Pisces Confidential – Chiron Leaving Pisces

Patrick Demarchelier

Everyone is in transition these next nine weeks.  But right now – with Chiron Leaving Pisces and the New Moon impending being alongside Chiron – Pisces is the Sun Sign doing the most intense psychic evolution.

It’s an identity crisis that WILL equal opportunity because Pisces are opportunists. A Pisces in Flow State is a synchronicity witch or wizard, a momentum player. But Chiron leaving Pisces can create surges of doubt in even the most perky Pisces person.  Hello again to every ancient angst or ghost of a demon that Pisces has ever grappled with. Existential Ennui alternates with surges of visionary cosmic WOW factor and then it’s back to some self-doubt. Or, to mix it up a bit, fearing judgement from others.

But this is (1) a lot better after the New Moon and (2) a hell of a lot better after Chiron moves constellation in mid-April. And then there is the beautiful synergy between the Pisces rulers Jupiter and Neptune to anticipate. The Dark Moon leading up to this New Moon – the exact times are in the Daily Horoscopes – is particularly healing if you go with it.

First Thing Every Morning, Before You Arise, Say Out Loud “I Believe” Three Times

Meanwhile, do whatever process works best for you to figure out what 2011 till now was all about. Not just the obvious ups, downs and go arounds but thematically, as a lengthy scene in your life narrative. Check your Horoscopes for more perspective.

You may also like this advice from the Ancient Roman poet Ovid, a Pisces born at the end of the Zodiac where Chiron is now. Two thousand years ago, he said “First thing every morning, before you arise, say out loud, “I believe,” three times.” Weirdly, it works.


Image: Patrick Demarchelier

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83 thoughts on “Pisces Confidential – Chiron Leaving Pisces

  1. *raises hand*

    First time caller, long time listener. How are you?

    Chiron in Pisces has conjuncted Sun, now in 5th – soon to leave my sign. It’s been painful.

    Also with transiting Node in Leo across 10th house.

    All about sun force – what does it all mean?


  2. Sigh. I’m learning that the pain will never be gone. I’ll always have to carry this with me. It’s a permanent part of my life now. I have to learn to pack it up as lightly as I can because it’s necessary baggage at this point. Instead of continually trying to “release it,” and being angry that it’s still around, I have to invite it to stay, light a candle for it, give it some tea and make it comfortable. It isn’t going anywhere so I might as well embrace it. The only choice I have is how I choose to feel about carrying it. It’s part of me now, so I have to learn how to love it, gracefully, otherwise I’ll just make myself bitter and that’s no fun.

  3. PF, i hear and read that Pisces flirts a lot. I couldn’t really say. If i’m trying to smooth a social interaction i feel fake as, but i’ve learned (late) that it’s a social glue. Then again, I’m Merc Aries, with Merc square Capricorn effective Mars and opposed Uranian diplomat Libra in 11th, which makes Uranus explosively square Mars again into a giant t square. I can’t speak for women and i can’t speak for Pisces as a rule.

    Look at Mystic. She sparkles in her way with words and imagery, and is intuitive to the point many people comment that she must have a camera on them after some of her posts come out. She taps in to some gap some of us feel and we are delighted. She’s not flirting with us, but can you imagine speaking with her face-to-face? I’m sure many fall under her “spell” but she’s just being herself.

    I am quite Sag, and not just Rising like your Piscean paramour, so ultimately i am friendly, and i just love interactions and giving a little sparkle where i can. It upsets or annoys me when someone takes that as a flirt, or takes it too far. I can zoom in on someone and read and empathise, but i also judge, then let it all go in a moment so i can send a quick blessing or thanks to the universe for what i have seen and felt. If i’m needy, i would probably let myself sink into someone’s interest and love. But i don’t do that so easily or so much anymore; i need myself more, and i’m working that out.

    Like i said, i can’t answer for anyone else, but if that gives a perspective for you, let it be known that it’s clear as day and already happening if I’M interested in someone! Another Piscean? I don’t know where they’re at, what they need, and whether a little game is feeding something cute or playing out a long rope. Or if they’re shy and wary but interested. There’s a billion fish types in the ocean, and some are only just being discovered 😉

    • What you describe is like general flirtatiousness. With this woman its like she drops what she does to serve me. The other day l said “l need a….” and before l could identify what l wanted she said “Over here”.

