Relationships In the Transition Zone

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By late May, we will be enjoying Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus.  This is a going to be a completely different energy.  In between?

Welcome to the Transition Zone.  Epochal shifts occur over the next nine weeks. Chiron transitions from Pisces to Aries and Uranus from Aries to Taurus.  It’s the biggest astro-morph since 2010/2011. That was when Uranus entered Aries and Chiron + Neptune moved into Pisces.  The next biggest such morph after this will be Pluto into Aquarius in 2024.

So if you are feeling unsure of your ground or highly emotional but also excited and more self-assured, good. It means you’re tuning in to this fresh frequency of the Zeitgeist. This is the theme of the upcoming Horoscopes, in particular the Monthly ones.

But what of relationships in the Transition Zone?  Big-time planetary heavy-hitters changing signs = reinvention.  It’s not one that you need to be coaxed into or a dutiful self-improvement attempt. This is a soul-driven revamp, backed by every fibre of being. An all-knowing dimension of your psyche wakes up and wonders what the hell happened here. You check back in with yourself. It is existential. It’s instinctive. And it wipes out default relationship settings.

The Cool Dawn Light Of A New Era

Whether you are in or out of an official relationship, you question every assumption.  Every “that would never happen” hypothesis is up for re-examination in the cool dawn light of a new era incoming. What’s repellent now? Reasonable rebellions against convention that have congealed into a layer of protective sentiment. Self-protective shields that keep everyone out. Or, conversely, boundaries that you are now seeing a way too porous. Dysfunctional dialogue patterns caught in a permanent deja vu feedback loop. Resentments turned feral and breeding out there in the bushes. Ghosts of expired crush scenarios that you clearly did not exorcise properly.

It can feel like there is no ‘safe’ ground to settle on. No stance that works. Strong intimations of Future You vie with realisations of Past Loves or relationship pattern recognition. That’s the Transition Zone. As with any uneven ground that you have to keep moving over, stay agile and aware.

Thoughts? Theories? Feelings? Transition Zone Strategies that are working for you?

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71 thoughts on “Relationships In the Transition Zone

  1. Mystic’s insights are spooky sometimes.

    This one nailed me: ” Dysfunctional dialogue patterns caught in a permanent deja vu feedback loop.”

    Just 3 days ago, I wrote to a third-try-in-3-years admirer saying our convo still felt like Groundhog Day – we kept having the same one, over and over, and it never resolved. He’s rich, madly interesting and crazy-making for me because his preferred dialogue modality is texting from god-knows-what-country and then disappearing off the map for 2 or 3 weeks. Uh huh. Not getting sucked in again. Wanting more regular communication than that is perfectly reasonable and I refuse to feel bad about my basic intimacy needs.

    I have drawn a line. Again. Pfffft.

  2. An all-knowing dimension of your psyche wakes up and wonders what the hell happened here. You check back in with yourself. It is existential. It’s instinctive. And it wipes out default relationship settings.

    that was it. Im not needy anymore. I feel free again and want my lovers to be free too <3

  3. I’m all jacked up right now! The trajectory I was on, which was so clear at the start of 2018, is completely disintegrating. A karmic connection from 13 years ago has showed up and is screwing my head up to the maximum, making me question my engagement with my fiancé, who I’ve been with for five years, as well as my professional life. It’s like I can’t settle for what I thought I was really solid about ahead of these planetary shifts. There’s a revival of some type of intense soul knowledge about what is truly authentic about my path and how to move forward that is literally changing the game in extremely uncomfortable, ecstatic, awe-inspiring, beautiful and revitalizing ways.

  4. Unsure of ground yet excited yes yes! I decided that packing wasn’t going to be hard and heavy and something to fear and it really hasn’t been. I’m thrilled to be done on Friday and then truly into the **in transit** part of the Astro climate.

  5. You know the voice that sometimes speaks and changes your life? It asked me quietly why I wasn’t being paid as much as I want. And suddenly a whole new set of behaviors became non-negotiable for me. Power really is something you take for yourself. Wish me luck! Never operated ilime this before. Sagittarius 4th house – I’ve run rather than negotiated my whole life.

  6. In retrospect, I’ve enjoyed the outgoing era, relationship-wise. They’ve been few, granted, but I’ve had the best ever sex and the most instant rapport. And I’ve realised it’s more important to me, for now, to retain the freedom to have those experiences, than it is to be part of a couple.

