Retro Jupiter Appetites

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And…I’d like to thank Jupiter turning Retro in Scorpio for the catering. Seriously, it’s like this influence wants us all to have more heft, to impressively shake the ground like Thor when we walk and to have Buddha-like bellies to shield our lit up chakras.

Jupiter turning Retro is not just an appetite surge for food. Think also sex, shopping and occult knowledge. It’s annoying that sugar blocks aura receptors so all you get are low-level etheric parasites. So who else is using Compulsions Catering this week?  Shopping with an eye for glitter?  Obsessively drawn to niche esoteric content all of a sudden?

And yes, go ahead and blame Jupiter turning Retro. It’s going to be fun when Mars arrives in Capricorn in ten days. Thoughts? NO...Recipes?


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54 thoughts on “Retro Jupiter Appetites

  1. I had the munchies, libido boost and superfood & essential oil beauty product shopping urges last week. This week I Had To Make A Relationship Ultimatum (that was totally Mercury & Venus into Aries though). And now. Debt-busting, clean eating, excercise, sleep, cleaning, decluttering, vitamins, boundaries, productive conversations, business planning. Feels like Uranus with a spoonful of Saturn. I don’t know what’s going but I like it!

  2. So THAT’S what’s going on! I’ve been working really hard not to over-shop, but it’s been hard. I may or may not have bought a second hand LV speedy after I got my tax return…

  3. Natal Jupiter conjunct Venus in Gemini. I suffer from Infobesity.

    Currently in Disney World, aka American Babylon. I timed this retro quite well. Moon is in Sag to boot.

  4. I really have struggled to eat. In fact my appetites are either not sated or non-existent. I blame the current SRx conjuncting my natal SD.

  5. OMG, I’ve been eating like a pig! Not like me at all, especially because I’m also going for the carbs, which is also not usual for me. Tonight I ate an entire box of Annie’s mac and cheese, which is not even something I’d usually eat, even in normal portions.
    Jupiter is transiting my 5th house and just a few degrees off my natal Neptune at 26 Scorp. You’d think I’d be drinking a lot of alcohol, but I gave up drinking alcohol and need to stick to that, so I guess I’m sublimating with food…..I was also sublimating with going on a bunch of dates and some sex, but I got sick of that already, haha!

      • Oh! I didn’t know about that one. I’ll look for it… I shouldn’t be eating dairy anyway, so this mac ‘n’ cheese jag has got to go!

        I realize part of my increased appetite, esp. for carbs, is because we’ve had some really cold weather the past few weeks (just warming back up now), and I needed the extra calories to stay warm! (I’m a thin person with a high metabolism who gets cold easily!)

  6. This is so crazy-true… last night when I got home, I ate everything in the fridge, and drank most of it too. I was astonished when I got up and saw the destruction!

    Also, I’ve been obsessed with cookbooks lately.

  7. Ha ha this totally explains my suggestion of ‘let’s go out for dinner more!’

    *pours a large glass of red wine from the bottle, flips open the menu*

  8. yes….the antennae are UP naughty…i have a boyfriend already…the sap is rising….
    loving hot cross buns…almond butter spread on bananas…sex sex sex lol

    • i have a hunger to mix more, see more people.
      dont wanna just rely on my partner for all my socialness.
      jupiter on my sun and my world really is expanding.
      and yes the me from seven yrs ago would be wowed out by the me now

  9. Mmmmm nope. I’ve quit every addiction/dependency I could possibly quit in the space of three months.

    Nicotine. Caffeine. Antidepressants. Shitty, no-future boyfriend. Mobile phones. Dreary relationships of all kinds. Putting up passively with unacceptable crap.

    Did I plan it? HELL NO.

    If I have an appetite for anything it’s miso soup, sashimi, tofu, spring onions, sesame anything. I’m pretty much confronting the possibility that I’ll have to go full on vegetarian soon because it’s become obvious to me that meat is murder.

    • I don’t think Jup retro is about addiction. At all.
      It’s not Neptune.
      I think it’s about feeling a larger hunger (or appetite or both) or curiosity than usual.

      Your current phase sounds very Saturn and maybe is so potent for you that you do not feel the above mentioned hunger. 🙂

    • Yeah I’ve done a lot of purging of habits and relationship styles.

      Feels a little empty right now but something better will follow soon enough.