      I sent her a box of chocolates some months ago and it seems she has not forgotten. Me? Saturn is on my Dsc NOW. I’ll let Saturn do his stuff and l just gotta be patient. But l might have to go get another car part soon…..

  4. I’ve had all the mid-life transits during this time and I’ve transitioned from ‘young’ to ‘not young’.

    • Literally sitting here with paper and coloured pens trying to work out what my no-longer-young life should look like.

    • Same. I am struggling with menopause and associated health issues in addition to career and post-divorce doldrums. I don’t feel excited at all about the future.
      How did you go with your vision board-ing?

    • Quite fun but wholly inconclusive. I think goal stalking just isn’t really me. I tend instead to arrange my life for maximum freedom and flexibility and then see what happens. On the whole it works but I sometimes get frustrated with myself for being so passive. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. I have that to come, but soon probably. It’s one reason I feel an impetus to check my foundations.

      • Oh. Surprised myself writing that. Perhaps it’s less where I’m going that I’m trying to get clear, and more where I’m starting from.

    • Same here. I dreamed I was publicly shamed in a job held long ago. Pisces rules my 10th H. My career has had many ups ‘n downs; I have had to re-invent myself several times. Not at all doing what I thought I would, but I am happy & know I am helping others.

  5. Chiron is leaving my 8th house…phew. I was reiki certified during this time. We spent time redoing our insurances/wills with company partners and some things came out in the light but resolved. There was a huge identity theft for husband but that took forever and left huge doubt with IRS security. Moving into my 9th house for the next 7 yrs.

  6. Death and rebirth. Jesus. In this era Chiron then Neptune have been on my Venus/Dsc then 7th house Sun-Saturn-Merc, then Chiron. Now Dr Chiron is on my 8th house Pisces Psyche. Not to mention Pluto just finished with my moon-Lilith. It is a wonder I am still here. I am like that astronaut who went into space then came back with different DNA.

    • I ignored the advice in the scopes last night and went Full Pisces.
      What I hoped for from the Chiron in Pisces era did not eventuate and I am out of ideas.
      I don’t have any idea what comes next or what life could begin to look like, without descending into midlife cliches.
      I enrolled to finish a postgrad that I abandoned years ago mostly because I didn’t know what else to do, and the incompletion has plagued me. Yet I can’t get into it properly and the self-doubt is back with a vengeance. It’s hard going but at least it’s something.
      I’m still with the Triple Toro and keep waking up in the middle of the night with massive doubts. Yet I’m afraid of being alone in my old age, and more afraid of making a wrong decision.
      I just wish I knew something for sure. I know I’ve said all this here before so apologies if it’s tedious to read. I keep hoping for a lightbulb moment, but nothing comes.
      The only thing I want to do is go to the beach. And walk in nature. And read. Maybe I should just do those things.

      • Definitely just do those things for a bit. xxx
        I’m picking up some cap moon pressure in there. That’s ok, because i know that freewheeling is kind of the opposite vibe of cap, but / and i am sure there is a third option if not more. If it’s venturing into fear though, that might need some gentle contemplation.
        nature walks and reading might give your psyche some breathing space.
        if we’re feeling like this (whichever) option is the Only Option , that’s the Devil card in tarot. There is always another way. even if that other way is actually a different perspective or applied thought process.
        I don’t know what that is for you, but you’ll know, even if it’s just a crack of light through an open window.
        why self doubt for the uni? is it time / money? can you have some exploratory conversations with others on campus or in the related field and build yourself some socio-academic support?
        breathe and stuff too …
        pi xox

      • I agree with Pi, there are always options, and it’s worth working out what they might be even just to know that they’re there. But also…i think you are Leo rising with 5th house moon? How we feel about how we look is important. Maybe you can embrace a bit of vanity for a short term boost?

  7. “Existential Ennui alternates with surges of visionary cosmic WOW factor and then it’s back to some self-doubt. Or, to mix it up a bit, fearing judgement from others”

    All of this exactly captures how I’ve felt the past few days as the Sun transited over my natal Chiron.And the New Moon will conjunct my Chiron and trine my Sun-Neptune conjunction, so I suspect there will be more of this kind of insight coming my way over the next few days.

    Metamorphoses was one of my mother’s favorite books, and I remember pulling it down from the bookshelf to read when I was a young girl. I didn’t (consciously) pick up on the sex and violence, but I was fascinated by the way people and gods were always transforming into something else. And Ovid was Shakespeare’s favorite poet, a huge influence on the plays and sonnets.