    • Thank you. This has been my experience too and this is exactly how I feel. I just didn’t know it until I read your words.

  7. Every word of this resonates – and is beautifully written BTW. Lately I’ve been thinking about my armor, how long it has worked against me vs served me. How long it’s kept ME out.

    It’s liberating to acknowledge my own part in my past struggles and discontent. I’m seeing my past overbearing behavior as I try to build a genuinely strong self. Not bravado, not bluster, not the junkyard dog that struts or barks but quakes on the inside. Nor the bored housepup that sits in the open kennel and curses its cage.

    I’m choosing to be different and let the world show up. I haven’t welcomed the unknown like this since my 20s.

    • I feel the exact same way. Some adventurous part of my soul as a 20-year-old that laid dormant for 13 years has been reawakened.

  8. This post is relevant mystic. Last week I was on a course, totally wonderful and I now hold a ticket to work in the maritime industry. Felt so light leaving my current home and knew I didn’t want to go back. People were amazing and I feel absolute that I’ll go. Also got interviewed over a lunch and offered a job! That has still to come to actuality as wheels had to be set in motion and of course the guy was a bit ‘taken’ with me so we will see once he gets back to his boat if he’s still sensible but I’d go in a flash. So today I’m re writing my cv, contacting agencies and chasing up other jobs and leaping ! I’m thrilled.

  9. I met a relationship ghost/lost connection from nearly a year ago, and the chemistry was in-fuqing-sane, like we were just magnetized to each other. And now we’re both unbelievably confused, because neither of us have ever? Been like this? With someone else? So I’m just freaking out, but I like it. I REALLY like it.

  10. Wow, okay this is making a whole lot of sense to some things that I haven’t understood lately…

    “It can feel like there is no ‘safe’ ground to settle on’ – this resonates

  11. My god, so feeling this. The recent Pluto opposition to my Sun turned me into a fierce hermit re-thinking, strategising & culling everything & everyone that was dragging me down. Uranus through my 6th H made me not want to work in my field again. I can’t deal with people telling me their problems any longer. And there’s a fuqed up revolution in my country that i want no part of. I spent a lot of the time up in my shack just watching raptors until the snow drove me out. Everything is in flux & i’ve no idea what i’m going to do – there are only vague images in my mind that flee the minute i try to focus on them. But i’m not worried. I feel lighter …. “agile & aware” …. & poised.

  12. I am never cooking with coconut flour again.

    lol, jokes.

    Yeah, feeling the transition and it is weird.

  13. y’all. i don’t even know what to say or how to put my feels into words, but dAMN i am feeling this so hard. all of it. physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. the cycles, the era shift, everything. i feel for all of us and i believe in all of us, and bless you, mm, for your insight and guidance.

  14. Wow, that’s a lot! I’m feeling it, the description fits, but I’m not on top of it all right now.
    I’m feeling the current Merc retro strong, and this past week it already created a lot of stress and chaos for me, total shit show.
    Also, I didn’t get the job I applied for, so I’m feeling really upset about that and now stressed again about money and feeling back to square one…

    Today I’m just feeling extremely irritable, perhaps as a response to a really stressful week last week, but it was triggered by a flaky friend today who didn’t respect my time and we were going to go do laundry together, and ‘get shit done’ and now that’s off, so I’m annoyed with the friend but also freaking out because I was really in ‘charge forward, get shit done’ and now I don’t know what to do with that energy.
    The four solar system bodies in Aries right now are in my 10th, and I’m also having Mars and Saturn transit right on my Venus in Cap in the 6th.

    I hope all the shifts in May help me and don’t create catastrophic change for me. I can’t deal with any more crisis-style change, because my life has been in long term crisis for the past 9 years or so……I’m too old to be able to deal with this, I’m exhausted beyond belief.

    • so sorry you had a crap day flowerchild. it sucks when momentum gets jammed like that. Things have been pretty full-on since the Great Recession, began, no? Mars and Saturn on Venus Cap might end up being a good thing, though, no?

      • Thanks for your empathy, SheRat. Yeah, the energy does feel jammed and I’ve tried to shake the feeling of extreme impatience all day to no avail.

        I was doing ‘ok’, sort of on an upswing, with work/income until a couple years ago. Now I’ve been under-employed or unemployed since Aug. 2016. Scary..

