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HAIR BY PLUTO is revolutionary. Experimenting with the chemical-free beauty-care scene invariably leads one to ‘no shampoo’ and as part of that, i did a bentonite hair detox mask. You just mix some of this powder with Apple Cider Vinegar and maybe some water steeped in rosemary. Or just water. Or even just the clay. This is not a complex ritual. You leave it on, while you do something else and then rinse it out.

It supposedly pulls all these toxins and shitty chemical residue from out of your scalp. But what’s bizarre is that it adds immense crazy body to your hair, brightens everything and – I swear – gleams up your aura. If you are at all sensitive to etheric energy, you’ll notice it straight off. However, your hair won’t look styled. It’s a hair detox and (i think) aura brightener, not a smoother. My hair has twice the volume but post-Pluto-Powder it looks like a W.W.E. wrestler from the 90s whose name i can’t recall.

So, what is bentonite?  It’s VOLCANIC ASH…ancient volcanic ash. How Pluto is this? The Change God rules volcanos, among other things. Molten lava beneath the surface, gigantic reptiles guarding treasure, your subconscious realms, transformations you can’t pick up on until it erupts…ALL these are themes of Pluto.

And apparently, if you drink the bentonite/Pluto Powder, which i am now totally doing – half a teaspoon a day and you can’t use a metal spoon as it messes with the super-beneficial negative ions of this Pluto Powder – there are untold benefits.

Like some occult super-hero, the Pluto Powder draws toxins to it and carries them out of your system. Does anyone else do Pluto Powder?

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41 thoughts on “Hair By Pluto

  1. Just a quickie from me as a long time clay user… years 5 years or so.

    There are absorbent and adsorbent clays. Each behaves differently. One absorbs be one attracts toxins that stick to the clay particle. Yes…you don’t use metal spoons. Bentonite is absorbent.

    In my view bentonite should definitely be gradually introduced to the bod. Montmorillonite (red clay) is my go to for detox. It should also be staged but I think it’s gentler. As far as absorbing toxins go it should be drunk first thing then wait an hour before having any food. All clay should be mixed well before consumption eg the night before in aviation with lots of water. Bentonite should be made into a paste prior to this….a one part/two part clay water mix and left to sit until it absorbs all the water and is hydrated enough for consumption. This can be up to a week. It will get a yoghurt like consistency and if not add more water. This is for bentonite. Montmorillonite doesn’t need that but I still soak overnight. You must consume lots of water and given time it will definitely enhance elimination particularly old stuff that may have built up over years. It’s called gentle enough process if you go gently and respectfully to your bod and the earth.

    New to it would suggest every other day or at least perhaps not every day. It is stronger than the red clay. The books on it may be better than Google will offer up. Have only loaned them so don’t recall names right now.

    Don’t quote me but one variety of island bird eat toxic berries and clay simultaneously as an antidote and never get sick. Smart
    Birds…they do it simultaneously from memory. And bentonite is a major ingredient in a lot of pharmaceuticals so yeah….maybe that’s the bit that works?

    Earth magic

  2. This is rather fascinating. I had an awful case of dandruff and itchiness. There was awful flakes everywhere and i dont use sulphate shampoo.I cannot wash my hair everyday due to the coarseness and need for oil moisture. Anywho found a recipe for castor oil, eggs just the yolk, olive oil, honey, lavender oil. I smothered my hair happily and left it on for 2 hours. My scalp felt refreshed and I had a cranial massage. My concentration and mood felt incredible. Hair magic? Absolutely

  3. Hey I have a bag of Bentonite clay unopened! I thought of drinking it while on a hard-core Candida kill gut cleanse but with a baby on board I obviously can not release toxins and heavy metals from the depths of my gut so external use sounds like a lovely option. Trying it on my face, scalp & soles of my feet 🙂 Also I’ve been itching to do a DIY active charcoal blackhead mask for ages… And a natural fruit acid peeling. I should activate around skincare asap!

  4. yay…. on the rosemary note….. when I lived in cooler climates, rosemary grew prolifically in lots of carparks, office building garden beds (ie free), I used to gather an armful, take it home and steep it in about 4L of water for a few hours, let it totally cool, then keep the liquid in the fridge in bottles.

    massaging this rosemary water into the scalp between washes and letting it dry naturally………….

    Not only did my hair LOOOOVE me for it, but I had the most amazing romantic/flirtation/uplifting encounters whilst my mane was all rosemary’ish. I swear it’s an aphrodisiac.

    I found too… a small sprig of fresh rosemary tucked into my pillowcase gave me erotic dreams

    just saying.

    • I like this rosemary tale. Definitely gonna try the pillowcase. And the hair rinse.

