be all the astro action in 7th house talking. Who knows. I’ve almost never done the ending (esp where there is no clear defined thing to end – not sure what I would be ending anyway). Going on holiday in two weeks time as a retreat end of March beg of April, really looking forward to it.

    • Saturn is teeth. And bone structure. And Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which Pluto is transiting. I think the dream is aging you are strong, you have done the hard work. You may not feel strong but others can sense or feel it. I hope you enjoy your vacation!

      • Meant saying not aging. But Saturn/Cap is aging too. I think you will get rewarded for your work but you may have to use your teeth. When I think back on my teeth dreams, it was when someone was really attracted to my strength and I didn’t feel strong at the time. Perhaps saying you have more power in a situation than you realize. Maybe someone is in love with you and afraid to approach. Lol! Would fit the Astro, yeah? Years of Chiron and Uranus have left me beyond a mental model for relationships. So I assume anyone who may want to approach either of us would need a solid core and bravely, daringly, transparently open heart. Because we’ve been doing open heart surgery on ourselves for nearly a decade.

        • Beautiful. Your comment made me tear up. I have done the hard work. Open heart surgery lol. Hope my crush does approach – there’s nothing to be afraid of. Recognising that others see me as strong has really helped me feel settled at work. Be so good they can’t ignore you.

  4. Feeling it. I am Uber Virgo’ed up and crazy as hell. Lol. Night sweats. Power plays at work. Overwhelmed with Chiron lessons. T pluto trine my natal sun and t Uranus trining my natal Venus this summer. I don’t have to be right to get what I need. Revelation! Trying to to be ruthless but laughing and how my madness is working in my favor.

    • As we have similiar astro – is this right:

      Transiting pluto in capricorn (4th house) trine our natal sun in virgo (12th house) and

      t Uranus in Aries (7th house) trining natal venus in Leo (mines 11th). Is this in July?

      Same with power plays at work…

      Love x

      • Our Astro is very close! My Venus is in Virgo at 6, so it will trine Uranus in Taurus this summer. My AC is 26 Virgo and my Sun is Virgo 20, Moon in Leo 11

        I have been getting lucky with money in the oddest of ways. Have you yet?

        • Sorry for the late response!
          I am doing better at my job and career. Love what I do. Not overtly lucky with money but Jupe in Scorpio still has some time to go 🙂

  5. As a native Merc Retro it feels normal and find I am often going over a plan and reworking things round this time so I just go with it

    Uncle Pluto will start trining my Virgo Sun Pluto conjunction and has already begun the power on my 1 decan Virgoan Asc

    We have been approached by our city to be part of a special design event to celebrate the Commonwealth Games – one of 30! FREE pagoda (their term) for 3 days to showcase our label we are beyond excited!!

    It’s been a tough 2011-2018 for me and am really looking forward to this change of guard in my 7/8 houses and some stability in my relationships and YES I learnt I can survive alone.

    This new astral landscape feels like reaching a sunlit meadow after scaling sheer cliffs (ZZ) cloud cover (Neptune opp Virgo) obscuring the way ahead.

    The groundedness feels like when you were a kid when you would spin around and and around and then throw yourself on the ground. For a minute you fell like you are still spinning but you have the earth warm against your back, giving you orientation

  6. Oh god, I need to reread merc retro rules. Just signed a house contract yesterday and get keys in 21 days etc.. The goings on will be over this period..

  7. Today in practice I meditated on the mantra “it’s okay to take up space, it’s ok to ask for what I need”

    Finding myself doing new reactions to old stuff, being willing to sort through it + trusting myself more and more

    I’m ready for this!!

  8. Mars in Saggo now is on the Galactic Center- that cool portal to other dimensions- picturing lots of warrior angels barreling through! Especially with Venus-Mercury onside in Aries-

    Army of healers called up as Pisces Sun closes in on Chiron- non? And amped by Scorp Uncle Jupiter? Hearing Leonard Cohen streams-

    Pour moi- all over admin-compliance- beautiful folders, inks, post-its- efiles immaculate, artsy memos on next steps- Libra embraces Cappy tasks- of Pluto squaring Libra Sun.