  8. Chiron on my Saturn which is a couple of degrees after chiron. But Venus on venus and soon moon on moon. Planning for a Mediterranean cruise actually triple planning bc mercury lucky I saved hard for the last 5 yrs cause everything else will disappear into “another” investment while I’m gone. Psychic once said she saw finances up and down, probs saw this pattern.

  9. Thank goddess. It’s not just me then. I’ve got my Saturn Chiron conjunction on my asc right at the last degrees of Pisces and I’m utterly mental low confused depressed you name it I’m doing it right now. Utterly terrified about the tv thing on Monday still umming and ahhing about pulling out. But I know it’s something that needs said but again don’t have my bullish nature on tap just now. Utter confusion in every life aspect. You name it it’s all up in the air and could fall in such opposite directions. I’m exasperated by my mother and if my wretched house would sell I’d buy a one way ticket off the bloody planet right now. I’d happily live on the moon or Jupiter or Neptune. I seem to have lost my sun jupiter conjunction in 5th. And I’d really like my Taurus 2nd house NN to get its assets into gear. I’m fed up with crumbs.

  10. 12th hse…eek
    particularly painful, watery teary time…bloat, interstitial cystiyis flare…starting new job, not sure i can cope…talk abt ‘when the body says no’
    need to get gabor maté bks

    looking forward to chiron on moon, early aries…will this b gd for me??

  11. Today is my exact Chiron Return. It’s been crazy ride but I’m feeling that all the radical truth telling, deep clearing, letting go and creating afresh has made me.
    Ive been urgently pumping out an online course that I’m calling the Lemonade Cure to teach others how to to empower through their disappointments, it’s been streaming out of me.
    I’ve been learning this my whole life and now I want to share it – I just found out this is Chirons work.
    What happens once he’s crossed your path?

    • My mother once told me that when you are older you learn to carry pain. I didn’t really understand at the time but as I age I think that it means accepting your weaknesses, your failures, your limitations and learning to live with them instead of the constant struggle trying to banish them completely.
      Maybe the wounded healer is who we become. By carrying pain our understanding of others pain is very real, empathic and can become a powerful healing force.

      • You mother was a bijoux
        David she taught you well.
        The wounded healer is exactly what we become once we understand the human condition and the sympatico for it.
        Love your guts.

  12. This new moon is one deg off my moon. Cool. Thankful for all the weird turn pro action since 2011, even if it felt like lost girl HQ. Theme: change your insides, it moves the outsides…Ovid knew something didn’t he

  13. Geez I hope so. Currently Chiron conjunct my Ceres and Neptune is sitting on on my Saturn. Since 2011 has been sooooo hard going. Could really do with a break.

  14. Not looking forward at all to Chiron conjunct my MC and opposing Pluto-IC point, but it can’t be any worse than the transit over my sun. ..Can it?

    • Hope not for you and for me, Pi. I mean, all up i know it’s good growth. I can’t unsee what i’ve been seeing in terms of patterns, But it’s sometimes the pain is striking, and a bit paralysing in the moment. I feel your MC IC with Sun must be tremendously core self and relating from it kind of stuff.

      And there ! I just looked up and there;s this giant redtailed black cocky eating from a high point in a branch. The wind shook it all, and it just kept on to that branch. There are five of them, now i look again.

      OK, after my pause, off to keep to my branch/mission 🙂

      Hang on to your gumnuts, Pi xx

      • wait, what? for some reason i thought you were in the US.

        su-hu-per striking pain. vague recollections of being curled up on floor halfway under bed at 4am or doubled over on sofa at 2.30am (weeks on end) barely able to breathe for the gasping sobs or drowning in the absolute racking wrongness of everything that i am and do. fecking hell. oh well! more to come. so be it

          • That’s a nice thing to say, pegs. I just can’t seem to manage a functional relationship. – and I don’t even mean romantic, I mean new and cool and productive working relationships – to save myself. I honestly don’t know the way forward with this. I’mv just venting .. not looking for an answer.. like I’m missing the chapter of the textbook that helps you know what to say or do to be someone who people want to connect with. Anyway this is lower talk I guess. It’s just lonely af out there. Oh hey, Chiron on Venus in my 10th house Aries. Lemme guess. Go it alone or feel the pain?

          • thanks peg. sorry about self pity rant… terribly un-firey of me 😉
            hard to accept/ believe sometimes.
            “I believe”
            ha di har har
            there you have it..