    • Miss Dee I am in agreement with you …. appetite and thirst for something completely new has manifested in a massive purge of time, energy and money sucking habits that are counterproductive to the new direction unfolding.

      And to everyone: yes Saturn is involved, Pluto is hovering in the background like a military drummer rousing the troops. However it’s Uranus that is the change agent and protagonist in my case. Aquarius is strong in my chart and coincides with all my midheaven stuff. And Uranus currently appears to be waking up EVERYTHING.

      If I think back historically …. I have had these major periods where nothing, or the wrong thing seems to happen over a long period of time. And then BAM. Suddenly I’m motivated and shoot forward like a rocket got shoved up my ass. Uranus is very erratic in its trajectory … I’ve always surprised people with my capacity for complete reinvention. Especially surprised myself.

      • You are Uranus square Sun, right? I get it but your superpowers sound stronger than mine.

        How did you quit the cell phone btw? What’s your alternative? I’ve thought about a land line but I know the random spam calls are way worse when you have one.

        • Gidday Electro!

          Yes I am Uranus sq Sun and Uranus trin Asc! Go figure that bugger out …lol!

          Nothing EVER happens to plan and I have massive problems with group-think and conformity of any kind … I’d rather stone the harmony of the group to present facts than keep everyone (including myself) happy.

          It’s an aggravating trait to say the least. But a very creative one and I doubt I will lie on my deathbed wishing I’d done this or said that. Because I pretty well do and say everything. Even if it’s not in my best interests.

          • I’m Uranus rising square Leo sun near my MC. I have a Sag moon but damn I’m not as outspoken as you are. My square is more of a source of tension for me but I do appreciate the independent mind.

        • Oh and the phone thing? Well … I was breaking up with my ex who was resisting being broken up with so I basically just hurled my phone at the the wall. Three times.

          The phone was pretty dead after that.

          When I called my phone co (I’ve been an EXCELLENT customer) … they just replaced it. And gave me an upgrade at the same time. 🙂

          They said:
          “Ma’am would you like your old number?”

          I said:

          They ordered me a new SIM. The only people who can contact me now are people I give the new number to.

          • Oh that’s a perfect solution. A gift from the gods I suppose, in an offhand kind of way. I’m curious if I’ll experience more of this side of Uranus after my opposition, coming up here pretty soon.

  10. Ah does this explain why I’m overloading on cookbooks? I literally just bought 3 (ayurvedic/herbal vein) before signing on here.

  11. I had not idea Jup was turning retro.
    But as of yesterday I’ve been witnessing the raising of my hunger and, yes, my appetite as well.
    Shopping also seems almost impossible to postpone.
    Glad I have a planet to blame for my scarcity of self control.

  12. Oh, and mega libido = tick. … This is all sounding very oestrogenic/hormonal Mystic… I guess there are have planetary/hormonal patterns/connections.

  13. Please tell me the buddha belly is going to depart as expediently as it arrived !?!? Spent 6 months whittling it away and it returned over the weekend. Yes to online esoteric book orders – not my usual weakness…. But totally rad shamanic healing vibe also going down around my realm (fuelled /inspired the esoteric book binge.)

  14. IM obsessing over a guy from my past- wondering if we have a future. The first time we ever liked eachother was the last time jupiter was in scorpio.

  15. I sometimes see Jupiter in Scorpio as an Appetite for Destruction –

    It could be anything from unsated vices of any stripe, to a hunger to see something metaphorically burned to the ground – especially if we know it’s toxic. This isn’t always a bad thing (think toxic job, romance, etc.) – sometimes that demolition is done with a smile and/or actually turns out to be good for us.

    I left home when Jupiter in Scorpio was conjunct the North Node – the circumstances were incredibly fuqed up there and I knew it meant leaving everything behind. I left my school, my friends, my pets, my things – I pretty much left with just the clothes on my back and a couple of garbage bags full of worldly possessions. I knew this effectively meant I was cutting ties with my mother forever. And yet even at that young age I had the profound understanding that it would be the best possible thing for me – I was right.

    • Negatively, this “Appetite for Destruction” can also manifest more in line with the former option; the hunger to sate a vice. As in:

      “All the gold, and the guns, and the girls, couldn’t get you off…”

      There can be a compulsive absence of satiety with this energy that no matter how much you try to fill the Void up, there’s some kind of hidden psychological compulsion underpinning that appetite for “More, more, more.” Sagittarians and Pisceans may find this an especially fertile point of contemplation since Jupiter is their ruling/co-ruling planet.

