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Just a hats off to you my dear queen!  

From Sagittarius (rising in my case) Monthly:

Any form of house witching, space clearing and just power purging is auspicious.You could instinctively sense the true name of your house, where to move to or be drawn toward a talismanic, magical piece of art.”

First night in the new place tonight.  Moved house, threw away items that somehow survived 4 previous moves over 5 years (Taurus Sun but god, really), am now ultra repelled by my formerly “comfortable” comforter set of many years. 

As you know, separating a Taurus from soft sheets is tricky.  Before I even moved into my ULTRA HAUTE new studio, a few weeks ago, I dubbed this place “The Lair,” and within days of this house-naming as you call it, I discovered a 3 foot tall wooden painting of my spirit animal which will indeed serve as the main attraction at new said Lair.  

Picture enclosed.  The artist sold it to me and titled it “The Karma Hunter.”

You are brilliant.  That is all.  I’m liking this Uranus in Taurus Jazz already.  


WOW thank you and i salute you right back. I love this. Although, serious question: do we need to go hunting karma?  And i note the Scorpion on the left…Scorpio much?  Are any other Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising peeps using the planetary pow-wow in Pisces to oomph up the energy of their lair?

As Mega Mystic members will have noted from their Horoscopes, this is an unprecedented presence in Pisces, enhanced by asteroid Hecate (the Queen of the Witches) in Cancer and Jupiter + Psyche in Scorpio – all in the element of Water.   High Magic – Old Magic – Extra-Sensory-Perception- Transmission from alt-dimensions…all are there if you’re attuned to that frequency now…But Vibe Control is ESSENTIAL as this sort of extreme spiritual-vibe also brings out the lower Neptunians


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37 thoughts on “Queendom

  1. Uranus in Taurus already, for real. I’m also Sagg Rising, but I’m also predominantly water chart-wise so I’m super feeling the water/Neptune stuff right now. Lot of purging, rebalancing, ESP in high gear. But “invested” last weekend in the goods to build a raised garden bed and then actually planted tons of veg and herbs and flowers. Reordering furniture a tad and zooshing up the feng shui in order to get the vibe right, clearing out last remaining boxes from my move 5 months ago, securing the home base so it will be my zone of replenishment. So I guess even though there is a lot of emotional current-riding going on, down beneath that I am grounding, preparing for the New Earth. I had massive life changes last time Uranus and Chiron changed signs, so I’m preparing a soothing place for myself to land. And I noticed last night that I get to experience Uranus over my IC again – this time it will be in my progressed chart (progressed Toro IC). Any ideas on if it will be as profound as when Uranus crossed my natal IC in Aries? I feel like it will be an echo, possibly a dim one, but not as intense as the natal (when I got divorced and upended my life – for the better, but not without pain). My natal chart has Uranus in Libra conj MC/Sun, so I think I have a hair-trigger to Uranus events. So far my experience with progressions is that it is a supporting undercurrent vibe. I am hopeful that the earth influence this time will be a radical planting of the feet in the ground, as in You Shall Not Pass/Gandalf kind of magic.

  2. Yes, I’m moving in April and currently I’m Flying Star Feng Shui’ng the floor plan! Everything’s gonna be ecologically sustainable, recycled or DIY. It’s a shared house with my grandfather, next to our family farm. I will be able to grow my magic herbs in the garden and in the greenhouse and produce organic veggies & eggs on the farm. Plus there are tons of apple and plum trees, blackcurrant bushes & the forests are full of blueberries and lingonberries in the autumn. Very Uranus in Taurus I think! (I have Taurus in my 4th house) Also my Russian triple Leo baby daddy will finally be in an environment where his cave man like antics are not a nightmare but actually an asset… Lol.

  3. Gotta love a Piscean beautydump, I guess. Kinda rolls out the ripples on 2017’s Aries geyser flush. Tellya, feels like my smile been prepped by invisible unicorn hunnybees want my tongue sweet on their nectarjuicy.

        • i know. it’s like actually understanding someone who’s speaking in tongues, or some kind of next level powtry (typo for poetry but i liked it so kept it), like i don’t know, pidgin astro or something

          • a clockwork orange except with more awareness and no depravity, it’s not the words as much as the grammar, mercury uranus in virgo square something in sadge? mars mercury in gemini opposite neptune sadge?
            okwill stop now

  4. My bf and I are both Sag with Sag rising and currently secretly plotting an imminent relocation to tropical island. Literally.

  5. Moving… ugh!! I am planning on that right now and hope it happens in 2020 but I am clearing out my place with ridiculous items I have kept with me. My place was decorated with such childish momentums. I want to upscale my home. So, I am planning.