      Ooh now thinking of a rosemary/rose water hair rinse…

  5. What brand of bentonite/Pluto Powder for consuming do you use?
    I’m intrigued by the auric scalp Pluto detox!
    I’m currently attempting to detox from a variety of other chemicals, medicines that could be extra beneficial.

  6. I did the hydrated bentonite thing a few years back. I felt great but as my digestive system is well fuqed apparently it shouldn’t have been recommended at the time by my naturopath.

    My hair’s really healthy now thanks to the no poo thing and using natural conditioners but I’ve never done this hair detox. I’ll definitely be checking this out. 🙂

  7. This is probably going to gross some people out (Apologies, but why are you reading a Pluto post if you’re that squeamish, LOL? Feel free to look away now), but bentonite clay has been popular in holistic circles for detoxing via other methods. 🙂 Enema, to be precise – it has long been used for colonics. How’s that for Pluto? So although I suppose you could do it as a hair mask to pull out toxins there, historically its primary use has been at the other end. 🙂

    Although natural, bentonite clay is still a controversial product due to its aluminum content – I don’t know how I feel about this so wouldn’t particularly recommend ingesting it and am on the fence about its possible benefits when used in colon hydrotherapy. We’re more aware of the potential health hazards presented by aluminum since we started observing its connection to things like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s (aluminum-free deodorant, anyone?), so my general feelings are we should approach with caution. There are entire holistic detox regimes built around pulling heavy metals (like aluminum) OUT of the body, so I’m disinclined to think that adding more into it is a particularly good idea. Personally I would be more inclined to stick with activated charcoal – even there we have to be careful, though, because it’s indiscriminate and can interfere with absorption of medication and nutrients. That’s why poison control centers recommend it – if you accidentally ingest or overdose on something, activated charcoal can nullify harmful effects. Between the fact that it’s charcoal and it’s primarily used for detoxification, I see this as another Plutonic substance so it could be a possible alternative.

    • “why are you reading a Pluto post if you’re that squeamish, LOL? Feel free to look away now)”

      LOL so true LV

      My new naturopath and a doctor have both recommended coffee enemas pour moi. I’m all for diy (and I do love coffee) but I’ve not been game. Yet.

  8. The ACV is, I think, to help get the grit out. If it doesn’t work, you can rinse with a combo of ACV/baking soda, which really gets everything out ’cause of the bubbles.

    Going no-poo is a major paradigm shift–like a detox fast, you gotta commit. I did it while getting my cosmetology license! LOL. Even the pyramid scheme/product whores, ahem, “learning leaders” at beauty school will tell you it’s not good to wash your hair every day. The first thing is to detox from washing every day–maybe you can only get away with a couple days, or a week. But you should go two weeks before trying to figure out. After that, it’s finding what combo of time-between-washes / product works for you.

    I actually get rid of shampoo first and try to increase the days between washing, while also substituting conditioner. Then, where you would use shampoo for a really good clean just use the ACV/baking soda method.

    Currently trying to switch to something coconut milk-based for “shampoos” between the big hit of ACV / BS (which can dry your hair out if you do it too much).

    What I Have Found Necessary After Many Relapses: A good brushing every morning. Throw an oil you want around all day in the pads of the brush.

    Cleaning products is another bad area. Most everything can be cleaned with a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and essential oil. If you need lather, you can put in a bit of your fave dish soap. Although, I experimented recently with doing actual dishes with only ACV/ BS as well, and it worked out fine with the obvious really really hot water. BS goes good in laundry too.

    I also make my own toothpaste and mouthwash (1/2 hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 water, essential oils (I use tea tree and peppermint). The toothpaste is baking soda, grapeseed oil for lube (I’ve even used olive oil), myrhh and clove. I literally dry heave / gag now whenever I use commercial toothpastes…so. much. sugar!

    Baking Soda: It’s what’s for dinner.

  9. For people who have very porous hair (prone to frizz and weather conditions) this is a nightmare to wash out. It gets inside the pores making the hair feel gritty and it takes a few washes to get it out. At least that is what happened to me.

  10. I started using New Wash by Hairstory and I swear it took at least 3 months for my hair to adjust. Maybe this detox would have put me right there! Having said that I’m still going to bleach/colour my hair, if I don’t do my roots and balayage does it count…

  11. I love this stuff!! Amazing as a whole body mask but be careful with your water pipes, it expands so much that you can ruin your system, best to rinse off something like the full body mask by jumping in a lake or using a garden hose.

  12. I used to make a toothpowder with the clay, baking soda, calcium powder, clove, cinnamon, salt… I think that’s it? You have to double down on sink cleanings, but I loved it. I haven’t made a batch in awhile. I’ll get back into this. Thanks Mystic! (PS- The Lightyear Tarot is fantastic! I am swooning)

  13. I’m intrigued by this but then again **life by pluto**. On one hand I’m kind of over beauty product experimentationalia but on other could use some more volume with world nn in leo

    I read an interview of Zoe Saldana who said she used rum + sun as a highlighter.