      • I escaped from home in pretty much the same circumstances. It was like Freedom Now Or Die!
        This happened when Uranus hit natal Jupiter in Scorpio 1st h; and Jupiter was on my Moon-DC.

        Thanks for your insights, LV. I always enjoy reading your pluto tinged words and this really helped me understand my Jupiter a lot more. It’s a bit of a hot spot in my chart, esp now.

        • Thank YOU for the kind words! <3 I’m sorry you’ve experienced similar – it’s a rough thing to go through, but I hope that knowing it is a shared experience is at least comforting on some level. It’s definitely less isolating to know that someone else can relate, even when the experience sucked.

          Yes, it absolutely was a matter of survival. One thing I *can* say about it – and perhaps you’ll be able to relate to this, too – is: If I made it through this experience, I know I’m good to go when it comes to having the strength to leave any situation that’s bad for me. Nothing else compares after living through this – I know I can take the L and walk away from anything if I have to. Gratitude to Jupiter in Scorpio for always helping me to find my hidden blessings, even in the darkest of places!

          • Exactly. And yes, like you, when i escaped it felt like this was IT – this is where my life really begins. And like you say, there is a feeling of empowerment when you realise that if you survived this part of the journey, then you know you’ll be OK & nothing will keep you down – AND that to avoid such circumstances again is imperative. X

  16. OMG seriously? I am mostly always like 99.9 % gluten free. As in just don’t touch the stuff unless I have had the most crap of months when I may be incapable of rejecting a golden croissant. But this past week I have taken the crusts of loaves and bites into pies and pastries!!!! Disaster. I have not had the munchies as much as the gluttons. It was bizarre. I think normality has been restored and I am back to walking the other side of the street passed the bakery but for a while I was considering joining WA. That’s wheatholics anonymous. And the other interesting thing has been the sugar consumption. It is so good to read that it is an aura blocker. That just lit up every light bulb in my head. When I need sugar, what I hide from with it. etc etc. I have always said that I use sugar like most use alcohol. It dulls me totally. I become a durrrrr brain on sugar and insulated from the cosmic noise. Wow. My membership is worth it just for this bit of info.

  17. When stirring your pastes, sauces, ingredients, always make a thoughtful gratitude prayer to witches of old and of now, call your best self down from the ethyr and up through the kitchen floor, then…

    stir a few times widdershins.

    • Also use your Uranus, Mercury. Smell the temperature of perfect or nearly ready cooking to adjust temp, seasoning (and you would have smelled the prep to check balance of ingredients.) Prep with hands over tools and minimal tools, so that those oils, acids and scented items are not adulterated by too much metal or lost into plastics.

      If you can’t catch its scent it the whole time, there’s no use tasting as you go. No sense of smell = muted tastes.

  18. Buy or make a nice loaf of crusty bread.
    Cut 4 slices 1 inch thick, toast until golden brown.
    While toasting, cut 1 clove garlic in half. Remove skin (of garlic).
    Find the olive oil.
    Pick a few leaves of basil.
    Rub the cut face of garlic all over one side of the toasts.
    Put toast on favourite plate.
    Drizzle a little gloss of good quality olive oil over the bread.
    Crack some black pepper and shred the basil over the bread. If fresh herbs aren’t around, try a smudge of olive tapenade, or some tomatoes, or maybe anchovies if you’re so inclined. A chilli flake or two. Or a smush of soft fresh cheese.
    Anyway, pour a glass of something, bring your toasts to the nearest comfortable chair

    • Ricotta and honey. Sliced banana and cinnamon. A wedge of eggplant baked to a soft sweet mush with sea salt flakes across the top. Za’atar. That delicious Armenian pomegranate and walnut dip. Jamon. Smoked salmon and pickles. Just more olive oil.

    • Gee Pi. My natal Jup is a SD 22° Scorp and Jup is doing SRx at 23°. I think l ate all ya variations and two of my own. I feel 6kgs heavier. But in reality l haven’t eaten for 10 hours!

      • ha. I’ll see your jup SD in scorp and raise you jupiter in Taurus . I can’t remember if it’s retro or not…

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