Feng Shui Your Wallet

Good news for those of you wanting to Feng Shui Your Wallet!  The (Vegan) Wealth Wallets are back in stock. If you pre-ordered, it is being shipped today. If you want one, I am adding in a complimentary Mercurial Key Ring. I won’t be doing any more of either after current stock runs out. Despite loving the key ring + wallet and believing in the power of Magical Talismans, having to deal with manufacturers and postal services is taking energy away from my core concerns – Horoscopes & Tarot, site development.

Plus, for an avowed minimalist/Mars in Virgo person like myself, holding stock is actually stressful. SO if you want a Wealth Wallet (the cork leather Vegan ones) they are here and they currently come with one of the magical Mercurial key rings added also.

Now, speaking of Feng Shui Your Wallet, i have a question from a Wealth Wallet purchaser, below. While thinking about the answer, i found my old Feng Shui Your Wallet article. So that is below also!  This sort of thing works extra brilliantly with Jupiter in Scorpio so go for it!

Dear Mystic, 

Greetings!  I could not be more excited that my wealth wallet arrived today!

I searched the site already but wondering if you have a quick list of do’s and don’t’s with the wallet beyond keeping it uncluttered?

Here are some of my weird questions – just wondering if you have any thoughts on them:

1. Any value in keeping only larger bills in it as opposed to a wad of 1’s?

2. Keep all credit cards or select only most important 1-3 with the highest spending ability or most meaningful?

3. I own a gold coin- carry it in the change pouch for added wealth attraction?

4. Anything you would absolutely say should NOT be in it? (e.g. receipts?)

Thank you! I cannot wait to start carrying this baby around!


Dear JG,

These questions are not weird at all!  A wallet is your symbolic prosperity so what’s in it counts, as least in terms of magical thinking. 

I think yes to keeping larger bills – until the governments make them illegal lol. I am not sure about credit cards. Technically, they do not symbolise your assets or pool of wealth but rather access to other peoples money that will, of course, represent an expense down the line. Having said that, i would put whatever you have and use in there but perhaps also keep an emergency CC – not in your wallet. It depends on your goals. If debt reduction is a goal you’re stalking with a vengeance, keep the cards out of there and put other stuff in there – business cards, affirmations etc. If debt is under control and fine, the cards stay.  Yes to the gold coin in the change pouch. But the magic is designed into this wallet.  And declutter those receipts out of there!  See below for more tips on how to Feng Shui Your Wallet!

Feng Shui Your Wallet

Status symbols? Pffft. Status has nothing to do with symbols. That was pre-Pluto in Capricorn. But symbolism is all important in magic. All magic does is manipulate unseen energies. All “occult” means is hidden. Money is energy. Prosperity is Qi. Your wallet is symbolically like a little pouch of gold that you would have carried with you in ye olden days. It can be a powerful prosperity symbol and talisman or it can be a portable junk repository. Feng Shui your wallet ASAP for abundant results. Don’t believe me? Try it and see. You can do some of these or all of these, it doesn’t matter. Believe in the power of yourself as a prosperous, talented, hard-working and secure individual with major prospects… always.

Get a new in-the-now wallet. This says ‘rad new start’ to the universe. The ideal new wallet is from a brand you believe in—it need not be handmade but think ‘value for money’ and certainly not sweat-shopped. It’s worth researching this purchase till you get the wallet that feels right, fits your values and aesthetic + has an abundance vibe. Red and/or Green are traditional $$ hues. Optional: a new wallet, new money vibe affirmation ritual with candle. Do NOT do these sorts of rituals in a cluttered space. Also, heaps of wallets have way too many card slots—seriously how many credit cards etc. do they think we are going to have? Consider putting little affirmation cards or similar in the slots instead.

Basil (the name comes from the mythical “Basilisk” serpent) is the go-to herb for money. Sprinkle a few drops of beautiful basil in your wallet to evoke the energy of this awesome magical herbs. If you want extra protection and cosmic moxy, get some sprigs of dried mugwort—Juniper Ridge has the best + the most amazing natural incenses etc. fyi—and put those in your wallet as well. Mugwort was only called mugwort to deter the Muggles from knowing what it is—the most powerfully magic herb of all. Real name: Artemesia—herb of Artemis a.k.a the Moon Goddess.

