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So here we are in the Dark Moon again.

It is every single month, of course, but some are more profound than others. This is one of the more magical and poignant ones. There are people whirring around out there, unaware of celestial cycles and disdainful of the more subtle dimensions of time. They’re seeking a convenient escape route. Some of them might even be looking to you for this or for a distraction.

But you know that the Dark Moon with involvement from a square between Warrior Mars and Maverick Healer Chiron is not the time for a flurry of activity.  Nor to try and numb out powerful, existential life realisations.

If you have been reading your Horoscopes, you will absolutely know the advantages of being poised during a Dark Moon like this.

There is no shopping junket, trip booked, litre of Lilac Wine or romantic projection that will ease this transition. Nothing except: Meditative consciousness.  The sound of the ocean or rain. Clean sheets. The fame from a candle or fire (Vesta is conjunct Mars). Sweat. Creative focus. Staying grounded and letting the truths flow through you.

Bonus From Saturn in Capricorn: It’s crazy hard to act as ‘immaturely’ as you might want to now that the Time God is in his home constellation.



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27 thoughts on “Dark Moon Chic Living

  1. Honestly stayed grounded and mature is really a struggle right now

    I want to lash out, cry and/or shove my face with sugar

    Instead I’m in the bath, attempting to wash this day away (Mars + Chiron = ouch, ouch my heart)

  2. Mmmmm, it’s been a languid week, but new surprising things happening too.
    I booked myself into a float the morning of the new moon, but came across a soundbath event that i’ll go to the evening before. reiki included with it.

    Just booked myself a trip to New Orleans for end of next week to stay there for a week with two of my oldest and most loved friends. One being a previous lover that I reconnected with in late January and was able to mutually clear our wounds and confusion over our relationship, both of our immaturities and blindess to our (gentle, but STILL) co-dependant relationship.
    It was literally a joy to have this opportunity to come up and almost immediately after, rather than continuing on with the fiery excitment i felt this slo motion ‘hollllld itttttt’ like saturn coming in with a check list of uber practicality and pragmatism to keep me grounded. (Venus square saturn this week, yea, sure, but I have venus square saturn natally AND had my venus return a couple days ago in aries, squaring that capricorn Saturn which i also have natally. the visceral maturity that’s been growing has been feeling slow but so so good.)

    I briefly considered the fact that I booked a trip during the mercury’s shadow period and booking a trip to be somewhere else/travelling DURING the beginning of the retrograde, but as I sat with that I felt good about following through. No worries came up, but more importantly no fast flying thoughts telling me not to worry about it or that ‘it won’t affect me’ came up either like some blanket denial.

    Also just had my Mars return last week (12th house Sag) so I have been staying super chill, feeling the tension/inner threats to ‘not stay chill and get up and go do something arbitrary.’ which i equate to mars just sadistically poking the wound of a worn out piscean chiron. Holding close to chiron (and myself) with compassion, giving inner things space to release, rearrange, and reorient before Mars crosses my ASC. I shudder with capricornian glee. Most see this as a single eyebrow raised.

  3. Dark Moon anxiety. Exposure to allergens making me fall asleep for hours. Concern for my health. As in…”Oh my god, I’m closer to death and I’m dying for sure…someday.” Anxiety. Frustration. Coming in for a Chiron return once it gets to Aries and in the meantime a host of aspects feeling ouchy. Found a journal entry from 2 years ago that echoed almost all the same things plus some Hecate magic (which I found because of your Madonna post & wanting to know where my Hecate was–19 Cancer, 8th house). I was meditating on her–Hecate, not Madonna–back then on a dark moon and she gave me some advice summed up as: “Lighten up, be gentle, know what you have and invite in what you want.”

