He’s A Pisces

The Pisces in Love prefers a paranormal romance. They have only two speeds: cynic and time-crossed karmic lover. They show their affection in weird ways and are easily crowded by relationship demands that other Zodiac signs would consider standard. Pisceans navigate by intuition and deja vu prompts. They’re perfectly capable of combining shallow awareness with depth consciousness and have no idea of how confusing they are to be in love with.

It has been a super Neptunian few weeks with Pisces people – high and low – seeming more present than usual. Or, rather,  their version of being present. A shimmery glimmer in a rock pool. The logic apparently beached but a high tide of emotion/intuition in its place. You know the sort of thing.

Think also blurred lives and deep currents beneath people who are waving cheerily as they bob around on the surface. People are pretending that they’re straight-forward but they’re trading in ambiguity.

But whether or not you are a Pisces or involved with one, relationships have been crazy Neptunian in general.

Read or re-read any of these past posts for perspective on this particular Pisces Season.

There are amazing anecdotes in the comments. Neptune is the planet that rules ghosts, glamor, soul-bonds, myths, utopias, romantic projections, the subconscious mind – like some secret inland ocean – dreams, cosmetics, and art. My theory is that Neptune works more like a drug than a planet.

The links below contain some timelessly pertinent advice for relationships with Pisces people and love in a Neptunian climate.

Dating The Zodiac: Pisces.

Neptune Could Break Your Heart.

The Neptunians.

Honesty In Dating: Pisces.

Images: The Love Witch – Anna Biller

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When I read this post this morning I thought “Pisces, who me? Duh I met none” and then I started chatting with a Pisces on a online dating site and finished the day watching “Walk the line” that is about the super Pisces Johnny Cash.
Talk about Mystic being on point even when you don’t know how much.


all my love zombies have been taking turns at visiting me in my dreams over the past few weeks. declaring love, promising to take me away, secret affairs and kissing in auditoriums. it’s like a Dickensian Christmas Carol set in outer space.


Please spare a thought for the hapless Scorpios, Cancerans etc who are routinely diagnosed as being compatible with the Pisces.

Mars in Pisces, perhaps.

I feel ripped off! That lower level astrologers (do I even need to say obviously NOT Mystic) have just taken the easy way out and paired all of the water signs, all of the fire signs etc together.

Could Scorpios actually be not-so secret love interests of Aries? Given the whole Aries as 1st patron planet etc?


so strange — i’m a scorp and have had a run-in with a Cancer and Pisces each: i never got past cancer’s shell, & the pisces ended up having a girlfriend who he ran across the ocean with and got married to (literally) on a glacier.

my current and longest-lasting relationship is with an Aries. reliable, intelligent and firey.


agree, it’s so lazy. i instantly (sort of) have more respect if someone suggests instead, say, pisces and capricorn, mostly because i always want to disappear off into the sunset with capricorns and build a house by hand off in a remote forest fringe and basically some kind of high-end pre-trend homesteading scenario except with a wayyyyy better sound system because capricorn.


But Cap is your 7th so you are doing one of the time honoured precepts of synastry.


With Cancer Sun and Mercury in the 5th house, I don’t need the anguish.
Placing me with a Piscean is not a good idea. It’s like being sucked into a vortex of destruction and distraction. While fun for a while the flicker fads very quickly.


Its the whole chart that should be assessed. Planets, Signs & Houses for a start. Then aspects, chart shapes and tones, mutual receptions, etc. Most of my chart is Yin and Yang women rarely do it for me. Now l know thats just me. But it would stand to reason that Water n Earth energies are more compatible. Likewise Air n Fire. But l do know that pairings of the same elements can disappear down the ‘warren of despair’. The PiscesSun / Neptune on Scorp Asc dropped me because my car was too old. So really weird things can interfere… Read more »

Mistress of Mirrors

I haven’t had the Pisces emotions (or maybe I just handle them in such a balanced way? Maybe pregnancy hormones and Water element equal each other out?) but I’ve definitely had the Neptune-conjunct-my-ruler-Sun magic. I’ve had flashbacks from the future, spot-on-ennui re pregnancy (getting restless BEFORE something happens, knowing test results beforehand etc) and like today, when I woke up from deep sleep moments BEFORE the smoke alarm went off. Also last night I had a dream where I was in a house with a guy I didn’t recognize and with Lucifer and his people, who were looking for the… Read more »