  9. As of yesterday I changed my internet + phone contract. I have been wanting to do that for a long time. The provider is the same, I signed nothing and it’s a resizing of the old contract for a year. Very happy might I say.
    Psychologically wise is gonna be very interesting: I have already found thing I want to ditch.

  10. I’m sun-mercury in Pisces in the 6th. I’ve been more aware of and trying to work on the whole negative critic thing and it seemed like I was doing slightly better, but this past week and yesterday in particular has seen me back in an old pattern where this guy really comes out and makes me feel terrible! So, this is super apt.

    • In the 6th must be tiring. If you live with that natally, then you may not be fully aware how exhausting it is.

      If you do any kind of workout or pyhsical regime then incorporate Mystic’s idea in your best way. If not, then make it something like washing the dishes or making the bed, i guess, a daily chore that you keep getting on top of.

  11. Hey! That idea of visualising and fully ousting the inner critic appeal to my Mercury In Aries (conjunct Chiron, tho, so i’m hoping it doesn’t translate to my drawing too much punch with my mother…i realised a few years back that my inner critic has her tone of voice, pronunciation and wording.) After all, she’s healing too, and doing it better when her adult children manage her better.

    So, thank you Mystic. Even putting this bit in words helps me to draw a clear boundary between a real person who still triggers me now and again but whom i love, and an internalised image-character who needs to go. It’s got to be a good game, not a shit fight.


    • Yes the Mercury in Aries…razor wit, so dead pan. I looked at that meme and I relate, see folk who really feel it…you can laugh when it is so apparent, absurd and so bad…it cannot unravel any further!

  12. Wow. Good news and right on time.

    Today I bought a pair of running shoes— my first in years— and, a new batch of reishi, which I’d been off for a few months.

    Seriously considering a Kondo overhaul of my space (Jupiter just went retro in my 4th).

    I’m ready! Almost!

  13. Yes indeed. With Gemini Ascendant and Leo Mercury in the 3rd house making numerous friendly aspects to Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and even Saturn (god forbid), communication and mercurial preoccupations have always been strong themes throughout my life.

    This retro coincides with massive upheavals and changes as if my old brain (a bit of a whinger and a victim) has been completely removed and replaced with a new one. This new one is a bit scary! It doesn’t want to sit around whining and feeling sorry for itself. It has no time for old unhelpful habits no matter how stuck they seem. It doesn’t give a shit about spending energy on maintaining relationships of any kind if they don’t resonate with the present vibe.

    I mean yes, of course, I have some massive Uranian action going on. I’m taking Uranus transiting my 12th house for the next seven years to heart and allowing to revolutionise my unconscious mind.

    So I’m just going with it … no questions asked.

        • for uranus in 12th?
          he ck, i dont know….im blundering my way thru like everyone…i got sober this yr and quit a crappy job…cud be coz uranus was on my chiron till recently

        • natal uranus in 12th here, in a v. tight cluster with mars and pluto…

          For me its been doing pretty much whatever it is that I deeply want to do in life (as in totally following the beat of your own drum) but just quietly, no arguments with friends or fam, just doing it

          I have REALLy enjoyed this uranus transit which is coming to an end in May, through my 7th btw. Has been just great.

  14. This retro getting us back ON our game, permanently? YES!!!!! I’m glad to hear this, because Mercury is transiting my 10th house for this retro and I’ve got two possible jobs on the horizon, really need to get working again and back into my career! I think I’m finally ready after a year and a half of almost no work…

    Aside…. some interesting personal transits going on right now — I’ve got transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Venus in Cap, and transiting Venus (and Merc) conjunct my natal Saturn in Aries! All squaring each other, of course! So far I’m doing ok, though! Haha!