        Generally I do think Mars and Saturn on my Venus is going to be a good thing, keeping me practical on relationship matters, since it’s all near my 7th house cusp, too.
        I do have a weird ‘relationship’ issue right now, though. Seeing a guy who I have a lot of compatibility with on a lot of levels, someone I like more than anyone I’ve met in the past four years, but it’s starting to get flaky, too….ready to cut the tie, even though it’s just been a couple months. He’s too young, anyway…
        We have Sun/Moon conjunction in Aqua, my Sun, his Moon, and his Venus/Mars in Leo opposes my Sun and we have Psyche/Eros conjunct in Scorp, that lands in my 5th house. Could be great! ….but he *is* too young for me and he’s a stoner…..

        Don’t get me started on marijuana…it’s part of the reason my friend flaked on laundry today…..I feel like I can’t have any friends anymore because everyone is stoned all the time, more so than ever since legalized in CA. I voted for the legalization, but I can’t stand the stuff, and especially the smell! Whole city smells like it now, way more than it even used to, if you can believe that! UGH!!!

  15. After not being steadily employed since 2011, I finally landed a job that I was really excited about. I am way overqualified for it, but I am excited about where it could lead.
    Last week, several things happened within a 10 min time frame which made me feel unappreciated, disrespected, sort of persona non grata.
    It really took me aback … I had not seen prior signs of how low I would be in the pecking order in my new position. I do not require daily attaboys or accolades, but I do require professional courtesy & respect.
    One of my life lessons without doubt, is to stand up for myself, respectfully, so I do not end up looking like a defiant, petulant, ill-tempered non-team player. In the past, I have failed at this lesson many times, having lost colleagues & opportunities in the process.
    Must admit, while I have learned to temper my emotions in the workplace, I did show my ass a bit last week; but I also figure, they might as well learn right up from what I am made of – the good, the bad & the ugly.
    I have a powerful moral compass & trust my instincts & associated emotions implicitly; it is immaterial to me whether or not other people understand my responses to being slighted. I am going to stand up for myself & others when I witness an injustice. It is how I am wired, for better or worse.
    I really do loathe work trolls & Qi vamps … I have a super low threshold for bullshit in the workplace, generally. We’ll see how it plays out during the mini-ZZ. Ugh.

    • In a similar place. My inquiry: do I get better at approaching workplace politics and bullshit – to somehow rise above and become epic at being unflappable OR do I hold on to hope that once my side gigs become successful, I get to create a workplace that is so straightforward and maintains a no-asshole policy? I am somehow surprised and disheartened every time people behave poorly or unethically. I still don’t understand why the default is the opposite of collaboration.

      • I am so there with you, FF. The winds were really let out of my sails …
        It was suggested that I be “more flexible”.
        My counter: “If you equate ‘more flexible’ with ‘doormat’, then I won’t ever be the person for this job.”
        I think I heard a mosquito fart in the silence aftermath; they revealed much with their silence.

        • I get this. I’m totally working through a similar challenge. After being self-employed for 4+ years I decided to go in-house in a corporate marketing gig. It’s been a lesson in boundaries. How and when to assert and when to fall back. Almost lost it during a conversation with my manager last week, but censored myself in the moment with the notion that I could basically tell them to take the job and shove it once I had another one, but not until then. It worked.

          Just reaffirming that this is a means to an end, I’m using the “stability” as fuel for my own project and building diplomatic skills that I will need to achieve my bigger vision and goals.

          Hopefully there’s a motivation/flame/driver inside you that you are committed to that can help you through this transition!

          My Mars in Cap is definitely struggling through it!

  16. Saturn will be going back and forth over my natal Neptune (4th House) for the past few months and it’s brought harsh realities about my childhood and my family to my attention. Also Pluto is squaring my nodes. As painful as this is to swallow, it’s freed me up from the general guilt I feel toward my family (that I now realize is not valid), that has informed a lot of my life choices to date. Stripping away what prevents me from really standing in my own power and honoring my inner truth.

    • BTW I have on the plutonic hair mask as I am typing all this lol. Henna-ing my hair an even deeper shade of red during the Leo moon tomorrow.

  17. So spot on!!

    You put into words exactly how I’m feeling these days – self protective shield slowly is dropping but it’s incredibly scary to lose it as it came in handy for so many years. I’m seeing now though how it’s kept me from really growing and connecting with people.

    • Yes! I have definitely been realizing the self protective shield too. And with that, the expectations that I project into situations that have been preventing me from really being in the moment and taking things as they are.