Three For Jupiter And The Triple Goddess

Put two $100 notes in there and keep them in there. If you break them replace them. One is fine but three would be brilliant as three is the number of lucky Jupiter. It is also referencing the Triple Goddess. I got this from the Gemini American Finance Guru Suze Orman—she is very rah-rah but actually really amazing. She has a whole line of thought behind this simple-seeming idea. Basically, if you have this $ in there (and it is integral that it is actually the hundred dollar notes, not smaller denominations) you feel prosperous and you are far less likely to buy crap. You don’t feel needy. It’s really hard to explain it until you do it but it is weirdly effective. She also says—and this is just uncommon sense I guess—that you should not have credit cards in there—it is not your money—it’s other people’s. The energy is off. You can also have a little print out bit of paper with the figure of the balance of any savings in there. Just to oomph up the personal little bag of gold vibe.

You clean your wallet out every night and don’t collect unnecessary receipts, cards and general crap. All the dollar notes in there should be facing the same way and treated with respect. Treat money right and you attract more of it. You love money and money loves you.

Treat Your Money Right And You Attract More Of It

Every time you give someone your money (i.e. pay them, purchase something) you are affirming the value of what they do. You’re saying “I Love Your Work” or “I Admire What You Do” so if you don’t, don’t pay. I know this sounds simplistic but it is actually really powerful. It can stop you buying crap. Forget about old judgements such as frugality or gluttony. All you need to think is ‘do I love this thing enough to transfer my money/energy to it?’ It is not good Qi to pay $ to companies or people who diss you and don’t give a fuq about your wellbeing.

Finally, some other things with which to Feng Shui your wallet. Depending on your cultural values, you can get those three little Chinese wealth coins (that’s the classic way to Feng Shui your wallet) and put them in with your coins and/or add any one of these crystals: Jade, Jasper, Peridot, Aventurine, Tourmaline… Or you can get the scarily awesome Voodoo money attractant powders.  The (Vegan) Wealth Wallet includes the stones and the heavenly coins Yang Side up.

Personally… because I think the Chinese & Celtic methods are safer/better, I would not go the Voodoo route, that’s just fyi Also, I think the idea is to cherish and keep your dollars in the wallet (hence the symbology of the hundred dollar note/s always there) BUT to circulate your coins. Don’t let coins just sit there stagnant. Churn them up and empty that bit of your wallet out regularly. Try to keep more gold in there than silver.

These may all sound like tiny small things but i think that they do make a difference!

Image: Tishk Barzanji

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RubentMM Member

Real question, good/bad/neutral idea to have a condom in there?


Total speculation on my part, but I’d say no. I don’t particularly like the symbolism of sex (condom) being tied up with money (wallet) – feels low-vibration to me. Two, this could also help prevent potentially qi-draining random hookups from happening so we focus on quality mating instead. Three, most of the time a condom will just wind up sitting there for an indeterminate length of time and I don’t think the stagnation is good qi. I’m all for safety first, but overall it’s a “no” for me. Other may have a different POV.

RubentMM Member

Word, this rings true, thanks!


Thank you for the magical gifts Mystic 🙂

scorpiodawnMM Member

basil oil bought!

curiouser and curiouser crabMM Member
curiouser and curiouser crab

Mystic, the wallet is just fabulous. Thank you so much. And the key rings, the weight the look the feel, wow! And so very beautifully and thoughtfully presented and packaged. I am so thrilled. Thank you so so much. Xx

cosmic fleeceMM Member
cosmic fleece

Over the moon with wallet Myst , and key rings. Very kind of you Lovely xx


I like to de-clutter my wallet by keeping it free of pesky coins and notes, so qi-draining and distracting from its main job of holding my usb drive, bank card, public transport ticket and the industry accreditation card …

AquariusNoMore?MM Member

Mystic! Thank you! I too have wanted both. But my budget has been tight and I have really been trying to embrace the money lessons learned from 2008 to now. This has made my week!

YumiMM Member

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I am actually grateful for the delay. The mindset at which I am receiving the wealth wallet right now feels far more fertile and ambitious than the mindset I was at earlier this year when the wallet was intended to arrive. And just two days ago, my Evil Eye keyring broke. So, I feel like the keyring knew that it was its time to make space for the incoming new Mercurial keyring.