    • ” really need to get working again and back into my career! I think I’m finally ready after a year and a half of almost no work…”

      ME TO 😮

      My career just flatlined and I knew it could not be resurrected. I even had three flippin’ career strings – and they were all DEAD. Neptune at the tail end of my 10th house. I took one look and thought:

      “bahhh! No point in even thinking about any of this until Neptune gets out of my 10th house.”

      Which it nearly is. Low and behold, an entirely new spark of enthusiasm has appeared and I’ve entered into a 4 year degree programme in a completely different field than I have ever worked before.

      • I’m bowled over by this. I’ve always read you as being super competent in your (previous) field, and realise that this would have made it in some ways a tough decision, but also given you the eagle vision to make it the only one you’d settle for, in the end.

        Best wishes for luck to always accompany your natural talent and drive xx

        • I had:

          – 20 years in graphic and web design
          – 20 years in marketing

          The two strings worked in tandem for a long, long time. I worked throughout Australia and internationally. I made heaps of contacts. Was able to start my own business on a shoestring and thrive for ten years without barely getting out of my pyjamas.

          Then it got boring. The clients get annoying. After 20 years of smiling, compromising and putting on a happy “no problem” face when clients picked the most aesthetically vile design out of a suite of 10? I knew I was done. From now on it was gonna be art for art sakes or fuq off.

          So then I got into mental health for four years.

          shock: 😯 😯

          Yes I fastracked it. I got recruited into paid frontline jobs within my first year of study. Yes Neptune was hanging right over my MC and marauding my 10th house.

          Dreadful business. Never ever again. All that bureaucracy and all those stuck people made my Cancer Venus weep, my Aqua Mars and MC wanna blow shit up and my Sagg Moon go apeshit at the power structure.

          • Christ, yes, i can fully imagine, or maybe not fully but even the bits i deal with at work and with n and d…that’s enough of a water-sign challenge.

            But, um, that is a hilariously ironic form that “art for art’s sake” took you to.

            So this impending Uranus, may it blow up the dissatisfactions and bring a grounded fresh peace to your new work. And may it bring the avida-dollars.

          • Yeah terribly ironic! And I do cack myself laughing at the irony of my creative life.

            “Art” was pretty well etched on my to-do list from age of like 2 when everyone went like … oooh she’s talented.

            All my teachers throughout school almost BEGGED me to stick with school and conventional art. But I was so bored right? I tried … I really did, but my attention always got drawn elsewhere.

            Then digital art first hit … man. For me it was a drug that I never came down from. Wow I remember the intensity of my 20s, learning all these new creative media within a technological environment of pc and mac …. and all these uncharted boundaries. ARghhhhh! So hot!

            *cough* yes well. It floated my boat. For a long time. 🙂

            • Interesting….. I’ve got transiting Neptune about to go *into* my 10th house!

              I really wonder what that will bring, as I’ve just spent over 20 years in the healthcare field and I’m burned out completely, severe compassion fatigue!
              I want to do something that is not client-facing at all.
              I met a new friend recently and she works in finance and I’m almost tempted to see what I could do there even though it’s not my background at all and I’m terrible with money! ….having Neptune going through my 10th wouldn’t help things in that regard, either, I imagine!

              Any advice you have, as someone who just had the Neptune/10th transit, would be much appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

              Sounds like you’re in a good place, now, and feeling recharged……hope all’s going well so far!

            • Hey flowerchild. 🙂

              I found that Neptune can’t be nailed down. Not like say Saturn or Pluto. Neptune is Neptune and ergo … fluid and unpredictable.

              My 10th house Neptune transit might be completely different to yours. It really would all depend on how Neptune operates in your natal chart and in conjunction with other 10th house matters.

              – relationship to mc
              – relationship to natal 10th house
              – relationship to 10th house rulers and influencers such as Saturn and Capricorn
              – how well do you incorporate natal Neptune
              – how comfortable are you with 12th house matters

              Off the top of my head if you’re saying you are “burned out”, Neptune will make this almost intolerable and demand a change … not by doing anything dramatic like Uranus, Saturn or Pluto might. But by dragging you off into destructive escapism like you’ve never known before.