    My biggest issue with cleaning is what to get rid of. Is there a site on what you should keep forever or and what you can ditch within 3-5 years? Or anything that says something has to go. Any clothes that I haven’t touched within a year get’s sent to Goodwill or to the garbage…

    Hello March and I see great things. Happy to finally get back into the office. It starts on Monday 3/5 (US time)

    • Look at the KonMari method to joyfully declutter your home…she has videos and videos and books.
      I found it quite helpful to release things in a gentle way.

      I tend to hoard some things for visual/artistic stimulation, so one trick which i found works is to take a photo of of something then i can easily let the object it go!

  6. Early this week I was really feel the last holds of the Fixed Eclipse Vortex. It climaxed quietly but intensely with me just letting it out out loud ‘Learning, building, maintaining my own values and boundaries, becoming my own best parent when I had ZERO modelling for this is HARD!’

    This said during a group therapy session and it was so nice to just sit in that frustrating feeling, but sit in it in order to release of it.

    The next morning (Wed) there was just no trace of that, nor of the last two weeks. Or rather, it wasn’t coming from a sense of inadequacy, but of rising and showing up for myself.
    I got up, had the most chill quiet morning, picked up a bunch of library books on the moon as I am building my very first workshop to present in August, and then…then I came at my house with such a distinct feeling of Virgoan touch (deep de-clutter, analytical assessment of what stays what goes*with just a hint of disdain for the things that went, crevice wiping, furniture rearranging et.)
    My home has surprisingly come to feel much larger and spacious and much more comfortable. All the while, watching Pisces TV in my mind and keeping a virgo eye on it to see what internally needed the same treatment as my home.

    That feeling of holding has been dissolving from then til now. It’s like the Pisces waters came in and flooded the mundane waters/shoreline. Rather than laying back and drowning or shaking my fist at the influx I calmly walked further up the bank to take in the change of scenery and meet New.

  7. congrats on your new pad!
    always nice to have some art around especially when it is a lucky find! 🙂
    I feel that those Greek columns either side of the dresser thing actually need something ceremonial to uphold. Two beautiful brass candelabras that can hold thick candles may have the effect of turning your leopard painting into a lovely leopard shrine. Alternatively, a pot plant on each column with a thick beautiful fern. leopard in jungle. x

  8. The only lair work I have done was a couple of weeks ago when I cleaned out the loft space of junk that could go. Four boxes to charity and some items to auction. The place does look better. But it is this house that I cannot seem to shift. It has held me in place now for ten years and still it seems determined to stay. I love the house in the sense it is my design, I built it. But I also loathe the place as I cannot get attached to it because it has to go. It has never been mine in any sense at all. I just want it gone. It is sort of like having an ex husband next door, you loved it but you let it go but still it haunts you and you can’t move on. Bleurgh. Any suggestions for shifting it?
    I would love a Feng shui consult but have no pennies to spend. I have cleared the house after a disastrous rental of it, where the wife died and the place was wrecked. Court case ensued etc. So it has been redecorated and smudged and I left the windows open for four months. Think I may start praying ?

    • Or maybe I should throw a really big party in the place. Music noise fun friends food etc change the energy up a bit?

      • Just wondering, what does your inner sense tell you about why the house isn’t shifting? Is it an anchor?

        • I’ve though long and hard about this…
          and I cannot come up with anything at all.
          In my absolute heart of hearts I want it gone, as it will be taken away in another years time as the mortgage is up. It’s a NN taurus 2nd house problem for me! It has been an Albatros

          • I have a feeling it is there to bring me to my knees again. Totally clear me out and then send me back into the world to survive. Karma time.

  9. My life is not complete without some animal interactions. This morning a tabby feline came to visit for a smooch. This cat’s gaze was intense and familiar, it was reading me.
    I like this current vibe it feels nostalgic and creative, without wanting to spin you into melancholy reflux.

  10. Is it weird that I’m not feeling esp neptuned? Or maybe everyone is just on my Pisces stellium level?

    Love her little assortment of hivibe art for new power dwelling

    • Yes, I’m feeling this way, too. I have Pisces stellium over the 9th and 10th houses, incl. MC. Lower Neptune hasn’t affected me this time…… 😉

      In fact, I feel like I’m finally coming into a clear field, walking out of basically living my entire lifetime surrounded by Lower Neptunian vibes in one way or the other — my environment, other people, and sometimes in myself. I feel lighter and hopeful..

      • Yeah I mega cleaned apt (notably mopped aka watermagic) instead of getting drinks today. There are so many ways to be neptunian, like a rambling mutable walk in the sunshine. Why be limited to the predictable lo Nep 🙂
        Cheers to the light fc

        • Rambling walks… So healing ! Like combing all the knots out of my mind. My Neptune in 6th house sadge seems to make sense in that context.

  11. I am itching to do some serious Lair Work, but unfortunately I have no Lair to work. I’m guessing the heavily referenced house vibe shake up coming in May will do something to change that, or at least I’m hoping. In the meantime, my body has been my Lair, and the work has been Extensive, so that’s good!

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