The Neptune Lilith Synergy


Neptune in harmonious synergy with Lilith – until early April 2018 – is a magical energy that you can tap into.  In terms of archetypes, see Neptune as the Shaman and Lilith as arch-Feminist. Can you blend rarified magical thinking with the more pragmatic energy of Lilith in Capricorn? Could Neptune visionary dreaming somehow facilitate the relentless independence drive of Lilith? Or, conversely, could you deploy the self-made at all costs will power of Lilith to generate some traction for your most high-order fantasies?

As is being increasingly referenced in the Horoscopes, April and May are going to be the most transitional months in years. They are a Transition Zone. Many situations and structures are in morph mode. Some crumble forever.  Others arise anew, restructuring for the fresh era.

This Zeitgeist (spirit of the times) is Chiron into Aries and Uranus into Taurus. Chiron is here for the first time in 50 years.  Uranus has not crossed this way for 84 years. But some of you – Pisces and Capricorn people in particular – are picking up on Neptune in sextile to Lilith.

Shamanic Neptune Supports Rebel Outsider Femme Lilith Energy

Maybe YOU resurrect yourself this Easter.  Think Neptune in Shamanic Mode supporting rebel outsider femme Lilith energy. Regardless of gender, notice the subtle omens and strange affirmations of freedom. You may be suddenly realising the lucrative potential of your refusal to adhere to convention/stale tribal values. This applies even if you did not (consciously) set out to be that person. Maybe all those times you felt sad you weren’t invited into some gathering or that you did not feel you belonged were when you should have been whirling around in a gleeful celebratory dance instead?

And actually, okay, this DOES come back to Uranus because Uranus has been in Aries – the sign of individuation – since 2011. How HAS the last seven years force-birthed your self-actualisation and inspired you to be self made?  And are you feeling the subtle, magical Neptune-Lilith energy?


Image: Marvel

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prowlncrabMM Member

Subtle? Did you say subtle ~chuckles heartily~

Mystic I’m about as subtle as brick. On speed. Powered by some manifold quantum time converter thingy ….

The past seven years have been a test of my self-assertion skills and it really was only right at the end that I started to develop appropriate assertiveness skills. Prior to that I was pretty much a gimp.

aqua hair
aqua hair

2011 started with the Queensland floods in my home and business. The expansion of businesses and some full on community campaign work. Uranus in Aries coincided with my 8th house Saturn and it has been a wild ride. I finish that phase with bigger and new internationally focused businesses with less debt,and a more holistic world view. I am also stepping back from the campaign work as I have done what I need to do and now the power players are taking it all on, and doing what they need to do. I start this new phase with simpler spaces… Read more »

emgMM Member

Well it’s all change here but I’ve still no idea which way it’s going. Neptune as always veils the path. My Lilith is always functioning and I’m about to be saying controversial stuff on tv. Hopefully it will aid women to be free in their choices and not be a societal sheep. Work is huge in my mind, and figuring out change to that and two fingers to the regulations on freedom of thought, expression and my own self. Feeling feisty but got to be honest, menopausal stuff is creating high anxiety and I’m not as fully on it as… Read more »


Definitely a liberal sprinkling of pep on this week’s vibe already. It’s like 2018 has gone into second gear. Been doing some proper thinking about The Leo and The Basics in my chart.

GemricornMM Member



A portal to 2005 opened for me earlier!!!! So many interesting syncs. Good release tho!

Just looked and 2005 was when Chiron moved into aqua so maybe I’m feeling big trends.

dark starMM Member
dark star

Nep Lilith (and Saturn behind the curtain lol) got me putting all my stuff in storage, buying a solo ticket giving notice and not looking back.

emgMM Member

How I long to do exactly this.

dark starMM Member
dark star

Do it do it do it! Rooting for you emg

dark starMM Member
dark star

Also, I’m having a emo shit day re: ppl not getting or supporting my decisions / overwhelm at all the tasks involved. I know leaving my lackluster job etc is the best demonstration of my self worth but it’s not easy…just wanted to share the it’s not all rainbows and daisies

emgMM Member

Don’t look back. Nike swoosh for you !

ElectroMM Member

The last seven years has been the everything. A new house in a fantastic location next to a nature preserve, birth of my Aquarian daughter, a circle of witchy friends, upgrades in health and art. It’s pretty exciting to have Uranus on my ascendant and have him transit the lower half of my chart and prepare to oppose just as he reaches the horizon. It absolutely feels like a deep rebirth.

dark starMM Member
dark star

Your life sounds rad!

scorpiodawnMM Member

yayy soo looking forward to uranus on the acsendent

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Woah, in 2011 a relationship ended, which really kick started the whole thing

and yes, the last 7 years have been quite the actualisation trip….

