Boundary Conditions

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Many people would claim that the boundary conditions are not part of physics but belong to metaphysics or religion. They would claim that nature had complete freedom to start the universe off any way it wanted. That may be so, but it could also have made it evolve in a completely arbitrary and random manner. Yet all the evidence is that it evolves in a regular way according to certain laws. It would therefore seem reasonable to suppose that there are also laws governing the boundary conditions.


Stephen Hawking “The Quantum State of the Universe”, Nuclear Physics


Image: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

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30 thoughts on “Boundary Conditions

  1. Who’s that cute Brian someone the Physics Professor
    who is said to be the new Attenborough.
    ‘Wonders of Life’ on channel one last night was most informing explaining exactly how life began.
    So it created itself as in ‘life’s longing for it’s self’ but there MUST have been a biological uplifter from elsewhere somewhere in the mix.

    About nuclear: Putin says he has a bigger dick than Don or Kim.These men make me despair of any hope for the human race which could stop racing for a while toward annihilation. You know just to stop the stress of those who love the planet.

  2. “boundary conditions are my favourite conditions. it’s where things get interesting” …. :-).
    Happy π Day.

    (it felt a bit irreverent writing it up there)

  3. His earthbound suffering has ended; he has re-joined the cosmos that mesmerized him so.

    I won’t say R.I.P. but instead, Goddess speed, Dr. Hawking. May you enjoy your journey home, and see all the answers, firsthand. Thank you for your contributions to humankind.

  4. Stephen Hawking was someone i knew of but who only made a terrific impact on me when he admitted a mistake.

    He published his “Brief History of Time” that stunned people across the world, with its revelations, but also actually taught people, even those like me who aren’t erudite in this area. He made us feel like we could understand (Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was written in a similarly digestible way, and I loved that, too).

    Later, he said he thought some of his ideas were incorrect. Noone else had “called him out”, and much of his stuff is too high level for most of us to pick holes in. He didn’t admit to that because he thought he’d be denounced or called to account. He did it because he quested for Truth, worked bloody hard at it, got somewhere, helped others understand some fundamentals, and finally realised there were some flaws that he could have pretty much kept quiet about if it were just for his ego.

    But Truth mattered to him so much, that humility in the face of the Universe meant he had to make those admissions, for the dignity of the truth itself.

    His humility was not martyrdom to either his work or his personal circumstance. His spark and fire seems at first kind of Promethean, but tempered by supreme dignity given over to his truth, and the truth in physics. He presented data with an enquiring and analytical mind but was one of the rare few who did it while questioning research bias. I had a bit of a crush on him, like it really got to me to the point i know his mechanical voice from others (blame my UranusVenusMarsMercSaturn weirdness), and i was annoyed when i found out he was married but relieved, because i could never imagine matching him or complementing him, and was incredulous that a love match for such a genius can really exist.

    • So i don’t RIP, because his body has needed peaceful rest for ages, and i want his spirit to keep going forever. The usual selfish prayer from the living for the dead. I wished RIP for so many i loved who died, but i feel really selfish about this one.

      It’s like his condition made me always aware of his mortality, and silently cheer him on, “Mate, you’d better keep going, we have noone else like you just now.”

      Guess i need to say my thanks and let his whole self rest. I’m kinda hoping Quantun Physics, you know 😉 I’ll bet he’s going amazeballs with what he’s seeing now. I like to think so 🙂

      • Your take on this is so touching and really rather lovely. I agree. He was a real scientist in that he recognised that he didn’t know it all and all is unknowable but with time you can progress bit by bit and further understand follows. Real scientists would be better to look more widely then focus, then look up again. You are right. He had that. He also had that twinkle in his eye. He is a rather special soul.

    • That takes a better man to admit faults. So refreshing and rare now. Instead of doubling down and becoming arrogant instead.

        • I’m now gotta better handle on the Outre 3. I rate very highly on all 3. Atm Saturn is assisting Uranus. The other 2 are on a sabbatical. Apt since Saturn has some tie up with Saturday.

          • So you reckon the outer 3 are behaving…as higher octave expressions ideally…

            Saturn will go retrograde soon…its sits square to mine 7th…it is stressful.

            Then when it is back in earlier degrees it will be opposite moon…

            This transit is hell, lillith is heading to my venus, Pluto is already there 5th.

            I can’t atone myself for any of the absurd mess I made!

            Sun is going to be square mars, all this Aries…

            Mercury & venus are colluding, and going to clash with Pluto.

            I’m not anticipating an easy month…tough luck…

            • That’s heavy-duty.

              I’m so punch drunk that even punches feel good.

          • Neptune is gradually leaving its opposition to my 1st Decan Virgo. Uranus is going to touch my 29° MC for the 2nd of 3 passes.
            I got Mars conjuncting Pluto and Lilith conjuncting Saturn v close to my Dsc. Saturn near touches it then it retros for another conjunction mit my natal Saturn.

            “And always look on the bright side of life, and always look on the bright side of life,……”

    • Yes!
      Or as we say in the Murphy household – “Well spotted Batman”.
      (No idea how Batman comes into it…)

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