March Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

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The Monthly Horoscopes for March are posted and wow, what a month. It’s not non-stop Eclipse Zaps like Jan/Feb and the start of the month is witched up, surreal and magic. But there is a palpable feel of that era which began seven years now ebbing away…and the new vibe incoming is not quite clear yet. We’re in transition…but to where exactly? Read your Rising Sign + Sun Sign for hopefully helpful hacks & insights into this most interesting of months.


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26 thoughts on “March Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

  1. I’ve spent my Neptune years in full money spree mode. I had a major wake up call this full moon and came back down to earth. Nothing bad happened, but I feel like someone threw an ice cold glass of water in my face and shoved credit card bills in my face. I am still comfortable, but “valuing” money again and not throwing it around like a drunk sailor.

  2. Usually love Mercury Retro…. planning some sort of adventure for the last week of March. Won’t know what I’m planning until it gets here however. Desert hot springs? Stunning coast trip? Camping? A visit to a magical cold spring for health?

    The wind is wuthering here in Oregon and I’ve been on high escapist mode.

  3. Thanks MM! These are incredible. I was laughing to myself about how you accurately described navigating the socials. Yes and Yes!

  4. I just said in a work place: “everything is shifting toward earth signs, so I want real deal, nothing less.”
    Can’t wait for May shift, but I am gonna need to waltz with MR first.

  5. I feel this so much… transition, but can’t see ahead. It’s very unsettling for me. I guess, as an Aqua Sun and Merc, I’m somewhat Uranian so maybe I’m feeling the upcoming shift of Uranus. I’m looking forward to that, actually. I just hope once the transition progresses to that point, that I can see my way forward.
    Mostly what I’m stressing about now is financial. I need a job, no idea where to begin, and I’m pretty much out of money. I hope something comes clearer soon…. :/

    • Same here. Aqua Sun/Merc. Need job, don’t know where to begin. Lost and need more money. Hope things become clear for you soon.

  6. Virgo boss who is Virgo in name only delivered a cost-cutting edict on weds or whenever moon was in Leo, and conjunct my Saturn. At the risk of boring ppl via repetition, that’s my second house I.e. I’m effectively looking for work. Which is fine I don’t care, but I’m pissed off that he has So Little foresight that he can’t just operate on a timeframe longer than like 26 days. It makes my Capricorn bits smh, and it gives me anxiety, fine for this guy with a wife and kids and a plush house and a pool, but I refuse to be fuqed over by his managerial wtf
    Moon / Saturn’s always been a piece of work for me.
    He says he’d like to rehire me when things pick up but I don’t want to ever go near this situation again.
    Anyway the point of all that was that I ran a tarot and some Oracle questions about the triple Libra and the Oracle is baying about money money , wth, Oracle? Anyway, the system knew.

  7. Already having techno shitastrophes: alarm system malfunctioning, Wi-fi down, printer stopped working, fax machine activated when line 1 rings (but it’s set up thru line 2). Weirdness.

  8. I am gettin email from Mercury Retro: my Credit Card is expiring during MR and got alert from services that I pay monthly with my CC.
    It’s gonna be hilarious.

  9. I’m going to echo scorpiodawn and say I love these monthlies! The writing has captured the feeling that’s creeping up that real change might actually happen. After 2017 I am more than ready. Also, today I was offered (maybe?) a new job that is so Uranus in Taurus it’s ridiculous and should start around that time.

    In the meantime I am loving work, loving the new and more meaningful connections I’m forging there, loving my home, and loving being alone. It has not been easy to get to this place, but damn, it feels like I’ve finally arrived.

    • I see what you did there Pi x
      I am noticing a high musicality with these comments and even the Oracle wants me to get some new music.

  10. I literally cannot wait for the new era.
    The “relationship sector healing” has meant a dreadful pain first and then a long loneliness after.
    Can’t wait for the “enticing” vibe at the end of 2017 (or even 2006/7) to pick up again. Only this time want to turn the vibe into something real and vital.
    If I “vibe” any longer I’ll turn into a human piano chord!

  11. Uranus in Aries just compounded what Pluto in Capricorn had started.

    When l first came on the site there was all this talk about ZZ. Whoa. I soon began to articulate the SRx and SD points to my life re the Outre 3.

    It was like Pluto breaking things physically and Uranus came for the chemical disintegration concerto. And Nep, opp my 1st Decan Virgo Stellium, turning everything into a Picasso

      • Yes. The Jup in Cancer 13/14. Religious differences (read: me feeling l couldn’t do it anymore and for way too many years) was major major to my divorce.

        Jup in Libra is harder for me to articulate. Libra is the 4th for Cancer and my natal IC is (ugh) 29° Libra. It’s like a blind spot in my chart. My 4th really feels Scorp.

    • “chemical disintegration concerto”

      I’m picturing helicopters spraying napalm and that final dramatic death scene (Willem Dafoe} in Platoon.

  12. loving the monthlies this month mystic..they seem extra sparkly and in depth and dense, somehow.
    and yes, jan/feb was a total flux fest for this scorp, hope you’re right and march is a little more…serene….?

  13. The last seven years has been difficult terrain.
    It feels now like a blank canvas, it doesn’t depress me the starkness of it. Just what will I fill this with? I feel hopeful and I am not concerned about my wounds being included. What’s in front doesn’t always need to reflect what was before.

  14. I feel it. A kind of culminating energy with a feeling of completing or realizing identity/ego issues…and coming into a focus shift into radical self-care. Maybe we have finally reached a point where we are ready to really take responsibility for ourselves on an entirely new level.

    Staying hydrated, eating well, etc. I feel have taken on entirely new connotations. It is no longer reasonable to consider self-care practice an unattainable luxury–because it is the foundation of how we are able to then engage in the word–and in a sense it supports our capacity to fully embody our ego/identity selves from a place of self-realization.

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