  14. Cool! I wouldn’t be able to do it on my scalp right now because I do get my hair highlighted blonde and I don’t know what the clay might do to the highlights, and I pay way too much for those to have it screwed up…….but! I really want to do this and would have done it straight away back before I used to chemically color my hair. I used to do henna treatments that gave natural highlights or lemon juice……
    ……anyway, I do however have an activated charcoal and volcanic ash face mask and it is awesome! I’ve also been drawn to the activated charcoal smoothies in the health food store lately….gonna get some of those! Since we can detox our skin from the inside, hopefully some of that will reach up to my scalp area! I love the idea it could clean your aura and the 7th chakra, top of the head! Could improve vision, in all senses of the word…

    • Forgot to say, I’ve used bentonite clays on the bottoms of my feet at times, too, to detox that way. Gosh, I haven’t done that in so long, might be time!

  15. I drank the clay for about two months, 2 yrs ago, and my gut felt very, ahem, grounded. Lovely in fact.

    My hair always looks good in a Cancer messy sort of way.

  16. I am about to order a dry shampoo that is natural and has Diatomaceous Earth Powder as an ingredient. Then moving over to a cleansing conditioning option, after oding on hair masks since Christmas.
    As my naturally wavy hair has become extra curly of late and it drives me nuts.

  17. to a clay molecule, ‘toxins’ can look a lot like minerals and substances that are good for us. Bentonite clay can’t discriminate between one or the other. I haven’t done the reading, but maybe triple check with peer-reviewed resources that consuming the stuff every day isn’t picking out the beneficial materials too, or something like that.

    • Thank you Pi. I was just thinking the same thing.

      As an alternative to bentonite, one might identify what exactly the ‘toxins’ are that one is wishing to pull out, and find something that binds specifically with that substance or attracts it. Also, make sure that binding substance then continues through the gut for elimination, and doesn’t decide to take up residence in your one’s fat stores or liver or whatever. 🙂

  18. Hair…this is my last bastion of chemical love. I am organic food-grade everything but sorry I am Leo rising and have been getting bleached blonde since forever. Not to mention perms in the 80s, sometimes both at the same time. God knows what has leached in through my scalp….it’s a miracle I’m not fenced off by the government.

    Would love to try non-toxic shampoos, conditioners etc – my current high end range is making the skin peel off my hands. I know, I know. Time to make the switch!

  19. Yes I make a paste and put it under my arms or on my face to draw out toxins. Pretty good. I’m going retry plutonic (conjunct north node and Venus in libra) plus a stellium in Scorpio so interesting about the Astro connotations.

  20. Yes, I use this for loads of stuff. It’s great for getting rid of the stomach flu, bug bites, face mask, and a million other things I’m sure. Diatomaceous earth is another great detoxer and it’s full of silica.

  21. oh, i have a huge jar of this but I didn’t realize it had more uses beyond just a face mask.

    with everything into Uranus/Taurus (thank fuck, I’m a full moon Libra/Aries baby and this Uranus transit of my house of Love with all the other shizz that’s been going on has been radically STRESSFUL to say the least lol) I’ve been going WAY back to basics. My skin has been hardcore rejecting any form of preservative or harsh chemical anything, and the company LUSH has been my savior. Cue saying sayonara (as best I can lol) to a toxic, money draining, drug like Pisces lover, and using just a fraction of the funds saved back on myself in the form of some super natural ( ;D ), super magical, hand crafted with love skin care products, and I am amazed by the results.

    Right now the shampoos I’ve been using from LUSH have transformed my hair and completely saved it I swear, but if it starts to get uck again I’ll have to try the clay. I’m sick as a dog right now (and on my moon flow), but I’m already amazed by what regular skin care with nice herbal products has done for keeping my skin glowing and (mostly) blemish free. It hasn’t even been a full month yet, AND I’M ON MY MOON, so I really can’t stress how amazing this is.

    My skin really started to reject any form of typical from the grocery/full of preservatives shampoo, conditioner, or skin wash. 🙁 It’s been wild.

    I’m not sure about eating the clay….. but man…. part of me wants to try. It’s been fantastic on my face. <3

    • I guess I’ve just been BIG TIME feeling the pull to DETOX like crazy. So my body got sick right as I started my moon. Of course!!
      Definitely feeling the pull of Pluto, especially with all the relationship MUCK the tide of Uranus getting ready to turn is pulling up

    • I super get you as also sunsign libra/aries rising and man.. that love zombie has to go. And happily I also left too!

  22. Not yet but have been researching. V. interested in people’s experiences. Love the idea of auric scalp detox sounds right up my alley.

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