Also, I LOVE wiping my floors with basil essential oil. Brings such energetic zesty vigor to your living space.

scorpiodawnMM Member

ooh, i gonna do this! thanks


I can attest to the basil thing definitely working. I wasn’t sure how I originally felt about this premise as “dead” anything (which dried basil obviously is) symbolically isn’t great qi from a feng shui perspective – for example, I know many feng shui masters will gently reproach people for keeping dried flowers in their home. But I decided to experiment anyway, with the proviso that it be A) whole leaf basil B) that it was from a plant I had grown myself C) that it was respectfully harvested – I thanked the Basil Plant Spirit and made an Offering… Read more »


Basil oil in my wallet drew no money. Ditto for feng shui.

However becoming disciplined with cash def helped it to stack, lol. There are copious clutterbug millionaires and broke neat freaks *shrugs*


LOL, no one is saying that either the additional tips I’ve left above or the WW/feng shui advice contained in this post are meant to be substitutes for proper financial sense. This is a post about an awesome and IMO very thoughtfully-designed product geared to metaphysically enhance the practical, real-world efforts you’re already making to augment your own financial prosperity and my comment simply followed in that train of thought. IMO, it is very generous of Mystic to share her tips freely like this and not put them behind a pay wall, not to mention the incredible offer she’s giving… Read more »

Cherry MoonMM Member
Cherry Moon

Just a word of caution re putting crystals in your wallet near your credit cards as they interfere with the cards’ magnetic strip. I learnt this the hard way as years ago i decided to put a citrine stone in my wallet. I had read that the Chinese like to keep citrine in their money boxes to attract wealth – citrine being a powerful cleanser & regenerator, and unlike other crystals you don’t have to cleanse it…. perfect, i thought. So over the course of two v frustrating yrs i had to replace my debit card about 5-6 times until… Read more »


lol that is so funny!


Crystal Clear in fact.

curiouser and curiouser crabMM Member
curiouser and curiouser crab

How exciting. I know there has been a delay in getting these to us, but this is actually the perfect time to be getting mine. I just knew it would come when the time is right. Looking forward to receiving mine. Thanks Mystic.


I j’adore the original leather version. It’s so vibrant and welcoming. The cork? Energetically not working for this uber Taurus – Gem Rising. My mom suggested cork floors to me once which just…no. Loathe the look and texture.

Absolutely no leather ones left, Ms. Mystic?

A_J_MM Member

I also have the original leather one and love it. MM, please let us know if you ever plan on reintroducing it. I understand your philosophy re cork, but some of us just love leather.


Lucky you! I didn’t have the finances when the leather was available. It is sooo warm and inviting alas, looks like that boat has sailed… 🙂

Scorpio x 7MM Member
Scorpio x 7

I too am pining for a leather one! <3 No pressure, just enthusiastic!


Thanks so much for these wallet/money feng shui tips! I need a serious shift of energy in that area right now. Today I found out I didn’t get the job I applied for and I feel sad about it.. I really need work! I haven’t worked in a long time now, and I have debt.. 🙁


Woo Hoo – I cant wait until mine arrives

kriblackMM Member

Omg, this past weekend I remembered that article about Feng Shui-ing your wallet and obsessively started wallet shopping online!

I almost emailed you Mystic, asking whether the wallet would be back but decided not to as I think I’ve found something that is more my style.

But will definitely be following all the tips from your article and pretty likely ordering the keychain as well.

I love when the universe gives me affirmation that my impulses are on point!

RubentMM Member


HellaHekaMM Member

So where would I keep my credit card? I only have one, but I use that one a lot. I also pay off the total every month. I just would like to have more.


you just keep it in your wallet. whatever makes sense for your daily life.

PlinMM Member

I am so excited! I’ve wanted both of these for ages, but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger as I’ve been trying to save money. This is a great deal, and I’ve already ordered. I can’t wait to have my wallet and key ring. The wallet will help with my painful-but-determined plan for financial fitness, and I can’t wait to see what kind of interesting connections the keyring brings.

SamuelaMM Member

Same here, what a great dela, thanks Mystic!

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