  18. Oh my goodness, yes. And Venus-Pluto is absolutely assisting the process of clearing out, letting go & finally, finally seeing that I deserve what I’m worthy of relationship-wise. Everything-wise!

  19. Mystic says agile, but I’m thinking, what, with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, that I need to try one last time to create a “schedule” that works for my Uranian posterior (else I will lose said posterior). This needs, Plutonically, to start (again) at the base, with baby steps and keeping things that actually work and getting rid of self-blame when they don’t–like one of those detox fasts you do to see what you’re allergic to. Take everything away and start adding slowly and see.

    Isn’t there a sh*tstorm brewing in May? I’m thinking I’ll need some sort of spine of wellness to see me through whatever the hell happens THEN. Operation Stealth Scheme + Skeleton Wellness til Mercury Direct.

    In a fit of pique, I signed up for Tinder yest. What the hell is that? Merc retrograde is probably NOT the time to initiate (for the first time ever) an online dating expedition.

  20. “Self-protective shields that keep everyone out.”

    This has been my strategy for, yep, the past seven years. It was needed and helpful at the time but all of a sudden it’s suffocating me. Every morning I wake up a different person lately. The only thing I can liken it to is shedding a skin, bit by bit.

    • I find this so fascinating: “Every morning I wake up a different person lately.” This makes so much sense to me.

  21. I have a relationship question. Uranus is on my DC; and in my partner’s chart Uranus is in the second degree of his 7th H. (we both have Libra Asc). Our relationship has been, and still is about the *only* stable thing in our lives. Everything else right now is in total FLUX – it’s not a negative position for us as we have not lived the normal “settled” life most people lead – but not sure if i could handle the relationship being in flux as well.

    So my question is to those who are/have been in a long stable relationship – how have you fared with Uranus going through your 7th H? Was it the relationship armageddon that most astro info out there suggests.??… not freaking … but you know…gulp…

    • Soz to say, skarab, but shit happened during Uran in 7H, that I’m still in therapy for…(well, actually, I’ve not been able to have consistent therapy since all the shit went down b/c mental health care sucks, maybe if I had, I wouldn’t still be…), shit like death and soul-stabbing betrayal. My 10-year marriage did not survive…nor did my husband.

      • BTW: this was opposing my 1H Uran/Moon/Lillith conj. and conj. my 7H Chiron and Mars…all of which were having squares with Pluto. Good times…

      • Holy fuq, SheRat, i am so sorry to hear that … i have no words, except that you sound amazing and strong & i *love* your voice here which i can relate to so much, having a lot of Pluto & Uranus tailing my life as well (both of them are conjunct 3 personal planets). I have cheated death & horror more than anyone i know who is not actually in the armed forces. At the same time i feel so lucky too for having survived (i fantasise this is due to Sun being on Sirius). But Uranus going through my 7th H & interfering with the only stable thing i have (relationship) is more than i can bear.

        It will also be squaring my Moon/MC & huge 10th H stellium; and opp Jupe & Neptune in 1st. So obviously it won’t just be about my relationship.

        I’ve even recently made a will – hahaha!

        Anyways, onwards & upwards SheRat 🙂 xx

        • Interesting perspectives all round in this thread and thanks and congrats skarab, fellow survivor!

          I mentioned the Pluto and personal planet aspects to try to ameliorate my experience…not everyone’s gonna have that Plutonid thing going as Uranus does its thing, right?

          But I have a question: If you have Libra Rising (and I do too) isn’t Uranus just about finishing up in your 7H? I know *I’m* looking forward to that…

          • It’s in late Libra (27º)… yours must be early.

            & yes – totally got why you had that experience with a line up like that – yeeesh :/

            As an astro lover i guess i wanted different perspectives from which to learn from. And i certainly got them!
            Thank you all!

            • I looked at 1989 – 1992. We had Sat return. Also Uran cj Nep. And l NN all there abouts over my Dsc.
              I ran a biz but it was the time of the world-wide recession. But otger than that it was a good time. Lots of beach n bike times as a family.

              Saturn thru my 4th, 5th & 7th much more traumatic. Having all this Squarity (7th Cap n 10th Aries is a shit).