Virgo EllieMM Member
Virgo Ellie

As I had posted previously, in 2009 I faced a breast cancer scare that has so many levels of misguided medical advice. Alternative treatments that made it walk away and me giving my life to God and I was reborn. My Life completely changed and I started my life over. It is 2018 and I am dealing with the “c” word again. We don’t know what it is but they want “c” treatments. I am back on the alternative treatment plan like I did in 2009-2010. Interesting how it is back to push me a little. There is much more… Read more »

emgMM Member

You have such a heart. To listen and to heal. I wish you peace and perfect health once more.

birdMM Member

Good luck today, Virgo Ellie. I hope your healing journey is smooth and swift. x


Transformation is tangible. The astro chart for the country i’m in (Spain) has Lilith Rising, which surprised me a bit considering its infamous Church history and macho reputation. But Lilith’s time has come. The tide has turned & the term “feminist” which used to be spat out by the patriarchy to describe “angry, bitter & radical women”, has now at last reclaimed its proper meaning. Last week the country experienced an unprecedented Feminist General Strike (on International Women’s Day) to combat wage inequality and gender violence. It was a raging success which saw millions of women (& men) from all… Read more »


Ooh that’s amazing! And it doesn’t surprise me that Spain has Lilith rising. Every Spanish woman I’ve ever met has had a playful, dangerous edge. I would never dare cross one! Glad to hear it’s now being tempered with a political consciousness.


Yes, well (*replacing flick-knife in thigh strap*) we’ve been fighting a long time – first to get the vote during early last century – which we won – but then that right was taken away by Franco for 40 long years – in fact he took away ALL our rights. Women here during the dictatorship had to have either their husbands’ or fathers’ permission to open a bank account or obtain a passport! Then after he died (mid 1970s) we’ve had to fight that awful macho mentality that he had imposed. We are getting there, slowly but surely. So you… Read more »

12th House Virgo
12th House Virgo

I learned that in the end it isn’t how much you lived but how true you lived and if I speak and do my beat to live by truth I can always deal with the consequences, unplesant as they may be.

TripleLMM Member

Hear, hear!

davidlMM Member

Yes ! They can only hang you once 😉

MissDeeMM Member

Maybe I am not very sensitive to Lilith but I do not feel the Nept/Lilith vibes. They’ll be stronger toward week end though, so we’ll see. I do sense more the “Transition” vibes and Chiron in Aries will be my return. It’ll be exact in a few years but it’s a return nonetheless. I cannot wait for Uranus in Taurus, seriously: it feels “broadening” already. It must be because Aries is my 8th house, but I have had “flashes” and “visions” of me coming out of a cave after years (from 2011 on) and experiencing things outside my “usual boarders”.… Read more »

faeMM Member

I’ve already been feeling the Mars/Chiron square you mentioned – “the bringer of an absolute refusal to deceive yourself” – I am usually like this (is it my Aries Moon), but now even the most seductive delusional thinking is getting completely cold-shouldered. Last night I was EFT tapping (did anyone else participate in the recent world summit?) and I said “I can trust myself”… and it was like a dam of realisation broke within me. I really can. I would never deceive myself and, to me, I am completely trustworthy. I was sublime, I have never felt as “housed” in… Read more »

AqualadyMM Member

lol I did a whole post but after it said double post and it still hasn’t appeared I guess I’ll keep to my usual stealthiness.

What I will say is that finally something pinged for me about 2011 til now. That picture sums it up – I am now VERY Aries.


“sad you weren’t invited into some gathering or that you did not feel you belonged were when you should have been whirling around in a gleeful celebratory dance instead?” You know I’ve always believed in the adage “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member” – Groucho Marx lol I always thought it was my Mars in Aqua but maybe it’s kick-ass Lilith conjunct Pluto. How HAS the last seven years force-birthed your self-actualisation and inspired you to be self made? OMG I’ve been digging into the last seven years to see what… Read more »

jjt4732MM Member

I am transforming courtesy of Pluto on my Sun and Mars since 2008, and Sinde 2012 the transportation really picked up and intensified. Uranus? I thank you.

ram-madam ding dongMM Member
ram-madam ding dong

With my Natal Chiron on the infamous zero Aries point, my Chiron return =
Renewal of a lifetime’s lesson on how to heal,
by loving one’s own wounds .. it’s the scars that truly made me!


My Chiron Return as well!

ram-madam ding dongMM Member
ram-madam ding dong

well, it’s my chiron return this easter,
& yes .. I AM the resurrection!

Feeling it with every single fibre
of. my. being

LiliMM Member

Lilith saving my sanity- Actually said NO to rescue of niece’s elderly feral cat- no more soft touch. She has alternative home- but being matriarch does not =being biggest sucker.

Pluto transit from 3rd square Sun amps sense of zero servile attitude- correcting doormat Libran 12th vibe. Doffing naff vibes- I will suffer for you, I don’t deserve decent income, and self-flagellation.

So far so good-

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