          • it’s just so utterly fuqing counterproductive. There is absolutely ZERO evolutionary incentive in experiencing this. Nothing. It doesn’t make us biologically better (worse, if anything) and it certainly doesn’t make us feel a greater sense of wellbeing. I just can’t understand it. Unless its a function of the development of a complex society and the more complex high level relating styles and socio-political relationships and structures that go with that. Every clan needs a shaman, right?

      • re cockatoos, i guess if you’re hungry enough, no wind can shake us from our dinner 🙂
        red tailed = so gorgeous!

  15. Pisces is a good portion of my 10th house, and is my 11th house cusp. I’ve an intercepted Aries Sun/Venus in the 11th and let me tell you I am SO ready for Dr. Chiron to get into Aries. Chiron’s transit through Pisces, hitting up my Mercury and Jupiter, has had so many ups and downs for me. I tended to stick with what people told me I was good at, because if people thought I was good then it actually meant I was good. Cue 7 year long existential career crisis. What’s been annoying about it is I’ve felt SELFISH for being burnt out and wanting creative processes all to myself. I really feel like my Chiron story between Pisces and Aries is going to be interwoven in that it’s time for me to stop allowing my network/friendships to dictate my career!

  16. ovid was a pisces – this makes so much sense! david malouf’s ‘an imaginary life’ is one of my fave novels, exploring – fictionally – his exile from rome. read it as a teenager and the read lots of ovid asca grown-up. he is magical :’)

  17. new moon will be 3 degrees from my pisces moon while conjunct with chiron! my sun is in aries so chiron is heading straight for it. Not sure what to expect.

    • Yeah me too. I’ve got mercury, MC, SN, Sun in Aries. All 10th house. I personally don’t see Chiron as a negative influence. More a reminder. I had my return in 8th house aqua a few years ago and I looked closer at its cycles through my life. It’s definitely a thing. Aries lead our lives with our heads down bums up. We give power to the ideas we like, and try to make things happen. After the spark ignites us we combust to get the engine turning over. What gets us unstuck is we sometimes don’t look hard enough at our source of motivation for igniting these ideas. This is where Chiron comes in for me. If my ‘doing’ is led by my head and heart, I and others benefit. When I lead with my wound the only benefit is a difficult lesson, and others don’t benefit at all.
      Our true motivation is difficult to ascertain at the best of times. Chirons purpose then is to remind us of our wound, usually in subtle ways, so we can learn to identify it. When it comes to the surface, note it, feel the pain, but never let it take over your heart and head.

  18. Lleyton Hewitt only had two weapons on court. His dogged pursuit of running every ball down and …….belief. No-one ‘beliefed’ their way to #1 like he did. For two years he subdued bigger and stronger players.

  19. The new moon will be on my natal Chiron in Pisces, as well as I just had my Chiron return. So maybe this new moon will define or bookend this period for me so I can start the new era because I feel like I’m still in a holding pattern, either waiting to land or waiting to take off..
    2011 was a big turning point and start of big growth, getting out of my comfort zone, in my career in healthcare. Uranus has been transiting my 10th house all its time in Aries, my natal Chiron is in the 10th house and, frankly, most of the current sky is transiting my 10th house right now (that would be Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Chiron). I couldn’t possibly have a louder megaphone from the universe that something is up with my career, but things haven’t quite manifested yet. Still some confusion, too.. I have natal Chiron in Pisces in the 10th and I am a healer, but I really don’t want to be one professionally anymore…..what else can I do with that energy? I haven’t figured it out..
    Also, show me the money!!! I’ve held a couple fairly prestigious positions since 2011, but have made very little actual money. I have NN transiting my 2nd house right now, could that help??

    • Yes Leo in 2nd indicates creativity and spontaneity and leadership. There could be ways in to more glamourous, playful and dramatic paths of income. The Mercury venus conjunction trine to this might give a few clues.

      Thus retrograde cycle could be good for you. Which house transiting mars in Capricorn pas through? Would it be your 6th? Then I’d say that would signpost themes, business prospects around health yet relating to creativity.

      • I like this….makes me feel optimistic! Thanks!

        Mars in Cap will start the transit in my 6th, yes, and then go into my 7th at 10 degrees, but I’ve got Venus at 6 degrees Cap in the 6th, so that should start it off nicely!
        I like the idea of combining something related to health and creativity.

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