That moment when the crush finally appears in real life (we live in different cities and went to some long-planned concerts this weekend) and you discover he is pisces rising (apparently majoring in lower nep) and it aaaall makes sense. I have nep rising in the 12th so can do my own fishy glittery scaled about-turn flash in response to my sudden sense of his well-hidden controlling nature. I think his asc conjuncts my chart ruler, jupiter in pisces, and def my asc conjuncts his eros, but i don’t need any lower neptunian nefariousness re-entering into my life. It’s not… Read more »

Mistress of Mirrors

Yes, invisiblity cloak! And a circle of salt around your bed!!! I wish I had listened to my toxic Low Scorpio ex when his first words to me were ‘Watch out, I know I’m manipulative and slightly narcissistic’. But nope, I had to give it a try and “save” him and destroy my self esteem, personality and beliefs about love & relationship in the process. So delete his number, email, social media, EVERYTHING, so you can’t go back and he can’t slither back in.


Hmm yes and a recharged protective crystal grid perhaps. I appreciate that tech protective advise which I have heard before in relation to someone else. Not possible without causing wider social waves rn, in a sensitive situation. And I don’t want to self-censor my posts rn either, so it will just have to be that he intuits sooner rather than later that I am not biting. Think the shift in Jup and Piscean to Aries energy is right on cue. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has a sly switch-up in store to present me back with. Will be interesting! (gets… Read more »


Ha ha YAY “The Love Witch!” I’m a Piscean and that movie is perhaps the most Piscean movie I’ve ever seen (with a touch of Scorp no doubt!) LOVE IT!


Happy birthday mystic!


I’ve taken time off the toxic cube farm to work on the 5th house/9th house thing and it is wonderful. Creativity has been spilling out and my head is clear. I am relishing the hard work even though it it slow going. I’m resolute. Craving (and taking) solitude and finding support in surprising places.

I really need to get away from the cube farm but realistically will probably be there until the end of this year. I feel so light, being away from it. Why can’t all Pisceans just be allowed to waft about on the beach all day??


5, 9 and 11 are my favourite houses 🙂

dark star

National Pisces day, where we all waft alone on the beach?
Seriously what does it take to be a professional pisces- Jane Birkin is basically a professional sagg…that’s what I want to be when I grow up

dark star

Post satnepchiron squaring everything I’m bored by all the usual suspect low grade Pisces bs…
I’m thinking I’ll take a magical adventure solo birthday day to unplug and get back to my magical realism self.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

The tarot has been quite bang-on! Not to mention the dreamscape/


Super accurate. I’ve been extra escapist, extra spiritual, extra love zombie, extra not physically present in reality. Oh and reaching out to Neptunians and folks whose Neptune is exact conjunct my sun.

Sun conjunct Neptune here. Sag Sun, Capricorn Neptune.


I think Saturn transiting on my Cap Venus right now is sorting me out through this. I’ve been feeling really clear and good and even FINALLY applied for a job today! I’m Pisces Moon, Mars/MC, and Chiron. One thing I noticed is that pretty soon, within three degrees, transiting Neptune will conjunct my natal Mars/MC. Wonder what the effect of that will be?! My career situation is already nebulous….I hope there is a upside to it! The only run-in’s with this heavy Pisces season (so far, fingers crossed) is that I’ve been feeling more and more shredded by the Neptunian… Read more »


Well done! Avoidance is definitely an okay strategy in certain circumstances. I’m going to deploy the same for a concert in a week or two’s time 🙂


Pisces Help Desk now open.

Mystic maybe a Pisces Q&A Panel 7-10pm AEDST this week? Haha

Srsly pls distract me from my life

dark star

Neptunian life coaching services at the ready


“This just in from NLC Inc…”


GENIUS. Because I’m currently operating in multiple dimensions I’ll beam in from the mild west, then watch myself three hours later. x


Hehehe very Leo-rising Pisces of you 🙂 🙂 xx


You gave a very specific time frame. If i’m there correctly, it might be by accident.

When i’m early for anything i feel highly agitated, and out of sorts (got to keep busy until last minute).

..Also, who is asking the questions? Do i have to give answers, as well? Asking for an acquaintance.


I did, but only because ppl are weird about nonspecific timeframes.. you know how it is x

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