    • I’ve seen Uranus through 7th in a couple create massive involvement in outside projects relating to tech and humanitarian efforts….trials in the relationship pushing to new arenas but overall survival of the union.
      I’ve also seen ppl almost ruin marriages by getting involved in crazy making unstable business partnerships at this time.
      overall i think its possible… depending on factors… to innovate and emerge anew.
      but…I have uranus natally in 7th so i may hang with much bias here. 🙂 unconventional relating is my home turf

      • Hi heather, wow i really relate to this – we’ve already had the “massive involvement with humanitarian outside projects” around the time of my Uranus opposition & we absolutely loved it – unfortunately (or not – who knows what else could’ve happened) on the final Uranus hit i had an accident that put a stop to it all. Honestly, Uranus always drops a bomb.

        Funnily enough we will be involved in an arts project in a another country in a few months. It’s the same project that was stalled in mid 2010 (Uranus entering Aries) due to a revolution breaking out in the country we were going to live in. So if that comes off, then we will be free agents to live anywhere. Weirdly enough there is great social unrest where we are living now – which has been building up since around 2011 – so the timing is good.

        Will definitely heed your advice about not getting involved in “crazy making unstable business partnerships” around this time – as the 7th i guess is about all sorts of relationships & not just marriage partnerships.

        Thanks heather, this really helped.
        Here’s to unconventional!! 🙂 xx

    • In my experience, there’s a difference between how Uranus affects relationships depending on whether you (and your partner) have gone through the Uranus opposition. After the opposition, you get to be more flexible, more cooperative, and less prone to freak out when the ground is shaking under your feet; even better if the relationship is unconventional.

      • We’ve both done the opposition & yes – totally agree with what you say.
        Our life-style is pretty unconventional – though our relationship is fairly conventional i think, in that we are totally devoted to one another above & beyond anything else – which paradoxically frees us to do our own thing – knowing that we’ve got each other’s backs covered … maybe this is our Libra Rising thing?
        Thanks ICP – your words always make a lot of sense to me & i feel encouraged by your response. xx

    • Uranus has been in my 7th house while it’s been in Aries. My husband and I are both Scorpio suns and there were times where we came close to imploding but we’ve each experienced a ton of growth and became collaborators in fiercely rebelling and reinventing ourselves and our life. We got married as Uranus crosses my AC. Marriage has made me learn how to be my own person, ironically. Im not going to say anything more than that because we are both headed for Uranus opposition with Uranus in taurus. After that Uranus will be in his 7th house, in Gemini. So we have quite a bit of Uranus action ahead of us but as of right now we appear to be coming out of my 7th house Uranus transit happily pair bonded as Mystic would say. *knocks on wood*

      • And I’m not sure if this has to do with it but we both have that Scorpio stickability. And we both are somewhat Uranian to begin with – he has Uranus rising and I have mars in Aqua

        • Good point bringing in the Aqua house. My husband has Aqua ruling the 7th so maybe this will benefit us both. Whatever happens, I’m not entering with expectations. Let’s see what the universe has next.

      • babysinclair – you have no idea how encouraging your words are! Thank you!

        “became collaborators in fiercely rebelling and reinventing ourselves and our life” – this is exactly our MO. I always feel like we are in some kind of subterfuge manoeuvre in sticking it to the man & help create a better life at the same time. It appeals immensely to my Pluto-Venus & Mars-Uranus-Merc conjunct in 10th. 🙂 xx

    • Question of the day, skarab. I’ll compare notes with you as we embark on personally uncharted territory. I’ll get my opposition, a hit to Chiron, and a t-square activation all at once. I can feel it heading towards my 20 year relationship but not necessarily to knock it to the ground. I don’t even know what to begin to say to you but from what I’m feeling so far one needs openness, perspective, and flexibility in unexperienced fashion. Maybe we should be fearing the open enemies side of things more than a relationship combust.

      • Hi Electro – yes i remember we have almost same house placements… well you’re ON, Hon… let’s do this.. 🙂

        And of course you’re right, 7th H is also house of open enemies, duh. …being distracted by what you least want to happen can make one miss the true bogey… hhmmmmm,.. thanks Electro. xx

      • Open enemies!
        Thanks for bringing this up Electro, that aptly describes some of the plutonic depths that my SO and I have experienced in the last few years! (And his astro is the same as yours, same b’day and year).

        I found plenty of physical space helpful when both tempers are raging :/

    • Am wondering this a bit too, as SO moved in with me within a few months of Uranus entering my 7th.