              All I know from my experience is that a Neptune transit is not a linear pathway. Read up on quantum mechanics to get an idea of the head fuqing that Neptune is capable of giving … all whilst smiling giddily, telling you everything’s ok and handing you a nefarious substance to placate you.

              Mystic probably knows a HELL of a lot more about it being a Pisces and all. 🙂

              • Yeah, I have a stacked 10th house with Mars in Pisces conjunct MC, Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Aries, and NN in Aries.

                So I’ve already had Uranus transiting my 10th for ages…it’s still there.

                Natal Neptune in Scorp trines in from the 5th and is in exact trine to my Chiron.

                I probably should be doing more in/with the arts, but as a way to psychologically help me with my career, not ‘as’ my career. We’ll see…..

                And I’m sober from alcohol now and don’t do any other drugs, never have, so none of that is an option. Perhaps I’ll end up working with a sobriety organization instead, as I’ve joined a few around here..

          • I know, I know,……I know. (Same feelings, same energies, just different configurations)

            “….all those stuck people made my Cancer [Sun/Asc] weep, my Aqua [Moon, Uran 1st H, Uran Reception with Sun n Moon, Merc cj Uran and Uran on my MC] wanna blow shit up…”.

            All l can say is work by yaself. I see some teachers & nurses (& prolly cops) like shags on a rock, marooned with crude oil dripping off them, making escape seem futile.

            • Did that for nearly 10 years (worked for myself). No this energy is waaaahaay different.

              My MC, North Node & 10th house are in Aqua. Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter are all approaching …

              I’ll either get institutionalised, arrested or on TV. 😉

          • Please tell me it isn’t so, I’ve nearly completed post grad in creative arts/ therapy and my co-hort and I always feel exhausted…

            I’m just wondering how to survive in arts/ health with funding hard to access, the burn out…

            I did see plenty of people in successful art business online, especially with design/ marketing backgrounds. I’m just so over design, it’s full of pretentious folk, a tough game.

            Lots of people seem to combine skills to gave more than one income source…

            • Hey Aqusunrise 🙂

              Maybe have a read of the conversation above between flowerchild and I to see if anything pings your Aqua genius receptors. 😉

              With Neptune? Not sure if that’s what you were specifically asking but my motto to handle Neptune is:

              Keep the ego expectations low … as in … completely non existent.

              Unlike Saturn or Pluto or any of the other planets really, Neptune does NOT give ego any rewards at all.

                • Hi and thsnks, I think Pluto in Aquarius crossing over those points we experienced with Aquarius transits in uranus and Neptune will underpin themes that transpire – mystic & others have written of Pluto cycles over Neptune – you can see posts – also are the 19 year cycles for powerful eclipse – Neptune now is not great – some strange spiritual mirrors with entry into a parallel health practice

            • Aquasunrise : work with burnt-out Inc types = disposable income. Or Decide on what proportion of your time you can afford to spend with th less-moneyed. Alternatively work primarily in the private health system or at a place that recruits multi disciplinary therapeutic ppls..nfi just some thoughts

            • If you’re feeling burned out before even really entering the field, then don’t enter it.
              That’s me saying that advice after 20+ years in healthcare, working in public health and running my own business/private practice in a major city…

  15. Am I the only person who loves Merx Rx?!

    Merc sits exact on mcn, is my superpower. I love the completeness of working over the stuff before zipping on with life (Virgo moon opposes)

  16. Gotta figure our evry thought & word be javelin-sharp — like hairs attracted back onto to a magnetized sphinx cat.

    tbh I figure all things retro regularly recieve a bum ride, kinda ‘omc Merc is retro I better not wash my panties or the color might run’ — but I wanna look in also on the plus side … the part where sum kinda reward drops in exchange for diligence.

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