  4. I’m terrified that this new moon is going to be a solid silver sh*tshow. It’s my aunt’s funeral. I feel bad enough about that, but her still-living husband is an abusive asshole, and my job is to get between him and my cousin, who is smart and funny and I love. He uses a wheelchair and is constantly medicated (but that doesn’t stop that bastard from being cruel to him). I’ll be far from home doing tons of driving, which I’m bad at.
    The new moon is conjoint my natal moon, in the 10th house. Public attention and emotion, just what I need. Anyone having a psychic flash on how I can navigate this one, I’m all ears …

    • Just be real. Go and do what it is you have to do and brush off all attempts to hook you into the weird undertow of family dynamics. As in, really do not give a fuq about what anyone else tries to derail, guilt trip or drag you under with.

    • Yeah, sounds tense. Funerals I find can bring out the best in some people. If not maybe some pepper spray ? Taser ? 😉
      I saw a great scene in the TV series Transparent where someone behaving badly was sternly asked to “find your dignity man” “do you have any ? Well find it “

  5. All this languidity, for da Moon weather, has made me recall that it must be Pi’s birthday about now.
    HB…l know you’ll hate me for saying so….ha ha ha.

  6. I did try the lilac wine and Pringles option last night. It worked for a little while, at least to help me get to sleep. I am like the undead at the moment from months of bad sleeping. I do everything right – chamomile tea, magnesium, switching off the screen, earplugs, and still I can’t get to sleep, and then I can’t stay asleep. I got my bed fixed, I bought new pillows. I’m certain it’s making me depressed. I don’t know if it’s the issues making me not sleep, or the lack of sleep making my thinking wonky so I can’t deal with the issues. Not to mention what’s going on with my skin/looks. I look like a baggy eyed old hag. NOT good for a Leo rising.

  7. This vibe is very present around me today. Vulnerability, poignancy, trepidation. But also gladness at letting myself feel these things.

  8. Our weather is cooperating with this – we’ve got a nice spring rain going on all week. It’s not that cold outside, but I feel cozy, sometimes candles on, and poised and waiting on jobs I’ve applied for, feeling hopeful, productive, but not active or frenetic….going at a slow pace, and awaiting the Pisces new moon, which is also my natal moon sign.
    New moon will occur in my 9th house. Just received my passport renewal and dreaming about leaving….my country is really freaking me out right now.. :/

    Saturn transiting my 6th is exact squaring my natal Saturn in Aries in the 10th. My life is just not that interesting right now, but I’m at peace with that — my main focus is needing to get a steady and realistic income, deal with my debt, and figure out long term what to do about my career, whether I end up staying here or going abroad.

    Little bit concerned about the Mars square Chiron thing. Wonder if that could mean physical injury? Mars is transiting my 6th and just had my Chiron return, natal is at 26 Pisces. I’m being really careful just in case….

  9. Oh gods do I love the poetry in all this. Mars in Saggitarius’ arrow into Chiron’s wound, stinging it all over again. Except now he is at the end of life at the end of Pisces and he’s giving his up place in the pantheon so he can let go and finally die, trading places with Prometheus who stole fire for the mortals, probably against Vesta’s wishes. Time to let go, alright.

    • I love this Laura…and yes it is nigh impossible to not see meta themes – UR themes- in your life at the moment. I think that is a double negative – apologies, it is late where i am !

    • lovely thanks Laura – chiron has been on my pisces moon for a year so this is a wonderful metaphor and reflection on MM’s post.

    • This is wonderful Laura, thank you. Chiron is one degree away from my Pisces sun now, and this gives me pause for reflection. This year I finally committed to investing a tremendous amount of energy into my own authentic self. A triumphant response to seven years of hard slogging through my own thick mud, and carrying other people’s poo. Phew… These last few weeks have felt like a reprieve, and I feel like a woman in my own beautiful skin again. x

  10. I am ’bout to buy socks. It’s not a shopping bender, they are quite expensive but good quality socks.
    This does not eliminate any vibe or realization: I’ve past the era of “not knowing what’s going on with me” and trying to numb it out.
    When is the Dark Moon on exactly? The last aspect of the Moon in Acqua I think is toward 28 degrees when it’s sextile Mars and Chiron.
    So is not going to be a very long Dark Moon I think.
    Poignant yes, but not too long.

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