      While in general Uranus in 7th has been a really positive transit in terms of truly shifting me to where I want to be, the relationship itself has gone through some crazy mutations and hit very plutonic depths.

      My Leo SO has been through a LOT of forced growth which has been extremely painful at times, for him and for myself. I have been reflecting a lot recently on whether the relationship is going to still be relevant for us both in more peaceful times, I hope so.

  22. Weirdly the last couple of nights had me dreaming a partner that is a mash of male personality traits of men I have met through work, uni, different situations while at the same time I am still working through whether or not I did the right thing kicking the mental guy out. And each time the answer is the same – that was the right thing to do, no other way. Maybe the transition zone is that – regurgitate over and over into it’s part of my new mental space?

    • I think this transition zone might work as a trial phase.
      I am gettin the “obsessive” vibe of it too, but I think it also works as a safe area, where you still don’t get to do things but you can process the old or try to foresee the future or play the future in your mind to weight pros and cons and imagine scenarios.

  23. I am at turns excited by micro business developments, irritated by my social inertia and bored with my bad habits

    I can feel incremental changes seemingly happening apart from me.

    Actual changes in the day job have made the time there less stressful Arch Nemesis leave and dynamics shift dramatically

    I am more inspired creatively and opportunities are appearing out of the blue and at times more than hoped

    The transit of Chiron through my 8th has made me realise I was the one who needed healing and maybe now it’s time to take the bandages off and start some emotional rehab exercises

    • Bored with bad habits is good 🙂

      Its nice when they fall away easily cos you can’t be bothered to do them anymore

  24. Oh and also: thank you @Mystic for your constant guidance.
    Hadn’t I read your post on Uranus, I would have never put in perspective the past 7 years and realized I should be doing a plan for the next seven.
    And knowing that things are shifting helps me put this period in the right frame.

  25. I am having TONNES of dreams. Unpleasant ones where I am persecuted or a killer, or married to a transvestite.
    I do feel the excitement, the urge to move to some place new where I have more money and more power.
    Relationship wise: I have been out of them for a while so I do not fear any change, nor I have anything that could be crumbling down.
    I have done my Chiron in 7tth very skillfully and I know where and how I did wrong, where and how I was done wrong by my exes.
    Thanks to Uranus in Aries I have, and always will have, a place to return, should a relationship not work: myself.

    But I don’t have any transition tip: I am thinking and re-thinking about a possible job change that would completely modify my current status. It makes sleeping not easy and it makes me feel both excited and anxious.
    I would not be an employee anymore and I would earn a lot more money, if they are to accept my proposal.
    It sounds great but I also can only count on myself and the idea of not having that “protection” that being an employee gives you, kinda also scares me. Like: a lot.
    I know I will not make any move until Mercury Retro is out of the way, so not until early May. So I am frenzy and totally still at the same time.

  26. “Unsure of my ground but also excited and more self-assured” is PRECISELY EXACTLY what I feel. Spot on Mystic. I stood up to my closest friend and she didn’t like it. I have not hear a lengthy response as she is taking time to think about what I said. But no matter the fallout I needed to say she was doing something wrong and she needed to hear it. I feel sure all my future relationships will benefit.

  27. tectonic “stuck for centuries then crunch apart” ideas about self esteem is the focus issue this week. it feels lunar uranian, (moon sq uranus, i keep forgetting) – unpleasant shocks that flip me closer to understanding something new about myself. in this case still on the self esteem track… man.

    • uranus also on chiron so I think that’s why the “pain” element keeps getting a kick.

      after the slow motion train wreck of 2016 where i made myself learn that envy is entirely reflective of me and My Work, not about taking (or talking) someone else down to feel better. This isn’t quite an MO but it’s tempting to indulge and therefore get stuck in a ‘why can’t _i_ have X’ mindset
      so yes. envy or pain as a call to action , these actions including stuff like
      – letting go of comparisons (examining own heart’s desires, knowing these desires deserve as much light and air as anyone else’s, that’s how others get where they’re going)
      – doing the work to put myself in a better position (more practice, more face time at the place, more accessible, more calm zoning out to locate hazed-out needs,
      – do more things that actually bring my joy – like, go marie kondo on my own self-opinion or general daily and habits

    • Absolutely! Past hurts to myself and others, serious probs with understanding needs vs desires vs hurtful sexual self abuse etc.

      New dawn indeed. Oh and I’m writing comedy to let it all out.

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